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The future is now: How AI is transforming cloud solutions

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Deep dive on new AI platform by Intel

As they ramp up their AI workloads, many organizations have adopted a new AI platform, such as the Intel Tiber Developer Cloud.

This blog post, penned by a subject-matter expert at Intel, offers a comprehensive introduction to Intel’s platform, illuminating:

  • How the platform can support AI startups, enterprises and developers
  • How to expand your generative AI/LLM deployments with Intel Tiber Developer Cloud
  • Why and how the AI company Seekr leverages Intel’s platform

Check out the blog to review these AI insights and more.

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  • Take advantage of open source AI in the cloud

    AI's rise has made deploying machine learning models easier in the cloud. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to utilize Intel-optimized AI software, including PyTorch, TensorFlow, and libraries like Intel Extension for Scikit-learn, on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

    You’ll also get an introduction to Intel's open-source AI tools, their activation in cloud platforms, and Intel hardware options. Then you’ll find out how to boost your AI workloads and enhance model performance with these tools.

    Access the full webinar now to discover how you can start using Intel-optimized AI in the cloud.

  • Transform your business with AI-powered tools

    The AI era is upon us. AI is now vital for businesses to boost productivity and gain strategic edges. Microsoft Cloud is key for AI integration, featuring Azure AI for creating and scaling AI solutions, and Microsoft 365 Copilot for tasks like writing and data analysis in Microsoft 365 apps.

    Copilot also enhances Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and GitHub.

    Discover how to leverage AI for your organization in this e-book.

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  • Can AI help you say that name?

    Many people love to name drop. But how embarrassing is it when you pronounce the name wrong? When we think of AI pronouncing names, unfortunately, most applications are not learning different pronunciations of names which can be detrimental, especially those with non-English names. But no more. Watch this video to see a platform that changes that.


  • GenAI for Industries

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  • How AI at the edge is sparking the adoption of edge computing

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    Large language models (LLMs) have become increasingly useful with the advent of new generative AI (GenAI) use cases. However, they can also introduce reliability and security risks, making them challenging to deploy across a business. Read on to learn how you can enable reliable LLM application and boost AI success.


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  • The state of AI in cybersecurity

    While generative AI has garnered much attention, it only represents a fragment of the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Security teams have recognized the potential AI has to transform cybersecurity, highlighted by the 92% of organizations that intend to use AI and machine learning to support cyber security. Download this e-book to learn more.


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