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Three Technologies that Make HDD Magic

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How to make your industrial data fit for purpose

A modern industrial facility can easily produce a terabyte of data each day; unfortunately, not all of this data is usable or useful in its original form.

This 7-step guide will help you process your industrial data and transform it into a useable, valuable source of insight.

Read on to learn more about Industrial IoT data and its proper use.

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  • Storage Capacity 101 to Post-Grad in a Flash

    In this report from Quocirca, analyst Clive Longbottom explains why you don’t always get what you think you’re getting with flash storage.

    Data is made up from bits of information – 8 bits to a byte (4 to a nibble, for those who care). Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes and Petabytes all used to be based on the ‘power of 2’ system, so 1kB was 1,024 bytes (2 to the power 10), but has now come in line with standard metric notation, and is now 1,000 bytes.

    This immediately affects storage for anyone who was brought up on the power of 2 notation. As 1MB would be 1024 bytes squared (1,048,576 bytes), 1GB 1024 cubed, and 1TB 1024 to the power 4, we start to see how the quoted storage of a disk is less than many of us expect. It may only lead to a 1% error at the kilobyte level, but it’s getting close to 10% at the terabyte level; that is capacity that many think they are getting that they are not. To this end, the IEC has renamed old-style units as kibibytes (KiB), mebibytes (MiB) and gibibytes (GiB).

    But, as with all-flash storage, you get to use much more of your available capacity than with a disk-based solution.

  • High-Performance Computing as a Service: Powering Autonomous Driving

    Zenseact, a startup owned by Volvo Cars, is innovating the design and development of autonomous cars. Each Zenseact test car generates more than 50 terabytes of data a day—but all of that data needs to be validated for accuracy to make sure the artificial intelligence brain is learning the right behaviors. 

    Rather than building every aspect of the technology in house, Zenseact sought an IT partner focused on innovation.

    Explore in this TechTarget blog post the high-performance IT systems that are powering autonomous car development, and how Zenseact and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are partnering to “make it real.”

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    CIOs are turning to emerging forms of data management, including predictive business intelligence and information architectures, to harness the power of their data. Inside this expert e-book, gain insight on data management topics such as storage and retention policies, data protection and lifecycle management.


  • Network DDoS protection for healthcare

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise across the healthcare sector. Imperva DDoS Protection for Networks is designed for organizations that need to protect an entire C Class range of IP addresses against DDoS attacks. Download the full overview now to learn more.


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    With Cobalt Iron Compass, you can eliminate the complexity and costs normally associated with edge computing backup processes with its cloud-based SaaS delivery. Download this product overview to find out how and to discover the essential benefits of leveraging this solution for edge computing backup.


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  • Adopting Splunk’s Data-Driven Security Platform as Your SIEM

    Splunk software is a leader in the Gartner Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Magic Quadrant. This white paper details the new criteria needed for today’s SIEM and how Splunk’s platform is designed to meet these needs for your organization. Read the paper.


  • Augment your network monitoring with Endace

    Though they deliver great power, advancing networks also present monitoring challenges. Endace’s response to these challenges is Network History. How does Network History work? It records copies of the packets that traverse your network, allowing you to gain insights from them when an attack strikes. Learn more about the tool in this overview.


  • Ticketing Company Meets Compliance Requirements for Protecting Passenger Privacy

    As regulatory pressure increased for data privacy protection, Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) began looking for a solution to protect credit card numbers and personally identifiable information (PII) across their data warehouse. Download now to learn how you can meet compliance efficiently and protect your customers’ privacy.


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  • Automate offsite backup & disaster recovery with CyberFortress

    One of the top cancer research institutes in the world needed to have automated offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities to fulfill the stringent compliance requirements of its grants. Explore how CyberFortress’ Managed Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and DRaaS solutions checked every box in this case study.


  • Generating business value from Big Data

    For high-end, challenging applications integrating business intelligence (BI) data with other information such as Internet clickstream and social networking data, the trend is shifting toward build in the buy vs. build data warehousing debate. Access this expert resource today to learn the drivers that are creating this new trend.


  • Nixing Cloud Data Protection Pain Points 101

    This expert E-Guide covers the pain points of cloud data protection and evaluates one vendor's response to the challenges of cloud data protection.


  • Augmenting your incident response

    Because of the colossal costs of security breaches, rapid and accurate incident response is imperative for businesses in every industry. This means that many organizations must augment their present strategies. Browse this overview to learn how Palo Alto Networks and Endace can help your business do so.


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    As an organization, it is important to prevent application performance problems. This expert e-guide explores application performance management and how it can help solve your mobile issues.


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    As an authority cited in the lead article in this e-guide explains, for many businesses "real time" means more frequent business intelligence reporting or data model updating. And yet, as another article in this e-guide explains, many organisations lack the infrastructure and culture necessary to deliver the required data.


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    In this e-guide, read about how Australian organisations are coping with the storage challenges of big data, why flash storage is still too expensive for some companies and how NetApp is evolving to keep up with changes in the industry.


  • Analytics-Driven Automation in Cobalt Iron Compass®

    Access this white paper to learn about Cobalt Iron’s next-generation enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) backup solution which uniquely addresses the backup problems of the current day through 6 characteristics.


  • IT Basics: Real-time Analytics

    In this new Computer Weekly series of e-guides, learn more about essential IT concepts, their definitions, applications and benefits. To start, we get together everything you need to know about real-time analytics, its uses and its benefits.


  • Maintain your SAP performance with the benefits of the cloud

    One of most popular software applications that is considered mission-critical for many organizations is SAP. For those organizations that have embraced the cloud, SAP is able to help you do more with less with the right set up. To do that, you need partners with experience and success. Read on to learn who that is and how they can help you.


  • Expert methods and strategies for application virtualization

    This expert e-guide explores best practices for virtualizing your applications to ensure optimal performance and availability.


  • Public Cloud Performance: Measurement Report

    In this e-book, compare the block storage offerings of well-known public clouds (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoſt Azure, Linode and OVHcloud) with a number of StorPool-based public cloud offerings to find the solution that works best for your organization.


  • Real-time analytics possible fuel for post Covid pandemic growth

    Real-time analytics promises the last word in business agility. There is obvious business value in being able to react immediately to changing patterns in customer behaviour or to prevent problems ahead of time, to give but two examples. And becoming more real-time could be an element in accelerating economic growth beyond the pandemic.


  • Eyes on India: New age of flash storage boosts performance & efficiency

    As one of the forerunners in technology adoption, Indian enterprises have been keen to embrace emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and big data, driving an upsurge in storage requirements. In this e-guide, read more about India's storage market, the next frontier of storage technology and flash storage options from the top cloud providers.


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    Check out this IDC white paper as it assesses the impact Evergreen has had on the enterprise storage industry and discusses the technical, financial, and business implications of the subscription program from a customer point of view.


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  • Log management best practices

    Investing in the correct log management tool can ensure that the pressures of maintaining enterprise system log data are greatly decreased. Although the right tool is very helpful, the possibility of it turning into the wrong tool can happen in the blink of an eye if the correct steps are not taken.


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    Surprisingly, 53% of organizations still support an on-site mainframe estate. Open this whitepaper to learn why there's more contention around the utility of a mainframe server than you might think, and which option would work best for you.


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    Running mission-critical SAP applications on premises can limit the path to innovation while simultaneously being resource intensive in terms of cost, time, and energy. Download this eBook to learn how HCL, an AWS Migration Competency Partner, can help.


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    Today, businesses need a data and analytics strategy that supports a broad range of patterns and personas from across the organization. That’s why many businesses are leveraging mainframe modernization, a strategy that enables the delivery of analytics-ready data in real time to the cloud. Read on to learn more.


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    In this handbook, Computer Weekly takes a peek at future storage technologies, such as helium and DNA, and offers some valuable tips on how to keep cloud storage costs under control. Read the issue now.


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    The way we work is changing with the exponential emergence of new technology. In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the potential of DNA storage, how we can benefit from quantum computing in the future and the role of software in business development.


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    Mobile devices are increasing the pressure on wireless networks. In this 13-page buyer's guide, learn about the latest developments in wireless networks, the challenges of wireless local area networking, and how to deploy the 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless standard.