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TRC Engineers Effective Information Management with Druva

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Mobile Device Data Protection: Key Findings and Players in the Market

In recent years, the use of endpoint computing devices in the workplace has skyrocketed. In fact, a recent survey revealed 84% of companies are experiencing moderate to significant growth in the use of these devices.

As smartphones and laptops assume a greater role in today's businesses, IT pros must take the appropriate measures to protect the corporate data that is stored on them.

This E-Guide quantifies the costs of a lost device, from both a cost and security standpoint. Read on to find out how your peers are leveraging data loss prevention technologies to minimize the risk and impact of data breaches and access an expert analysis of the key players in the mobile data protection marketplace.

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  • Endpoint Backup: File Sync Helps, But Is It Enough?

    Today, the majority of enterprise users make use of multiple devices. Although backups have been an important part of IT operations for many years, mobile and other endpoint devices pose a number of unique challenges. Such devices vary by make and model, operating system, and the type of data that is stored on the device. Some devices aren’t even under the organization’s direct control. Furthermore, such devices may only be connected to the network on an intermittent basis.

    This resource explains that because of these and other challenges, administrators must adopt new policies and techniques if they want to protect the data residing on mobile devices. Access this three-part guide to learn how to effectively implement mobile and endpoint backups in your organization.

  • How to best handle endpoint device backup

    Remote backup of data on endpoint devices like laptops and smart phones is a challenge for IT staffs. Because these devices are often disconnected from an organization’s network, data created and stored on these devices can go unprotected for considerable lengths of time.

    In a study of 140 IT managers in the U.S., remote laptop backup software vendor Druva Software reported that 89 respondents said their organizations didn’t have a laptop backup policy. Endpoint devices can be backed up incrementally over the Internet with deduplication; the backup process can operate in the background while the user is working.

    This Drill Down takes a look at remote backups today, focusing on the challenges and solutions available to address endpoint device backup. You will learn the approaches for backing up laptops today so you can decide which approach is right for your organization’s specific needs.

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  • Antimalware IT Checklist: Decision Time Part 3

    This is the third piece in's three-part guide on antimalware products. This expert asset, written by security researcher Mike Rothman, takes a deep dive into the requirements that should seal the deal in terms of final considerations when purchasing an antimalware solution.


  • E-Guide: Physical Security Awareness and Smartphone Security Policy

    In this e-guide, gain key insight for establishing better physical security and employee awareness for device usage. View now to uncover best practices and technologies that can help you lock down devices, and how to put device responsibility back in the hands of the employee.


  • Sustainability: A multi-pronged approach to water conservation

    While energy efficiency and carbon footprints have been the primary focus of sustainability efforts, water conservation is gaining attention as the world faces a water crisis. Examine QTS’s multi-pronged approach to target water inefficiencies within its portfolio of global data centers in this white paper.


  • Eguide: Top 10 risks in cloud computing and how to stay compliant

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    In this handbook, focused on data management in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at best practices, Alibaba’s use of databases, the role of artificial intelligence in handling information and data trends to look out for


  • Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery

    With the mushrooming of disaster recovery technology in the past few years, your excuses for not having a DR plan are falling away. Use this Essential Guide to learn how to take advantage of new technologies that make the disaster recovery provision and planning process easier than it’s ever been.


  • CW Nordics November 2017

    The Nordic countries are pace-setters when it comes to digital transformation and although there is a wealth of IT talent in the region, it seems it is not enough.


  • Keys to a Frictionless Digital Patient Journey

    Get this report on 7 ways healthcare executives are defining and delivering on the promise of the digital front door.


  • Expert guide: Reconfigure your anti-malware strategy to combat new cyber-threats

    This expert e-guide explains why reconfiguration of your current antimalware strategy is all it takes to mitigate new trends in cyber-attacks.


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    With ServiceNow, your data is stored, but using traditional storage for data recovery is not a best practice. To help, Own Company has developed this buyer’s guide to help you search for the best possible tool to fit the needs of your organization, providing you with myriad factors to consider as you weigh your options. Read on to learn more.


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    This expert E-Guide covers the pain points of cloud data protection and evaluates one vendor's response to the challenges of cloud data protection.


  • Building a blueprint for the cloud

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  • Bridging the gap between IT and security to enable cyber resilience

    It is crucial for companies to understand the important factors they must consider for effectively protecting and securing hybrid cloud environments. In this solution brief, you’ll learn how you can deliver cyber resilience to achieve your digital transformation goals while mitigating the risks associated with data sprawl. Download now.


  • Secure Efficient and Flexible Capacity Tier for Veeam Backups