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Workplace by Facebook: Optimizing communication between 8,000 employees

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RPA usage within the government? It makes more sense than you might think.

While the public sector sometimes has the reputation of being slow to adopt cutting-edge technologies, the fact of the matter is that they often stand to gain more from the innovative use of tech.

In fact, deploying technology that saves costs, increases efficiency, and provides visible, effective results is something that could greatly benefit governmental agencies.

Read on to learn more about how RPA can fit into the public sector, reducing costs and time lost on menial tasks.

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    Today’s workforce collectively spends about ten to twenty percent of their time on repetitive, manual tasks – tasks that could be easily automated. Robotic process automation (RPA) platforms offer a method for businesses to capitalize on these automation opportunities, freeing up their employees to focus on value-adding activities while earning substantial cost-savings.

    Inside this white paper, learn how RPA technology is transforming workforces and creating the workplace of the future – and about all the competitive and productivity benefits that come with it.

  • A C-Suite Guide to RPA

    Automation investments, particularly in robotic process automation (RPA), are on the rise; and with good reason. On top of a speedy ROI turnaround, RPA can deliver massive productivity benefits, reduced operational risks, and more.

    In this high-level guide, learn more about the fundamentals of robotic process automation – how it works, use cases, and key deployment considerations.

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    Learn about the key components of building an IoT-ready network – like updated access points and Bluetooth Low Energy – and find out how you can use location-based IoT technology to drive the IoT value cycle.


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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how the All England Lawn Tennis Club is working with IBM to use data analytics to engage with fans of the Wimbledon championships. We examine whether IT automation will kill jobs or solve the skills gap. And we look at the issues around data portability in the cloud. Read the issue now.


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    This study by HIMSS Analytics highlights, for the first time, a correlation between the maturity of IT within NHS hospitals and improvements to patient outcomes.


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    Alpha ImageWorks 9000 centralizes patient records into a single, secure repository, providing easy access, accelerated processing time and billing, and significant time saving in reviewing patient records.


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    In this case study, learn how Phoenix Children's Hospital used CylancePROTECT to help protect against attackers hacking into patient data and disrupting hospital operations.


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    Akron Children's Hospital's WLAN wasn't considered reliable for hospital communications and the number of wireless devices used for medical and patient care purposes was expected to triple within 2 years. So what did they do? Learn how 7signal's Sapphire Wi-Fi Performance Management system gave hospital IT the means to improve their network.


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    Enter this case study to find out how the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust utilized an enterprise information platform to save over a million pounds per year in manual records management, storage, and transportation costs.


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    First-generation IaaS and PaaS clouds are out of date. Newer generation of the cloud center around AI, blockchain, IoT, real-time analytics, and other technologies that meet the present demands for scale, efficiency, and security. Read Oracle’s top 10 cloud predictions for 2020 in this guide.


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    Download this white paper to learn how AI-powered spend automation can make it easier for your finance teams to detect and prevent fraudulent, mistaken, or out-of-policy spend.