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IT service and incident management software market overview

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Automating the process of groups: Hitachi ID Group Manager

Hitachi ID Group Manager replaces manual processes for managing groups in directories such as AD and LDAP with a combination of automation and self-service.

This makes the administration of security groups and mail distribution lists faster, cheaper and more secure.

To learn more, download this product brief and see how Hitachi ID Group Manager can benefit your organization today.

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  • 7 tips for all-flash array migration from real users

    Read about peer experiences and insights into successfully migrating to all-flash storage. Download this report for tips on building a business case for all-flash storage, identifying success criteria for your project, and successful proof-of-concept testing.

  • Hitachi ID: An IAM suite

    The Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite streamlines and secures the management of identities, groups, entitlements and credentials across systems and applications, on-premises and in the cloud.

    Organizations can deploy the Hitachi ID Suite to strengthen controls, meet regulatory and audit requirements, improve user experience and reduce access administration and IT support cost.

    Download this product brief, to learn more about the Hitachi ID Suite and its three products.

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  • Hitachi ID Password Manager: Manage credentials across multiple systems & apps

    Download this product overview to learn how Password Manager can help lower IT support cost and improve the security of login processes at your organization today.


  • Managing identities and groups

    With Hitachi Identity Manager, organizations can move access changes out of IT to a mix of automated, HR-driven processes and request/approval workflows driven by business users. Download this solution brief to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of Identity Manager today.


  • Key benefits of Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

    In this product overview, learn about the Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager and how it can secure access to high risk accounts and groups, replace static, shared passwords with periodically changing random values, and much more.


  • Melding automation into the IT service desk

    Since its inception, the IT service desk has provided an intuitive portal designed to make it easier for users to get technical help – and for IT associates to keep on top of support workflows. So what happens when automation is thrown into the mix? Dive into this E-Guide to take a closer look.


  • Why visibility is so important - and how it can have a revenue impact

    Open up this IDC report to find out how nine organizations utilized discovery software to improve visibility into their data center and software stacks, increase auditing efficiency, and more, ultimately earning each organization an average five-year ROI of 470%.


  • Worldwide SIEM Market Shares: Year-over-year growth

    According to IDC, the worldwide SIEM software market grew to $3.0 billion in 2018, a 12.4% increase year-over-year. The growth is a response to an organization's need to monitor, investigate and respond to security threats. Download the report to learn more and see what’s ahead for 2020.


  • The SOC market: SecOps challenges, key market trends, and more

    View IDC’s Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Optiv Security, to gain a deeper understanding of enterprise SecOps challenges, key SOC market trends, advanced capabilities in a SOC, and more.


  • How real users are championing Ansible Automation in ITOps

    Save a copy of this IDC research report, where real-world Red Hat Ansible Automation customers were interviewed about their experiences using Ansible Automation’s programmatic software to introduce automation into their IT processes – earning their organizations an average $1.17 million in savings per year, in addition to many other benefits.


  • 7 companies reveal the business impact of all-flash

    IDC interviewed several organizations to understand the impact of moving parts of their storage environments to Dell EMC Flash Storage. Read on here to see what the study's participants had to say with regards to the system's storage performance and scalability, operational efficiency, and ROI.


  • Develop apps faster without knowing countless programming languages

    Open this IDC white paper to learn about low-code development platforms, and the time and money you could save by increasing the speed of development at your organization – without the need to know countless programming languages.


  • Research findings: The business value of Cisco SD-WAN solutions

    Through a comprehensive data collection process, IDC recently interviewed enterprises with distributed business operations to understand the impact of deploying Cisco SD-WAN technology. In this IDC white paper, explore the result of the study and learn how the organizations interviewed have generated significant value for their business.


  • Why DX is driving new high-end storage requirements

    This IDC white paper explains how market dynamics in the era of DX are driving new high-end storage platform requirements and how enterprises can harness technologies such as NVMe, AI/ML, and analytics to fulfill evolving workload and business needs.


  • Reactionary IT is doomed to fall short

    Unplanned outages can have a disastrous impact on brand and business reputations. But is a reactive IT support strategy enough to prevent them? Open up this guide from Harvard Business Review to learn why predictive, AI-fueled IT support platforms are proving to be an essential component of the modern enterprise.


  • CW ASEAN: Trend Watch – Security

    Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a vital part of the security arsenal for organizations and cyber criminals alike. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how ASEAN firms are using AI to combat cyber threats and experts discuss the latest smart cyber security tools.


  • Explore 9 common security mistakes

    Without cybersecurity practices in place, a company could risk up to $4.43 million in breach costs, according to the Ponemon/IBM 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study. Most companies should be very concerned about their security practices. In this white paper, explore 9 security mistakes that are commonly made over and over again.


  • Top 4 benefits of utilizing Veeam and NetApp for backup/DR

    IDC interviewed organizations supporting data backup and recovery environments with Veeam software and NetApp hardware to understand the business value of the combined approach. Read the results in this white paper, which also details the top 4 business benefits and an ROI analysis.


  • Open-source operating systems to accelerate cloud app development

    Click to learn how Linux, one of the most trusted open-source operating systems, can accelerate your cloud-native application development processes.


  • 3 operational benefits of RedHat Ansible Automation

    With the ability to automate operational processes and tasks through the application development process, RedHat Ansible Automation enables better end-user products. Download this whitepaper to review the 3 operational benefits of Ansible Automation RedHat, and check it’s 5-year ROI.


  • The top 10 trends impacting enterprise networking industry

    Enterprises around the world are looking to upgrade their networks to ensure they can meet the needs of their digitally transforming businesses. As they do this, a variety of new technologies are being adopted. Download this IDC research report to review 10 trends that will impact the enterprise networking industry.


  • Meet NVMe: The next-generation storage protocol

    Hitachi’s VSP 5000 leverages NVMe technology to deliver up to 21 million IOPS, supports up to 69PB of storage capacity, and delivers storage latencies as low as 70 microseconds. Read this analyst report to learn how NVMe could benefit your IT infrastructure and top-tier workloads.


  • Composable infrastructure is exploding: 2023 forecasts

    Inside this IDC research study, find out what the composable and disaggregated infrastructure market is forecasted to look like through 2023 as it grows from today's $751.5 million to over $4.7 billion – and what advances are expected to drive this explosive growth.


  • Middle East IT Priorities 2017

    This year's Computer Weekly and TechTarget IT Priorities survey has revealed that over half of IT decision makers at Middle East based organisations are planning on reducing how much they send of IT staff, despite the growing importance of IT to business.


  • 3 reasons why Office 365 data protection is essential

    In this snapshot, IDC breaks down the Office 365 vendor-customer shared responsibility model at-a-glance and from that spotlights 3 reasons why an O365 data protection strategy is essential. Download your copy to get this exclusive info and to view 4 recommended actions to help ensure your O365 protection is airtight.


  • Why your digital transformation project should begin with data management

    Read this IDC technology spotlight for an example of a cyclical digital transformation platform and why it's necessary to have a technology that allows data to be discovered, catalogued, defined and accessed to pull it all together.


  • Top Italian bank uses converged backup to eliminate protection silos

    Read this case study to learn how one of the largest northern Italian banks eliminated harmful backup silos for good, successfully consolidated workloads, and automated recovery across their entire infrastructure using a hyper-converged data protection platform.


  • 10 reasons to consider migrating to new server technology

    Next-generation server technology offers significant benefits on older technology, promising to reduce costs, improve manageability and increase flexibility.


  • SD-WAN: Key value drivers

    IDC's recent Software-Defined WAN Survey suggests continuing strong momentum for SD-WAN, with almost 95% of enterprises surveyed expecting to use SD-WAN within 24 months. Download this IDC research report to explore the top drivers of SD-WAN and look at how enterprises have benefited from adopting SD-WAN.


  • From SCSI to NVMe: Profile of the evolving AFA market

    IDC profiles the evolving all-flash market in this analyst report, with particular attention given to AFA vendor Violin Systems and their role in servicing the needs of performance-sensitive workloads as the industry transitions from SCSI to NVMe technology. To stay on top of the latest developments, view the report here.


  • How observability platforms grant a bird’s-eye view of data

    Data lives in many different nooks and crannies, making observability of that data a top priority for data management processes. Using AI and machine learning, observability platforms allow for stronger analyses and grant organizations a bird’s-eye view of their data. Have some questions? Check out this IDC Q&A now to get the answers.


  • Increase business value by shifting content and process to the cloud

    In this Q&A from IDC, explore how to increase business value and achieve digital transformation by shifting content and process management to the cloud, and discover how a modern cloud architecture overcomes the limitations of traditional ECM solutions.


  • Is your server hardware leaving your data center vulnerable? Find out.

    Inside this analyst report from IDC, learn more about the threats that face server, processor, and other infrastructure components within today’s data centers – and find out how to start plugging potential holes in your organization’s own hardware security perimeter.


  • Benefits of SD-branch: More speed, flexibility & better connectivity

    Many enterprises are addressing both their digital evolution and increasingly nuanced branch network needs through SD-WAN. In this research report, find out why an increasing number of distributed enterprises are moving to SD-branch, and learn about benefits they've experienced.


  • Explore the benefits of migrating content management to the cloud

    When it comes to potentially disrupting critical data and processes that keep a business running smoothly, some ask if the risk of moving an on-premises enterprise content management system is worth the rewards. This white paper highlights the benefits and advantages of migrating content management to a cloud-based content services approach.


  • CEOs are turning to this technology to drive digital transformation

    Robotic process automation (RPA) isn't a brand new concept – in fact, the technology has been around for decades. Inside this market spotlight from IDC, find out what's driving today's massive demand for RPA platforms amongst a wide array of businesses.


  • IDC Research: JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (Business Value)

    IDC recently interviewed several organizations using an alternative enterprise application platform rather than costly legacy solutions to standardize and improve application development. Learn how these customers benefitted from IT productivity, risk mitigation, and more.


  • 2019 is the year for serverless computing

    Take a look at this IDC whitepaper on the benefits, trends, and deployment models for serverless computing. Click below to learn how you can skip the cumbersome steps surrounding app infrastructure, and focus just on writing the application code.


  • IDC: SD-WAN market spend to top $5B in 2023

    Discover the current vendors' share of the SD-WAN market, and why the market will grow an average of nearly 31% annually through 2023.


  • What's going to impact channel in 2017?

    Is the year ahead a bright one for channel? In this January 2017 edition of MicroScope E-zine, uncover the key expectations for channel in 2017.


  • International technology adoption & workforce issues

    This study from CompTia,  looks at technology and workforce recruitment trends across 10 countries.


  • How to tackle the top 3 unstructured data challenges

    Read this IDC white paper to learn how to streamline unstructured data management in your enterprise with a three-pronged approach that tackles the top 3 unstructured data issues companies are citing.


  • How can SAP Concur improve your expense, travel, and invoicing processes?

    How can SAP Concur improve how your organization handles their expense, travel, and invoice management? View this research report from IDC to find out.


  • Down with silos, up with CI

    With FlexPod, datacenter managers achieve datacenter consolidation, implementation of hybrid clouds, and deployment of modern workloads quickly and efficiently. Access this white paper to read a survey of FlexPod customers which discusses workloads running on FlexPod and primary challenges FlexPod is solving.


  • How to gauge business value of a NoSQL database

    This IDC whitepaper provides in-depth analysis of the benefits and ROI of Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL database.


  • Top 5 APAC technology trends of 2020

    Uncover the top five transformative technology predictions to look for in 2020, including the growing roles of artificial intelligence, multi-cloud, and sustainability in APAC organizations – and find out how your organization can start preparing.


  • Innovations in IT ops

    New collaborative processes, observability, and programmability are reshaping the IT infrastructure landscape with the clear focus being on multi-cloud. Read this IT brief to access the stats illustrating the benefits of multi-cloud and to see the new tools and strategies that IT ops leaders are investing in.


  • NVMe and NVME over Fabrics - The Future of Primary Enterprise Storage

    Learn why IDC recommends that organizations consider only vendors that offer both NVMe and SCSI-based enterprise storage platforms. Find out how to choose the platform that best meets your workload requirements.


  • Flexible data storage and protection for effective data capital creation

    In this white paper, learn what defines data capital. Discover how boosting data capital is a critical ingredient for competitive differentiation, and discuss how Dell EMC storage and data protection can help your organization craft the most effective infrastructure to maximize the value of your data.