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Overcome security concerns when moving big data to the cloud

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The complete guide to becoming a data-driven media organisation

Today, media and entertainment organisations are struggling with the performance and capability disparities that exist between legacy technologies and a modernised cloud. Companies know they must modernise. But they often choose to make incremental changes that can take months or years to implement.

By contrast, businesses that want to become data-driven enterprises must evolve quickly. In fact, rapid modernisation in the cloud is the most direct path to reaping the benefits of the analytics and AI/ML technologies that can position an organisation as a market leader.

How can you capitalise on this seismic shift? Download this e-book to overcome 8 challenges to becoming a data-driven media organisation.

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  • The complete guide to becoming a data-driven organisation

    Rapid modernisation in the cloud is the most direct path to reaping the benefits of the analytics and machine learning technologies that can position an organisation as a market leader.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Read on to learn how you activate your vast stores of data to enable higher customer acquisition rates and increased profits.

  • How Rackspace Technology accelerates cloud modernisation on Google Cloud

    Your organisation needs to differentiate itself from the competition. And for many organisations, that differentiation is most easily achieved when data and applications are modernised, integrated, and optimised within a modern cloud environment.

    In this e-book, explore how cloud modernisation helps you move beyond the barriers of legacy IT and opens the door to innovation.

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    How can business leaders make better use of cloud spending? Custom cloud services. Watch this short 3-minute video to learn about Rackspace's counter-intuitive approach to cloud as service with customization for IT cost savings.


  • Service Blocks – build your own cloud managed service

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    In this week's Computer Weekly, we visit a Tokyo project where artificial intelligence is helping to improve road safety by detecting potential subsidence. As bug bounty programmes become popular, we look at what's involved and the pitfalls to beware. And we discuss digital development in healthcare with NHS England. Read the issue now.


  • Advanced analytics meld with machine learning to press more value from big data

    In this e-guide we shine the light on a number of case studies taken from around the world of data analytics. We delve into a number of Silicon Valley-based startups that are looking to shake up the data analytics industry as well as glimpsing into the future of AI-based analytics, data visualisation tools and the Australian data analytics market.


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  • A comparison of Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services

    AWS, Azure, and Google are all huge names in the cloud space, offering everything from big data in the cloud to serverless computing options and more. Read on for a vendor-neutral comparison of these three providers to determine which combination – if any – best fits your organization's infrastructure requirements.


  • Next stage of virtualisation: Containers

    The buzz and hype surrounding container technologies has reached fever pitch in recent years, prompting CIOs and IT decision makers to mull over what role, if any, they should and could play in their digital transformation plans.