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Evolution of the Security Operations Center

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4 SOC options and how much they could cost you

To say SOCs are costly is an understatement—they can range anywhere from $10,000 to more than $10 million.

But the costs of building and operating a 24x7 SOC can vary greatly depending on the capabilities you want.

Download this white paper to review 4 SOC options and costs associated with them, as well as what they can do for your organization. Options covered include:

  1. Basic SOC
  2. Intermediate SOC
  3. Advanced SOC
  4. Learning SOC

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  • Explore whether to build or buy a SOC

    Organizations of all sizes have come to realize the only way to protect their networks and data around the clock is with a security operations center (SOC) that operates 24/7/365.

    Although nothing can ensure a threat never enters a network, a SOC can act instantaneously to prevent significant loss of data. Most organizations know they need a SOC but don’t understand all the resources needed to operate one.

    This white paper can help you decide whether to build or buy a SOC by exploring the staffing, technology, and costs required to operate a successful SOC.

  • Claim your SOC how-to guide

    As organizations face ever more threats and attacks to their information systems and data, implementing a security operations center (SOC) is becoming an increasing trend.

    But, how do you know if an SOC is right for your organization?

    In this brand new expert guide, you will find information to help you understand which features you should look for in an SOC.

    You will also learn:

    •    The benefits of SOCs to organizations
    •    How to improve the performance of an SOC
    •    How to find the right provider for your company
    •    And more

    Provide your insight in our SIEM research survey today, and upon completion, receive your free copy of the guide.

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  • Case study: Learn how Orion Health automated security on AWS

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    One of the world's largest energy companies was searching for a network traffic analysis tool that could provide real-time visibility across multiple offices. In this case study, read about how company decided on a combination of an open source network security framework and the Corelight AP Sensor—which gave them the network insight they desired.


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    How well you defend yourself can depend on how well your security teams can see events as they occur across your network. Unfortunately, some products lack visibility into some areas of your network. In this report, learn about DDI and how it can provide the essential data security teams need to remediate attacks faster and more efficiently.


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  • G-Cloud Report: G-Cloud Programme - Strategic Outline Case

    This Strategic Outline Business Case sets out the opportunity to reduce costs and enhance flexibility of centralised ICT services, covering both information services delivered to citizens and staff, and the underpinning technical and physical Data Centre infrastructure.


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    When it comes to open source applications, an integrated managed platform can help provide this foundation, and can provide 24/7 support, management of thousands of nodes, and more. Download this white paper to learn more about a managed platform option for open source applications.


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