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TRC Engineers Effective Information Management with Druva

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Backup fundamentals in the age of cloud

In backup many things are pretty much as they have always been. But many things have also changed, with the latest being the advent of the cloud. This brings the possibility of the cloud as a backup target but also the need to backup applications that run in the cloud.

In this e-guide we look at backup fundamentals like choosing incremental or differential backup as well as using snapshots to replace traditional backup. We also provide an overview of strategic considerations for backup in the age of the cloud as well as surveys of the key backup products for SMEs and enterprise deployment.

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  • Computer Weekly - 24 January 2023: BBC under scrutiny over its digital strategy

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, the BBC faces in-depth scrutiny over its digital plans – we take a look at progress. Do you need to keep data forever? We examine the technologies behind infinite storage. And we find out about the digital transformation challenges in vehicle dealerships. Read the issue now.

  • The role of FHIR in interoperability

    The CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization rule (CMS-0057-F) aims to improve healthcare data exchange and simplify prior authorization. Highlights:

    • Patient Access API now includes prior authorization data
    • Provider Access API requires payers to share data with in-network providers
    • Payer-to-Payer API for data sharing and comprehensive health records

    The rule establishes FHIR as essential for healthcare interoperability. Interoperability allows payers to enhance member experiences, foster digital innovation, and enrich data analytics.

    Discover how CMS rules offer strategic benefits for payers in the full report.

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  • CW Europe – March-May 2019: Robots deliver savings for Dutch postal service PostNL

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  • Computer Weekly - 1 June 2021: The technology that enabled Covid-19 genome sequencing success

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  • Home Office Completes One of the UK Government’s Largest Cloud Transformation Projects

    Capgemini plays a key role in Amazon Web Services cloud platform implementation, enabling much quicker and efficient digital improvements for UK Immigration Service. Check out the case study to learn why.


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  • AI proves value in HR, but handle with care

    In this e-guide, discover how the allocation of work by algorithm might have advantages for workers as well as employers, how AI is proving its value for HR and how data analytics is being used to support expansion and development.


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    In this handbook, focused on data management in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at best practices, Alibaba’s use of databases, the role of artificial intelligence in handling information and data trends to look out for


  • Recruiting Benchmarks: Insights to drive Your hiring strategy

    Explore industry benchmarks for recruiting outreach, funnel conversion rates, and hiring trends across company size, role, industry, and demographics. Download this comprehensive report to gain insights and optimize your talent acquisition strategy.


  • Computer Weekly – 23 April 2024: How data keeps Britain's trains on track

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how Network Rail is ensuring train safety in the face of extreme weather thanks to advanced data analytics. Our latest buyer's guide examines the latest trends in storage technology. And we talk to the Ministry of Defence's first ever chief data officer. Read the issue now.


  • CW Nordics November 2017

    The Nordic countries are pace-setters when it comes to digital transformation and although there is a wealth of IT talent in the region, it seems it is not enough.


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    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in risk management is on the rise, enhancing efficiency and speed in ways that simply cannot be done with other tools. However, the associated risks of AI must be taken into consideration so that your organization can develop a strategy that supports long-term success and scalability. Read on to learn more.


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    In this issue, we explore whether more partners equals better business, and take a closer look at how IT consumption is changing thanks to subscription services. Also read a special feature looking into whether the channel offers good prospects for school-leavers hoping to start on a career path that could make a difference


  • Computer Weekly – 26 November 2019: Why thousands of IT contractors face 'life-changing' tax bills

    In this issue of Computer Weekly, we investigate HMRC's loan charge policy, a retrospective tax grab that has left thousands of IT contractors facing financial ruin. We compare the cloud storage offerings from AWS, Microsoft and Google. And we find out how retailers are turning to tech to deal with a new generation of shoppers.


  • Data protection, management, and backup in today's cloud environments

    As data volumes continue to increase exponentially, cloud migration projects have accelerated—meaning that organizations have a myriad of backlogged data management, backup, and protection projects. Download this expert guide to discover the various opportunities and challenges changing data frameworks and backup expectations are creating.


  • Computer Weekly – 30 April 2024: What's it like being the IT chief at Man Utd?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we speak to the chief digital information officer of Manchester United Football Club to discuss the IT that keeps a premiership team running. We also investigate how well prepared the UK is for major semiconductor supply chain disruptions. Read the issue now.


  • Secure Efficient and Flexible Capacity Tier for Veeam Backups



  • Buyer's guide to backup and recovery software

    In this handbook, learn more about the market for backup and recovery software and key data protection capabilities to look out for.


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    User concerns about data availability and safety continue to grow. And despite being in the early phases of the multi-cloud movement, experts have provided some good guidelines to users to help them implement this additional layer of protection. This guide details multi-cloud backup and recovery best practices, and presents potential pain points.


  • Improve NAS backup efficiency and reduce costs

    In this product overview, you'll learn how you can simplify your network attached storage (NAS) backup with a modern approach that delivers policy-based service level management, faster recovery, and cloud integration. Read on to find out how Compass NAS Agent can streamline your data protection strategy.


  • CW APAC: August 2023 – Expert advice on storage and backup

    In this handbook, focused on storage and backup in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at why 3-2-1 backup is still relevant, how researchers are overcoming restraints found in typical DNA storage systems, Dell's latest offerings and the future of HDDs.


  • MicroScope – June 2019: Sourcing IT among the clouds

    Outsourcing is changing as the anything-as-a-service model takes off.


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    In the guide we look at the fundamentals of NAS and the use cases it best suits, the range of file access storage products available including in the cloud and in hybrid operation between cloud and datacentre. We also examine the question of NAS backup, looking at the challenges that have accompanied it and the solutions available.


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    As the modern threat landscape evolves, legacy approaches to data protection are becoming increasingly insufficient. This white paper reveals how advanced technologies make consistent, effective data protection a reality. Read on to learn how you can strengthen security and prevent data loss for your business.


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    Read this paper to learn how Dell APEX Backup Services for medium businesses can help transform a ransomware attack from a devastating ordeal to a survivable incident.


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    In this e-guide we look at why established security suppliers are finally adding containers to their repertoire, and how security pros must decide between trusted platform integration and the latest features from startups.


  • CW EMEA - April 2023: Under attack and stressed out

    In this month's CW EMEA, we look at how cyber attacks are taking a toll on security professionals, damaging their mental health and forcing some to quit. We also look at Finland's allure for tech entrepreneurs, how software is enabling a new business model for a Swedish car manufacturer, and the importance of backup testing. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly – 9 January 2018: Countdown to GDPR

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in to force this year, we look at the challenges for businesses to comply by the 25 May deadline. We examine the future for HPE as CEO Meg Whitman steps down. And we find out how hyper-converged systems affect your backup strategy. Read the issue now.


  • Computer Weekly – 28 June 2022: Why collaboration – not competition – is the key to IT sustainability

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as sustainability rises up the corporate agenda, IT leaders say more collaboration is needed to meet climate goals. Microsoft faces further calls for greater transparency over software tools used to monitor employees. And the cyber security industry warns over an increasing loss of talent. Read the issue now.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to anti-ransomware

    The threat of ransomware looms large over business. In this 16-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at prevention methods, data defence and how to minimise the impact of a potential attack.


  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to on-site, off-site and cloud-based disaster recovery

    With businesses becoming increasingly dependent on data to function, being able to recover quickly from an IT systems failure is critical. In this 14-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at the various options available when implementing disaster recovery.


  • Data protection in the age of Brexit and GDPR

    This 40-page expert guide digs into the Brexit implications for data protection and how the GDPR is driving data protection maturity. Download it now to take advantage of this exclusive offer and to ensure your organization is fully compliant with the regulation.


  • Infographic: 5 considerations before buying data center backup software

    Trying to cross-correlate how one vendor implements a product feature and comparing it to another vendor's features can be a daunting task. Backup and recovery software moves data through almost the entire data center infrastructure, so implementing it, training staff and obtaining support for it is no small feat.