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At Microsoft Ignite, NVIDIA AI Technology Delivers Intelligence to the Edge

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Global UCaaS: Make the most of Microsoft

Microsoft's productivity and document collaboration solutions are powerful tools for the end user, and when integrated with a global UCaaS provider, your workforce is empowered to do their best work. 

View this webinar to learn why integrating your Microsoft suite with a UCaaS solution may be critical for increased remote productivity. Also, discover:

  • How a global UCaaS integration with Teams could increase interoperability in day-to-day
  • The advantages of a flexible offering and the importance of building integrations based upon Microsoft’s Developer Program
  • And more

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  • NVIDIA announces GPU Support for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge

    Last month, NVIDIA announced GPU Support for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge. According to NVIDIA, this collaboration can help bring the agility and innovation of cloud computing to customers’ on-premises environments.

    Learn more about the power of GPU capabilities in Azure here.

  • How to keep teams connected and productive from anywhere

    How do you enable teamwork between employees returning to the office, and those still working remotely from home?

    AVI-SPL’s latest guide focuses on how to keep teams connected with the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S’ powerful meeting, content sharing and annotation tools that encourage group collaboration.

    Read the guide now.

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    The trend toward the utilization of massive artificial intelligence models to power a any number of tasks is changing the way AI is built and trained. In this blog post, learn about Microsoft’s most powerful and scalable AI VM to date.


  • Learn why you should integrate your business apps with UCaaS

    More than a decade into the cloud-computing era, many businesses have been using cloud-based enterprise applications for years. These applications become even more powerful when they are integrated with a cloud communications app. In this white paper, learn about the benefits of integrating your business apps with UCaaS.


  • A powerful security & compliance layer for Teams

    Organizations are moving to Microsoft Teams to foster stronger collaboration, faster and more efficient communications and more meaningful connections with customers and partners. But security and compliance are two important concerns. Browse this data sheet to see how you get a powerful security and compliance layer for Teams.


  • Combining UCaaS and CCaaS

    When it comes to unified communications, supported UCaaS, CCaaS (Contact-Center-as-a-Service) and collaboration for full communication enablement can all add up to critical success. Now, companies using Microsoft Teams can experience the full power of these services. Scan this data sheet for full details.


  • Use AI to accelerate and democratize medical imaging success

    AI and machine learning have powerful applications within the medical industry, accelerating insight and unlocking easier data access. Read on to learn how Microsoft’s InnerEye Deep Learning Toolkit, an open-source AI medical imaging solution, is helping to democratize and proliferate medical AI models, tools, and results.


  • 4 advantages of desktop PCs for SMBs

    Check out this infographic to learn 4 advantages of working with desktop computers, and why you might consider using them for certain roles in your organization.


  • Key misunderstandings about Microsoft 365 backups

    According to a recent survey conducted by ESG, one in four companies believes backup is not necessary for Microsoft 365 workloads. However, what happens if ransomware encrypts your files? Download this white paper to glean the Microsoft 365 backup and recovery essentials.


  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office used to be a simple thing. You'd buy a box of software, install Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint – and that was it. But that all changed with the launch of Office 365. In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at Microsoft's subscription-based enterprise software offering.


  • Ask me anything: Optimizing Microsoft Teams with Citrix

    Join for a deep dive into how Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops optimizes Microsoft Teams with exclusive capabilities to optimize experience, management and much more.


  • Compare the prices of CallTower and Microsoft’s Direct Routing for Teams

    CallTower delivers an integrated Office 365 Microsoft Teams experience with global calling plans. In this brief, compare the prices of CallTower and Microsoft’s Direct Routing for Teams.


  • Are your endpoints secure? Introducing Microsoft Endpoint DLP

    Organizations are in dire need of a reliable and simple way to protect their endpoints – in an effort to meet this growing need, Microsoft responded with their new Endpoint DLP tool, which was announced at a virtual event earlier this year. Read this guide learn more about the new Endpoint DLP tool.


  • Top negotiation strategies for Microsoft buyers

    With diligent preparation and an understanding of Microsoft’s tactics, incentives, deal structures, and various agreements, you can put your organization in a position to achieve competitive discounts and mitigate risk. Check out this ebook for an overview of everything you need to prepare for negotiations with Microsoft.


  • Microsoft 365 101: Build a business case for digital transformation

    Download this white paper to take a deep dive into Microsoft 365, covering benefits, challenges and how to build the ideal business case for digital transformation in your organization.


  • Top 25 BI platforms rated by users

    With so many BI offerings, it would be helpful to know what real users think about their BI vendors and platform choices. Download this resource to discover the top 25 BI platforms as rated by users from G2 Crowd.


  • 4 challenges of switching and migrating to Microsoft 365 for Business

    In this white paper, take a deep dive into considerations for switching over to Microsoft 365 for Business, plus, four challenges of adopting and migrating over to Microsoft 365 and how to address them in your organization.


  • Benefits of cloud WAN for Azure

    Today’s organizations need fast, reliable network performance to provide an office-like user experience to their distributed workforces. Now, these organizations have the power to leverage secure, cloud-scalable SD-WAN deployed directly from Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. Download this data sheet to learn about CloudGen WAN for Azure.


  • Enhance Microsoft 365 understanding with these workshops

    In order to realize the full benefits of Microsoft 365, Microsoft offers a number of workshops designed to be a deep dive into a specific functionality or capability. Watch this short video for an overview of what’s covered in the cloud, remote work, compliance and security workshops.


  • Buyer’s guide: CallTower’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

    Microsoft Teams provides a hub for teamwork within the Office 365 suite. Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is the added option of complementing this hub with Internet telephony for phone calls. In this buyer’s guide, learn more about Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and CallTower’s solution.


  • Streamline digital transformation with data virtualization and SQL Server

    While embracing the challenges of digital transformation, many businesses find themselves faced with the questions of: How do I move this data to where it needs to be, and how long before I can use that data? Read on to learn more about using data virtualization with Microsoft SQL Server to resolve these challenges.


  • E-book: SASE, Office 365 security, and zero trust

    Along with the latest security innovation from Microsoft - Office 365 Security - businesses are considering a SASE platform and zero trust architecture to further push their networks to the edge of security. With these developments, IT professionals are asking, ‘Why is this better than what we have in place?’ View this e-book to learn the answer.


  • Analyst's take: Benefits of Microsoft patterns and practices

    Microsoft patterns and practices provides .NET developers with guidance, tools, libraries, and frameworks to help them build better applications.  Development teams adopting patterns and practices achieved greater developer productivity and improved ongoing application management and application performance.


  • 3 ways to improve Microsoft data protection and governance

    If you’re using Microsoft products such as Outlook or Teams, don’t you want to make sure that the data going through them is protected, compliant and governed? Well you’re in luck – Microsoft has released specific integrations designed to make these processes simpler. Download this article to see 3 key ways these solutions meet the challenge.


  • How Allen Press moved their antiquated telephony system to the cloud

    Allen Press had a unified communication goal in mind: they needed to get their antiquated telephony system and move it into the cloud. In this case study, learn how Allen Press was able to go from a legacy communication solution to a cloud enabled Enterprise grade Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution in less than 60 days.


  • The right mix of hybrid cloud with HPE and Microsoft

    Apps and data are everywhere – and businesses need solutions that can meet the demands of all their workloads, in a consistent manner, and with the flexibility to move across this hybrid spectrum. Join this webinar to learn how HPE and Microsoft have developed a suite of hybrid cloud solutions that can help enterprises with these challenges.


  • An overview of Microsoft’s built-in data protection capabilities

    In 2017, InteliSecure conducted an evaluation of Microsoft’s data protection capabilities – the results were less than ideal. Since then, Microsoft has made great improvements to the built-in data protection capabilities native to their licensing bundles. Download this e-guide for a closer look at Microsoft’s data protection advances.


  • Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience with CallTower direct routing

    Microsoft Teams’ active users has increased 375% from November 2019 to April 2020 due to COVID-19. In this white paper, learn how CallTower direct routing can help take your Microsoft Teams experience to the next level.


  • 6 ingredients for a successful Microsoft True-Up

    Microsoft suggests that you should start planning to deliver your annual True-Up as much as six months in advanced of your enrollment anniversary. Access this white paper to learn 6 steps your organization can take for a successful Microsoft True-Up.


  • Implement Your Remote Collaboration Platform in the Speed of Light

    The common action taken by companies to achieve this objective is an implementation of a collaborative solution allowing their (globally) dispersed teams to efficiently communicate and collaborate without the need for travelling to meet in person.


  • How to negotiate the best Microsoft renewal

    Learn how to negotiate the best renewal with Microsoft cost optimization. This webinar provides an overview of Microsoft market updates, as well as the factors impacting commercial negotiations.


  • Deliver an integrated Teams experience

    Bring your current voice services into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. By leveraging CallTower’s integrations, you’re able to unlock the full potential of your phone system. If you’re using Microsoft Teams, read this solution brief to explore features of this integration and browse hardware options.


  • Top 10 Microsoft Teams security threats

    The rapid move towards cloud capabilities and remote worker enablement has led to a massive increase in cloud collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams. Read this white paper and discover the top 10 Microsoft Teams security threats.


  • The Total Economic Impact Of Implementing Microsoft’s Productivity Platform

    In February 2010, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the Total Economic Impact (TEI) and potential return on investment (ROI) on the integrated value or ―better together impact that enterprises may realize by deploying Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2 together.


  • 3 Microsoft sales tactics to watch for

    Access this white paper to unearth 3 of Microsoft’s turbo-charged pricing tactics and learn 3 sales rep motivations to help you achieve competitive discounts and mitigate risk.


  • Microsoft Active Directory backup best practices

    Microsoft Active Directory is the foundation for every Microsoft-orientated networking environment but even foundations need structural support like backup. Watch this webinar to benefit from several Active Directory backup best practices which include protecting and automatically expiring passwords, leveraging the Protected Users group, and more.


  • How Veeam and Microsoft are bridging the backup gap across 5 key areas

    Read this white paper to gain a better understanding of Microsoft and Veeam’s combined solutions and see how Veeam + Microsoft Azure are bridging the gap between on-prem and public cloud backups across 5 business concerns.


  • Voice and audio conferencing via Microsoft Teams direct routing for GCC High

    With the evolving nature of the workplace, more and more companies are demanding collaborative voice and audio-conferencing options within C3’s GCC High solutions. In this white paper, learn why C3 decided to partner with CallTower to create a voice-enabled Microsoft 365 GCC high solution.


  • Infographic: The importance of workplace collaboration

    Organizations need new collaboration technology solutions for successful team meetings, wherever employees are in the world. Inside this resource, learn more about what gets in the way of successful meetings and how smarter technology solutions, powered by Intel®, can meet the demands of today's distributed workforce.


  • Free Microsoft 365 market templates: Brochures, emails, and more

    On this page, find a collection of white-label marketing collateral templates and email templates designed to streamline your marketing efforts around Microsoft 365.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to multicloud

    Enterprise's shift towards multicloud is ever-increasing. Computer Weekly looks at the importance of software-defined wide area networks in successful migration, the complications that come with juggling clouds and Microsoft's journey into multicloud support.


  • E-Guide: Achieve the benefits of virtualized mission-critical applications

    In this expert e-guide, find out about the many benefits of virtualizing your mission critical applications such as improved hardware utilization and efficiency. Also, discover where to virtualize your applications to maximize these benefits.


  • Citrix Virtual Apps meets Windows Virtual Desktop

    While businesses continue to explore cloud strategies and solutions, Citrix and Microsoft have been busy creating a breakthrough solution in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Now you can manage workloads for cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises environments. Download and read the new Solution Showcase now.


  • Microsoft’s newest addition: Azure Stack Hub

    In this exclusive Microsoft Ignite 2020 video, discover Microsoft’s newest addition: Azure Stack Hub. Learn how Azure Stack Hub can help your hybrid environment in the video’s walkthrough of various use cases and topics, including containers, GPUs, failover between cloud and on-prem, and much more.


  • Analyst's take: Maximise success with Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft partners that follow a structured methodology to sell, deliver, and optimize Microsoft Dynamics solutions can reduce their own cost and risk, focus on core competencies, and ultimately increase profits and customer satisfaction.


  • AI is predicting COVID-19 risks, but how?

    Check out this white paper to learn how IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Italy is working with Microsoft data analysis and AI technology to predict patients’ COVID risks through the collection, processing, management, and use of heterogeneous data.


  • Case study: Microsoft Dutch HQ glimpses the future

    Microsoft has turned its Dutch headquarters into a radical experiment which the company believes could point the way to the future of the workplace. Its office at Schiphol airport has done away with dedicated desks and offices and it has given employees the freedom to chose where, when and how they work.


  • Accelerate digital transformation with Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure plays an important role in many organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. As such, it becomes critical to understand the capabilities, limitations and potential benefits of Azure. Watch this webinar to gain insights into Azure from experts at PetSmart, Microsoft and Barracuda.


  • Deploying Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure: Process demo

    Tune into this 5-minute demo to get an in-depth look at how to execute Azure backup and recovery, including how to deploy Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure from the Azure Marketplace and how to protect your Azure native workloads.