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How the C-Suite Is Embracing Continuous Change to Drive Value

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3 DX best practices from front-running C-suite execs

A third of C-suite executives say they aren’t confident that they’re doing enough to capitalize on AI and analytic technologies, and with good reason.

According to a recent Forbes survey, firms at the forefront of technology adoption were 2x more likely to see revenue gains of 7% or more in just the past year compared to those lagging behind. So how can companies lagging behind in digital transformation initiatives avoid getting left in the dust?

Download this report from Dell EMC and Intel® to find out how C-suite executives are reacting to the slew of technology and market disruptions beckoned by AI and blockchain, while also bracing their data centers for the future. Learning from the success of these front-runners, you’ll also find the three best practices designed to steer your IT modernization in the right direction.

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  • Uncovering the real business value of data protection

    This IDC multi-company case study analyzes the business value of Dell EMC Data Protection solutions, and ties the results back to a broader IT Transformation story. Dell EMC Data Protection customers who are interviewed by IDC are asked to provide insightful information such as IT purchase criteria, five-year ROI, cost of operating data protection environment, efficiency of protection staff, etc.

    Download this paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

  • How to modernize your network

    Digital transformation is a great way to get ahead in today’s hyper-competitive world, but doing it successfully requires a new approach.


    Access this e-book to help you formulate a network optimization plan that combines:

    • Agility
    • Direct-to-cloud connectivity
    •  Strong security anywhere
    • The ability to control and manage it all efficiently

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    Read this research report by IDG to learn why humans, AI systems, and robots need to work together to achieve massive operational improvements—and why it's harder to do than you might think.


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    Hybrid cloud offers a way to strike a balance between cloud and on-premises workloads. The tricky part, however, is pinpointing where different workloads should go. Continue reading to find out what distinguishes winning workloads placements from the losers – and how to avoid the latter.


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    Companies are shifting from enterprise content management suites to modern content services platforms. This new generation of content management enables much more than record preservation and other back-office functions. In this research report, explore the value organizations see in adopting a modern content services platform.


  • Network, cloud, and legacy app digital transformation guide

    No matter where your organization stands right now, you likely still have room to digitally transform your network, cloud infrastructure, legacy apps, and much more.Open up this comprehensive guide to digital transformation to see how you can transform.


  • Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Large Enterprise ERP Applications Vendor Assessment

    Transitioning to cloud ERP can make it easy to adapt to the ever-changing digital era because they're scalable, continuously updated, quickly implemented and more. Download this IDC report for a comparison of 11 top SaaS ERP vendors, and explore the reasons it could make sense for your business to consider SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


  • Gain agility by migrating ERP workloads to public cloud: Here's how

    Download this white paper now to learn about the key challenges your mission-critical ERP workloads face and the solutions that Google Cloud provides.


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    Companies are switching on to the advantages of big data. In this 13-pagebuyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at data analytics, how to get value out it and the benefits of process mining.


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    This IDC InfoBrief reveals real-world insight into how enterprise demands and frustrations with WAN cost and complexity are leading to rapid SD-WAN adoption. Find the research that supports these claims inside.


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    Learn about data security in the digital workplace and uncover research about how the future of work is changing.


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    Businesses continue to strive for better WAN performance and visibility, but security now tops their priorities when it comes to the challenges with their WAN. In this white paper, learn about a secure SD-WAN that enables organizations to rapidly adopt cloud applications while keeping security at the forefront.


  • Simply having data isn't enough. Here's how to maximize the value of your data

    Download this resource to learn about a data storage portfolio architected with location- and infrastructure-independent software that will allow your organization to simplify the data landscape, automate data services, extract value and protect your data.


  • 2019 IT digital transformation investment survey

    The investments in technology to support digital transformation are focused on cloud migration, with a significant emphasis on groundbreaking technologies like AI, big data and IoT, according to a survey of IT executives from over 35 countries. Explore other survey findings in this 2019 Digital Transformation Market Trends Report.


  • 4 winning recommendations for an agile machine learning architecture

    Machine learning represents a future of data analytics – but what's your plan to apply machine learning algorithms? Download this resource and receive 4 recommendations to create a modern analytics ecosystem in your business that can support machine learning algorithms.


  • Traditional vs. SaaS ERP: Getting ready for digital transformation

    In this IDC report, learn about the impact of SaaS and cloud-enabled ERP software adoption on businesses undergoing digital transformations.


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    Read this white paper to learn the features and capabilities organizations should focus on when adding or replacing a sandbox.


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    In this white paper, explore how documents form the connective tissue of a successful business, and discover how an intelligent document management system can help businesses streamline and strengthen their digital transformation initiatives.


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    Read this white paper to learn how AI and machine learning can help you improve network security and keep up with the evolving nature of threats by automating and speeding up detection and remediation.


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    In this guide, find out what a fully optimized hybrid IT looks like – and if your hybrid environment doesn't seem to fit the bill, learn how to catch up to speed starting with four focal areas.


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    What separates leaders from laggards in digital transformation? In this e-guide, find out what it takes for CIOs to successfully navigate digital transformation strategy and challenges.


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    Explore a study of over 2,700 users, consultants and vendors and discover what they consider the most important trends in BI.


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    In this Forrester report, uncover how AI, personalization, and chatbots are improving site search, and learn how to decide what site-search solution is best for you. To get started with your next site search project, download this report.


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    Disruption is increasing the pace at which organizations need to adapt to stay competitive. As a result, organizations are changing the way they manage their workforce. In this e-book, discover how a continual learning program can help organizations equip their workforce for the future, and decide if a continual learning program is right for you.


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    There are more ways to interact with customers than ever before, and new methods are surely on their way. This includes chatbot, AI and IoT devices. How well do you understand how to use these to best serve your customers? Read this resource to learn more about these innovations that have the potential to impact your customers' experience.


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    In this introduction to digital transformation, find out what it really means for businesses and IT leaders today. Inside, you'll also discover the drivers, methodology, and roadblocks that real-world businesses are encountering as they take digitalization into their own hands – and how you can avoid repeating their mistakes.


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    This report from PwC, highlights the urgency for technology companies to reinvent their existing operating models to meet the fast-changing buying process.


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    Jump into this report to read through six of the major roadblocks C-suite execs, IT leaders, and IT pros have identified on their own pathways towards digital transformation, from an inarticulate digital strategy to in-house talent deficiencies.


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    In this 47-page analyst report from The Modern Finance Forum, discover the strong link between innovation in financial functions and performance with a comprehensive global survey. Explore case studies from global leaders such as Deliveroo and Gymshark, and learn how to overcome the high hurdles of innovation with expert guidance.


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    The digitisation index from Booz & Co reveals the business leaders and laggards in the digital technology and explains why it is vital to embrace it.