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Plan Building with ServiceNow Business Continuity Management

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Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2011

Regardless of their location, IT managers share a common challenge – keeping their business-critical digital assets safe and sound. Few businesses today can survive a major data loss without a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place.

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  • E-Guide: VM backup strategies for optimal business continuity

    The job of an IT Manager is no walk in the park. Not only do you have to fiercely guard your company’s data against hackers and phishers, but you also have to ensure its safe journey to virtual servers.

    Besides the security risks, tremendous resources are also required to perform server backups and ready them for recovery in case of a disaster.

    This expert E-Guide provides insight into how to optimize your virtual machine and server backup strategies for optimal business continuity.

  • Step-by-step guide to implementing cloud-based DR

    The cloud might be the most overhyped technology in decades, but it can be extremely beneficial when used as part of an organization’s disaster recovery (DR) plan. Cloud-based DR puts effective DR within the reach of just about any company.

    In this exclusive e-guide, expert Brien Posey explains 6 steps and factors to consider when implementing cloud DR. Learn how to adapt this technology to fit your specific needs and find out more about each of these key considerations.

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  • DR Planning: Top 10 tips

    This expert E-Guide explores the top ten DR tips from John Toigo to help navigate DR planning more efficiently and shows you how to justify your DR initiatives by analyzing critical DR data.


  • Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery

    With the mushrooming of disaster recovery technology in the past few years, your excuses for not having a DR plan are falling away. Use this Essential Guide to learn how to take advantage of new technologies that make the disaster recovery provision and planning process easier than it’s ever been.


  • Expert Checklist: 11 Steps for Aligning Your BC/DR Program with Business Needs

    This e-guide provides an expert checklist for developing a successful business continuity program, designed with the specific needs of your organization in mind.


  • Disaster Recovery E-Brief

    Featuring a detailed list of everything you need to establish an effective DR strategy, this resource featuring expert Paul Kirvan has all of the information you need to get started developing and managing a successful DR plan. Read on for today's best practices and newest DR strategies.


  • PDF: Free crisis management template & guide

    My team recently re-vamped our BC/DR templates library, so I wanted to send you a no-pressure reminder about your free downloads! Included are crisis management and planning, BIA, pandemic recovery, DR, and more. Fill out our quick form here and you'll be well on your way!


  • Disaster recovery for VDI: 4 key questions to consider

    VDI shops should keep a few key considerations in mind when planning for virtual desktop disaster recovery. This e-guide explores four key questions to consider when setting up an IT disaster recovery plan.


  • Your guide to business continuity planning

    Read this e-guide to learn all about IT business continuity, including the structure of a typical business continuity plan, why it’s so important to have one, and more.


  • What to expect out of disaster recovery in 2021

    Read on for an update on the state of DR spending, how the pandemic has affected ransomware activity, what will be the role of cyber security in the new year, and more.


  • High availability and disaster recovery: Why you need both

    Check out this webcast, to learn how high availability (HA) and disaster recovery work with each other, why HA is not a replacement for DR, and see why they are essential parts in enterprise database operations.


  • PDF: Complete Guide to Ransomware Attack Prevention

    We've curated the most current and sought-after features from our editorial staff in one, easy-to-digest guide so enterprises like yours have a resource to help them safeguard their backups from ransomware. Simply click claim my guide to access the exclusives inside, including how to operate post-attack and 4 ways to test your recovery plan.


  • 4 natural disaster recovery planning FAQs

    What if you were hit with a ransomware attack or experienced a malfunction in its data center sprinkler system? Whether your company is in the early stages of establishing a DR plan or it's time to retest, we've got you covered: we just released the 2nd edition of our Verified BC/DR Planning Templates! Simply answer a few simple survey questions


  • 11 ways to update your disaster recovery during COVID-19

    Access this custom white paper to learn 11 ways you can update or even overhaul your disaster recovery plans to include a wide range of new capabilities in the work from home era and discover how Equinix can help.


  • 4 distinguishing features of anti-ransomware backup

    Cybersecurity software is the best means to detect and prevent ransomware, but it can’t always stop it. That is where enterprise backup solutions come in. Access this paper from DCIG to discover 5 distinguishing features of anti-ransomware backup solutions.


  • How one MSP kept tourism on track

    Access this case study to learn about Magna5, an MSP that provides reliable support with quick response times across monitoring, support, data backup, and disaster recovery.


  • 2 important disaster recovery questions to ask

    Companies that encounter the most surprises during a disaster are the ones that don’t test their BCDR plans or perform tests that aren’t as close to reality as possible. Access this data sheet to learn the questions you should be asking about your BCDR plan, why testing will make your BCDR plans stronger, and helpful scenarios to test.


  • Your Cheat Sheet for Creating a Natural Disaster Recovery Plan

    While the debate on climate change continues, prepping for natural disasters—whether you like it or not—is now a must. Examine today's natural disaster recovery planning essentials inside this e-guide, which aggregates all the natural DR prep must-haves in one place: 10 tips for your checklist, planning FAQs, and more!


  • Don’t settle for high overhead related to disaster recovery

    For MSPs and MSSPs, overhead costs related to disaster recovery events can cause a lot of backend frustration, especially when having to build out the infrastructure itself. Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud eliminates this problem. Check out this case study to see one organization’s journey to turnkey disaster recovery using Acronis.


  • Backup vs. disaster recovery

    Check out this data sheet for an overview of backup and disaster recovery including a comparison of their key functions, use cases, requirements, and more.


  • Evaluating DR options? Here are 10 essential questions to ask

    As you evaluate your options when it comes to disaster recovery providers, how can you find one that provides maximum data protection while minimizing costly downtime? Access this white paper to learn the 10 questions you need to ask as you select the ideal disaster recovery partner.


  • Your one stop shop for unpacking disaster recovery networking

    Explore this white paper to learn everything you ever wanted to know about disaster recovery networking from failing and testing scenarios to internal, public, and 3rd party strategies.


  • 3 benefits of storageless data for hybrid cloud Kubernetes

    Read this data sheet to learn 3 critical capabilities of Hammerspace, a data-centric approach to file data in the cloud that abstracts data from the infrastructure, making it easy to define and revise DR policy objectives.


  • Salesforce business continuity best practices

    This e-book highlights best practices for Salesforce DR/BC and Spanning Backup, a solution that provides enterprise-grade, automated backup and restore within the Salesforce interface. Access it here to learn about its benefits including rapid restore of all your critical data, attachments, files, and metadata.


  • Explore what it takes to build a proper DR plan

    This e-book is designed to help you focus in on what processes to follow when creating a proper DR plan. Access it here to define the DR planning process - from building out a plan and addressing DR gaps, to learning how OffSiteDataSync and Veeam can help.


  • Here are 5 challenges that data backup and recovery solves

    Check out this white paper to learn the top 5 challenges data backup and disaster recovery solve and how to implement effective backup and DR in your business.


  • 5 ways managed disaster recovery protects remote workers and critical data

    Managed disaster recovery (DR) services can help protect data and remote workforces from security threats like ransomware and the accompanying downtime. Read on to learn 5 ways you can use DR and DRaaS offerings to ensure continuous and secure availability of your dispersed workloads.


  • Disaster recovery planning: 5 step guide

    Whether it be accidental deletion, a serious weather event, or an attack against your organization, having a DR plan in place is crucial to protect your data. This 5 step DR plan guide and checklist serve as an outline to create the right disaster recovery plan to fit your organization. Check it out here to learn more.