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IBM i 7.3 user survey results: increased ROI and security planning

IBM i 7.3 is now the most popular version of the OS once known as OS/400, and 92% of respondents in a recent survey of its users believe IBM I provides better ROI than other server options.

What makes IBM i 7.3 users so sure of their increased ROI? What questions do they have to improve their performance even more, specifically around security, capacity planning, and open source tools?

Open these IBM i 7.3 user survey results to find out. 

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  • CW+: Analyst's take: IBM Cognos software helps schools score top marks

    IBM Cognos software helps K-12 organizations increase visibility and improve decision making, driving improved student performance, lowered cost of interventions, greater productivity, and lower operating costs. IBM Cognos software helps organizations such as elementary and secondary schools (K-12 organizations) make better use of their data when performing tasks related to reporting, student performance, and budgeting. The product offering includes: 

    IBM Cognos 8 BI, which provides reporting, analysis, dashboard, and scorecard functionality for monitoring performance, analyzing trends, and evaluating operational or financial results. The application also offers tools for modeling how data in a business intelligence (BI) or performance management (PM) environment will be maintained, governed, and shared. 

    IBM Cognos TM1, which is a performance management tool that enables companies to consolidate, view, edit, and analyze large volumes of data on a real-time basis. 

    IBM Cognos Now, which is an operational BI solution that continuously monitors key performance indicators and line-of-business operational metrics. 

    Department and vertical-specific PM tools, which are for tasks such as workforce analytics and budgetary analysis. 

    IBM Cognos 8 Planning, which provides planning, budgeting, and forecasting

  • CW+: Analyst's take: The benefits of IBM Cognos software for independent software vendors

    ISVs that choose to embed IBM Cognos software are able to sell additional features and functionality, as well as increase win rates, average deal sizes, and overall revenue.  Because IBM Cognos software has developerfocused features and functionality such as better metadata management and reusable services, these ISVs are also able to reduce their costs.

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  • Analyst's take: IBM Cognos Express helps efficient adoption of BI and PM technology

    Senior managers who have balked at the cost and complexity of adopting technology such as business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) should consider IBM Cognos Express as a way to adopt these technologies while minimizing time to benefit, deployment costs, and support costs.


  • CW Special Report on IBM

    This special 12-page report from Computer Weekly analyses the challenges facing IBM, its financial performance, the services it offers, its place in the IT market and its future strategy..


  • CW+: Analyst's take: Leveraging IBM Cognos software with training

    When IBM Cognos users complement their deployments with formal training services, end users become more productive, report building costs are reduced, and more end users adopt IBM Cognos tools such as BI and PM.


  • The ultimate IBM i buyer's guide for monitoring software

    Learn how to select an IBM i monitoring tool that caters to the availability needs of your enterprise without subjecting critical systems to outage risks – and perhaps most importantly, find out how to get buy-in from your peers and management.


  • The results are in!: Learn about the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business

    IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI enterprises stand to realize by implementing the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. Read this research report to see the result of this Total Economic Impact study.


  • What to do when legacy IT pros start retiring

    Experienced IT pros are retiring in droves – but it's not like you didn't see this one coming. The problem, however, is that a lot of legacy skills are now leaving the workforce, never to be recovered. Learn how to plan your IT staffing and resource strategies around this new gap in IT skills.


  • Seamlessly migrate VMware workloads via IBM Cloud

    Open this brief whitepaper to learn how IBM Cloud can seamlessly migrate existing VMware workloads, giving them access to high performance and globally accessible cloud resources. Plus, discover how this platform provides the same VMware stack management capabilities that on-premise provides, and then some.


  • Analyst's take: IBM’s acquisition of SPSS is good news for SAS and SAP customers

    IBM’s SPSS acquisition gives SPSS users a broader support network, IBM Cognos users a predictive analytics platform, and more enterprise users one-stop shopping.  Looking to the future, that could mean analytics ― and better predictive decision making ― on every desktop.


  • Analyst's take: IBM Cognos leverages value from SAP

    SAP users preparing to invest in functionality such as business intelligence (BI) or performance management (PM) should consider an IBM Cognos application.


  • Report: How top data quality vendors stack up

    You'll want a data quality tool that matches up with your goals. Delve into this Gartner Research report to compare 16 data quality vendors, including IBM, SAP and Informatica.


  • What is exit point security?

    This guide is designed to equip IBM i pros with information about what exit points are and how exit programs work, along with their impact on your overall security. Read on to learn more about why menu security alone falls short, how object-level security affect exit programs, and much more.


  • Is your data lake more of a data swamp?

    An unstructured data lake can produce a massive hole in your overall data quality. One potential solution is the IBM Unified Governance and Integration platform. Watch this webinar to learn how IBM can help you keep your data lake from becoming a data swamp.


  • How to use IBM i to reclaim disk space, curb storage costs

    This e-book will equip you with several storage management strategies using IBM i to reclaim disk space, clean up your IFS, and curb storage costs so you can budget for future growth. View it here.


  • How AI can transform your CX

    IBM Watson Discovery for Salesforce is designed to use AI to transform your customer experience. Read on for more information, including how you can do this within the Salesforce Service Cloud.


  • IBM FlashSystem 9100 delivers multi-cloud storage efficiency

    Access this graphic resource for an NVMe-based system that fulfills the modern-day demands placed on the storage infrastructure to be fast, agile, flexible, and well-supported: IBM FlashSystem 9100.


  • Analyst's take: Return on investment of IBM Cognos Software

    Companies that use IBM Cognos software are able to improve productivity, reduce or avoid headcount, reduce financing costs, and increase profitability.  These benefits are achieved because when employees can rapidly access and analyze data in consistent ways, they are better able to make business changes that both lower costs and increase revenues.


  • Product Comparison: Top vendors in iPaaS and HIP

    Forrester has recently completed an evaluation of the strategic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) markets. Access the report here, and examine products from and comparisons and between the likes of TIBCO Software, Microsoft, Dell Boomi, IBM, and many more.


  • 3 GDPR transformation phases

    The GDPR represents a unique opportunity to help strengthen privacy compliance and preserve customer trust, while reducing risk exposure and creating a competitive advantage. Uncover one company's journey to GDPR readiness to help your organization prepare.


  • Analyst report: Docker vs. Red Hat vs. IBM container platforms

    The container market is maturing rapidly, and vendors are in a race to meet spiking demand for faster, easier, and safer deployment of containerized apps and container clusters. Dive into the Forrester New Wave report to compare container platforms from Docker, Red Hat, IBM, Pivotal, and others.


  • x86 vs. IBM Power Systems

    Learn why companies like yours are turning to IBM Power Systems as an alternative to x86 platforms, including testimonials from organizations in manufacturing, consumer goods, banking, and more – and why industry experts are backing their decisions up.


  • Sales performance management: IBM vs. Oracle vs. SAP

    Still looking for a sales performance management solution? In this Magic Quadrant, explore SPM, and uncover vendor strengths and cautions. To decide what SPM vendor is right for you, delve into this Gartner report, and decide for yourself what SPM software is best for you.


  • Evaluation: 15 big data fabric vendors

    Here in Forrester's Wave report, Forrester identifies the 15 most significant big data fabric vendors. Download now to get an analysis of 26 criteria for each vendor, including IBM, Cloudera, TIBCO Software, and more.


  • CW ANZ: Taming the data beast

    Software-defined storage (SDS), which promises greater transparency and control over data, is an increasingly important tool in the enterprise technology armoury. In this issue of CW ANZ, we look at how Australian enterprises are turning to SDS to improve data management and direct data to different tiers of storage or to applications.


  • Analyst's take: Independent software vendors save money with DataDirect drivers

    Independent software vendors (ISVs) that embed DataDirect drivers can leverage DataDirect’s expertise to improve data connectivity.  Using DataDirect helps them reduce cost and risk so they can focus on innovation and competitive advantage.


  • IBM database encryption that's simple to implement

    Encryption is widely recognized as the most effective way to ensure private information is accessible only by authorized parties. But, how does encryption work on IBM i (AS/400, iSeries)? Read this guide for an overview of your options for implementing encryption on this unique platform.


  • You're throwing 12% of your profits down the drain

    Dark data could be costing your business 12% of its overall revenue. Tired of throwing dollars down the drain? In this white paper, discover how an ECM system can help your organization combat the costs of dark data, empower its mobile workforce, and secure sensitive data while delivering on ROIs.


  • A path to optimize big data with real-time insights

    The IBM Db2 database software is designed to enable speed-of-thought analytics without the constraints of other in-memory databases. Learn more about how it can work with a hybrid cloud set-up and push data closer to users.


  • Analyst report: 15 access management providers

    Uncover this market evaluation of leading access management providers such as, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, OneLogin and more to get a better understanding of which vendor is right for your organization.


  • Data protection built for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

    This datasheet highlights the features and benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for virtual environments, a backup solution that unlocks the value of your data to facilitate data reuse and accelerate DevOps. View it here.


  • IBM + Hortonworks vs. Cloudera: Hadoop distribution

    Read this white paper to learn how the combination of IBM and Hortonworks compares to other Hadoop distributions (Cloudera) when working with complex analytics workflows.


  • IBM vs. SAP vs. Oracle: Compare 11 top SPM vendors

    You're considering a sales performance management (SPM) solution, now what? In this analyst report from Gartner, explore 11 SPM vendors across 4 use cases, and check them against 11 critical capabilities, including scalability and integration. Map out your perfect platform, download this report, and score your SPM vendor against the rest.


  • How enterprise-grade AI brings you closer to your data

    Enterprise-grade AI tools can help unlock the potential of your data, and help businesses make better operational decisions and understand customer wants and needs. Read on for information on IBM PowerAI Enterprise, which includes deep learning frameworks to help businesses better understand their data.


  • Expert E-Book: Data Security and the Cloud

    This e-book will cover encryption and key management, infrastructure risks, data integrity, and access control, all in the context of cloud computing.


  • Analytics is transforming IT's role

    IBM suggests you look towards hybrid cloud architectures to get the best from both on-prem and cloud processing. Watch this webcast for details on why hybrid cloud solutions can speed up your analytics and relieve' the IT workload.


  • NVMe-based flash for private cloud deployments

    In order to enable organizations to build agile and powerful private clouds, IBM released their FlashSystem 9100 NVMe-based storage systems which include AI-enhanced systems management and support and a validated private cloud deployment blueprint. Read on to get started.


  • Computer Weekly – 12 July 2016: Watson gets to work

    In this issue we explore the many ways Watson has evolved from the machine that bettered humans in Jeopardy! to providing deep analytical insights to solve real world crises. We also look at how Barclay's bank is using DevOps to remain competitive and reveal new research that illustrates why cloud computing is at the heart of business innovation.


  • Increase efficiency by 25% with APIs

    Efficiently integrating data from sources such as Oracle, IBM, and is crucial to any business today creating new apps, especially considering today's rapid pace of development. Open this case study to see how one organization has increased efficiency by 25% with APIs.


  • Research report: Evaluating security analytics platform providers

    In Forrester's 30-criteria evaluation of security analytics platform providers, they identified the 13 most significant ones. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps S&R professionals make the right choice.


  • Hybrid cloud databases could be the future

    70% of IT decision-makers say they expect to always have a hybrid blend of traditional IT and the cloud, according to an IBM survey. Explore how a database designed for the hybrid cloud can help generate real-time analytics and push data closer to where users need it.


  • Analysts validate a backup tool designed for VM protection

    This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on validation of the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus solution—designed to meet the challenges of virtual machine data protection and administration. Dive into the review for info on ease of deployment and multi-workflow recovery.


  • Top 12 month data integration priorities

    This report explores the results of a BizTechInsights survey that polled 369 IT professionals on the challenges of data integration. Discover the report's key findings and learn about


  • How to simplify data management so you're not wasting time

    Explore how IBM Db2 Hosted, a multi-workload relational database system, can simplify data administration.


  • IBM FlashSystem 9100 technical features brief

    This Silverton Consulting brief will introduce you to a new member of the flash family that includes an NVMe drive interface: IBM FlashSystem 9100. Access your copy for the specifics on how this architecture increases raw capacity, reduces latency, and provides high IOPS performance for your systems.


  • How to correct IBM i security exposures quickly and effectively

    Cyberthreats are becoming more sophisticated every year, raising the importance of proper security controls. Weak passwords, lax system auditing, and overly privileged users leaves your server vulnerable to internal and external threats. In this research report, learn about the full extent of IBM i security exposures and how to correct them.


  • How to find a database that can serve your hybrid cloud strategy

    Hybrid cloud is the new normal for IT. 70% of IT decision-makers expect to always have a mix of traditional on-premises and cloud architectures, according to an IBM study. Download this white paper to see how a database platform can act as a bridge from legacy environments to the cloud.


  • LTO vs. IBM and Oracle tape drives

    This technical brief compares Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape drives to the proprietary enterprise tape drives sold by IBM and Oracle in terms of capacity, data performance, mechanical reliability, and TCO. Keep reading to additionally view a discussion on the future of tape.