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How to build a secure enterprise SD-WAN strategy

SD-WAN represents a revolutionary way of thinking about how businesses connect their various locations to their network and the apps that help drive productivity. However, as with all new trends, SD-WAN is shrouded in a number of myths.
This white paper seeks to debunk several of the myths surrounding SD-WAN. Learn about a secure approach to enterprise SD-WAN with connectivity and NGFW security managed together at scale, and discover the truth behind myths like:
• SD-WAN is just about replacing MPLS to save money
• SD-WAN takes the place of the Internet
• And more

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  • 5 immutable truths about hybrid cloud storage

    One of the most unclear – yet compelling – aspects of hybrid cloud is the gap between how it’s regarded by actual users versus those who simply discuss the trend.

    Although vendors have been offering hybrid cloud solutions for years, and media stories constantly report news that paints “hybrid cloud” as a fully established and neatly packaged product, often customers tell a different story.

    This e-book seeks to resolve those discrepancies. Download a copy for a look at:

    • Hybrid cloud storage myths, as told by your colleagues
    • 5 immutable truths about hybrid cloud
    • Hybrid cloud benchmarks to help you track progress
    • And more 

  • Office 365 security: What to look for in a third-party vendor

    If you have made the move to Microsoft Office 365 or plan to, you will reap the cloud benefits of ubiquitous data access and overall agility, as well as the ability to shift certain capital expenses to operational expenses. That’s the good news.

    The bad news is that in moving email to this versatile cloud environment, organizations may well be exposing themselves to a wide range of security risks, data loss, and business continuity issues.

    Plus, the incredible popularity of Office 365 around the world makes it an attack target of high value to hackers and cyber thieves.

    Download this white paper to learn what to look for in a third-party security platform today.

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    For organizations migrating to the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 is a whole new way of working—one that requires a whole new approach to security and compliance. Dive into this infographic to discover the top 10 reasons customers may be choosing Proofpoint to protect Office 365.


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