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Mobile Healthcare and Telemedicine Solutions

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Do Your Life's Work from Anywhere

Today’s healthcare system is facing unprecedented challenges. To meet them, healthcare workers, from doctors to researchers, need powerful, flexible computing tools that will let them work from anywhere—whether they’re in the hospital, in the field, or at home. Explore the NVIDIA remote solutions that can help make that possible.

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  • Building a secure, mobile-first wireless network

    IT project leader at a new Dutch hospital, Sietse Bolt, was staring down the barrel of a massive challenge: build a network that could support upwards of 64,000 outpatients and 120,000 admissions a year, all while acting as a hub for smaller clinics in the area.

    This case study explores how they deployed over 350 802.11ac access points in tandem with Aruba ClearPass for secure network access control and centralized AirWave network management.

    Find out how the hospital got help with deploying a mobile-friendly, software-defined network that strengthens the control of patient data with clear device visibility and seamless connectivity. 

  • CX in healthcare: 5 strategies from other sectors

    When it comes to customer experience management, healthcare organizations can learn from other companies and industries — and adapt modified strategies to their unique environments.

    Download this white paper for 5 CX strategies from other industries that can be used to boost patient experience in healthcare:

    • Define your organizational mission
    • Adopt a customer-centric approach
    • Anticipate customer needs
    • And 2 more

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  • The cybersecurity threats in telemedicine

    The recent spread of COVID-19 has created a surge in demand for increasingly popular telemedicine services. Unfortunately, cybercriminals caught wind of this lucrative new vector, putting practitioners and patients at risk. Download this white paper for an overview of the cybersecurity risks in telemedicine and how to overcome them.


  • Achieve HIPAA compliance & build patient engagement

    In this white paper, learn about a video conferencing system that can be used for telehealth, and how it can help increase quality of care and build patient engagement while achieving HIPAA (signed BAA) and PIPDEA/PHIPA compliance with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Healthcare in IT

    This 7 page buyer's guide looks at the future of electronic healthcare records, healthcare technology and the use of mobile technology.


  • Evidence of the Effects of Healthcare IT on Healthcare Outcomes

    This study by HIMSS Analytics highlights, for the first time, a correlation between the maturity of IT within NHS hospitals and improvements to patient outcomes.


  • AI’s impact on the healthcare sector: Real use cases

    Dive into this technical white paper from NVIDIA and HPE to learn how cutting-edge GPU technology is powering an AI revolution within the healthcare world, amplifying human intelligence, generating deep learning insights in real-time, and much more.


  • Kicking off an e-health revolution

    It has been hailed as the next big thing for many years but, it is fair to say, e-health has failed to fulfill its potential. Issues around cost, ease of use and privacy have held back its adoption. Now, find out how Telefonica hopes to kick start the e-health revolution.


  • Scale-out NAS made for healthcare: Features and benefits

    The healthcare industry is faced with a significant problem arising from the growth in data being created and retained. Read this white paper to discover a scale-out NAS and hybrid cloud file storage system that specifically addresses the needs of the healthcare industry and enterprises with large data volumes.


  • Streamlining network access and performance: Jihlava case study

    Find out how Jihlava Hospital improved their network performance with a focus on consistency and simplified access.


  • Cloud communications in healthcare: Improve PX & maximize revenue

    Download this guide to learn how the right cloud communications platform can improve patient experiences and enhance healthcare practice operations to be more secure and profitable.


  • The rising importance of IT security in healthcare

    This paper, IT Security in Healthcare, examines the extensive IT security ecosystems present in hospitals – infrastructure, software, systems, terminal devices, and more. Inside, you’ll find strategies and recommendations for improving security capabilities. Download this paper now to learn more.


  • Taking better care of your doctors with better technology

    More than ever, doctors are feeling burnt out and exhausted. In a world rocked by pandemic, paperwork, and too few doctors, how can you lighten the burden on their shoulders? Read this white paper to learn how to recruit better doctors, retain your best, and improve their wellbeing.


  • Digital healthcare: A CIO’s E-Guide

    Save this E-Guide to learn how digital technologies can be utilized by healthcare organizations to substantially improve both clinician and patient experiences, what technology areas healthcare CIOs should be focused on, and much more.


  • How healthcare organizations benefit from the cloud

    In this white paper, find out how healthcare organizations depend on UCaaS to provide up-to-date technology and deliver productivity benefits to improve customer satisfaction.


  • Global lessons in eHealth implementation

    This report from KPMG, packed with case studies, looks at the drivers for innovation in e-health.


  • The future of enterprise IT: Social, social, mobile, analytics and cloud

    Cloud and data technologies are allowing organizations to provide service levels not even dreamt of a few years ago. This guide looks at some examples of these technologies transforming organizations in South-East Asia.


  • Digital communications in healthcare

    The right cloud communications platform can make a huge difference in employee and customer experience—especially in healthcare. Download this eBook to learn about the importance of cloud communications in healthcare, specifically how it can improve patient experiences, enhance day-to-day operations, save time and money, and more.


  • A single-tier storage solution for PACS: 10 benefits

    The quantities, types, and sizes of data in the healthcare industry are continuously growing, being produced both on-prem and across various geographic regions. Access this datasheet to unlock the 10 benefits of Qumulo and HPE PACS’s hybrid cloud file storage solution which is simple to deploy, manage, and scale.


  • Video conferencing technology: The benefits and challenges in the healthcare industry

    As healthcare organizations embrace modern workplace trends, they need flexible collaboration tools that meet their needs both today and tomorrow. In this white paper, learn about the benefits and challenges of modern video conferencing technologies in the healthcare industry.


  • Healthcare data growth challenges and the challenges yet to come

    As healthcare technology ecosystems continue to evolve, so do the amount of related challenges – the most urgent being the massive explosion in data volumes. Continue reading to learn how real-world healthcare organizations and hospitals are addressing the challenges posed by unstructured data growth.


  • Healthcare sector to shed pounds with mobile health applications

    If the worldwide health system is not in crisis, it is under intense pressure and cost cutting trends in the light of the global downturn are only set to continue. For most hospitals and medical establishments budget allocations for IT were expected to be smaller in 2009 than in 2008.


  • Computer Weekly networking case studies

    Jennifer Scott and Steve Evans discover what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the 2014 Computer Weekly European Awards for networking.


  • Vendor-neutral archive: 7 benefits for healthcare organizations

    Healthcare organizations now require the flexibility of modern file storage to support and manage data and grow research initiatives and innovation. Access this datasheet to learn the 7 benefits of consolidating and unifying access with single, vendor-neutral archive for all medical images.


  • Is proving short-term unified communications ROI really necessary?

    This expert E-Guide takes a close look at the different ways ROI can be determined. Uncover how UC is being justified in organizations, how to take full advantage of its benefits and what you can expect from UC in the future.


  • How do virtual ITSM agents impact workflows? Here's a glimpse

    While a sales-oriented chatbot has obvious use cases as a customer-facing tool, how does a virtual support agent align with IT service workflows? And perhaps more importantly, how does it alleviate ITSM congestion? Explore a collection of real-world use cases for ITSM virtual support agents to find out.


  • CW Middle East Jan to Mar 2018

    The Middle East is investing heavily in IT to make life better for its population. Smart city developments are an example. But read in this issue how in the Middle East, where there is a growing population and a rise in lifestyle-related disease, IT is being used to support the healthcare system.


  • 3 requirements needed of an imaging data storage system

    New capacity demands, privacy concerns, and personal health records requirements places increased pressure on teams to provide compliant, secure, consolidated storage. Check out this datasheet to discover the 3 requirements an imaging storage system should meet and a single-tier storage solution, built on the hybrid cloud, that can do just that.


  • Data Analytics in Healthcare: Opportunities & Challenges

    In this e-guide, read about the promises of healthcare data analytics, the challenges faced by healthcare providers in digital transformation and what some cloud providers are doing to assuage the security concerns of cloud among healthcare service providers.


  • Achieve interoperability with the 21st Century Cures Act with Philips

    Access this white paper to learn about Philips HealthSuite digital platform, a solution that provides a comprehensive set of tools and services designed to advance this process with the capability to connect devices, collect electronic health data, aggregate and store data securely, analyze data, and create solutions in a cloud environment.


  • Customer experience: The top 4 overlooked innovation opportunities

    Customer experience is a niche that is rife with potential for innovation. Read this e-book to learn more about 4 oft-overlooked areas of innovation that benefit customers and employees. Read this e-book to learn more about how you can incorporate these methods to benefit customers and employees.


  • The hospital of the future is already here: Here's what it looks like

    Today, the most powerful catalyst of medical advancement is data. Dive inside this white paper to learn about the emerging workloads that are finding increasing utilization within today’s healthcare institutions– and how AI and machine learning data analytics capabilities are already changing patient care outcomes.


  • Virtual care only works with the right video tech in place

    In this white paper, learn about video conferencing technology that can provide the functionality you need for successful virtual care.


  • Protect against IT attacks in the healthcare sector

    The healthcare industry is moving to store all information electronically which is, without a doubt, beneficial for patients and caregivers. However, this has generated serious security problems for the healthcare industry. In this white paper, learn about attacks to the healthcare industry and how these attacks can be avoided in the future.


  • Healthcare Data Access Compliance

    Concurrent logins, manual logoffs, password sharing and the lack of unique logins are putting patient records at risk, according to this research paper by IS Decisions.


  • Computer Weekly – 6 March 2018: Getting up to speed with 5G

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at what needs to be done to make next-generation 5G mobile networks a reality. Fewer EU workers are moving to the UK – we examine what that means for the IT skills gap. And we analyse the state of the hyper-converged infrastructure market. Read the issue now.


  • Case study: How Skylight helped a hospital identify and fix degradation issues

    Citadelle Regional Hospital Center, a major healthcare facility located in Belgium, relied on an in-house application for EMRs. The application was continually plagued by degradations that could not be replicated or resolved. In this case study, learn how CRHC was able to identify and fix these degradation issues with the help of Skylight.


  • Case study: Hospital goes paperless and saves millions

    Enter this case study to find out how the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust utilized an enterprise information platform to save over a million pounds per year in manual records management, storage, and transportation costs.


  • Fraud Detection in Healthcare: a step-by-step guide to incorporating machine learning

    There are many AI-based use cases that span the healthcare industry, all with the goal of improving patient care. Access this white paper to learn the 3 basic types of anomalies that may be detected and to learn how to confront the challenges of fraud and anomaly detection with 4 AI and ML-based approaches.


  • The future of enterprise IT: Social, mobile, analytics and cloud

    Mobile and data technologies are allowing organisations to provide service levels not even dreamt of a few years ago. This guide looks at some examples of these technologies transforming organisations in Australia.


  • Top factors shaping IoT value: Location services and IoT data

    Learn about the key components of building an IoT-ready network – like updated access points and Bluetooth Low Energy – and find out how you can use location-based IoT technology to drive the IoT value cycle.


  • Top 10 Middle East stories of 2018

    With money to invest and well-educated populations, the region is using advanced technology to enhance business as well as the quality of life. Read this top 10 for more examples of digital transformation in the Middle East.


  • Hospital IoT and AI use cases, explored

    AI driven by healthcare's rich data, coupled with streams of user-specific data gathered by IoT, can enable better predictive analytics, enhanced outcomes, faster detection of illness and heightened patient self-awareness. Download a copy of this E-Guide to learn more about IoT use cases in healthcare.


  • CW Middle East ezine April 2018

    The Middle East region is on a path, or even fast track, to becoming a global digital hub. But any country or region heading in this direction will have some fundamentals to get right.


  • COVID-19 & collaboration in the UK: The present & the future

    The world may be at a standstill, but in the UK technology has seldom moved faster. Demand for cloud systems is rising during the pandemic, and as the country gradually emerges from its isolation, organizations will need guidance.Read this report from RingCentral for a glimpse at the effects of COVID-19 in the UK and an outlook on the future.


  • Kaspersky Lab's COVID-19 relief initiatives

    Amid the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s nice to know that there are companies out there offering resources and assistance to organizations heavily affected. Download this e-guide to unlock 2 articles highlighting current COVID-19 relief initiatives at Kaspersky Lab.


  • How end-to-end data protection reduces risk and increases resilience

    Legacy backup has been proven to slow down processes and limit data recovery capabilities. Access this e-book to learn about data availability and protection from HPE + Veeam built for hybrid environments, which leverages on-premises, virtual, and cloud platforms to fulfill each workload’s needs.


  • The 5 core areas of delivering a positive patient experience

    Healthcare providers are not immune to the customer experience revolution that has swept across many industries in the wake of technological advances. Download this white paper to uncover the 5 core areas of focus in delivering a positive patient experience and learn how ServiceNow can help strengthen patient engagement for improved care outcomes.


  • COVID-19 puts healthcare IoT's potential in the spotlight

    With the rapid and global spread of the COVID-19 virus, it is more vital than ever that healthcare organizations take advantage of technology available, such as healthcare IoT devices, to combat the spread of disease. Download this E-Guide to learn how the healthcare industry is finding new use cases for IoT – and what to expect in the near future.