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10 Best Practices For Reducing Spend In AWS

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How to rein in your cloud spending

Most companies migrating to the cloud hit on a big surprise along the way: an unexpected hike in cloud spend. This provides a wake-up call to the need for cloud management with accurate and predictable financials.

Don’t let your cloud spending get out of control. Download this whitepaper, which outline the steps to adopt a cloud management framework and strategy for your cloud adoption journey, so your organization can proceed with confidence.

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    Data volumes within modern organizations’ information ecosystems are rapidly expanding—placing significant performance demands on legacy architectures.

    Today, to fully harness their data to gain competitive advantage, businesses need modern scalable architectures and high levels of performance and reliability to provide timely analytical insights.

    In this report, learn more about relational analytical databases in the cloud since cloud deployments are at an all-time high and poised to expand dramatically.

    Compare 2 popular cloud-based analytical databases – Actian Vector and Snowflake – and examine the key performance differentiators between these cloud-enabled, enterprise-ready, analytical-workload tools.

  • Single-view cloud monitoring for AWS

    While there’s no question about the benefits that cloud services provide, monitoring and troubleshooting is still a huge responsibility. And as hybrid environments continue to expand, piecing together data collected from multiple components can quickly become overwhelming and inefficient – that is, if you aren’t using a single pane-of-glass approach.

    Continue reading to learn about a unified AWS cloud monitoring platform, designed to bring a consolidated and easily-correlated view into your cloud data for simpler management and troubleshooting. Plus, find out how to configure the IAM policies that are ideal for your enterprise’s data collection needs.

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    Microservices architecture makes your apps more flexible, more stable, and faster. This e-book shows how to design, develop, and deliver microservices.


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    It's hardly surprising that the Netherlands is pioneering smart cities. The tech-savvy nation is already planning to have a digital port in Rotterdam with automated ships. Now, according to one Dutch academic, "almost every Dutch municipality is doing something with smart technology".


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