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Second-gen HCI: What you need to know to stay ahead of the curve

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11 HCI providers evaluated and ranked

In its heyday, virtualization offered flexibility, but soon turned into just another silo. Flexible, integrated compute and storage infrastructure is now central to an organization’s ability to do business in a marketplace with changing customer expectations.

This is where hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) enters the picture, to resolve infrastructure silos and resulting management complexity.

To assess the state of the HCI market and vendors within it, Forrester Research evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of 11 HCI vendors in this report. To see how the vendors stack up, with 4 leaders in the space, download your copy.     

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  • 5 reasons to consider HCI for your primary storage system

    When it comes to 2019 planning, all you’ve got to do is increase organizational efficiency and agility; deliver agile, flexible, and responsive infrastructure; and to balance those objectives without a rip-and-replace approach to system modernization.

    Easier said than done, right?

    One method of doing so is upgrading your underlying architecture with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) during a server refresh.

    Download this paper for 5 tactical reasons to consider HCI for your primary data center and storage architecture. You’ll also learn why server refreshes present an opportune time to upgrade to HCI.

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure jump-start e-book

    Software-centric solutions, like hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), have emerged to deliver the flexibility, agility, and predictable performance that today’s users demand.

    But are they truly a more affordable and efficient alternative to traditional hardware-centric approaches?

    This e-book answers this question and serves as your primer on getting started with HCI, with guidance on how to put HCI to work for your business, 4 characteristics of a future-ready HCI solution, and an in-depth look at VMware’s approach to HCI. Your copy is waiting. 

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