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3 Frequently Asked Questions About AWS Reserved Instances

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Locate security gaps with HackerOne’s Pentest for AWS

Many businesses enlist the help of penetration testers (pentesters) to locate security gaps.

To enable protection for enterprises that use AWS, HackerOne created Pentest for AWS, a service that employs a community of ethical hackers specialized in AWS.

This landing page provides a demo of the service. Read on to unlock 3 benefits of Pentest for AWS.

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  • Azure vs. AWS for Microsoft workloads

    As you consider moving your Windows workloads to the cloud, bear in mind the differences between AWS and Azure. For starters, organizations have been running Microsoft workloads on AWS for over 12 years, longer than any other cloud provider.

    This white paper examines the capabilities of AWS Cloud for Microsoft workloads. Some key takeaways include:

    • Running SQL servers on AWS vs. Azure offers a 40% price performance advantage
    • AWS delivered 2x the performance at 62% lower cost for a SQL Server on an EC2 R5b.8xlarge instance, when directly tested against the next largest cloud provider, according to Principled Technologies

    Access the white paper to learn more about AWS vs. Azure for Microsoft workloads.

  • Under new cloud management: What the future holds for AWS

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the challenges facing AWS in greater detail, while also taking a closer look at what the future might hold for AWS under the charge of its new CEO, and how its customers are choosing to consume its technology in 2021.

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  • Experience an Informed Migration with AWS and AllCloud

    This eBook explores how your organization can migrate and modernize on AWS to achieve critical business advantages. It also covers key benefits of cloud migration, why now is the best time to migrate, and how your organization can realize the associated benefits of migrating to AWS with solutions from AWS Partner AllCloud. Get started now.


  • 4 Networking Takeaways from 2022

    What can 2022 teach businesses about networking? In this webcast, panelists from AWS and Prosimo discuss 4 key networking takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2022. #1: With Amazon VPC Lattice, organizations can simplify service-to-service connectivity. Watch now to unlock the rest.


  • Power Your Digital Transformation By Getting The Most From APIs

    Learn how SaaS-delivered API management speeds digital transformation and helps businesses scale their operations. IBM’s collaboration with AWS combines the power and security of IBM API Connect with the speed and flexibility of AWS.


  • AWS Lambda function URLs: The risks & how to address them

    This white paper covers the risks associated with using function URLs and how your organization should address them. Access it here.


  • Which cloud provider should you choose?

    When moving your Microsoft workloads to the cloud, you may think Azure is your best option. In this video, you’ll learn why you should consider AWS Cloud as well, including because AWS has been running Microsoft workloads longer and with more instances than any other cloud provider. Watch the video.


  • 18-pg eBook: Containers on AWS roadmap

    This 18-page eBook details best practices in containerization and provides a roadmap for getting started with containers on AWS.


  • CW APAC - February 2022: Trend Watch - enterprise 5G

    In this handbook, focused on enterprise 5G in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at what the technology means for enterprises across the region.


  • German Personnel Creates a SaaSplatform from Scratch -Leveraging AllCloud's Expertise for a Smooth Migration

    Access this case study to learn how a large recruitment software company migrated to AWS to shift into a SaaS offering in a phased approach – without negatively impacting flexibility, privacy and compliance, security, or internal governance.


  • ClearScale & AWS: Modernization with the Microservices Approach

    This AWS eBook details how you can take a microservices approach to application modernization, explaining how:Microservices workThe benefits & challenges of this type of infrastructureWhether to choose serverless or containersAnd why you should consider AWS as your platform of choiceAccess the eBook.


  • AWS Re:Invent 2019: What CIOs need to know from this year's show

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Re:Invent user conference saw 65,000 users, developers and business leaders convene in Las Vegas to hear news about the firm's innovation priorities. In this e-guide, we provide a round-up of all the big stories and announcements from this year's Re:Invent, and give readers some clues as to where AWS is heading next.


  • Moving data to AWS? 5 migration methods to consider

    More organizations than ever are looking to store data in the public cloud, often at a fraction of the cost of on-premises storage. But transferring that data to the cloud isn't always straightforward. This exclusive e-guide reveals five data migration methods to move storage to AWS.


  • Compliance Accelerator: HITRUST

    As the global standard for safeguarding information, HITRUST delivers a scalable, prescriptive and certifiable framework that enables organizations to demonstrate information security and privacy assurances to a global audience. Read on to learn how you can apply the 3-phase methodology to get a step ahead of your competitors.


  • Neutral host networking: Past, present & future

    Neutral host networking has emerged to help organizations overcome challenges associated with carrier coverage. But what exactly is neutral host networking? In this webcast, leaders from Federated Wireless and AWS examine the past, present and future of neutral host networks. View now to unlock the conversation.


  • Case Study: High flying clouds - AWS bucks traditional business growth trends with help from the enterprise

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud juggernaut continues to go from strength to strength from quarter to quarter, but what is fuelling its non-traditional revenue growth trends?


  • AI | IoT | Big Data: Unlocking innovation in the cloud

    In this e-guide, find out how Australia's Mojo Power is tapping into cloud services to disrupt the energy market, how you can incorporate AWS functionality onto IoT and edge services to reshape a hybrid deployment, and implementing data lakes in the public cloud.


  • Achieves AWS Security Competency Status recently achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status. Achieving the AWS Security Competency differentiates as an APN Advanced Tier Technology Partner that provides specialized software designed to help enterprises adopt, develop, and deploy complex security projects on AWS. Read on to learn more.


  • Case study: How AWS and AllCloud helped build a hybrid event platform

    VOK DAMS, an international communications agency for events and live marketing, needed a way to create a platform for hosting hybrid events with both digital and in-person participants. Check out this brief case study to explore the benefits of working with AWS and AllCloud to build a foundation for your business innovation needs.


  • Infographic: Compare hybrid cloud platforms

    Azure Stack, AWS Outposts and Google Anthos all have similar objectives but operate in different ways. Find out which hybrid cloud platform offers the right model for your company.


  • AWS Cloud Networking 101 - Learn the fundamental of Cloud Networking in your Azure Environment

    As the cloud continues to become the center of gravity for organizations, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of modern cloud networking practices such as maintaining strong security, reliable connectivity and consistent performance. Watch this webinar to learn the core networking components and native capabilities of AWS.


  • Infographic: How to get more from Amazon OpenSearch

    AWS has identified several simple, yet highly leverageable, steps to substantially enhance the efficiency of OpenSearch Service in the areas of cost efficiency, security, and availability. Discover these steps by downloading this infographic today.


  • AWS & Cloud Adoption in Australia/NZ: Highlights from AWS Summit Sydney 2018

    In this e-guide, read about the key highlights from this year's AWS Summit Sydney, including AWS's take on machine learning and what Australia needs to do to find its innovation mojo.


  • Red Hat OpenShift on AWS demo

    Building a technology platform is not your business focus. In this demo of Red Hat OpenShift Service (ROSA) on AWS, learn how the platform enables you to focus on building business value instead. Watch the demo here.


  • Complete protection in and of the cloud

    CrowdStrike and AWS work together to ensure complete protection of your workloads. When you trust CrowdStrike to protect your data in the cloud, you can expect unified cloud security posture management with breach protection for workloads and containers in AWS and hybrid environments. See why AWS and CrowdStrike are better together.


  • Scale your AWS S3 connectivity

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can scale your cloud data protection for simplified, secure connectivity and access to AWS S3 buckets.


  • Better manage your open-source tools for business success

    Increasingly, the promise of open-source technologies is difficult to realize because of the operational burden of managing them. That’s why companies are moving rapidly to fully managed cloud services. Save the guide to learn how fully managed, open-source tools can upgrade your business on AWS here.


  • With Great Cloud Comes Great Responsibility

    Data in the cloud can be compromised as a result of accidental human error, outages, and everything in between, but cybercrime is its own beast—and one that’s only getting bigger. Download this e-book to learn how to fully protect your data in the cloud with AWS.


  • Moving SAP workloads to AWS

    As organizations face pressure to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, migrating SAP applications to cloud can be a great way to get started. But which cloud provider is right for you? Access this white paper to explore the benefits your SAP workloads can see with AWS.


  • How to tackle app modernization

    94% of respondents from an ESG study say they are boosting their spending on application modernization initiatives. This ESG showcase explores how you can tackle app modernization at your business by leveraging AWS and LTIMindTree. Read the report here.


  • Overcome the challenges of mainframe systems using AWS and ClearScale

    Explore this e-book to learn how and why organizations are choosing to migrate and modernize their legacy mainframe infrastructure and applications to the cloud using AWS and ClearScale.


  • Recipes for enhancing cloud-native security

    IT teams, are you interested in enhancing the security of your cloud-native systems? The “Cloud-native Security Cookbook” details recipes for doing so on AWS, Azure and GCP. Dig in and digest these insights.


  • Goodbye Windows 7, IR35 woes, Six Nations, and IT at Davos

    In this week's episode of the Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast, Caroline Donnelly and Brian McKenna are joined by Cliff Saran to discuss the end of support of Windows 7, IR35 in the private sector, Will Carling and AWS in respect of the Guinness Six Nations Rugby Union tournament, and IT at Davos.


  • CW Middle East - Oct-Dec 2019: Saudi banks trial biometrics in ATMs

    Biometric and blockchain technologies are being used in tandem to provide ID verification at Saudi Arabian cash machines.


  • Enhance the efficiency of your OpenSearch service

    The ability to search and manage non-traditional data sets has made OpenSearch a critical component of digital business. This e-book uses external deployment data from AWS to identify simple steps any IT team can take to dramatically enhance the efficiency of their OpenSearch service. Download the e-book now to learn more.


  • Deploying multi-cloud network transit with Prosimo

    This demo shows multi-cloud transit by connecting IP networks across clouds, granting you total visibility over networks on your cloud. Learn how to:Set up multi-cloud network transit between AWS and AzureCreate consistent network segmentation across cloud networksAccess the webcast here.


  • Guinness World Records Goes "all in" on AWS to Manage Transformation Into Digital Media Company

    Watch this video clip to learn how Guinness World Records is leveraging their new cloud host to aid in their organization-wide digital transformation.


  • Computer Weekly – 26 November 2019: Why thousands of IT contractors face 'life-changing' tax bills

    In this issue of Computer Weekly, we investigate HMRC's loan charge policy, a retrospective tax grab that has left thousands of IT contractors facing financial ruin. We compare the cloud storage offerings from AWS, Microsoft and Google. And we find out how retailers are turning to tech to deal with a new generation of shoppers.


  • A comparison of Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services

    AWS, Azure, and Google are all huge names in the cloud space, offering everything from big data in the cloud to serverless computing options and more. Read on for a vendor-neutral comparison of these three providers to determine which combination – if any – best fits your organization's infrastructure requirements.


  • How to measure and cut AWS costs

    This expert e-guide explores different cost management tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that you can track, manage, and cut costs effectively.


  • The case for going cloud native

    Cloud-native apps are designed to run optimally in the cloud. This eBook details how you can leverage the full power of cloud-native by working with AWS partner ClearScale. Access the eBook to take your cloud-native capabilities to the next level.


  • 5 design principles for performance efficiency in the cloud

    The need to maintain an efficient, continuous and performance testing operation is more important than ever. Access this whitepaper to explore what testing pillars like democratizing advance technologies and using serverless architectures can do to decouple processes and grant your QA teams real independence.


  • Check out hybrid cloud management tools from Google, Azure, AWS, and more

    Plenty of organizations are already using hybrid cloud strategies, but cloud management tools and strategies can oftentimes be more complex than they need to be. Open up this E-Book to explore hybrid cloud management tools from Google, AWS, Azure, and more.


  • Killer Apps of Private Wireless Networks

    “A killer app,” explains Chris McKenna of AWS, “is really an application which is so desirable that it drives the adoption of the underlying platform that supports it.” In this webcast, McKenna and a leader from Federated Wireless discuss the role of killer apps in private wireless networking. View now to unlock the full conversation.


  • New AI services on AWS for you

    GmbH, is a telematics specialist company that decided to move its GPS FLEET software solution to the AWS cloud. This enabled the firm to develop innovative AI services soon afterwards, such as its Health Index for machines. Access the case study here to learn more about how to unlock AI services with your move to AWS.


  • Migrating Database Workloads to AWS

    With Amazon Web Services (AWS), decision-makers can migrate or transform legacy applications and databases and rapidly benefit from the cost and efficiencies of cloud economics while adopting next-generation database features. Download the eBook to learn more.


  • Deep dive on HITRUST certification

    In this webcast, leaders from AWS, Coalfire and HITRUST provide a deep dive on HITRUST, discussing how businesses can accelerate their HITRUST certification and more. Watch now to unlock the insightful conversation.


  • Sustainability: Where to start

    Your customers are prioritizing sustainability in their purchasing decisions more than ever, which means you need to be full speed ahead with your sustainability initiatives. Join this panel discussion to learn:Where to start with sustainabilityHow to make sustainability a differentiator in why customers choose you


  • Computer Weekly – 17 April 2018: Can China's Alibaba successfully take on the US public cloud giants?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as Chinese cloud provider Alibaba grows its presence in Europe, we ask if it can compete with the US public cloud giants. A government plan to move data policy has caused controversy among Whitehall digital experts – we find out why. And we assess the use of cloud for disaster recovery. Read the issue now.