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Cisco Cloud Services Router and Google Cloud Platform Solutions

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Computer Weekly Network IT case studies


Winning networking use cases in the Computer Weekly European Awards


Jennifer Scott takes a look at what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the Computer Weekly European User Awards.




How Telestroke Network hastens stroke treatment

  • London’s Olympic network from BT
  • The DANTE link for Euro academics
  • How CSR boosts WAN with SilverPeak
  • TKAB adopts mobile for Swedish railways




The Computer Weekly European User Awards honours IT professionals across Europe that have excelled in their approach to using technology in Networking, Security, Software, Storage and Datacentres.     

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  • How to limit the impact of UCC migration on day-to-day operations

    Technology migrations are always difficult, even when being done in pursuit of a longer-term gain—especially business critical apps like your communication tools.

    That’s why it is essential to partner with a leader who knows what to expect along the path and can help you avoid bumps along the way.

    Find out how Verizon can help ensure a successful UCC migration with their adoption services. They develop a tailored migration strategy for each customer, which helps limit the impact of a migration on day-to-day operations and maintain continuity.

  • Network virtualization FAQ

    As IT pros continue to reap the benefits of server virtualization, more and more are considering virtualizing their networks as well. This expert e-guide answers the top FAQ and outlines the benefits of network virtualization.

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  • Advanced Virtualization E-Book: Chapter 7 - Network Virtualization: Unifying the Data Center

    We are potentially at the beginning of a new generation of IT administrators who manage a range of technologies outside of the traditional realm of virtualization. Read this E-Book to learn more.


  • Understanding the pros and cons of network virtualization

    This expert E-Guide from explains the benefits of virtualizing the network. Find out how to utilize this technology to combine multiple networks into a single logical network. Plus, get answers to common questions about network virtualization technology to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Not all UCaaS are created equal: Prioritize network security

    In this white paper, learn about Verizon's Global Private IP Service, a private network designed to support your critical unified communications and collaboration while maintaining security in the cloud.


  • Ovum: Business tips for using SMS and web chat

    Web chat and SMS offer ways for enterprises to broaden channel support and personalize customer service without spending on complex solutions. While both solutions offer business benefits via customer outreach and support capabilities, they are currently two separate solutions.


  • Using IT initiatives to save money and reinforce green credentials

    Analyst Group Quocirca explains how organisations can use web data caching software to save money and improve their green credentials.


  • Kubernetes container security: Your complete guide

    Container security is top-of-mind for any organization adopting Kubernetes. This eBook is designed to provide you with the best practices for implementing Kubernetes security in your organization. Read on to find out more.


  • Healthcare sector to shed pounds with mobile health applications

    If the worldwide health system is not in crisis, it is under intense pressure and cost cutting trends in the light of the global downturn are only set to continue. For most hospitals and medical establishments budget allocations for IT were expected to be smaller in 2009 than in 2008.


  • Explore the security benefits of Centrify's advanced AD Bridging solution

    Although AD Bridging was able to address common pain-points of the past, it is not designed to help with today's modern hybrid cloud environments. In this white paper, learn how Centrify was able to further enhance their AD Bridging solution to support Zero Trust Privilege for today's modern hybrid cloud requirements.


  • UK Computer Science Education in the 21st Century

    Management consultant Yva Thakurdas assesses the scale of the UK IT skills gap, analyses its causes and potential solutions in this presentation.


  • G-Cloud Report: Data Centre Strategy G-Cloud and The Applications Store for Government - Commercial Strategy Team

    The commercial potential of cloud computing and cloud services is widely accepted, both in private industry and in the public sector.  The opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency in the UK public sector are real and achievable, but require significant changes to procurement practices, delivery frameworks and across the supplierlandscape.


  • Use this pocket guide to contact center terms

    Keeping up with the ever-growing amount of acronyms and technologies in the contact center sector is a constant challenge. Fortunately, you can use this pocket guide to contact center management terms to ensure that you are up-to-date with the terminology you need to know.


  • 3 steps to properly securing your enterprise data on cloud platforms

    Enterprises have leveraged cloud platforms to facilitate web applications for years. However, many organizations that move to cloud platforms mistakenly assume that the cloud provider delivers sufficient visibility and monitoring. In this white paper, explore 3 steps that can help you properly secure your enterprise data on cloud platforms.


  • Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud & Applications Store for Government Programme – Founding Principles

    The overriding goals for Data Centre Consolidation, the G-Cloud and the Applications Store for Government are:Reduce ICT costs;Provide open competition and create a vibrant marketplace enabling the best product at the best price;Create flexibility.


  • Customer experience is the key to data center evolution

    Jump into this white paper to learn how the constantly escalating demands of customers are impacting once tried-and-true data center strategies – and how data centers play a pivotal role in modern business success.


  • 7 common security mistakes when migrating to the cloud

    The speed of cloud migration is outpacing the speed of security team expansion. How do you keep up? Read on to learn how to prevent such a security regression when migrating to the cloud.


  • Network Evolution: Software defined networks and the new network hyper-visor

    This expert resource puts SDN under the microscope, examining the impact that the technology can have on your environment, along with how your peers are utilizing it. Read on to find out whether SDN is really worth the hype that is building around it.


  • Software-Defined Networks and the New Network Hypervisor

    This issue of the Network Evolution E-Zine focuses on various SDN solutions, if it's the answer to the bottleneck problem, and potential pitfalls. Read this issue now to see what experts have to say about the possible SDN revolution.


  • Why green data centers are imperative

    Run through the steps your organization can take to move towards more sustainable data center practices, including reducing its carbon footprint, sourcing renewable energy, and more.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Software-defined networking

    Computer Weekly looks at how SDN can give IT administrators greater control over the network infrastructure and make it more flexible and agile part of the business.


  • Managed multi-cloud SD-WAN: Cloud connectivity for DX

    An increasing number of organizations are turning to managed SD-WAN. Find out why in this white paper, and learn about Aryaka's managed multi-cloud offering, and how it can help you get the connectivity you need.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Server Virtualisation

    This Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to server virtualisation looks at the potential barriers to successful virtualisation and how they can be overcome.


  • CW+: How to use predictive modeling to run an effective technology platform

    IT is moving from being a point of differentiation for an organisation towards becoming a point of constraint.


  • Uncover the scale of risk in the cloud

    When using software-as-a-service (SaaS), organizations are responsible for the security of their data and need to ensure it is accessed appropriately. In this Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, uncover the largest areas of risk in cloud computing today.


  • Protect a multi-cloud enterprise with an agile network security strategy

    In this white paper, learn how to create a multi-cloud network security strategy based on 3 key principles, and examine use cases to see how other organizations keep themselves secure.


  • NVIDIA's virtual client computing, put to the test in the real world

    Virtual client computing (VCC) isn't a concept limited to application and desktop virtualization. Inside this IDC research report, find out how organizations are earning huge benefits by utilizing NVIDIA's VCC platforms in a variety of use cases – from mainstream VDI deployments to high-octane vGPU acceleration.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Cloud buyers’ requirements questionnaire

    This White Paper describes a questionnaire that will help you identify your requirements for Cloud computing in a structured way, so that you can more easily reach the best solution.


  • Stay proactive: Digital disruption is shifting CX needs

    Digital disruption is changing the market as we know it forever. Businesses can find solace in this, though, as the increasing use and reliance on mobile devices delivers us valuable insights into improving CX. Read this white paper to find out how.


  • Next Generation Network Management Techniques

    The February edition of the Network Evolution E-zine explore the latest advances in DevOps and uncover what you need to know for working within the movement. Also read several other featured articles!


  • Top networking trends driven by cloud

    In this analysis of advanced technology markets, discover the top networking trends driven by cloud and why SD-WAN is the on-ramp to the secure IP cloud.


  • Unlocking the circular economy in the print industry

    There is a significant opportunity for organisations to gain economic and environmental benefits through operating a more efficient print environment, this report from analyst Quocirca reveals.


  • Don't sweat assets, liberate them!

    Analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamforth look at the benefits of IT lifecycle management (ITLM)


  • Improve your website's UX by automating peering engineering

    Download this white paper to learn about a tool that helps you overcome the challenges of optimizing peering and transit interconnections by automating peering engineering.


  • Why you should consider SD-WAN deployment

    This white paper explains why organizations should consider SD-WAN deployment to provide seamless access and connectivity for users and applications across dispersed locations.


  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

    Ensuring that all the stakeholders' information needs are met  requires a holistic approach to managing information – the creation of a GRC platform, say analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamforth.


  • This is what we die for

    This investigation by Amnesty International examines human rights abuses in the extraction of cobolt and the extent to which manufacturers have conducted due diligence in sourcing cobolt for mobile phone production.


  • Next Generation Data centre Index – Cycle III

    Organisations that are investing in key areas of IT and changing their mindset in the way they approach IT are well ahead of those just trying to save money,  say analysts Clive Longbottom and Bob Tarzey.


  • Using ICT financing for strategic gain

    Analysts Clive Longbottom and Rob Bamford offer advice to smaller businesses on financing and leasing of ICT hardware and software


  • How to move legacy apps to multi-cloud

    Many organizations are looking into migrating to multi-cloud environments, but legacy applications have become one of the most common roadblocks. Take a look at this whitepaper to learn about best practices for moving legacy apps to a multi-cloud setup.


  • How RIs save up to 30% on cloud costs

    Reserved Instances (RIs) in AWS can save you a lot of money, oftentimes up to 30% off the On-Demand price. Look through this e-book to learn some of the most common mistakes RI users make, and how you can use RIs now to easily lower your cloud costs.


  • Reduce your attack surface using Guardicore Centra Security Platform

    Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving to cloud and hybrid cloud architectures. Although this transformation is helping many organizations, it is also creating a larger security attack surface. In this data sheet, learn how Guardicore Centra Security Platform can help organizations apply micro-segmentation controls to reduce their attack surface.


  • Top 9 DRaaS benefits

    Download this white paper to discover an alternative solution that unifies DR components, provides efficient failback, and mitigates potential ransomware attacks: Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).


  • 6-steps to a controlled cloud migration

    Business leaders often choose to migrate services to the cloud without consulting IT, which can create issues for IT teams that have to adjust on the fly. Read this whitepaper to get a 6-step approach that ensures best practices when migrating and operating under a cloud platform.


  • Top considerations for using VMware on AWS

    Those migrating to the hybrid cloud want to ensure they get the promised scalability and cost efficiency, so what are the best situations for your hybrid cloud to thrive? Download this survey to learn need-to-know considerations for hybrid cloud migration on VMware with AWS.


  • Data management with an enterprise data layer

    In this e-book, find out why having a data management strategy for hybrid cloud is a critical business need today.


  • CW Special Report: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    This 12 page special report gives you the key facts on Amazon Web Services (AWS), its cloud services, financial performance and strategy.


  • When to use NetFlow vs. packet data

    In this white paper, learn about NetFlow and packet data and how you can use them to get needed network visibility for troubleshooting. Also, find out what scenarios you should use each of them for.


  • ISM Essentials Guide on Cloud and Virtualization Security

    Moving applications, development and data to the cloud means a new paradigm of IT and security management. You’ll need clear visibility into how data moves outside your organization, where it’s stored and who has access to it. This essential guide from ISM offers expert advice on security around your organization’s cloud computing efforts.