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Myth-bust the top misconceptions about moving to the cloud

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Tackling Top Wireless Challenges and Debunking Common Myths: Expert Roadmap

Networking pros have traditionally always managed and controlled enterprise wireless LANs (WLANs) in house on dedicated systems. But now that cloud-managed WLAN services are available, will you make the move?

This E-Guide from explores the myths associated with cloud-managed WLANs and aims to help you understand what you can truly expect from these service offerings. In addition, learn the strain that brings your own device (BYOD) places on your traditional network bandwidth infrastructures and learn what you should do to deal with this growing issue.

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  • A secure hybrid networking approach

    Digital Transformation of the broader business impacts the network in several dimensions. And increased adoption of new-age technologies, such as cloud and mobility, is creating a lot of strain on enterprise networks.

    This IDC InfoBrief explores the criticality of networks to the enterprise digital transformation journey and how organizations can take advantage of a secure hybrid networking approach to accelerate their digital journey.

  • 10 myths about working from home

    After the initial response to the immediate crisis, IT leaders are re-assessing their Business Continuity planning and looking at how to equip their organizations with the right communications technology as well.

    There has never been a greater need for IT leadership in recent history.

    This Remote Working Myth Buster provides valuable advice for IT professionals – and other functionary heads – who are willing to accept the challenge.

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    Although Office 365 provides a base level of protection, unfortunately, there are other ways to lose data that are your responsibility to protect against. Download this guide for the O365 protection essentials and to view a three-step process that will strengthen your internal data protection.


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    This study from CEB debunks the myths over the relationship between CIOs and CMOs and shows how CIOs can play a critical role in accelerating digital marketing.


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  • How the application integration landscape is changing

    In this e-guide, we discover how the industry is trying to make it possible to link applications together in order to share resources with ease. We take a look at how technologies like Distributed Computing and the Common Object Model have been refined into web services, service-oriented architecture and composable applications and microservices.


  • 5 AI and ML myths debunked

    Read this white paper for an explanation of the key differences between weak and strong AI and a debunking of 5 common myths regarding AI and machine learning (ML).


  • Office 365 security risks: 40-page e-book

    Although Microsoft has more control over Office 365 because it's hosted in their cloud, there are still gaps. There are risks. And these reside primarily in the areas of security, data assurance, continuity and backup/recovery. In this e-book, learn more about these risks and discover ways to mitigate them.


  • How to maintain regulatory compliance while deploying Office 365

    In this white paper, discover key considerations firms should address to make their Office 365 migration more efficient and cost effective as well as how to deploy Office 365 while maintaining regulatory compliance.


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    In this guide, discover the most common myths about what threat hunting is, how it works and the value it provides.


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    Find out how you can optimize your network to get consistent, reliable performance for bandwidth-heavy applications running in the cloud, like Office 365, in this white paper.


  • Accelerate app performance for Office 365

    This brief examines Apcela's Office 365 Accelerator and how it supports SaaS connectivity and performance for apps like Office 365. Find out how the Office 365 Accelerator enables low latency, traceability, and app performance visibility.


  • IT security spending: Separating fact from hype

    In a recent survey of 5,500 companies across 26 countries, 90% admitted to suffering a security incident, and 46% had lost sensitive data due to a threat. Selecting the right security tool that fits your business needs is a critical process. Download this guide to learn how assess security solutions and separate fact from hype.


  • Explore how Apcela's Office 365 Accelerator works

    Apcela strives to enable enterprises to easily manage application performance in hybrid IT environments. The platform is designed to securely accelerate applications and data between legacy enterprise data centers and the cloud. In this solution brief, explore key benefits that Apcela's Office 365 Accelerator can bring to your business.


  • How to get the best value from Office 365

    In this e-guide, we outline the key differences between the three enterprise subscription packages offered by Office 365: E1, E3 and E5. By understanding the pros and cons of each tier as well as the needs of the end users, an IT department can ensure it purchases Office 365 in an effective manner.


  • 5 do’s and don’ts for an Azure migration

    As organizations realize the benefits of Office 365 and its back-end identity system, Azure Active Directory (AD), they’re also realizing there are some roadblocks in their way. This migration guide demonstrates how organizations can prepare for and overcome the common Office 365 and AD migration challenges ahead.


  • Improve Office 365 productivity with faster network performance

    While it's true that digital transformation can lead to productivity growth, the key to unlocking that growth is not purely about the cloud-based applications. Just as important as the applications is the network performance. In this product brief, explore how Apcela's Office 365 Accelerator can improve your network performance.


  • Protecting your cloud-based environments with IDaaS

    Organizations are shifting from traditional environments to cloud infrastructures, and security needs change along with migration. In this white paper, discover access challenges in cloud environments and explore how the capabilities of SafeNet Trusted Access, Thales’s cloud-based access management and authentication service, can help.


  • Overcoming Office 365 security and compliance auditing challenges

    It’s no secret that regulations are increasing in number and scope — and packing greater penalties. Tap into this white paper to learn how to overcome Office 365 security and compliance auditing challenges.


  • Office 365 risk mitigation e-book

    If you are moving to or already using Office 365 then it's essential for you to formulate a plan toward a risk-free cyber resilience experience. Download this e-book to learn about the security, data assurance and continuity gaps that exist in Office 365 and how Mimecast can help reduce risk and add resilience.


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    Providing robust email security is a critical best practice for any organization in an era of increasingly sophisticated email-borne attacks. While Office 365 provides some native protections, there are limitations to consider. In this research report, explore key issues to consider when evaluating the email security capabilities of Office 365.


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    The hype around software-defined WANs has never been higher, and network professionals need to cut through the noise to understand what's real and what's not. Find out about common myths surrounding performance delivered by or not delivered by SD-WAN in this e-book.


  • 3 steps to ensure complete malware protection

    This paper breaks down 3 types of prevalent malware threats that organizations face today and introduces an Attack-Loop Prevention software designed to protect your Microsoft Office 365 data and Windows file systems. Download now to take a closer look at this new brand of malware protection.


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    Smart use of mobile technologies can help retailers make store managers and associates more efficient, effective and productive in performing both customer-facing and operational tasks—so what’s holding you back? Download this resource for 10 myths that may prevent retailers from realizing benefits of mobile technology.


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    In this edition of the Exchange Insider E-Zine, explore how to migrate to Office 365, support mobile devices and protect your Exchange Server environment from the latest threats.


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    According to Gartner, SD-WAN will grow at a compound annual rate of 59% through 2021. Professionals still have questions about this evolving technology, but in a stroke of luck, you have the answers in front of you. Peruse this e-book to learn the fundamentals of SD-WAN, how it fits into an enterprise network, key benefits and deployment options.


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    Download this white paper to learn about an Office 365 Accelerator that's designed to address common performance problems, and ultimately optimize your Microsoft experience.


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    Although seen as a necessity by any regulated business or contact center that takes itself seriously, call recording still remains one of the most undervalued and underutilized features. But why is this? Discover the truth behind 6 common call recording myths. Plus, uncover what features to look for in a call recording system.


  • 3 tactics to fill Office 365 data protection gaps

    This Osterman Research paper addresses Office 365 data protection limitations and offers 3 recommendations for closing these gaps. Read on to put these recommendations to work in your company and to ensure your Office 365 data is properly protected.