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Supporting the Switch: Why IT Executives are Choosing a True Cloud ERP solution to drive business growth

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How 1 non-profit streamlined 100s of hours of financial processes

When you have 4 or 5 disparate accounting systems, it can be nearly impossible to get an accurate view of your organization’s financial status.

In fact, that’s the exact problem that drove non-profit, Heifer, to upgrade their ERP system with Unit4.

Learn about Heifer’s experience and the benefits they’ve achieved since implementing a Unit4’s ERP in this case study.

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    IF you’re heavily invested in ERP, you’ve most likely seen the benefits your ERP brings, like streamlined processes for sales, marketing, and operations.

    However, what about out B2B AP payment process?

    With at least some percentage of payment processes done manually and/ or physically, despite ERP’s robust automation functionality, the checks and payments processes are still in the stone age.

    Read this white paper to learn about Finexio, a cost-effective way to connect your AP payments capabilities with your ERP – without adding the cost or complexity of new technology investments.

  • How to transform and automate accounts payable: 3 steps

    As organizations grow, accounts payable (AP) teams are forced to process more invoices, and do so properly in order to remain aligned with regulatory compliance, data governance, cybersecurity, and legal requirements.

    However, with accounts payable automation based on AI capabilities, organizations can make operations more efficient.

    Access this custom white paper to examine 3 critical levers to transform and automate accounts payable and learn 7 key questions to ask about a future-proofed solution.

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    The financial close process has long been a critical activity allowing organizations to accurately record and report on their past performance. Explore how to re-imagine the financial close here.


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    In this paper, explore Epicor’s Supplier Digital-Integration Suite – powerful solutions that boost communications and streamline processes to help companies build stronger connections with employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. Download now to uncover key features, FAQs, services, and more.


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    In this e-book, you will learn how Vertex partners with Salesforce to help you reduce manual entry, provide higher accuracy levels, report in real-time, and more.