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31 page guide: AWS cost-efficiency best practices

Utilizing cloud services like Amazon Web Services can revolutionize the way your organization creates applications and delivers them to users, but like any IT asset, there are best practices that can help get even more value from your investment.

In this guide, learn about the 5 stages of AWS cost efficiency. Designed to help you squeeze maximum value from your AWS spending, find out how to gain enhanced cost visibility, develop a reserved instance purchasing strategy, and more – and apply these practices to your own enterprise.

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  • 3 benefits of buying AWS Reserved Instances (RIs)

    Google search results on ‘AWS Reserved Instances (RIs) benefits’ reveal the tremendous savings you can realize compared to on-demand pricing.

    But in order to realize those savings, you’ll need to know what RIs are, how to use them, when to buy them, and how to optimize them.

    This guide is designed to help cloud engineers leverage RIs to optimize AWS cloud costs, increase ROI, and reserve capacity for when needed. Download for the full RI rundown, 3 reasons to buy RIs, and bringing RI into practice.

  • Are reserved instances the silver bullet to cloud costs?

    Any discussion about cloud cost optimization generally leads to talk about Reserved Instances (RIs) – and with good reason. When utilized correctly, RIs can offer cloud savings anywhere from 22 percent to upwards of 75 percent.

    But that doesn’t mean RIs are always the silver bullet to counter runaway cloud costs.

    In this guide, learn more about Reserved Instances and how they compare to other cloud cost optimization strategies – and find out what choices your organization should make when your own cloud bills start piling up.

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    In this white paper, learn about F5's BIG-IP Cloud Edition, and how empowers application teams to support their apps, while enabling operations teams to maintain control over the network.


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  • How to achieve security for the entire cloud

    Public cloud providers generally take responsibility for the underlying infrastructure, leaving customers responsible for a wide range of compliance issues and security threats. In this brief, learn how your organization can get comprehensive security for their part of the cloud shared responsibility model, as well as coverage for all cloud assets.


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    Learn how to implement a SD-WAN with built-in network security designed for the modern, cloud-enabled enterprise network.


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    This expert e-guide explores different cost management tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that you can track, manage, and cut costs effectively.


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    In this month's CW ANZ e-zine, analyze the impact of a cloud failure in Australia and it forced enterprises to take heads out of sand and focus on business-continuity strategies. Also, you'll learn how Domain raises its game with the public cloud, why New Zealand calls for tech specialists, and more.


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