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Safeway reduces SQL Server access times using all-flash

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Australian MSP utilizes all-flash to simplify service delivery

By consolidating its storage infrastructure onto HPE Nimble Storage Flash Arrays, Australian managed service provider, Bendigo Telco, simplified the way it delivers, manages, and supports storage and backup services for its hosted customers, improving agility to meet wide-ranging workload requirements while increasing performance and reducing costs.

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  • ABC Photosigns achieves optimal performance with HPE Nimble Storage

    ABC Photosigns’ server and storage infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose due to regular downtime and frustrating performance. The company wanted to entirely refresh its hardware and turned to HPE Nimble Storage, HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Servers and Aruba 2930M Switches. The new infrastructure is simple to manage, much faster, more energy efficient and comes with intuitive management tools such as HPE InfoSight.

  • How HPE Nimble Storage supports faster disaster recovery testing

    A financial services company was faced with soaring support costs for its ageing storage solution. It deployed two units of HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays technology, which was deployed simply in a short time frame, delivering a return on investment (ROI) result in less than 18 months.

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  • HPE Nimble Storage arrays with InfoSight in action

    Beaconhills College has deployed two HPE Nimble Storage arrays with predictive analytics from HPE InfoSight to support a range of core business and educational functions for over 4,000 users. It provides a reliable, high-performing storage platform that is simple to manage, scales easily and consumes less energy than the previous solution.


  • Testing out HPE's 3PAR StoreServ in SAP HANA environments

    After evaluating products in the market, the IT Team selected HPE's 3PAR StoreServ that was certified for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration. The evaluation process comprised of technical feature comparison, commercial comparison, implementation and post implementation support.


  • 9 reasons customers choose Dell EMC PowerStore Storage

    Check out this data sheet to learn 9 of the top reasons why customers choose Dell EMC PowerStore Storage.


  • HPE Nimble Storage solves Arafura's expandability, reliability issues

    Arafura Connect's business growth was hampered by disparate legacy systems. It searched for storage that offered performance, expandability and redundancy capabilities. HPE Nimble Storage with HPE InfoSight met the challenge.


  • Get the most out of Spectrum Scale environments with Pavilion HFA

    Pavilion HFA meets or exceeds all the demands of Spectrum Scale high-performance applications offering the performance and convenience of Spectrum Scale Shared Disk with the cost of Spectrum Scale Shared Nothing Distributed Parallel Modes. Check out this white paper to learn more.


  • Get the most out of your all-flash storage array

    Get this 17-page guide that walks you through the metrics vendors use to describe their storage systems and learn which ones are most relevant to your situation. Finally, you'll discover why Pavilion Data Systems' HyperParallel Flash Array was so highly rated by Gartner.


  • 4 main benefits of disaggregated NVMe-based storage

    Read this solution overview to learn how to unlock the benefits of NVMe-based flash—including 90 GB/s throughput, 40μs of latency, and 20M IOPS—and how this architecture meets the performance and memory needs of HBD like kdb+.


  • The impact of HyperParallel Flash on high frequency trading

    To meet the demands of high frequency trading, trading system architects need consistent, predictable, scalable, high performance storage, with ultra-low latency. Read this data sheet to see 5 reasons why Pavilion’s HyperParallel Flash Array has been called one of the most high-performance, dense, scalable, and flexible storage platforms available.


  • Add, change, and remove clusters as needed with Pavilion HyperFlash

    Read this case study to see how Pavilion’s HyperParallel Flash Array was able to bring agility back to DevOps, giving teams the freedom to add, change, or remove clusters and applications as needed while leveraging the performance benefits of Rack-Scale Flash.


  • Why AI/ML workloads benefit from NVMe-based flash

    This e-book highlights how AI and ML workloads will benefit from a storage infrastructure with NVMe-based flash arrays—from raw performance to improved parallel processing. Access this e-book to see this relationship in action and for an overview of one such solution: Pavilion’s Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA).


  • Why Wall Street is betting on Pavilion for enterprise data management

    On the journey to revolutionize finance by changing how data is used to shape thinking, wall street hedge funds are taking a closer look at their storage. Read this case study to learn 4 benefits of the NVMe-enabled Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform and see the positive results that it led to for one industry leader.


  • Everything you need to know about Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform

    Check out this data sheet to see the full advantages of disaggregated storage for VMware workloads and learn all about the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform including 8 benefits.


  • Pavilion HFA saves the day for this computing center

    Check out this case study to learn what goes into Pavilion HFA, discover 3 strategic management features it brings to the table, and see how it alleviated Texas Advanced Computing Center’s pains with their aging infrastructure.


  • Introducing the Hitachi Vantara Midsized Enterprise Flash Portfolio

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  • How one on-demand content provider accelerated their M&E projects

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  • 3 benefits of Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform for Sony Innovation Studios

    To help Sony Innovation Studios reimagine their data storage, they enlisted Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform. Dive into this case study to learn 3 benefits of this partnership which led to Sony achieving their vision of real-time volumetric capture and rendering in a studio-friendly 4U footprint.


  • Solving the storage performance density problem

    Check out this white paper to learn why applications suffer from poor storage performance density and discover how Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform uniquely solves the modern application storage performance density problem without the forced compromises of alternative approaches.


  • editors examine the top 6 AFAs

    To cut through the all-flash market chaos, we've compiled An Exclusive Look at AFA Solutions & Vendors, an e-guide that directly compares the top 6 AFA systems and will catch you up on all the market buzz. Download your copy to see what's new with Pure Storage, IBM, HPE, and more.


  • Qumulo Hybrid File Software vs Dell EMC Isilon

    Amongst other hybrid storage solutions, Qumulo’s Hybrid File Software with P-Series NVMe Storage and Dell EMC Isilon are clear front runners, but how to do they compare? Access this white paper to analyze both solutions using 6 key criteria to determine which solution works best for your needs.


  • How Dell EMC PowerStore is changing the modern data center

    Explore this white paper to learn about Dell Technologies PowerStore, a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable modern storage appliance designed for the data era.


  • Qumulo Persistent Performance for unstructured data: Top 5 benefits

    With Qumulo, organizations can leverage a complete family of storage for all their needs when managing unstructured file data. Access this data sheet to learn about their Persistent Performance system, a leading All-NVMe file storage system on the market provides that 5 key benefits to this end. Check it out here.


  • Features and benefits of Hitachi's Hitachi Virtual Storage Flash Platform

    This datasheet highlights the features of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform models, including their ability to achieve response times as low as 70 microseconds and total efficiency rates of up to 7:1. Read on to view the must-have flash features for your organization and to learn if you’d benefit from a similar solution.


  • Automatic Isilon data migration resolves cluster capacity issues

    Read this brief to learn about software that automatically migrates data from Isilon to other storage types—including tape and public cloud—without interrupting user access and while maximizing the value of your existing storage investments.


  • HPE vs. Pure Storage vs. Dell EMC: 8 AFAs compared

    Our vendor-agnostic AFA buyer's guide objectively examines key vendors in the space and will help you navigate the AFA buying process. Simply complete a few quick, multiple-choice questions about your company's flash strategies and purchasing intentions and you will receive a free copy of the 55-page guide.


  • Dell EMC PowerStore: The missing link in modern enterprise storage

    Dell EMC PowerStore is modern enterprise storage designed to address the needs of the new data era. Explore this ESG white paper for an overview of the modern storage industry and see why Dell EMC PowerStore has been the missing link.