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20 reasons to move your backup and DR to the cloud

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Top 4 benefits of cloud DR on AWS

The cost and complexity of legacy disaster recovery solutions has kept many organizations from deploying business continuity solutions to only a small subset of business applications—if at all.

However, simply retrofitting on-premises disaster recovery solutions to leverage the cloud does not resolve the complexity of managing on-premises hardware-based solutions.

Access this datasheet to discover the business and operational benefits of cloud disaster recovery on AWS, as well as to learn how it resolves the above challenges and how it works.

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  • How to keep your VMware environment protected

    Learn how you can achieve one-click simplicity for your VMware environment with seamless backup, archival, & DR using the cloud.

  • 7 practical cloud backup use cases

    For small businesses that lack dedicated IT resources to manage a data protection platform, and enterprise firms that lack the budget to implement truly comprehensive data protection, cloud-based backup and recovery offers an approachable alternative.

    This white paper describes the benefits, features, and capabilities of cloud-based backup and recovery, alongside recommendations for companies considering a cloud-based data protection solution.

    Access it now to discover:

    • A comparison of cloud backup options
    • 7 practical use cases
    • 7 best practices for implementing cloud backup
    • And more

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  • Under the hood: Cloud-native Hyper-V data protection

    Download this white paper to meet the data protection needs of virtualized environments like Hyper-V, using a cloud-native backup tool that unifies the backup and archival capabilities of these environments in the cloud, removing the burden of legacy infrastructure.


  • 4 steps to designing an effective DR plan

    The following paper will help you formulate an effective DR plan, with best practices, tools, and templates to keep in mind, and additionally introduces the advantages of integrating cloud-native backup and DRaaS into your plan. Read on now for the key takeaways to keep in mind as you evolve your company’s DR plans.


  • How major cosmetic company accelerates full backups by 60%

    Businesses using large amounts of data to make informed and intelligent business decisions know the power of protecting that data. Download this case study to see how Druva saved Amore Pacific 30% in TCO and significantly reduced backup times.


  • 7-point comparison of Druva vs. Carbonite

    Use this guide to evaluate and compare the features of two top-contending vendors, Druva and Carbonite, before making your decision. Download now to view the 7-category comparison and to identify the best backup/data protection solution for your business.


  • Cloud backup provides high-performance protection for Integreon

    On the lookout for a more scalable solution capable of tackling remote backup challenges and delivering high-performance protection, Integreon eventually landed on a cloud-based backup solution. Read this case study to view the results of Integreon’s installation.


  • End-to-end DR orchestration and workload mobility

    Without a single integrated orchestration point, managing an effective disaster recovery strategy can feel impossible. Continue reading to get a firsthand glimpse at Datrium's ControlShift DR and workload mobility platform to see how an end-to-end, single stack orchestration tool can help.


  • How software-defined storage fortifies BC/DR procedures

    The following white paper digs into how storage array replacement, mergers and acquisitions, cloud replication, multi-site metro clusters, and HCI could disrupt current BC/DR processes and how enterprises can use software-defined storage to fortify their BC/DR practices during these situations.


  • Testing traditional DR vs. alternative approaches (like cloud)

    This paper offers an alternative approach in which you can access all of your data (from on-prem or in the cloud) in the event of disaster without the cost or complexity of replicating and storing it from a different site. Data is also continually categorized and placed where need be for optimum performance. Read on for more.


  • Tips for preserving BC/DR as your storage evolves

    This resource offers easy-to-follow guidance on how to preserve your business continuity practices as your storage infrastructure evolves. Read it here to ensure your enterprise can confidently adapt recovery methods to new scenarios.


  • Keys to creating consistent operations across the multi-cloud

    This paper highlights an autonomous data platform that converges primary storage, backup, encryption, mobility, and DR to provide a consistent operating experience across multiple clouds and environments. Read on to learn how to eliminate product sprawl, workload immobility, and siloed data management in your organization.


  • 6 must-ask DR planning questions

    This exclusive, vendor-agnostic e-guide examines several questions enterprises should consider during DR planning. Download the guide to learn the answers to 6 BC/DR planning questions you might be afraid to ask, what are the pros and cons of on-premises disaster recovery?, and more.


  • 8 benefits of hybrid cloud backup

    Businesses that can find ways to shorten lengthy backup times or mitigate backup failures will be able to overcome challenges that will slow down their peers. Download this white paper for an overview of Cloudian's hybrid cloud backup and archive, which can help you do so.


  • An essential guide to cloud storage

    Cloud backup and disaster recovery services have matured and are now viable alternatives for enterprise data protection environments. Hybrid approaches can effectively integrate on-premises systems with cloud storage services.


  • Cloud primary storage vs. traditional DRaaS

    Access the paper here to explore the unique advantages cloud primary storage beings to disaster recovery (DR) and how it compares with more traditional DRaaS methods.


  • Step-by-step guide to implementing cloud-based DR

    In this exclusive e-guide, expert Brien Posey explains 6 steps and factors to consider when implementing cloud DR. Learn how to adapt this technology to fit your specific needs and find out more about each of these key considerations.


  • How cloud DR simplifies recovery for hybrid environments

    Recognizing the complexities associated with heterogeneous hybrid environments, this custom, TechTarget-produced white paper explains how cloud disaster recovery (DR) offers a cohesive data protection and recovery approach. Read on for the concrete benefits of cloud DR.


  • ClearSky Data vs. Rubrik for backup and DR

    Access this paper to see how competitive backup and DR vendor ClearSky Data compares to Rubrik. Inside you'll find a 12-point feature comparison, as well as a head-to-head breakdown of performance, physical footprint, scalability, cloud integration, and the cost of the two.


  • How to implement a successful DR plan for the cloud

    This e-guide recaps the keys to successful DR planning and explains why more and more companies are incorporating the cloud into this essential process. Discover six questions you should ask when evaluating providers and explore three types of cloud-based solutions to consider. Read on to learn more.


  • 10 tangible benefits of DRaaS

    This white paper introduces one method of unifying data protection across your on-prem and offsite environments: Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Read on to view 10 tangible benefits of DRaaS and for guidance on properly protecting all your workloads.


  • Moving beyond backup for modern data protection

    This exclusive e-book takes a look at how data protection is changing today. Download now to learn how and why backup is converging with other IT technologies and how copy data management differs from traditional backup.


  • Why the DRaaS market is heating up

    The following 451 Research report explains why the DRaaS market is heating up and examines a DRaaS solution that aims to eliminate multi-vendor complexity, deliver better TCO, and further reduce downtime. Read on to see how DRaaS could potentially benefit your business.


  • Disaster recovery has never been so easy or important

    Disaster recovery has never been more important because at the same time that digital transformation has made most modern enterprises entirely dependent on their IT systems to function, cyber attackers have stepped up their capabilities to go after sensitive data wherever it is found, with most IT leaders reporting major systems outages.


  • Nixing Cloud Data Protection Pain Points 101

    This expert E-Guide covers the pain points of cloud data protection and evaluates one vendor's response to the challenges of cloud data protection.


  • Inside: Protection built for hybrid data fabrics

    By downloading this paper, you’ll be privy to an integrated data protection solution suited for protecting your entire ecosystem with the ability to rapidly recover data and apps from ransomware, protect data created at the edge in ROBO and IoT environments, and more.


  • Disaster Recovery E-Brief

    Featuring a detailed list of everything you need to establish an effective DR strategy, this resource featuring expert Paul Kirvan has all of the information you need to get started developing and managing a successful DR plan. Read on for today's best practices and newest DR strategies.


  • Flash platform brings BC/DR to all-flash arrays

    This paper highlights a flash storage platform that integrates business continuance capabilities into its OS to provide comprehensive recovery for all critical apps, business data, and services. Access it here for more on the flash platform's features.


  • TRC Engineers Effective Information Management with Druva

    Download TRC Companies’ case study to learn how TRC managed to mitigate its merger and acquisitions woes with a cloud backup solution that offered a comprehensive answer to its data management challenges.


  • DR Planning: Top 10 tips

    This expert E-Guide explores the top ten DR tips from John Toigo to help navigate DR planning more efficiently and shows you how to justify your DR initiatives by analyzing critical DR data.


  • How object storage simplifies hybrid cloud management

    This e-book explains how object storage streamlines hybrid cloud management and ensures data can be located when and where it's needed, as well as the unique advantages object-based systems have over more traditional SAN and NAS. Read on to learn how object storage could potentially benefit your hybrid cloud environments.


  • Deconstructing 3 BC/DR models

    This resource deconstructs three BC/DR models. View it here to ensure you're using the model that best meets SLAs for your RTOs, RPOs, and every business process in your organization.


  • Remote office protection resolved with cloud backup

    Read syncreon's case study to discover how they achieved easy-to-manage data protection across all remote sites with a single solution that was designed to solve the unique challenges of remote office protection: cloud backup.


  • Checklist: 5 benefits of cloud data protection

    The following checklist details the top 5 benefits of cloud data protection and tips on making effective data protection and management decisions for your company. View now to decide for yourself if your company could benefit from cloud data protection.


  • Backup tool that supports DevOps and ransomware remediation

    Imagine having a backup system that not only mitigates data loss, establishes fast recovery, and minimizes risk, but also enables you to do more with your data like DevOps and ransomware remediation. Download the following datasheet to discover one such solution that’s flexible enough to accommodate your needs now and in the future.


  • Protect data from loss or compromise, anywhere

    Your organization is tasked with ensuring data security, regardless of how or where backup solutions are deployed. In this overview, see how your organization can receive end-to-end data security from Druva.


  • Public cloud: Technology overview and how it works

    This white paper analyzes public cloud technology and discusses how you can go about utilizing it in your own business. Find out how cloud is shifting enterprise IT paradigms and how public cloud is changing the way we approach data management and storage.


  • 9 must-know cloud DR terms

    The following e-guide is designed to help you on your cloud DR journey. Download it now to view 9 key terms and a comparison of public vs. purpose-built cloud DR to help you parse out the intricacies of these approaches and to choose the best one for your business.


  • Object storage's technical and financial benefits

    This e-book will help you evaluate object storage and determine if the technology is a good fit for your environment. Included inside are several resources to help you in the consideration and buying process, so download now to dig into object storage's technical and business benefits, 7 use cases, and more.


  • HCI confronts 8 database challenges: Results inside

    Download this database solutions pocket book to discover how HCI confronts 8 of the top challenges associated with databases, and can deliver the consistent performance, availability, scalability, and management that these workloads need.


  • Data management vs. the cloud

    Despite the initial hesitation, porting data management functions to the cloud can offer many benefits that on-premises infrastructure could never realize. Inside this 29-page eBook, find out what makes modern data management and the cloud so compatible.


  • Why 80% of businesses adopt cloud-first data protection

    If you're operating in the cloud, chances are that you're always looking for ways to optimize and gain an edge on your competitors with your cloud strategy. Download this cloud-strategy sheet where Forrester Research gives 4 unbiased recommendations for your own cloud-first data protection approach.


  • Solving multi-cloud backup and DR challenges

    Your master cloud strategy designed to create operational efficiencies can only be as effective as the tools backing up and protecting your cloud environments. Download this PDF which overviews Zerto's ability to protect applications a data workloads for on-premises or off-premises platforms, creating universal visibility.


  • Key requirements for cloud-native VMware backup

    This paper evaluates the requirements for VMware cloud-native backup and disaster recovery. Read on to learn how to overcome the challenges related to VM backup and to ensure your VMware environment is properly protected.


  • The benefits of backup and recovery on AWS

    Imagine being able to free your IT department of the burden of data protection hardware and software management. This e-book explores a backup and recovery solution built on AWS that can help your company do just that, as well as cut costs in half, streamline governance, and improve cyber resiliency.


  • Inside: DR plan for IBM operating systems

    Download the following datasheet to view a cloud-based DR solution that is uniquely positioned to help organizations reliant on the IBM i and IBM AIX operating systems protect business continuity, retain compliance, and strengthen security.


  • 6-step checklist for moving to cloud backup

    This checklist outlines 6 steps for successfully transitioning data protection operations to the cloud, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Download now to get started and ensure a smooth transition for your company.


  • 5 multi-cloud backup must-haves

    One option for consolidating multi-cloud backup processes is using cloud backup and DRaaS. Download this white paper to view five factors to consider in choosing the right cloud backup and DRaaS solution for your multi-cloud strategy.