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IT Modernization Can't Wait-And What To Do About It

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How WekaFS is redefining scale

Data today is diverse, dynamic, and distributed which means companies need to plan for growth in the volume of data, the types of data, and the number of users accessing that data.

With the exponential growth in data, companies need to grow their infrastructure to meet these demands, which is where scalability comes into play.

Dive into this blog post to discover the difference between scale up vs. scale out storage, learn what modern storage solutions are currently out there, and how WekaFS is redefining scale.

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  • How WekaIO is transforming unstructured storage platforms

    In addition to maintaining more traditional general-purpose file sharing and scale-out file system workloads, enterprises are deploying next gen AI and machine learning-driven big data analytics applications.

    And since these newer workloads pose a real challenge for legacy unstructured storage platforms, organizations are looking for a better way to manage it all.

    This vendor profile from IDC looks at WekaIO and its WekaFS parallel file system platform, a solution bringing value to large scale customers struggling with the evolving storage requirements of digital transformation.

    Access it here to learn WekaIO’s technical differentiators and go-to-market strategy.

  • What to look for in a next-gen storage solution, according to an IT veteran

    By their nature, emerging storage infrastructure technologies are always a hot topic but knowing what’s next takes a lot more than being a good guesser.

    That’s why Gartner relies on Research VPs like Julia Palmer, who has spent more than 19 years of combined IT end-user experience in many areas of information technology, giving her a unique perspective on considerations when buying a modern storage solution.

    Dive into this resource to see how modern workloads are different from 5 or 10 years ago, how storage requirements have changed to support AI/ML workloads, what organizations should look for in a next-gen storage solution, and how WekaIO’s data platform can help.

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