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Digital Transformation: The Move to Digital

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The Digital Enterprise

 The Digital Enterprise


By Karl-Heinz Streibich


Not every business is a digital business, but every business must become digital. Regardless of industry, company size or business function, the mega trends (mobile, social, cloud and big data) are transforming business processes and technology platforms in fundamental ways.


Digital has re-shaped how companies manage security, loyalty, support, public service, supply chain, talent and other critical functions. And digital businesses like Amazon, Salesforce and Twitter are using the four forces to create new markets and topple industry titans. Now it’s time for every business to take full advantage.


The extract includes a case study on Coca-Cola Enterprise’s Digital Strategy.


The Digital Enterprise catalogues digital innovation across 30 industries and 35 countries, drawing on the perspectives of leading executives and thought leaders.


Karl-Heinz Streibich is Chief Executive O fficer of Software AG.

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  • Digital transformation: bridging the paper and digital gap

    Enterprises need to continuously innovate to remain competitive and reduce costs, drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve process efficiency. To achieve this, there is a need for a two-pronged approach of proactively digitising paper-based processes and leveraging workflow automation technologies and platforms.

    Quocirca’s Digital Maturity Index reveals that a strong focus on business process transformation is paying dividends in profitability and enhanced customer relationships. Enterprises are increasingly turning to traditional managed print service (MPS) providers that have the expertise, to improve process efficiency across both paper and digital information.

    • Business process efficiency, compliance and cost are top reasons for digitisation
    • MPS is effectively driving paper to digital transition
    • Digital leaders outperform their peers with respect to business process automation

  • The Digital Transformation Agenda

    The Economist Intelligence Unit and Pegasystems conducted a global survey of 282 business leaders from three target industries: healthcare, financial services and telecommunications.

    The survey reveals that business leaders see the rapid pace of change being driven by digital innovation as an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage.

    It shows that they are prioritising the customer experience and organisational agility in their transformation initiatives this year. It also finds that they are mostly confident that they will meet their digital transformation objectives.

    But the survey also reveals some areas for improvement, most notably the extent to which senior leaders are involved in the implementation of their company’s digital transformation strategy.

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