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Making it #EasyForEmployees: Voice of Customer II

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Digital employee experience: How orgs around the world are defining it

In this eBook, ServiceNow highlights companies around the world defining the digital employee experience in their organization.

From delivering self service on mobile devices, to ensuring employees have what they need on Day One, these companies are redesigning experiences inside and out—offering more intuitive, personal, and most importantly, easier service experiences for workers. Download a copy today.

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  • Fact sheet: The Now Platform Paris release

    ServiceNow’s Now Platform Paris release is designed to help organizations:

    • Optimize IT productivity and cost
    • Drive customer loyalty
    • Deliver employees the right experiences anywhere
    • Create new workflow apps fast

    Explore the platform and how you can get started with it in this white paper.

  • Streamlining and automating the onboarding process: Case study.

    As a world leading corporate travel company, American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT) is centered on providing high-quality travel services to its clients. To maintain their reputation, it was imperative that AMEX GBT’s recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes were top-notch.

    Continue reading to learn how AMEX GBT streamlined and automated its employee onboarding processes across HR, IT, and facilities departments, creating an end-to-end pipeline of process visibility and efficiency.

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    No-code, low-code, and pro-code app dev all offer different benefits and advantages – so why not use a development environment that supports all three? Then, developers of varying expertise levels can all contribute and make an impact when creating apps. This resource explores code-friendly platforms in app dev. Read the resource here.


  • Exploring the business benefits of well-managed workflows

    Employees want services that are easy to use and intuitive, which is why many organizations are opting to implement a digital workflow platform—that unifies all essential systems into one application. Read this eBook to see how using a unified platform, like ServiceNow’s, can help companies save time, increase employee satisfaction, and more.


  • Recap: The journey to profitable digital transformation

    Dive into this guide to find out how ServiceNow accomplished its own digital transformation objectives over the past several years. Use their experiences and strategic choices as food for thought as you consider your organization’s strategy.


  • Research report: How employees perceive their experience at work

    Download ServiceNow’s latest research report, “The Employee Experience Imperative,” which is the most comprehensive study to date on the topic – to learn about employees’ perceptions of their experience at work.


  • Ask the experts: How HRSD and HR shared services are changing

    Watch two of the brightest minds in HR, Leapgen CEO and Co-Founder Jason Averbook and Leapgen Senior Fellow Jim Scully, as they talk with Jen Stroud, ServiceNow’s Principal Strategist for Employee Experience Solutions, about the trends and challenges emerging around the employee experience.


  • The biggest hurdle for effective collaboration

    Today's collaboration tools combine many elements, making it easier to bring people, data, and applications together so they can communicate and share files easily With this guide, learn how an adaptive collaboration hub can help solve work fragmentation woes and explore 5 areas within an enterprise seeing the biggest impact.


  • ServiceNow case study: HR service delivery at Arrow Electronics

    Arrow Electronics had recently experienced a steady period of growth and needed an HR service delivery upgrade. They decided to implement the Employee Service Delivery solution from ServiceNow. Learn about Arrow’s experience and the benefits they realized with ServiceNow in this case study.


  • How employee experiences can drive business value

    Watch this brief webcast to learn about ServiceNow's HR tools, which can help you increase employee satisfaction by making it easy to get the HR services you—and your employees—need.


  • 3 steps towards an effective continuous response strategy

    Download this report to follow along as an industry expert walks through three steps to an effective continuous response strategy. Plus, take a look at some case studies from well-known organizations that implemented their own continuous response strategies.


  • Financial analysis: Low code development

    This Forrester Total Economic Impact report examines a cloud-based, low-code development platform and how it can help you build apps faster. Learn about ServiceNow's Now Platform, and find out how you can accelerate app development and delivery on PaaS.


  • Top 10 ITSM tool leaderboards

    Inside this Market Radar report from Ovum, find out how the top ten IT service management vendors and their products compare against one another in terms of employee enablement, employee experience improvement, and more.


  • ServiceNow 'New York' Now Platform: What to know about the new capabilities

    ServiceNow rolled out the latest version of its flagship Now Platform highlighted by a mobile application that allows remote users to access core capabilities of the enterprise workflow product. Learn about it in this expert guide.


  • How no/low code is easing work for developers

    Download this resource to learn how a no/low code development platform can help your developers quickly, build, test, and deploy applications without writing a line of code – saving time and money.


  • ITSM book of knowledge, inside

    Dive into this eBook for a firsthand recap of what was covered during ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2020 digital event, including thought-leadership presentations, breakout sessions from customers and experts, and more.


  • Leave your legacy ITSM behind and start saving

    An unorganized and ill-prepared ITSM can bog down many of the processes and tools that keep service delivery running smoothly. Learn how a group of leading companies revaluated their legacy ITSM strategies to deliver increased value to their users and cut down operational costs.


  • HR Managers Focus on Recruiting Experience as War for Talent Intensifies

    This expert E-Guide discusses how today's highly competitive talent market has led many human resources (HR) managers to rethink the recruitment process. Also inside, explore the growing roles that applicant tracking systems and social media-based sourcing play in the hunt for quality talent.


  • How to prepare your business for rapid transformation

    Download this guidebook for expert advice on transformation—with 6 six articles covering everything from automation to company culture, to help you understand the changing forces in the market—and what you can do to adapt.


  • How to apply AI to enterprise service management

    Open this whitepaper to learn how your organization can apply artificial intelligence to enterprise service management.


  • Hire-to-retire automation: Improving the employee experience

    HR’s ongoing reliance on manual processes is slowly changing—as more organizations adopt automation to help simplify tasks like document lifecycle management. Download this white paper to see what your company could gain by automating certain HR processes, like hiring, payroll management and benefits enrolment.


  • The DocuSign vision for HR teams

    Access this analyst report to learn the trends, challenges and solutions of HR technology and discover the DocuSign Vision for HR teams.


  • Get digital: 6 tips for boosting remote employee experience

    As pressures mount on companies and their employees to seamlessly work from remote locations, HR management tools and techniques like AI, the cloud, and more take on greater importance in keeping businesses running. Explore some of the benefits of remote work, as well as the key technologies that help facilitate it, in this handbook.


  • Digital transformation: Insights from C-suite executives

    True digital transformation is no longer a buzzword or a far-off prospect – it's a necessity for any organization seeking ongoing business success. Read this white paper to explore how real world CIOs and IT leaders are commanding the helm of their organizations' digital transformation journey.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to employee self-service

    In this 13-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at why IT departments should adopt new ways of delivering applications to employees and how to ensure they use the technology effectively.


  • Build an effective employee experience strategy with this expert guide

    What does employee experience really mean, and how can organizations implement an EX strategy when the concept seems so amorphous? Find out in this expert guide to building an EX strategy.


  • Unite HR and IT for a successful digital transformation

    Although companies continue to embrace digital transformation from the top down, many would be surprised to hear that HR is a crucial step in this process. Luckily, when HR and IT work together, it can be a lot easier to provide an exceptional employee experience. Read this eBook to learn about the benefits of facilitating an HR-IT partnership.


  • Expand service management strategies to the rest of the business: Here?s why

    ITSM strategies grow more and more efficient thanks to steady adoption of key Agile and DevOps principles. Dive into this white paper to learn how enterprise service management tools can impact other areas of the business – not just IT.


  • Digital experience focus broadens to encompass employees

    This e-guide to employee experience includes a podcast discussion about the evolution of employee experience management. Also, we explore how advanced companies are responding to skills shortages and millennial employee attitudes by listening harder to their workforces.


  • HR digital transformation: 7 best practices

    Download this white paper to review 7 best practices for HR teams undergoing digital transformations.


  • CW APAC: Buyer's Guide to human capital management

    In this buyer's guide, focused on human capital management (HCM) in the Asia-Pacific region, we look at the advantages of HCM software in recruitment, the importance of listening to staff and the considerations that should be made when using work algorithms.


  • Simplify HR agreements with the DocuSign agreement cloud

    Read this eBook to see how DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud can simplify HR agreements—whether you’re preparing, signing, acting upon or managing them.


  • Governance, risk, and compliance: How automation can drive growth

    Learn about ServiceNow's GRC process transformation. Discover how they've moved from a time-consuming, siloed manual work approach, to a connected and automated process that supports their growth.


  • Cornerstone OnDemand cost saving and business benefits

    To give organizations an in depth look at how Cornerstone operates, Forrester was commissioned to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) and examine the ROI enterprises may realize by deploying their OnDemand solution. Access this white paper to learn their key findings and discover the benefits of Cornerstone OnDemand for yourself.


  • Recruitment Software Guide

    Today's global, social world is changing the recruitment game, and HR teams must adapt their strategies and technologies to this reality if they hope to recruit the best candidates. In this expert e-guide, discover sourcing strategies to find high quality, "passive" candidates, how recruitment software is getting "socialized," and much more.


  • Going digital & establishing trust amid COVID-19: Advice from the experts

    Pymetrics recently sat down with HR thought leader, Josh Bersin, to discuss internal mobility, employee experience, and going digital amid COVID-19. Download a summary of the conversation to learn more.


  • CW Europe – June 2018

    Research from Computer Weekly has revealed that across Europe, there appears to be no consensus on where IT budgets will be spent over the next year. But what is clear is that total budgets are expected to rise. But where will the money go?


  • CW Benelux ezine February 2019

    Dutch military intelligence has released a lot of details about the attempt to hack into the networks of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.


  • How API-powered HR technology can simplify benefits processes

    In this white paper, learn about Unum’s HR Connect solution, which uses API connections to seamlessly integrate the benefits administration with Workday systems—ultimately simplifying leave and absence management, evidence of insurability (EOI), and other HR processes.


  • Kicking Off HR Analytics: A How-To Guide

    This e-guide provides five steps for kicking off HR analytics to meet goals and challenges. Read on to learn why meaningful metrics and narratives are essential when communicating HR analytics data.


  • The state of talent management 2016

    This report forecasts 10 major Human Resources and Technology trends for the coming year, focusing on engagement and retention, recruitment, leadership development, HR technology and performance management.


  • What keeps HR up at night?

    This survey from SilkRoad identifies the three top technology worries of HR professionals when it comes to introducing HR technology software into their business.


  • The Cloud and HR: Choosing the Right SaaS Application

    This expert e-guide from outlines four questions to ask potential service providers before signing an HR SaaS contract. In addition, uncover the top five HR technology trends for 2013 that you should keep an eye out for.


  • AI proves value in HR, but handle with care

    In this e-guide, discover how the allocation of work by algorithm might have advantages for workers as well as employers, how AI is proving its value for HR and how data analytics is being used to support expansion and development.


  • CIO Playbook for Employee Experience

    With so many people working from home, IT plays a large part in helping everyone work productively. Download the “CIO Playbook for Employee Experience” to learn how to make working from home more seamless with apps, automation, and streamlined processes


  • The 2020 Anatomy of Work Index

    Collaboration tools are in their heyday—in fact, the IDC predicts that the market for collaborative applications will increase to $26.6 billion by 2023. Stay up to date with the latest collaboration tools and strategies in The Anatomy of Work Index, a 23-page comprehensive guide by Asana.


  • How Deloitte increased productivity by 50% with ServiceNow

    In this case study, learn how Deloitte was able to unify inconsistent IT management approaches and streamline workflows with the help of ServiceNow.


  • CW Middle East ezine October 2018

    It's still early days for the Middle East when it comes to artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, but things are picking up.


  • Here's how 1 company saved time by automating HR processes

    Watch this webcast to learn how Hitachi Vantara eliminated their home-grown case management tools (Emails, SharePoint, etc.) and manual outdated HR processes, and provided their employees with a modernized Employee Service Center where they can get all the HR services they need in one place.