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Al Powers Smarter Investment Decisions - Intel Chip Chat

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Accelerate AI apps on OpenShift with Intel Xeon processors

This white paper by Intel details how 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors can accelerate AI applications and workflows on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

It provides a reference architecture for optimizing AI workloads like machine learning training and inference. Key points include leveraging Intel Deep Learning Boost for faster training times and Intel Optane Persistent Memory for larger model sizes.

To learn more about accelerating your AI initiatives with Intel and Red Hat, read the full technical overview.

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  • Deep dive on new AI platform by Intel

    As they ramp up their AI workloads, many organizations have adopted a new AI platform, such as the Intel Tiber Developer Cloud.

    This blog post, penned by a subject-matter expert at Intel, offers a comprehensive introduction to Intel’s platform, illuminating:

    • How the platform can support AI startups, enterprises and developers
    • How to expand your generative AI/LLM deployments with Intel Tiber Developer Cloud
    • Why and how the AI company Seekr leverages Intel’s platform

    Check out the blog to review these AI insights and more.

  • Netflix's 3.5x streaming boost with Amazon EC2

    Netflix increased its throughput per CPU by 3.5x and consolidated Amazon EC2 instances after identifying performance bottlenecks using Intel Xeon processors and analysis tools like Intel PerfSpect and Intel VTune Profiler. The Netflix team partnered with Intel to evaluate lagging Amazon EC2 performance. Using a top-down analysis approach, they pinpointed issues in the Java Virtual Machine that hindered linear scaling. Fixing these issues led to significant cost savings for Netflix.

    Read the case study to learn how systematic performance analysis with Intel hardware and software helped Netflix optimize its cloud infrastructure.

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  • How Netflix saved money on its Amazon instance with Intel

    Netflix partnered with Intel to optimize their Amazon EC2 instances, using Intel Xeon processors and analysis tools like Intel VTune Profiler. This enabled Netflix to nearly triple performance and reduce cloud costs. Read the full case study now to learn how Netflix maximized the value of their Amazon instance.


  • Take advantage of open source AI in the cloud

    In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to utilize Intel-optimized AI software, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, and libraries like Intel Extension for Scikit-learn, on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Access the full webinar now to discover how you can start using Intel-optimized AI in the cloud.


  • How Intel & Red Hat are driving application acceleration

    Red Hat and Intel are simplifying scaling workloads with joint solutions featuring Intel Xeon processors and Red Hat OpenShift Plus. These solutions support hybrid cloud, NFV, and 5G monetization, with validated performance for typical configurations. Explore the full infographic for more on the Red Hat-Intel partnership.


  • Unlock the power of AI at the edge

    This video details how Intel can help your organization seamlessly integrate AI at the edge and realize manufacturing benefits like:Increase factory uptimeOptimize machine performanceReduce cost with defect detectionHelp improve worker safetyWatch now.


  • How Zscaler and Intel advance Zero Trust security

    This case study explores how Zscaler's cloud-native Zero Trust platform, integrated with Intel's confidential computing, enables secure application access and verification. Learn how this solution can enhance your organization's security posture by reading the full case study.


  • Unlock the power of AI everywhere

    Imagine a world where intelligence is everywhere, closer than ever before – not just in the cloud, but right at the source of your data. Tune into this video to learn how you can unlock the power of AI everywhere to make this vision a reality.


  • How Intel Gaudi 3 AI Accelerator supports GenAI and LLM innovation

    You need an underlying infrastructure fit for AI’s demanding computing needs. Enter the Intel Gaudi 3 AI Accelerator. Tune into this video to uncover the advantages this AI Accelerator has on AI speed, scalability, and developer productivity.


  • Understanding the AI digital transformation

    According to findings from IDC, by 2026 enterprise spending on AI-centric systems will grow at 27% annually. In this report, experts at IDC break down the current state of the AI revolution, exploring how it differs from traditional digital transformation. Read on to learn more.


  • Introducing Intel Trust Authority

    Intel Trust Authority is Intel’s latest suite of security software and services that is designed to give customers assurance that their workloads and data are secured correctly on whichever platform they choose to leverage. Tune in now to learn how you can ensure stronger security for your workloads, wherever they reside.


  • Seamless attestation for Confidential Computing workloads

    Intel and NVIDIA are collaborating on a Confidential Computing solution that enables seamless attestation of Intel TDX and NVIDIA H100 TEEs using Intel Trust Authority. This new technology helps protect sensitive AI data and models while in use. Read the blog post to learn more.


  • Case study: Deploy your AI solutions faster

    Hugging Face has teamed up with Intel to enhance AI development with their open-source libraries and Intel's cutting-edge tech. In this case study, you’ll find out how this partnership can enable more efficient, cost-effective AI deployments. Read on to discover how you can expedite your AI projects.


  • Learn how Amazon & Intel slashed Reply's AI costs

    This case study highlights Reply's use of Amazon and Intel technology to navigate GPU shortages and reduce expenses while enhancing autonomous driving safety. Read on to discover the results of Reply's cloud innovations and the potential advantages of Intel-equipped EC2 instances for your business.


  • How to secure your AI-powered workforce with Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Intel.

    This whitepaper explores how Dell, Microsoft and Intel have worked together to produce commercial PC platforms with security baked in at the deepest levels, to help protect your devices across their lifecycle, through your next refresh, and beyond. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.


  • Boosting AI performance with Amazon and Intel

    The aiScout app uses AI and Intel solutions to quickly connect prospective athletes with professional teams. By analyzing video data, the app can identify top talent and streamline the scouting process. Access this complete case study to learn how aiScout leverages the latest Amazon and Intel technologies to drive success.


  • 5 zettascale challenges and how to address them

    As organizations continue to work to find new ways to manage, corral and interpolate large amounts of important data, it’s expected that today’s petascale supercomputers will be superseded by new exascale and zettascale systems. However, some have concerns about this new technology. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Can your servers meet the demands of AI workloads?

    Can your computational resources address the demands of AI workloads? To help you answer yes, Dell Technologies developed the Dell PowerEdge servers. To discover how these servers stack up against industry-standard AI benchmarks like OpenVINO and TensorFlow, review this white paper.


  • Unlock AI Potential with Dell PowerEdge XE9680: Watch now

    In this discussion with Delmar Hernandez from Dell and Steen Graham from, you’ll learn about how the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 helps organizations unleash the potential of AI and Large Language Models {LLMs). Listen in to the 5-minute talk here.


  • Building trust in the cloud with confidential computing

    Intel and Thales have collaborated to enhance trust in Confidential Computing by integrating Intel Trust Authority's attestation service with Thales' CipherTrust Data Security Platform. This provides end-to-end data protection and enables secure migration to the cloud. Read the full blog to learn more.


  • Analyst report: An AI roadmap for datacenter architects

    As AI adoption grows, datacenter, cloud infrastructure, and operations teams will be asked to support new workloads, such as generative AI, in heterogeneous computing environments. In this analyst report, you’ll gain expert insights into choosing datacenter and cloud resources in 2024. Read on to learn more.


  • Confidential computing: What it is and why it matters

    Today, with increased compliance and regulation, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data throughout its lifecycle has never been more crucial. In this report, IDC explores the core concepts of confidential computing, and explores the important role it has to play in the future of data security. Read on to learn more.


  • 5-steps that accelerate AI-Driven productivity in your organization with Dell Technologies, Intel, and Microsoft

    This white paper provides five steps that are designed to leverage the Dell, Intel and Microsoft partnership to accelerate the transformation of your workforce and maximize your investments in GenAI-driven productivity. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.


  • Developing better large language models (LLMs) with Intel

    Seekr recently moved its production workloads from on-premises to Intel Tiber Developer Cloud, thereby meeting the enormous demand for compute capacity at a fraction of the cost and with exceptionally high workload performance. Watch this video to see the benefits Seekr gained with Intel.


  • Migrating electronic medical records: Brief guide

    Well-managed electronic medical records (EMRs) are key to providing excellent patient care. This overview explores reasons for tech pros at healthcare organizations to consider migrating their Epic EMR environment to Red Hat and Intel. Continue on and unlock the guidance.


  • Best practices for establishing supply chain trust

    In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can ensure device security from the factory floor to end of life by leveraging hardware-based trust, traceability, and tamper detection to mitigate supply chain risks. Download the full white paper now to learn more.


  • Your essential guide to boosting application-level performance

    In this e-book, explore the major use case cases of Intel Granulate, including CPU performance optimization, smart capacity management, dynamic optimization of big data analytics, and more.


  • Infographic: Smarter brings better experiences for employees and IT together

    Empower employees and teams to achieve more with our pocket-to-cloud and AI-enhanced Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions comprising services, software and devices like ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor unlocks new AI experiences. Step up to Intel vPro®, Evo™ Edition that’s designed for what IT needs and users want.


  • eBook: Smarter brings speed, productivity and sustainability together

    Easy to deploy and manage, the pocket-to-cloud suite of solutions comprises AI-enhanced services, software and devices like ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor unlocks new AI experiences. Step up to Intel vPro®, Evo™ Edition that’s designed for what IT needs and users want.


  • Powering business innovation through better employee experiences

    For IT leaders to truly transform their organizations in today’s hybrid work environment, there’s one thing they need more than anything else — focus. As-a-service solutions are designed to offer easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage technology, freeing up valuable IT resources for innovation. Read this white paper to learn more.


  • Confidential computing and AI: What you need to know

    Tune in to this informative webinar to explore the definitions of common confidential computing terms, Microsoft Azure’s use of Intel® Trust Authority, data sovereignty, code transparency, democratization of AI, and more.


  • 5 steps to get started with Jupyter Notebooks on Intel

    By leveraging the Intel Developer Cloud, organizations can streamline AI development and unlock the tools they need to optimize models and workloads. Access this blog post to learn about 5 steps to get started with Jupyter Notebooks on Intel Developer Cloud and discover how you can help your business take advantage of the latest AI capabilities.


  • Is your device strategy delivering to the bottom line?

    With the majority of Americans no longer choosing to go to their workplace, expectations are now for a consumer experience from remote workers. Discover how to deliver a user experience that is congruent with your bottom line in this infographic.


  • Leidos adopts NIST Zero Trust with Intel Trust Authority

    In this blog post, you’ll discover why Leidos, a Fortune 500 tech firm, has partnered with Intel to integrate NIST's Zero Trust Architecture principles using Intel Trust Authority's Confidential Computing – and in doing so, enhanced customer data security and privacy. Read on to learn how you can enhance trust evaluation and data protection.


  • Why Laptops and Other Edge Devices are Being AI-Enabled

    In this eGuide, you will hear that "AI" is much, much more than just chatbots, copilots and other intelligent assistants. Take this brief survey about your current laptop and tablet challenges to get access to this guide!


  • How to bolster trust in your confidential computing

    Enterprises adopting multi-cloud and hybrid setups seek trusted services for secure data migration. Fortunately, Intel Trust Authority offers third-party attestation, ensuring remote verification of compute asset trustworthiness. Access the product overview not to discover how Intel Trust Authority can bolster trust in your confidential computing.


  • Confidential Computing has emerged as a powerful safeguard, offering end-to-end protection for in-use code and data

    Discover in this blog post how the Intel® Trust Authority is not meeting Confidential Computing requirements in the here and now; it's about paving the way for the future of cloud computing beyond Intel.


  • What edge computing looks like in 2024

    This paper describes how Red Hat and Intel combine leading microprocessor hardware and open source software to address edge computing challenges. Read the paper here.


  • Sustainable network innovation with Red Hat & partners

    Intel, Ericsson, and Red Hat partner to drive sustainability initiatives in telco networks. By optimizing hardware, software, and power management, they aim to reduce energy consumption by over 20% without compromising network performance. Learn more in the full white paper.


  • Navigating PC-Mac dynamics: Insights from Intel & ESG

    Join us in this webinar, Navigating Endpoint Diversity with Intel and Enterprise Strategy Group Insights, to learn about:Quantifying key gaps between PCs and MacsHow IT feels device management and EUX differ across PCs and MacsDo Mac users create more enterprise risk than PC users?


  • How to implement reliable LLMs and boost AI success

    Large language models (LLMs) have become increasingly useful with the advent of new generative AI (GenAI) use cases. However, they can also introduce reliability and security risks, making them challenging to deploy across a business. Read on to learn how you can enable reliable LLM application and boost AI success.


  • Smarter Solution Guide: Unlock opportunity for all with Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions

    What if you could capitalize on your IT investments to improve business outcomes? Discover how easy it is to do so with AI-enhanced Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions designed to help you create an ideal hybrid work habitat by uplifting productivity, security and sustainability.


  • Leaders in IT

    This PDF gives you an insight into the daily lives of IT leaders and the challenges they face on a day to day basics. With technology constantly changing, they are expected to be on top of this and ensure that the workforce is up to date with the latest applications.


  • Financial firm unlocks performance and scale with cloud migration

    Proof Trading, an execution-only broker, migrated its workloads to Amazon EC2 instances with Intel Xeon processors and SingleStoreDB, gaining real-time performance, scalability and 70% lower costs.Read more about how SingleStoreDB's Cloud solution and Intel® technology transformed Proof Trading's business.


  • How to get a machine running in the cloud in minutes

    You might think it is complicated or time-consuming to get a machine up and running in the cloud. But that is not the truth. Watch this brief video to learn how you can gain access to the latest Intel software and start running it in the cloud in minutes.


  • Telcos and sustainability: Insights from Red Hat and Intel

    As they meet growing network demands, telecommunications (telco) service providers must also prioritize sustainability. In this overview, find out how Red Hat and Intel have partnered to support telcos’ sustainability efforts.


  • How Red Hat & Intel rapidly operationalize your AI/ML models

    Despite attractive benefits, a high AI/ML project failure rate remains, with many experiencing real challenges moving projects from concept to production. Download this product overview to understand how Intel and Red Hat can help you face these challenges directly and rapidly operationalize your AI/ML models.


  • Powering cost-effective AI solutions from edge to cloud

    This case study reveals how the partnership between Arduino, Amazon, and Intel enables cost-effective, turnkey AI solutions from the edge to the cloud. Inside, you’ll learn how Arduino was able to create and operate end-to-end systems more efficiently, saving time and resources. Read the full case study now to learn more.


  • 5 major perks of direct liquid cooling in data centers

    Direct liquid cooling offers significant benefits for data centers, including energy efficiency, improved performance, cost savings, environmental sustainability, and scalability. Learn more about these 5 key advantages in this informative white paper.