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Strengthen your DataOps with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000

Simplifying the management, provisioning, and performance of data platforms can become a demanding, never-ending cycle.

Hitachi’s VSP 5000 series can take control of repetitive tasks to reduce and even eliminate the need of any human intervention—leaving your staff free to focus on innovation and tactical business efforts.

Access this data sheet to learn how it allows you to focus on your DataOps Advantage by having the right data in the right place at the right time.

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  • How disaggregated storage systems can capitalize on NVMe

    The recent emergence of NVMe has challenged the storage disaggregation principle as we know it.

    The good news is that, in theory, NVMe and NVMe-oF allow even more workloads to enjoy the benefits of disaggregated storage. However, realizing the potential performance of NVMe in shared, disaggregated systems is not simple due to storage system controller latency overheads and the intense parallelism of NVMe.

    This 451 Research report digs into the impact of NVMe and explains how to architect your storage to maximize NVMe performance. Read on for these highlights and to learn how to put them to use in your enterprise.

  • The Pavilion HyperParellel Data Platform for MongDB

    As it stands now, scaling MongoDB requires businesses to use multiple AFAs when they disaggregate their storage.

    However, Pavilion has a way around this challenge and the issues it creates.

    The Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform delivers enterprise data services to all applications, doesn’t compromise on NVMe performance at scale, and needs no proprietary software to be installed on a server farm.

    Check out this case study to see the full round up of benefits of Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform for MongoDB.

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  • Certified NVMe-oF Storage for Windows Server with NVMe/RoCE or NVMe/TCP

    The Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array gives Windows Servers the performance of DAS with the enterprise features and management characteristics of a SAN. Learn how to consolidate workloads and analyze relational, unstructured data and S3 object data in one easy-to-use platform.


  • 6 ways NVMe-oF benefits high-transaction workloads

    Read the following datasheet to discover the features and benefits of a NVMe-oF platform that delivers the ultra-low latency and high performance that high-transaction workloads require.


  • Case Study - Healthcare Leader Doubles SQL Server Transactions with VMware and NVMe-oF/RDMA

    This organization considered several NVMe All-Flash-Arrays. They found that NVMe-oF with Ethernet was 2x faster and 1⁄2 the cost of fibre channel. Learn how this team got back >30% of server processing to double SQL Server concurrency at 1⁄2 the latency of server-based internal NVMe SSDs.


  • NVMe-oF Reference Architecture for HyperParallel SQL Server

    This paper covers the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array (HFA) and how to tune SQL Server to get the most out of your investment. It also includes performance testing numbers, scaling a SQL Server configuration, network considerations, and best practice tips for SQL Server.


  • How Pavilion’s NVMe is helping orgs embrace persistent containers

    Access this e-book to learn how Pavilion’s NVMe-oF Storage Array can help organizations migrate from virtual machines (VMs) and non-persistent containers to an infrastructure where persistent containers and stateful applications are readily available and deployed, allowing compute, network, and storage resources to all scale independently.


  • Overview of NVMe-oF and HyperParallel Flash Arrays for AI/ML

    This e-book highlights how AI and ML workloads will benefit from a storage infrastructure with NVMe-based flash arrays—from raw performance to improved parallel processing. Access this e-book to see this relationship in action and for an overview of one such solution: Pavilion’s Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA).


  • 9 benefits of Pavilion’s NVMe for Splunk SmartStore

    Check out this data sheet to learn more about Pavilion’s HyperParallel Storage Platform including benefits like double indexing rate, improved performance of searches, and dramatically improved longtail & rare search speed.


  • The benefits of Hitachi flash storage for analytics & AI

    Access this short product sheet to learn how Hitachi’s midrange VSP storage portfolio, comprised of NVMe, hybrid flash, and all-flash storage options, is designed to give medium and small businesses the storage power and flexibility needed to fuel advanced analytics, train AI, and scale and manage complex workloads.


  • ESG Whitepaper: How Dell EMC PowerMax is redefining enterprise storage

    As digital business has evolved, so too has the definition of “mission-critical, enterprise-grade” data storage. Download this paper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn how they continue to innovate and evolve their technology to meet the mission-critical needs of the most demanding IT environments.