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Data management vs. the cloud

Data management is a discipline that has been a slow adopter of the cloud – and understandably so. But despite the initial hesitation, porting data management functions to the cloud can offer many benefits that on-premises infrastructure could never realize.

Inside this 29-page eBook, find out what makes modern data management and the cloud so compatible, including:

  • Substantial cost savings via “pay-as-you-go” pricing mechanisms.
  • Minimal disruptions and accelerated DR/BC processes.
  • Efficient data tiering for cold and seldom-utilized data siloes.
  • And more.

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  • Cloud monitoring and correlation for AWS

    While there’s no question about the benefits that cloud services provide, monitoring and troubleshooting is still a huge responsibility. And as hybrid environments continue to expand, piecing together data collected from multiple components can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient – that is, if you aren’t using a single pane-of-glass approach.

    Continue reading to learn about a unified AWS cloud monitoring platform, designed to bring a consolidated and easily-correlated view into your cloud data for simpler management and troubleshooting. Plus, find out how to configure the IAM policies that are ideal for your enterprise’s data collection needs.

  • 16 management tool features to reduce cloud spend

    From application management to security precautions, cloud operations can add up and clutter your monthly cloud bill quickly.

    A trending solution to optimize cloud spend has emerged within cloud management tools, which can provide 30% savings on your bill through cost, security, and operational management features.

    Download this whitepaper to look at the long list of features CloudCheckr’s management tool provides to cloud adopters looking to minimize their monthly bill.

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  • How can CloudCheckr help you get more out of AWS Cloud?

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  • How cloud architecture impacts container performance

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  • 8 tips for becoming a "metric-savvy" enterprise

    Improving IT service delivery starts with scrutinizing performance and process data, but this data isn't always easy to reach – especially for management. Find out how a single pane-of-glass view across IT services and operations – and subsequent end-to-end visibility – can take IT to new heights.


  • Public cloud security: How to address the growing threat

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  • ERP software selection: How 1 manufacturer simplified the process

    Athletic equipment manufacturer, Litania Sports Group, was struggling with an aging ERP system. They decided to partner with Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) to help ensure they choose the right ERP software. Learn how TEC helped Litania in this case study.


  • Tips to lower your AWS cloud costs

    Reserved Instances (RIs) in AWS can save you a lot of money, oftentimes up to 30% off the On-Demand price. Look through this e-book to learn some of the most common mistakes RI users make, and how you can use RIs now to easily lower your cloud costs.


  • Roadmap to resolving multi-cloud data protection difficulties

    Download our custom white paper to learn how to address the unique multi-cloud data protection challenges and to ensure that all of your company's workloads—whether on-premises or in the cloud—are properly protected.


  • 34-page guide: Troubleshooting SQL Server performance

    Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to troubleshoot SQL Server database performance issues without a third-party data performance management tool. Read this asset to learn 2 shortcuts and several other tactics that can be used to troubleshoot a Microsoft SQL server without 3rd party data performance management tools.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to storage for the internet of things

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  • 4 must-have tenets of data architecture

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  • How to measure and cut AWS costs

    This expert e-guide explores different cost management tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that you can track, manage, and cut costs effectively.


  • Why infrastructure migration may optimize your cloud

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    Recognizing the complexities associated with heterogeneous hybrid environments, this custom, TechTarget-produced white paper explains how cloud disaster recovery (DR) offers a cohesive data protection and recovery approach. Read on for the concrete benefits of cloud DR.


  • How to successful protect your sensitive data

    Organizations are investing more than ever to protect their sensitive data, to meet compliance demands and to manage risk that is associated with cyberattacks. In this white paper, learn about comforte's data protection suite which is a scalable and fault-tolerant enterprise tokenization and encryption solution enabling successful data protection.


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    This six-page Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to cloud networking highlights the factors CIOs and senior IT professionals need to consider as they plan their networking  strategies.


  • How data-driven ERP software evaluation boosted 1 business’ cost savings

    DMP provides quality mechanical contracting and fabrication services to organizations in the nuclear industry. The company was struggling with their legacy ERP. They decided to use Technology Evaluation Centers to simplify the selection process for their next solution. Explore the results in this case study.


  • 5 risks of avoiding innovation opportunities

    The infamous collapse of Blockbuster could have all been avoided if they made the choice to partner services with Netflix when they offered a $50M proposal agreement. Download this whitepaper to see the 5 risks of negligence that plagued Blockbuster, and could potentially cripple the modern enterprise as a whole.


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    Negotiating a software contract is a major financial investment and can be incredibly complex. Download this white paper for tips on how to avoid surprises and effectively negotiate savings on your company’s behalf.