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3 Frequently Asked Questions About AWS Reserved Instances

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Evaluate AWS and SourceFuse for running your Microsoft workloads in the cloud

When experience matters, customers choose AWS and trusted AWS Microsoft Workloads Partners like SourceFuse.

AWS has extensive experience running Microsoft workloads and can provide operational expertise, at scale. With AWS, you can supplement Microsoft-licensed products and applications with specialized, built-for-the-cloud technologies and optimize licensing costs.

In this ebook, learn how SourceFuse helps customers migrate and modernize on AWS and find answers to the top 10 questions customers have when running Microsoft workloads on AWS—ranging from the key benefits AWS offers, to the licensing, migration, and optimization options for your Windows Server, SQL Server, and .NET workloads.

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  • AWS: A reliable cloud for RISE with SAP

    Choosing the right cloud provider is an important step in modernizing and transforming your ERP landscape. Discover how AWS is helping organizations accelerate and streamline their journey with AWS for RISE with SAP.

    With a secure, reliable, and extensive cloud infrastructure, AWS offers a solid cloud foundation for RISE with SAP. Start accelerating your enterprise cloud journey with AWS today.

    Learn about the AWS advantage for RISE with SAP, including:

    • 15+ years supporting SAP applications in the cloud
    • 200+ innovative cloud products and services
    • 80+ BTP services on AWS

  • Build and run virtually every application at scale

    Learn how these companies use AWS for application innovation.

    This lookbook explores how forward-thinking businesses are using the scale, capacity, and compute power of AWS to make groundbreaking strides toward bringing revolutionary ideas to the forefront.

    See how you can build and run virtually every application at scale with AWS, enabling you to:

    • Improve customer experiences
    • Build loyalty
    • Extend competitive advantage
    • Drive business growth

    Download the lookbook and learn how to build and run applications securely on AWS.

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  • Top 10 reasons customers migrate Microsoft workloads with SourceFuse

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    This white paper covers the risks associated with using function URLs and how your organization should address them. Access it here.


  • Cloud NGFW: Best-in-Class Security, Unparalleled Simplicity on AWS

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Palo Alto Networks have introduced Cloud NGFW. Tap into this e-book to learn how to deploy next-generation protection quickly and easily.


  • ESG: AWS Sustainability Solutions for Retail and CPG

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    The AWS Well-Architected framework helps cloud architects build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for a variety of applications and workloads.


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  • Business transformation through application modernization in the cloud

    Recent research suggests that over 90% of enterprises are accelerating cloud adoption plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While no two transformations are the same, breaking down the effort into two stages has proven beneficial. Read Business transformation through digital modernization to uncover the many ways AWS can help.


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    In this handbook, focused on enterprise 5G in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at what the technology means for enterprises across the region.


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  • German Personnel Creates a SaaSplatform from Scratch -Leveraging AllCloud's Expertise for a Smooth Migration

    Access this case study to learn how a large recruitment software company migrated to AWS to shift into a SaaS offering in a phased approach – without negatively impacting flexibility, privacy and compliance, security, or internal governance.


  • Discover new AI services on AWS: Case study

    GmbH, is a telematics specialist company that decided to move its GPS FLEET software solution to the AWS cloud. This enabled the firm to develop innovative AI services soon afterwards, such as its Health Index for machines. Access the case study here to learn more about how to unlock AI services with your move to AWS.


  • Mastering APM in the Cloud: A Deep Dive into AWS and GE Vernova's Tech Alliance

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how GE Vernova and AWS empower businesses to harness the full potential of their assets at scale. Watch now.


  • AWS Re:Invent 2019: What CIOs need to know from this year's show

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re:Invent user conference saw 65,000 users, developers and business leaders convene in Las Vegas to hear news about the firm's innovation priorities. In this e-guide, we provide a round-up of all the big stories and announcements from this year's Re:Invent, and give readers some clues as to where AWS is heading next.


  • Moving data to AWS? 5 migration methods to consider

    More organizations than ever are looking to store data in the public cloud, often at a fraction of the cost of on-premises storage. But transferring that data to the cloud isn't always straightforward. This exclusive e-guide reveals five data migration methods to move storage to AWS.


  • Leading the Future of Personalized Healthcare

    Digital innovations are empowering healthcare organizations to make breakthrough improvements in process efficiency as well as clinician and patient experiences. Read this eBook to learn how you can unlock the power of data to drive better patient outcomes, reduce hospital costs, and more.


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    More than ever, customers are demanding seamless and compelling digital shopping experiences. To meet new and evolving expectations, retail organizations are migrating to AWS to create agile and cost-effective digital commerce platforms to modernize their applications. Read on to learn why.


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    This AWS eBook outlines a proven path to GenAI success—from taking the first step to measuring results—with insights from Amazon best practices and its experience helping thousands of customers realize their own initiatives. Read the eBook here.


  • Store healthcare files securely on AWS with Nasuni

    Nasuni & AWS Cloud File Storage for Healthcare: Consolidate unstructured data securely in the cloud. Replace legacy NAS and backup hardware with a cloud-native global file system. Achieve 70% cost savings with cloud data protection and unlimited scalability. Discover how Nasuni and AWS streamline healthcare data storage.


  • Case Study: High flying clouds - AWS bucks traditional business growth trends with help from the enterprise

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud juggernaut continues to go from strength to strength from quarter to quarter, but what is fuelling its non-traditional revenue growth trends?


  • Lower your TCO with serverless applications

    Serverless applications can save up to 68 percent of development costs by automatically allocating compute on a pay-for-use basis. Read the Deloitte whitepaper Determining the Total Cost of Ownership: Comparing Serverless and Server-based Technologies to learn more.


  • 7 Benefits of Adopting Smart Manufacturing

    To discover 7 reasons why you should consider adopting smart manufacturing at your organization, and to find out how businesses like Tyson Foods have benefited from smart manufacturing, check out this e-book.


  • Learn how to simplify your cloud operations

    For organizations that have adopted AWS as their public cloud of choice, there can still be challenges with getting support in a timely manner and overcoming system complexities. However, there is a solution today that enables faster support, streamlined operations, and can improve your overall cloud experience. Watch this video to learn more.


  • Improve business outcomes with generative AI

    Generative AI has taken the industry by storm, with nearly everyone imagining how the powerful technology will transform the future of business. But looking beyond the hype, what is the real potential of generative AI? Download this e-book to unlock key insight into the state of generative AI, including answers to the most prevalent questions.


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    In this e-guide, find out how Australia's Mojo Power is tapping into cloud services to disrupt the energy market, how you can incorporate AWS functionality onto IoT and edge services to reshape a hybrid deployment, and implementing data lakes in the public cloud.


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  • Migrate and modernize enterprise workloads

    Read the eBook “Enterprise Priorities for Workload Migration and Modernization” to learn how AWS can help you:Lower the cost of infrastructureIncrease staff productivityReduce time to market for new featuresImprove operational efficiency


  • 5 reasons to convert to a multicloud on-ramp

    This blog post outlines why you should convert the access circuits that enable AWS DirectConnect into a multicloud link instead of a single purpose connection and leveraging existing SD-WAN. Read on to uncover 5 reasons you should convert your AWS DirectConnect to a multicloud on-ramp.


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    Azure Stack, AWS Outposts and Google Anthos all have similar objectives but operate in different ways. Find out which hybrid cloud platform offers the right model for your company.


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    VOK DAMS, an international communications agency for events and live marketing, needed a way to create a platform for hosting hybrid events with both digital and in-person participants. Check out this brief case study to explore the benefits of working with AWS and AllCloud to build a foundation for your business innovation needs.


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  • Bring Differentiated Therapeutics to Market Faster

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  • Discover AWS for Software Companies

    This e-book is designed for product managers at software companies who want to advance their product roadmap and create a future-proof solution. Read on to understand why software companies need to embrace the principles of cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) to achieve the agility required to drive the greatest customer experience.


  • AWS & Cloud Adoption in Australia/NZ: Highlights from AWS Summit Sydney 2018

    In this e-guide, read about the key highlights from this year's AWS Summit Sydney, including AWS's take on machine learning and what Australia needs to do to find its innovation mojo.


  • Advanced analytics platform: Drive operational excellence

    Pratt Industries leverages Seeq's advanced analytics platform on AWS to drive operational excellence. By automating data preparation and analysis, Pratt gains real-time insights, improves consistency, and optimizes materials usage. Read the full case study now to learn how Pratt is transforming its operations.