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Wyse 3040 Thin Client: Security and Performance in a Compact Design

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Accelerate workforce transformation with simplified VDI support

With the era of workforce transformation in full force, many organizations have looked to desktop and app virtualization, but these initiatives often end up falling short.

Hurdles such as significant up-front CapEx, long planning cycles, supporting disparate vendor technologies, and delivering consistent user experiences across endpoints, all significantly slow desktop and app virtualization projects.

In this resource, learn how Dell EMC and VMware have come together to provide a customisable technology stack that allows you to get started, with simple and cost-effective end-to-end desktop and application virtualization, to overcome these challenges.

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  • Healthcare: How thin clients and VDI are enhancing data security

    Today, security and data protection are major concerns – especially for industries with strict regulatory and compliance regulations, like healthcare. On top of this, employees need instant access to sensitive data from a variety of workstations.

    Download this case study to learn how a combination of thin clients and desktop virtualization helped one hospital streamline IT management, reduce waiting times, and enhance patient care – all while protecting sensitive patient data.

  • How modern VDI has improved in complexity and cost efficiency

    Complexity and cost were early challenges that limited the appeal and capabilities of desktop virtualization solutions.

    However, with today’s technologies and deployment models, desktop virtualization is much less complex to provision and manage than traditional legacy PC and laptop deployments.

    Read this white paper to uncover 5 ways you can improve cost efficiencies with VDI and the improvements in graphics capabilities that have expanded the benefits of desktop virtualization to virtually any user.

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  • VMworld Europe Case Study: DER Deutsches Reisebüro

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  • The ultimate guide to mobile & web app testing

    On what devices and browsers should you be testing your mobile and web applications? It's a simple question, but one that a lot of mobile and web developers have on their minds. Access this guide to learn expert insights and current market data to help you find out.


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  • CW ANZ October 2016

    Council in south east Queensland moves compute and storage systems to a cloud services model.


  • All-flash performance benefits for video editing and playback

    Principled Technologies tests out high-throughput workload performance on the Dell EMC Isilon F800 All-Flash Storage System in this paper. Read here for the results on read/write testing FPS and read/write testing throughput and uncover how you may be able to achieve similar performance benefits.


  • Cybersecurity: What board members actually care about

    Boards oversee risk, not operations. Rather than tell them how your cybersecurity program works, show them how and how well risks are being managed. Download this CISO toolkit for tips and techniques to approach your board of directors about cybersecurity.


  • All-flash maximizes storage capacity to help you stay afloat

    To help businesses maximize their storage usage and capacity, Principled Technologies tested the Dell EMC Unity 550F All-Flash Array against competing AFAs on data-intensive workloads. Read the results here to see for yourself if all-flash is a suitable fit for your workloads.


  • CW ASEAN October 2016

    Customers in Southeast Asia are adopting All-Flash Arrays at an unprecedented rate.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Tablets for business

    In this 11-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the use of tablets in business and how the effect of mass adoption of tablets in the enterprise could be far more significant than either the desktop or laptop computer.


  • Learn how an incident response provider can help protect your organization

    Many people associate the term "incident response" with recovery efforts following a major security breach. However, effective incident response is not just reactive, nor is it confined to major incidents. In this white paper, learn how an incident response provider can assist you with a range of prevention, detection, and response activities.


  • Overcoming BC/DR challenges for virtual environments

    This paper highlights a DR solution that can seamlessly recover protected VMs and physical servers: OffsiteDR Server. Read on for a rigorous assessment of this DR solution's performance and functionality.


  • Optimize RPO and RTO with OffsiteDR

    In this resource learn how OffsiteDR Server, a backup and disaster Recovery (BDR) data protection solution, enhances DRM operations by eliminating all potential single points of failure for restore functions.


  • Virtual Desktop Toolbox

    Read this virtual desktop e-book, featuring experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth, to gain key insights on performance monitoring tools, WAN optimization, personalization software, and much more.


  • How HCI increases IT agility, explained

    This ESG paper explains how you can use hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to improve IT agility. Download now to find out how HCI could similarly benefit your enterprise.


  • Zoom enters UCaaS market with new cloud PBX service

    In this expert guide, learn about new developments and products for some of the leading vendors in the UC market.


  • Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise: Risks and Management Concerns

    This IT Handbook from offers a number of ways that you can incorporate BYOD into your company without compromising security – giving your employees what they want and keeping your environment safe and manageable at the same time.


  • IT Handbook : Smartphones & Tablets in the Enterprise

    This IT Handbook from explores the growing trend of consumerization and how you can embrace it in your organization.


  • 10 reasons to deploy Dell EMC all-flash

    This resource highlights the top 10 benefits of deploying Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash Storage—including predictive storage analytics and multi-cloud support—so you can decide for yourself if this all-flash solution is a good fit for your organization.


  • Top data center management tools compared

    Which data center management tools are the most beneficial? Find out how some of the industry-leading server and data center management platforms stack up against each other – and which emerge as the leader.


  • Breaking down the business value of NVMe-based AFAs

    This ESG paper breaks down the business value of an NVMe-based all-flash system that can handle any workload intelligently and can scale to meet unpredictable demands. Download a copy here to discover key technical differentiators between this AFA system and others.


  • How HCI reduces organizations' security attack surfaces

    This paper spotlights a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution with integrated incident response software and explains how HCI can reduce an organization's possible attack surface. Read on for more on how HCI keeps up with the evolving threat landscape.


  • Compare servers from Dell EMC and HPE

    New technologies in processors, storage, I/O, and security have come together in servers to enable more efficient and secure infrastructures, but which server provider will help accomplish your organization's goals? Read this comparison of product offerings from Dell EMC and HPE to decide how to power your business.


  • How IT leaders can keep data safe while enabling productivity and collaboration

    Data security is at the top of the priority list for most organizations. The dangers of data loss, extortion and identity theft are real. In this white paper, learn how IT leaders can implement security strategies that keep data safe while enabling productivity and collaboration without compromising the user experience.


  • 10 ways all-flash enhances SAP efficiency

    If you want the ability to unlock the power of NVMe, hundreds of CPU cores, and terabytes of global cache pooled and allocated on-demand to meet the performance requirements of dynamic SAP/HANA workloads, download this resource.


  • Implement a cloud-based integrated system for ERP and CRM

    This white paper explains how you can get the real-time access to synchronized customer data you need. Discover a cloud-based business management software suite that enables companies to manage core business operations in a single, integrated system, including ERP and CRM.


  • How to implement an iPaaS solution

    In this whitepaper, learn about the benefits of an iPaaS solution and how to implement one in your organization.


  • 7 incentives to choose Dell EMC PowerProtect

    Introducing Dell EMC PowerProtect, a solution that provides steadfast data protection and availability to improve the integrity of your business' most valuable asset: your data. How does PowerProtect accomplish this? Download the following datasheet to find out.


  • Managed Detection and Response providers: 5 keys areas to investigate

    There are plenty of security providers offering Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, but it is important to ensure they offer capabilities that match your business's needs. In this white paper, learn 5 key areas organizations should investigate when evaluating and selecting an MDR provider.


  • Special report on Dell

    It was the company that came from nowhere to revolutionise an entire industry. Dell, originally a provider of desktop PCs, was instrumental in changing the way that the IT business worked.


  • Head-to-head all-flash comparison for OLTP workloads

    This resource offers a comparison of two all-flash array platforms tested on OLTP workloads so you can choose the AFA that best meets your company's storage requirements. Download now for the complete head-to-head comparison.


  • Combating Today’s Security Threats

    In this expert guide, gain a better understanding of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and how you can stay one step ahead. View now to gain key insight into security strategies that can help you protect your organization.


  • How to make use of AI-ready solutions for your AI or machine learning initiatives

    Read this white paper to learn how Dell EMC engineers can work with you to create AI-ready solutions that dramatically accelerate results for AI, machine and deep learning environments.


  • Windows Server 2019 vs. 2008 R2, 2012 R2, and more

    Inside, discover what Windows Server 2019 brings to the table – and how to build a hardware strategy that capitalizes on its fresh hybrid cloud focus. Plus, see how this version compares to the previous 2008 R2, 2012 R2, and 2016 offerings.