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Remaining compliant in the cloud: How Prisma Cloud can help

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Gotta catch ‘em all (security threats, that is)

For your security to sing, all the cloud services in your orchestra have to harmonize. But with ever-changing cloud environments, playing conductor isn’t that simple. It can be tough to see all your cloud entities clearly, let alone protect them from attacks.

Security services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) paired with products from Palo Alto Networks can help you harmonize your cloud environments, accounts, and pipelines to keep them working together for comprehensive security.

In this e-book learn how companies such as The Pokémon Company, was able to navigate its complex ecosystem and remain agile by seamlessly pivoting between platforms.

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  • Cloud threat defenses: Benefits, costs, issues & risks

    According to Gartner, the global public cloud services market is projected to grow 17% by the end of 2020, totaling $266.4 billion.

    To meet growing security requirements, organizations are implementing security approaches that enable them to overcome common cloud security challenges:

    • Incomplete or inaccurate visibility
    • Managing compliance requirements
    • Threat detection & incident response

    This white paper is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits, costs, issues and risks associated with implementing cloud threat defenses in order to equip readers with the critical information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Breaking down the cloud native continuum

    The cloud native ecosystem contains an expanding number of technologies, from VMs to containers and serverless. The differences between these technologies can be small and nuanced, but they offer vastly different benefits to your business.

    This guide breaks down the cloud native continuum, evaluating the different technologies that the continuum is composed of while providing guidance on how to choose between them.

    Download the guide here to get started.

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    Learn how to create a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure that provides secure access to all applications with Prisma Access.


  • AV-TEST: DNS-Layer Protection Test

    In September and October 2020 AV-TEST performed a review of comparable security offerings from Akamai, Infoblox, Palo Alto Networks, Netskope, Cisco, and Zscaler. The test was commissioned by Cisco to determine how well vendors protected remote workers against malware, phishing sites and malicious websites.


  • SIG - AV-TEST Evaluates Secure Web Gateway and DNS-Layer Security Efficacy

    In November and December 2019, AV-TEST performed a review of Cisco cloud security solutions alongside comparable offerings from Akamai, Infoblox, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Zscaler. Download this report to see where these offerings stack up.


  • 10 tenets of an effective SASE solution

    This e-book guides you through the top 10 requirements to keep in mind as you look for an effective SASE offering. Download it now to learn about Zero Trust network access, quality of service (QoS), DNS security, and threat prevention.


  • 10 tenets for an effective secure access service edge (SASE) solution

    As networks become increasingly dispersed, organizations struggle to keep pace and ensure security, privacy, and integrity. Recently, organizations have begun incorporating secure access service edge (SASE) frameworks. This e-book goes in-depth into what SASE is, and 10 principles required to make them effective.


  • The digital-age branch office

    The advancement of the branch office is matched only by the evolution of network threats. With networking solutions such as SD-WAN now on the market, organizations must rethink their branch office security. Read this white paper outline the challenges of branch security and view typical use cases.


  • DNS-layer protection & web gateway security: Comparing top vendors

    In 2019, AV-TEST, an independent IT security institute, was commissioned by Cisco to conduct a study comparing Cisco cloud security with similar industry-leading solutions to determine the malware protection and phishing block capabilities of all vendors. Read on to uncover the results.


  • Container security 101

    Container environments bring a range of cybersecurity issues involving images, containers, hosts, runtimes, registries, and orchestration platforms, which all need to be secured. Not sure where to begin? Download Container Security 101: Understanding the Basics of Securing Containers for everything you need to know.


  • Securing Your Remote Workforce with Okta and Palo Alto Networks

    We are in the new normal – organizations are having to deal with more cyberthreats than ever before, and security is changing as a result. Join industry experts in this webinar as they discuss the specific security challenges facing organizations with distributed or remote workforces and how they can address them with a zero-trust model.


  • The state of cloud native security

    As more and more applications are migrated into the cloud, and organizations focus less on their own on-premises hardware, countless cloud and app security questions have arisen. This State of Cloud Native Security Report delves into the current market landscape for cloud and cloud-native security.


  • IoT security: 5-must have capabilities

    Based on Gartner’s predictions, adoption of IoT endpoint is estimated to reach 5.81 billion this year. However, in order to integrate IoT responsibly, security considerations need to be made. In this buyer’s guide, discover what to look for in an IoT security solution.


  • The benefits of a modern, cloud-based SWG

    Secure web gateways (SWGs) are deployed at most organizations – however, a vast majority of users (>90%) are unsatisfied with their current SWG solution. This e-book provides a closer look at the shortcomings of traditional SWG tools and explores the features and capabilities of Cisco’s modern, cloud-based SWG – read on to learn more.


  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for Dummies

    As defined by Gartner, a secure access service edge (SASE) supports cloud-enabled organizations by combining networking and network security services into a single cloud-delivered offering. Get a copy of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) For Dummies and dive into this new security approach.


  • AI, CWPPs & DevSecOps: The future of cybersecurity

    Artificial intelligence, DevSecOps and cloud security have all emerged as transformative technologies within the cybersecurity industry. This e-guide explores each of these areas by providing 3 expert articles. Read on to unlock your copy.


  • Zero-trust: Securing remote access to cloud applications

    Zero-trust access is an emerging practice that has arisen to address the need to enable secure remote access to applications for employees, partners, and other third parties, regardless of where the application resides. This white paper takes an in-depth look at the approaches to zero-trust and the benefits of each. Read on to learn more.


  • Introducing next-generation SD-WANs

    Legacy SD-WAN solutions can enable the move from MPLS to cut broadband costs, but there's so much more to SD-WAN than just lowering the cost of the transport. So, what's next? A next-generation SD-WAN solution. Get the new white paper "Behind the Need for Next-Generation SD-WANs" by Zeus Kerravala. You'll learn how to choose your next-gen SD-WAN.


  • Cloud security: What to look for in a solution

    Determining which cloud security vendor is right for your organization can be challenging. As more people work remotely and there are more ways to connect to the cloud, providing reliable security has never been more important. Read this cloud security buyer’s guide for exclusive evaluating criteria to help you choose with confidence.


  • DevOps is missing one thing: security

    While DevOps has simplified software builds, testing, and deployment, it fails to address a vital issue: security and vulnerability management. In this guide, learn how to integrate strong security practices into your DevOps pipeline. Save the guide here.


  • The technological evolution of IT industry leaders: Part one

    This first part of this e-guide explores the technological evolution of Oracle, Cisco and Dell throughout the past two decades, including the technologies that have risen to the forefront, from real-time analytics and data management to Cisco's edge computing ambitions.


  • CW Special Report on Oracle

    This special report, updated for 2012, gives an independent view of the challenges facing Oracle, its financial performance, the services it offers, its place in the IT market and its future strategy.


  • How to stop wasting your time organizing data you won't use

    While many companies have invested in data infrastructure, few organizations have addressed the cultural changes that must be made at the same time. Innovations like data lakes have made storing unstructured data easier, but this data is too often left untended and unused. Read on to see how Domo offers a data strategy to help address these issues.


  • Agile, scalable BI, governance and visualization all-in-one

    Read this white paper to see how Domo can complement your existing infrastructure investments while handling data governance, dashboard deployment and still keep everything agile and scalable.


  • Remote patient monitoring: The importance of wireless

    Remote patient monitoring applications could dramatically reduce healthcare costs by enabling patients to receive effective and proper care from the comfort of their homes. In this brief, view best practices that can help remote patient monitoring companies decide which type of wireless connectivity to use and how to use it most effectively.


  • Future Proofing Mobile Device Management

    This expert E-Guide discusses best practices for future proofing your mobile device management.


  • The second stage of cloud evaluation, made easy

    It’s not hard to find definitions and tutorials online for every new cloud term or approach you come across—but what comes after is tricky. With a plethora of cloud platforms available, it’s easy to get lost. This paper provides you with the expert tips needed to choose the right cloud solution for your organization. Get started here.


  • How to get fleet video telematics right

    With video telematics solutions installed on more than 2 million vehicles worldwide, the safety, security, and cost control benefits they can deliver are well proven. Download this white paper for tips and guidance that can help you as select and configure a wireless connectivity provider for fleet management.


  • Computer Weekly: Data Danger

    In this week's issue we investigate the hidden threats lurking in every company and discuss what options CIOs and heads of security have to limit damage. We also look at three ways CIOs can fund digital initiatives. Plus, with the shift from traditional desktop IT, what is the future of Windows in a multi-device world?


  • Mobile Device Management Checklist

    This expert E-Guide highlights a mobile device management checklist to consider when developing your own mobile device management strategy.


  • Consumer Technology in the Enterprise - a Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide

    The pressure to allow employees to use more of the technologies they have at home in the workplace has reached critical levels.


  • The merge of EMC and Dell: An intelligent and connected future

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as Dell and EMC complete the largest IT supplier merger in history, we look at the new company's strategy. Our latest buyer's guide examines a key aspect of using cloud – cloud bursting. And we assess the latest views on the UK government's plans for internet surveillance legislation. Read the issue now.


  • How faster GPUs & real-time raytracing are enabling visualization

    In this white paper, learn how faster GPUs and real-time raytracing are making it easier for engineers to enable visualization throughout the design process. Download this content to find more about Dell Technologies Workstation solutions.


  • Multi-cloud orchestration: VMware vs. Red Hat vs. Morpheus

    This paper delves into how some vendors’ (i.e. VMware, Red Hat, and Morpheus) services can complement and integrate with one another so organizations can benefit from newer tools and existing infrastructure. Download the paper to learn more.


  • CW ASEAN: Be alert to threats

    With cyber threats intensifying in recent years, the role of threat intelligence in anticipating and mitigating threats has become more important than ever. In this month's CW ASEAN, we explore how to make the most out of threat data feeds in an intelligence-driven security strategy.


  • Real-time data analytics optimized for Oracle’s E-Business Suite

    While solutions like Oracle E-Business Suite (ESB) add value to companies, they often need integrated, high-performance analytics to achieve near-instant reporting. Read this white paper to learn how your business can utilize cutting-edge analytics programs with real-time data access to capitalize on the value Oracle’s ESB provides.


  • Next-generation firewall buyer’s guide

    Cloud adoption, big data analytics, machine learning and automation are all accelerating the delivery of applications, which in and of themselves are becoming increasingly accessible. However, this also means that apps are more vulnerable than ever. Browse this guide to learn how Next-Gen Firewalls can minimize risk without slowing you down.


  • Solving the top 5 data center extension problems

    To maintain valuable data center infrastructure, organizations are turning to hybrid IT strategies. But before seeing the benefits, businesses must first integrate their on-premise data centers with the off-premise cloud. This guide identifies and solves 5 common data center extension challenges organizations face. Download the guide now.


  • Networking developments you need to be aware of

    2020 promises to be another year in which network development accelerates. But with so many options, routes to take, and decisions to make, how should you strategize your network development over the next year? In this e-guide, you'll find out which current trends will stick around, which new ones will emerge, and which fads promise to fade away.


  • The ins and outs of data cataloging and adoption

    Download this 451 Research report to dig into the ins and outs of data catalogs. The details covered inside include current catalog usage and adoption plans, a view of the data catalog provider and product landscape, and more.


  • The TCO of on-prem vs. hosted vs. cloud data platforms

    In order to counter the flow of customers to cloud-native data management solutions, many legacy vendors have adopted strategies that are meant to confuse businesses with “discounts,” complex licensing models, and artificially low estimates. Access this guide to learn how to best estimate and compare the TCO of the various types of data platforms.


  • VMware Cloud helps address the 5 biggest challenges of migrating to AWS

    While your businesses sees the value in migrating to the cloud, you may not know the best way to overcome migration challenges before reaping its benefits. View this whitepaper to see the 5 biggest cloud migration challenges, and how VMware can help you overcome them.


  • 4 reasons to extend your data center to the cloud

    Using a hybrid IT model, organizations can rely on both on- and off-premises environments to get the most out of their infrastructure long-term. The first step is extending your data center to the cloud. This PDF identifies 4 reasons to extend your data center to the cloud. Download the PDF here to learn more.


  • Top 5 challenges for virtual desktop in the cloud

    Managing and maintaining cloud and hybrid environments adds a lot of complexity. In this guide, learn how to best prepare for 5 common challenges you’ll face when moving virtual desktops and applications to the cloud.


  • Rimini Street Support For Oracle Database

    Database users, like businesses who rely on Oracle DBs, are always looking for ways to improve performance, increase savings, and improve database stability. Read this white paper to learn how Rimini Street’s support is one way you can improve the ROI of your Oracle database investment.


  • Top IT priorities making leaders' shortlists in 2017: Find out now

    In this issue of Computer Weekly, discover how CIOs are spending their 2017 budgets – and what IT priorities top their shortlists. Read on to additionally investigate what Brexit means for data protection, and find out how HSBC's mobile strategy has evolved using agile methodologies and cloud computing.


  • Why AI is altering storage consumption

    Download this expert, vendor-agnostic e-guide to learn how AI applications are altering storage consumption and how your business can fulfill the needs of these demanding workloads.


  • Cloud data management: 3 cloud paradigm shifting principles

    By marrying non-cloud systems with cloud-native applications and infrastructures, new principles are emerging, like the shift from asset to service consumption, automated service delivery, and microservice applications. Access this e-book to learn how cloud data management works, its use cases, and a data management solution designed for AWS.


  • Data privacy under the GDPR, machine learning, and more

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we take an in-depth look at GDPR – the new EU data protection regulation - with only 12 months left to prepare, we hear how one firm is using machine learning to revolutionise online fashion retail, and we examine how CIOs can apply lessons from buying software to improve digital transformation.