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AI Training Workloads Can Be Scalded and Accelerated

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Behind the increasing demand for 3rd part colocation services

A new international survey conducted by Vanson Bourne for QTS Data Centers, a leading provider of software-defined and mega scale data center solutions, revealed that 79% of large enterprises with more than 3,000 employees agree or strongly agree that their digital strategies are rapidly increasing their companies’ requirements for third-party colocation services.

It also identified several key requirements for outsourced colocation among large enterprises but that’s just scaping the surface.

Access the survey here to dig into Vanson Bourne’s findings.

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    From natural language processing to automation, all organizations stand to gain from AI—specifically machine learning (ML). Read this white paper to learn how ML can help you reach business goals and KPIs, discover the requirements and risks of implementation, and take full advantage of the opportunities that surround this exciting technology.


  • Realizing the Potential of AI in the Retail Industry

    How can you overcome the obstacles of AI adoption such as incompatible infrastructure and data silos? Read on to learn how you can leverage the AI-Ready Enterprise Platform from VMware and NVIDIA to deliver simplicity and scalability for your AI workloads and fuel improved business insights.


  • 5 keys to managing AI risks

    AI has become a key component to many of today’s data analytics operations. For security teams, analyses performed by AI must be taken with a grain of salt, as any inaccuracy or miscalculation could lead to an irreversible disaster. To overcome this read this white paper for 5 key considerations for managing AI and ML security concerns.


  • Realizing the Potential of AI in Financial Services

    AI has the potential to deliver various business benefits – but how can you overcome scaling and cost problems to drive AI success? Read on to understand how NVIDIA and VMware are simplifying AI and enabling organizations to achieve faster ROI with shared infrastructure for both financial services apps and AI workloads.


  • AI for contact centers: Current trends in CX

    As 85% of customer experience (CX) professionals agree on the importance of now leveraging AI and automation, and 79% of companies planning to increase their total spending on these solutions, legacy contact centers are being pressured to modernize. Access this report to learn more about the current CX and AI landscape.


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    Brexit is still to be delivered, but the channel has to carry on as if it's business as usual


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    AI is no longer seen as specialized and niche but is increasingly being integrated into an organization’s daily operations. This e-book looks at how AI can improve a businesses’ operations, in both the long-term and the short-term. Access the PDF to learn more about how everyday implementations of AI are changing the way companies operate.


  • The Business Value Guide for AI

    Many organizations have spent significant amounts of money on data and analytics projects but have yet to realize true business value. To reap the benefits of your AI investments, you need to embed AI methodology into your core business model and processes. It is easier said than done but evolving your AI maturity is necessary. Read on to see why.


  • RFP/RFI Sample Questions for Managed Detection and Response Providers

    Read this in-depth questionnaire for use in developing a strategic RFP or RFI when selecting an MDR service provider to meet your modern cybersecurity needs.


  • MicroScope – July 2022: The slow march to Windows 11

    It's taken a while, but the latest Microsoft OS is having an impact – read all about the journey to Windows 11, as well as the uptake of co-innovation and co-creation strategies in the channel, and Broadcom's acquisition of VMware


  • Accelerating AI and ML at Enterprise Scale

    Experts believe that between $9.5 and $15.4 trillion in value could be unlocked with advanced AI and ML-driven analytics. Download this white paper now to learn how Teradata VantageCloud and Amazon SageMaker can help your organization evolve AI-powered analytics.


  • Data-driven selling: What you need to know

    We are in the dawn of data-driven, guided B2B selling where sales reps must learn to use data to resonate with customers and achieve better sales. This eBook breaks down:How does data-driven guided selling workDoes guided selling replace sales reps?And what you need to get started on your journeyRead the eBook here.


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    Managing the physical infrastructure of IT systems involves constant monitoring of the servers, clouds, mobile devices and all other components of the IT architecture. In this white paper from Modius, learn about the power of real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) and how it can deliver a unified view of the health of your entire operation.


  • Red Hat OpenShift Data Science EN-DSC CS-15

    Tap into this product overview to learn how OpenShift Data Science is helping data scientists rapidly develop, train, test and deploy ML models in the cloud without infrastructure concerns or cloud-specific vendor lock-in.


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    Webroot surveyed IT decision-makers at enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and consumers to demonstrate how an improved understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will help both businesses and individuals defend themselves against modern attacks. Read the report to learn more.


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    Responsive contact centers are key to building customer loyalty and improving your bottom line. Find out how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help reduce time to resolution and provide deeper customer engagement insights in this e-book.


  • Why 87% of AI & ML projects fail

    Despite significant progress in the machine learning and AI space, implementing scalable teams, frameworks and processes still presents critical challenges. Explore this e-book to learn the critical requirements for an effective machine learning team that will give your company a competitive advantage as the machine learning and AI space evolves.


  • Optimizing Your Contact Center Resources Uplifts the Experience for Everyone

    The correlation between enhanced customer/employee experience (CX/EX) and improved business outcomes is growing thanks to rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud. Read this brief to learn how your teams can adapt by instantly scaling up or down, moving resources, and adding functionality.


  • 47-page e-book: Ultimate playbook for scaling AI

    This 47-page e-book presents the part different people or roles must play in organizational transformation, providing tips, keys to success and real-life stories about scaling AI efforts for each. Read on to learn how your organization can become more efficient in your efforts to scale AI initiatives across the enterprise.


  • Best practices for CX and contact centre training

    Are your agents ready to manage voice and digital interactions in an omnichannel environment? Your customers using technology expect agents to be as digitally fluent as they are—and they want fast resolution through any channel. Access this e-book to learn more.


  • MicroScope – June 2021: A hybrid working world

    With hybrid working set to become the norm as the world starts to return to a more normal footing post-Covid, we look at how businesses are preparing for the new world of work. Also discover how to tackle the sustainability challenge, and have some key questions answered around handling bottlenecks caused by large volumes of data


  • AI-Driven Identity Security

    Work from anywhere initiatives have introduced many user entities and points of access. AI-Driven data intelligence has emerged as a technology that automates management of all user access, allowing businesses to quickly respond to potential threats. Explore this data sheet to learn about SailPoint’s AI-Driven identity security tool.


  • How to Reduce the Risk of Phishing and Ransomware

    Is your organisation prepared for phishing or ransomware to pounce at any moment? Access this Osterman Research report to look at these two threats up close to examine how they’ve affected security in the past year and a half and to study how the risks of both can be reduced.