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2017 State Of Cloud Adoption And Security

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Consider these points for successful cloud migration

A move to the cloud is, by now, something of a forgone conclusion. But choosing the right cloud plan and the right cloud provider is just as important of a decision as your initial decision to make the move to the cloud.

Explore some of your most important cloud factors to consider in this whitepaper, including public cloud security factors, cloud cost, and legal obligations in SLAs.

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  • Cloud Computing Review

    The first edition of Cloud Computing Review tackles the big questions about cloud computing, such as does the cloud really save you money? Find out about the hidden costs of cloud, as well as what you should pay attention to in cloud contracts. Plus, explore the link between enterprise applications and the cloud through a detailed case study and examination of how SOA and content management systems fit in the cloud.

  • Research: The state of cloud migration and monitoring today

    Organizations worldwide are overwhelmingly embracing cloud services. Both public and private cloud adoption increased again this year with 96% of organizations running services in the cloud and 92% in the public cloud.

    As organizations continue to adopt the cloud, they face new management challenges such as:

    • Getting the most from cloud providers
    • Gaining the needed visibility to ensure performance
    • Planning app deployments across cloud and hybrid environments

    To better understand the state of cloud migration and monitoring today, Riverbed commissioned a study of 333 network, infrastructure, and cloud professionals. Explore the results in this report.

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    Migrating to the cloud has become a rather clear decision in modern IT, but to what service and when still remains unclear. Download this e-book to learn the important considerations you should make when reviewing cloud providers from security to costs.


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    Learn about cloud storage options for primary/nearline storage. We'll cover the pros and cons of using cloud storage, describe new technologies that help bridge the gap between physical data center resources and cloud services, and provide some tips on using hybrid cloud storage.


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    Download this resource to learn how TrueSight Cloud Security can automate security and compliance checks and remediation across your multi-cloud platforms.


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    The cloud has been around for some time now, but the term "cloud-native" has only become mainstream in the last year or so. What exactly does cloud-native mean for your organization? Read more on beginning your cloud-native journey in this whitepaper.


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