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Advancing your risk management maturity

Maturing your risk management programs is vital for meeting enterprise-wide objectives.

Get insights on how you can raise the maturity level of enterprise risk management.

You’ll discover how your teams can make better decisions that lead to greater outcomes, by connecting business and IT with a common language on a single platform.

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  • Why XDR Matters: The Real Reasons Why Security Leaders Care

    The rapidly changing threat landscape, together with an increasingly diverse and distributed attack surface, is challenging even the most mature security teams to keep up. Incident response programs need help across all five phases: preparation, investigation, containment, eradication, and post incident analysis.

    Megatrends including XDR are critical innovations that are helping security leaders strengthen and grow their programs. More than just another tool, XDR investments are contributing to many program objectives, underlined by their ability to strengthen overall security posture while increasing team throughput.

  • 2024 GRC Strategies, Teams, and Outcomes Report

    One in three organizations can’t proactively manage risk with their current GRC program.

    In partnership with Osterman Research, the 2024 GRC Strategies, Teams, and Outcomes Report shares results from 350 risk, cybersecurity, and compliance leaders from around the world and across industries.

    Together, these respondents provided insights into their:

    • GRC team responsibilities
    • GRC program maturity
    • GRC budgets and expenditure
    • Patterns of GRC software usage

    Download the report for all the findings.

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  • The guide to securing digital identities and minimizing risk

    Ransomware, phishing, credential stuffing, and supply chain attacks all attacks involve gaining a foothold in a network, often through a compromised identity; and while there are other avenues of attack, identity is in many ways the master key. Download this e-book to gain access to a guide to develop a stronger identity security platform.


  • Data maturity model: The path to data excellence

    How do “data mature” firms become that way, and how can others do the same? This white paper introduces a data maturity model to provide a common framework for benchmarking and advancing data management capabilities. Read on to learn how you can drive success on your own data maturity journey.


  • Why Digital Maturity Is Making MSPs More Competitive

    Discover in this white paper how, with unique marketing of advising services, predictable sales and expenses, and a completely scalable consulting service, MSPs can lead the competition with better and deeper IT services.


  • Exploring the Cybersecurity Compliance Landscape

    Remaining on pace with compliance is ever more critical, as data breaches are up 68% YoY across industries, with MSPs that support highly regulated industries increasingly vulnerable. Tune in to overcome 3 common challenges and ascertain 4 ways to kick-start compliance with ControlMap.


  • Zero Trust Impact Report

    In this eGuide, you will hear that many organizations have begun to implement Zero Trust architectures to modernize their cybersecurity programs and attempt to limit the impact of attacks. Take this survey and gain insight into how organizations are faring with their Zero Trust initiatives.


  • The PEAK Threat Hunting Framework

    The PEAK Threat Hunting Framework provides a practical, customizable approach to help organizations create or refine their threat hunting programs. Learn how to secure remote access, improve detection, and build user trust by downloading this eBook.


  • Three Steps to Application Access Governance Maturity

    To learn how you can boost application access governance at your organization, and to discover why doing so is important, check out this blog.


  • How digital identity secures and fuels business value

    According to a recent study, 66% of organizations believe underdeveloped asset and data management capabilities present the greatest obstacle in the journey to identity maturity. This infographic explores the state of identity security maturity, analyzing how key trends are shaping the future of the market. Read on to learn more.


  • Data quality maturity guide: Benchmark your progress

    This guide examines the Data Quality Maturity Curve to offer an experienced perspective on where you should be at each point in your data quality journey. Browse the guide to benchmark your company’s data maturity progress.


  • 5 reasons why you can’t afford to wait for AI to mature

    According to a recent report, 31% of respondents report they are waiting for AI to mature before adopting the technology. This white paper presents 5 reasons why you can’t afford to wait for AI to mature. Read on to unlock all 5 and learn more.


  • Data protection in the age of Brexit and GDPR

    This 40-page expert guide digs into the Brexit implications for data protection and how the GDPR is driving data protection maturity. Download it now to take advantage of this exclusive offer and to ensure your organization is fully compliant with the regulation.


  • It’s time to level up your access management plan

    In order to provide an action-oriented approach to reducing the threat posed by all of those credentials, StrongDM built the Secure Access Maturity Model (SAMM).Download this white paper to unlock the full model and use it as a framework to evaluate your identity security systems, and guide you toward secure access maturity.


  • Experts answer: Should you go all-in on HCI technology?

    In this expert guide, learn how hyper-converged infrastructure has grown and matured over the years, as well as some top considerations buyers should have on their checklist when shopping for these systems. Read on to then learn what factors are moving the storage industry away from hard disk drives, and towards HCI.


  • Enterprise analytics study: Best practices for maturity

    In this research content, you’ll discover how a unified analytics platform can aid organizations in meeting analytics challenges and adopting best practices like investing in data science training, enabling self-service tools, and more. Read on to learn how you can advance analytics for your business and drive value.


  • Roadmap for raising & strengthening security through Identity

    Identity security was once simply a means of managing passwords and login credentials, but today, with identity at the heart of digital business, identity security is critical for protecting your organization. Download this white paper to unlock a comprehensive guide for your workforce identity maturity journey.


  • Unlock the value of data with data innovation acceleration

    This research examines how organizations with mature data innovation practices unlock value from their data. It finds that Data Innovation Accelerators enjoy significant benefits like 19% revenue growth, 14% cost reductions, and 5 new product launches. Read the full white paper to learn how you can accelerate data innovation in your organization.


  • How to demystify DevOps metrics

    Standardizing DevOps metrics across an organization is key to demystifying them and driving continuous improvement. Learn how to socialize, set goals, and leverage dashboards to boost DevOps maturity. Read the blog post to discover more.


  • 10 AI and machine learning use cases in ITSM

    AI-enabled ITSM, while still maturing, promises to greatly improve the speed and quality of IT service management. Here are 10 AI and machine learning use cases for ITSM


  • CMMC 2.0 for MSPs: Everything You Need To Know

    The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework is designed to support and guide MSPs working with the US Department of Defense. This white paper presents a guide to the CMMC, breaking down the essential information so that you can navigate its more complex features. Read on to learn more.


  • Infographic: advances in and adoption of DevOps

    For DevOps teams, containers and new software delivery norms are tenets of a productive development and deployment strategy. Accordingly, advances and adoption of each illustrate the degree to which DevOps adds value to an organisation. This infographic shows the current level of DevOps maturity.


  • 3 must-haves for a Zero trust data layer

    CISA released its zero trust Maturity Model Version 2.0, which aims to provide a more gradual approach to zero trust. And the foundational step? Data unification. Read this white paper to discover how to supply zero trust tools with the data they need, 3 must-haves for a zero trust data layer, and how Elastic’s data platform can help.


  • Mobilizing a Zero Trust Security Model: SMBs Charting a New Course

    As organizations move towards a distributed workforce, a Zero Trust security model is critical. Learn how SMBs are advancing their identity and access management maturity to secure remote access and build user trust. Read the full white paper to discover the key steps in your Zero Trust journey.


  • Digital leaders in the UK 2019

    This report from management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint is intended to give an assessment and provide a constructive analysis of UK companies' digital maturity, hence the nature of the statistics provided.


  • The gap between enterprise plans and sustainability programs

    There is a yawning gap between enterprise perceptions and sustainability initiative realities. So how can your organization bridge the gap? Find out in this research report.


  • Computer Weekly – 25 April 2023: Aston Martin Formula One: Driven by data

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we speak to Aston Martin Formula One's Clare Lansley to find out how digital transformation helps the team to move further up the F1 grid. We explore how automation and AI is helping businesses tackle rising costs and also look into the maturity of Industry 4.0 initiatives. Read the issue now.


  • Understanding CPaaS market growth, trends and providers

    The CPaaS market is maturing as increased demand for digital communications drives new use cases. Organizations looking to buy CPaaS APIs should examine the various use cases that APIs can address and how to choose a CPaaS provider. Read this article to learn more about the trends and providers fueling CPaaS market growth.


  • Why a Data Analytics Strategy Is No Longer a Nice-to-Have

    Businesses often struggle to get value out of the data in their operational systems, but many are still considering data analytics strategies as "nice to have" nonessentials. This viewpoint is quickly proving unsustainable. Read this white paper for the four critical reasons to implement a new data analytics strategy for your organization.


  • A roadmap to take your IT services above & beyond

    The ongoing digital evolution, tied with increasing customer demands, has put pressure on businesses to provide excellent IT services. Discover how the mySchneider IT Partner Program program can diversify and strengthen your unique business model with a wide range of business-driving tools, enablers, and resources in this e-book.


  • Rewinding PHE work could help with Medicaid and CHIP final regulation compliance

    Some states have already cut in-person interviews and limited renewals to once a year, aligning with Medicaid and CHIP final rule policies.


  • E-book: Building a winning CX strategy

    To enhance CX, brands must leverage new technologies like AI to predict consumer needs while becoming increasingly transparent regarding data privacy. It’s also crucial to coordinate across departments to enable the consistent and relevant experience that consumers crave. Access this e-book now to learn how you can assess your CX maturity.


  • XDR: The 14 providers that matter & how they stack up

    This Forrester report details how XDR solutions vary in maturity, cohesiveness, vision, and realization. Read this report to make sure you’re selecting the right partner for your XDR needs.


  • Build a sustainable GRC program in 8 steps

    How can you develop a sustainable governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program? Unlock insights in this 68-page e-book, which maps out how to establish a robust governance control program, conduct quantitative risk analysis, make the most of audit results, and much more.


  • Improve patient access: key drivers for efficient operations

    Healthcare organizations must ensure patient access despite barriers such as manual processes and staffing issues. Enhance operational maturity and patient experience with smart scheduling and communication tools. Explore the e-book for strategies to improve access and outcomes.


  • Why a data analytics strategy is no longer a nice-to-have

    Organizations are revamping their operational systems using a variety of solutions but are often not experiencing the expected efficiency boost. Read this blog to understand 4 reasons why establishing a mature data analytics strategy is essential for organizations that are looking to grow and scale their business with improved decision-making.


  • DataOps for manufacturing: A 4-stage maturity model

    As companies look to scale up advanced data projects as part of their Industry 4.0 initiatives, they’re quickly running into difficulties due to legacy data infrastructures. Explore this blog post to discover a 4-stage maturity model for DataOps in manufacturing and learn how this discipline can help overcome data snafus for manufacturers.


  • 2024 Global Networking Trends Report

    This report examines the changing networking landscape, focusing on architecture evolution, security integration, AI operations, data center updates, and sustainability. Discover how AI-driven networks can streamline operations, bolster security, and promote digital resilience. Access the full report for essential insights.


  • Operationalizing ABM: Lessons Learned from Verizon's Success Story

    Dive into this case study to examine how Verizon Business Group, a division within one of the world’s largest telecoms firms, for a strong example of how a team has implemented ABM concepts at scale to realize broad benefits across many business areas.


  • Research content: Insights into data culture maturity

    A data intelligence organization recently surveyed nearly 300 global data leaders to understand where businesses lie on the data maturity curve today and gauge what the future might look like. Read on to understand why data culture is not merely a buzzword but a fundamental necessity for organizations aiming to thrive in the digital age.


  • Infographic: Observability practices in ASEAN

    Just a third of ASEAN organisations have mature observability practices, with most being held back by a patchwork of observability tools. That was one of the key findings that have emerged from New Relic's 2021 Observability forecast study.


  • Research highlights edge computing software & services potential

    Schneider Electric's Edge Software & Digital Services Program aids IT providers in creating recurring revenue through managed power services. It includes training, incentives, and support for partners to monitor critical infrastructure and resolve customer issues. Discover how to get certified and unlock new revenue streams.


  • Unveiling Chronic Breakdowns in Sales Development

    To understand the factors leading to poor SDR retention, TechTarget, Tenbound and RevOps Squared surveyed 218 sales leaders. Review the findings in this report, “How Does Your Sales Development Program Measure Up?”


  • SOAR: Best practices for elevating protection

    For SecOps teams, the move to implement security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tools is a methodology for keeping up with the pace of today’s evolving threats. Download this IDC report to learn how SOC teams have optimized their SOAR strategy.


  • The state of ransomware

    Ransomware continues to impact organizations of all sizes, with the average number of monthly attacks growing 75%. Download this white paper to unlock insight into the state of ransomware security.


  • Server Virtualisation in the Cloud: Spotlight on Australia/New Zealand

    In this e-guide, read about what suppliers are doing in a market that is yearning for more efficient ways of running their business, and the role of hyper-converged infrastructure and hybrid IT in supporting the market's demands.


  • Improve cyber insurance coverage through identity management

    Cyber insurance is a key risk management tool, but obtaining favorable coverage requires a strong security posture. Learn how identity and access management (IAM) maturity can improve your cyber insurance terms and premiums. Read the full e-book to discover IAM best practices for securing better cyber insurance.


  • An evaluation of the top 10 CDN providers

    The commercial content delivery network (CDN) market is a mature market that carries a substantial portion of the world's internet traffic. Read this IDC report to fully understand the CDN market and the ingredients that drive growth and differentiation in this marketplace amongst CDN services and providers.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to next-generation programming tools

    All kinds of organisations are waking up to the benefits of next-generation programming tools. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how low-code tools are helping a range of users, the ways they can boost efficiency and the many considerations that come with them.