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Unlocking Healthcare Transformation

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3 requirements needed of an imaging data storage system

The growing use of imaging technologies combined with even larger file or study sizes are driving greater demand for more resilient and cost-effective storage.

This coupled with new capacity demands, privacy concerns, and personal health records requirements in healthcare organizations places increased pressure on these internal IT teams and having anything but compliant, secure, consolidated storage isn’t an option.

Check out this datasheet to discover the 3 requirements an imaging storage system should meet and a single-tier storage solution, built on the hybrid cloud, that can do just that.

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  • AI’s impact on the healthcare sector: Real use cases

    Artificial intelligence has already made a massive impact on many industries. For the healthcare sector, however, AI technologies are quickly proving to be transformative to the very core.

    Dive into this technical white paper from NVIDIA and HPE to learn how cutting-edge GPU technology is powering an AI revolution within the healthcare world, amplifying human intelligence, generating deep learning insights in real-time, and much more.

  • How end-to-end data protection reduces risk and increases resilience

    There is no doubt that data protection in a hybrid IT world full of human error, malicious attacks, and natural disasters can be challenging.

    With that said, ensuring your data protection strategies can keep up with the performance, security, and resiliency of production storage is still critical, as is overcoming the limited capabilities of legacy recovery tools.

    Access this e-book to view data availability and protection built for modern hybrid environments from HPE + Veeam, which leverages on-premises, virtual, and cloud platforms to fulfill each workload’s recovery needs.

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  • Solve the top challenges to AI adoption

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    Healthcare organizations now require the flexibility of modern file storage to support and manage data and grow research initiatives and innovation. Access this datasheet to learn the 7 benefits of consolidating and unifying access with single, vendor-neutral archive for all medical images.


  • Do Your Life's Work from Anywhere

    With the introduction of NVIDIA’s remote work solutions powering AI capabilities, remote healthcare users can leverage deep, learning, data science, virtualization, and portability for dynamic work environments. Check out this white paper to learn how NVIDIA can lead to remote work success for your healthcare organization.


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    This 7 page buyer's guide looks at the future of electronic healthcare records, healthcare technology and the use of mobile technology.


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  • Healthcare data growth challenges and the challenges yet to come

    As healthcare technology ecosystems continue to evolve, so do the amount of related challenges – the most urgent being the massive explosion in data volumes. Continue reading to learn how real-world healthcare organizations and hospitals are addressing the challenges posed by unstructured data growth.


  • Education's future is in the cloud

    Education’s future is in the cloud—but for Hanyang University in South Korea, the cloud is in the university’s present with its current IT infrastructure in place. Read about the university’s path to the cloud in this quick report.


  • Computer Weekly – 23 October 2018: Where next for digital identity?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as the government hands its digital identity service, Verify, to the private sector, we examine the history and prospects for the troubled system. Our latest buyer's guide looks at cloud-native architecture. And we compare the flash storage capabilities of the leading cloud providers. Read the issue now.


  • The benefits of flexible finance

    Today, businesses are under pressure to update IT equipment with a limited budget and ensure faster project delivery. In this infographic, learn how Aruba and HPE flexible finance can help.


  • How APAC firms can slay the storage management beast

    The data deluge and compliance requirements are shaping how Asia-Pacific firms are approaching storage management issues in the age of cloud. Read about the strategies that MinterEllison and the Rehabilitation Institute of Singapore are using to minimise storage complexity and manage data growth.


  • 3 benefits of HPE 3PAR flash for hosted services provider

    Access this case study to learn about HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, the flash solution that service provider CGI implemented, and the 3 benefits it brough to their organization.


  • Data Analytics in Healthcare: Opportunities & Challenges

    In this e-guide, read about the promises of healthcare data analytics, the challenges faced by healthcare providers in digital transformation and what some cloud providers are doing to assuage the security concerns of cloud among healthcare service providers.


  • Fool-proofing medication trials with smart devices: Case study

    Ypsomed, a leading manufacturer of injection devices used to dispense medication in clinical trials, is well aware of the importance of medication adherence during trial programs. Dive into this case study to learn how Ypsomed utilized Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform, a cloud-based platform constructed with AWS, to tackle the challenge.


  • Providing all-flash data protection without sacrificing performance

    This white paper outlines further challenges that the all-flash data center presents, and from there, how to provide effective data protection in an all-flash data center without sacrificing the superior performance. Keep reading to learn how to increase AFA resiliency.


  • Achieve interoperability with the 21st Century Cures Act with Philips

    Access this white paper to learn about Philips HealthSuite digital platform, a solution that provides a comprehensive set of tools and services designed to advance this process with the capability to connect devices, collect electronic health data, aggregate and store data securely, analyze data, and create solutions in a cloud environment.


  • Essential Guide: Optimising hybrid IT infrastructure

    In this essential guide, we include articles looking at best practice and key technologies in server, storage, networks, DevOps and hyperconverged systems to make the most of your hybrid IT.


  • Healthcare and data governance: Why the cloud presents unique solutions

    Even as data revolutionizes healthcare delivery, methodology, and diagnostics, hospitals and other healthcare clinics find themselves relying on rigid and outdated data infrastructure. Read on to learn how cloud data management can eliminate these regulatory compliance issues, among other benefits it offers healthcare professionals.


  • How healthcare organizations benefit from the cloud

    In this white paper, find out how healthcare organizations depend on UCaaS to provide up-to-date technology and deliver productivity benefits to improve customer satisfaction.


  • 5 ways to build a patient-centric data sharing platform

    It’s no secret that many modern hospitals still operate using a mixture of paper records and proprietary data storage systems. Inside this guide, uncover the five key principles for creating an effect and patient-centric data sharing platform without the silos of traditional patient data.


  • Video conferencing technology: The benefits and challenges in the healthcare industry

    As healthcare organizations embrace modern workplace trends, they need flexible collaboration tools that meet their needs both today and tomorrow. In this white paper, learn about the benefits and challenges of modern video conferencing technologies in the healthcare industry.


  • CX in healthcare: 5 strategies from other sectors

    When it comes to customer experience management, healthcare organizations can learn from other companies and industries — and adapt modified strategies to their unique environments. Download this white paper for 5 CX strategies from other industries that can be used to boost patient experience in healthcare.


  • Manage unstructured clinical content in four steps

    As the volume and diversity of healthcare data networks grow, providers are struggling to manage the influx of clinical content that includes medical images, notes, and more. Discover a roadmap for creating an effective, cost-efficient clinical content management strategy that tackles the challenges posed by unstructured clinical content head on.


  • Virtual care only works with the right video tech in place

    In this white paper, learn about video conferencing technology that can provide the functionality you need for successful virtual care.


  • Why the NHS would recommend Alfresco for digitally enable care

    As healthcare providers like the NHS seek to modernize even as they navigate unprecedented challenges, they need modern solutions for modern problems. Perhaps most importantly, the NHS needed a safe, reliable, way to store and access patient information. Keep reading to learn how Alfresco provided the NHS with a quality content management solution.


  • Global lessons in eHealth implementation

    This report from KPMG, packed with case studies, looks at the drivers for innovation in e-health.


  • The rising importance of IT security in healthcare

    This paper, IT Security in Healthcare, examines the extensive IT security ecosystems present in hospitals – infrastructure, software, systems, terminal devices, and more. Inside, you’ll find strategies and recommendations for improving security capabilities. Download this paper now to learn more.


  • Why 63% of businesses are exploring hybrid IT

    Is hybrid IT truly going to give you the best control over your data access? In this fireside chat paper, you'll learn how to enhance your hybrid IT data management, and take the risk off your shoulders through an HPE and Veeam backup and availability solution.


  • The future of enterprise IT: Social, social, mobile, analytics and cloud

    Cloud and data technologies are allowing organizations to provide service levels not even dreamt of a few years ago. This guide looks at some examples of these technologies transforming organizations in South-East Asia.


  • How to simplify the management of your distributed enterprise

    In this white paper, learn about the benefits of implementing a cloud-managed network and why it can help support DX.


  • Computer Weekly – 7 August 2018: How digital is driving golf to the connected course

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how one of the most traditional of sports, golf, is turning to technology to engage a new audience and build the connected course. Industry legend Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley discusses skills, diversity in tech and Brexit fears. And we assess four of the biggest cloud storage providers. Read the issue now.


  • Specialty steel manufacturer makes use of deep learning

    Daido Steel’s R&D branch began utilizing deep learning to identify new opportunities within materials production. Inside this case study, learn more about how Daido Steel harnesses artificial intelligence and deep learning models to improve their materials development processes.


  • Outcome-based analytics is attainable for healthcare: Here's how

    Access this paper to learn how, with Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and Tableau, healthcare providers and payers can ensure governance by building a single source of truth to power visual analytics across their organizations.


  • Managed detection & response: Identify & stop intruders, faster

    As cyberattacks continue to increase in volume and complexity, organizations are turning to security service providers for managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities. This white paper highlights the key features of Critical Insight Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and provides a breakdown of use cases across several industries.


  • Embedded analytics in healthcare: Insights to improve patient care

    Embedded analytics in healthcare systems can bring insights to clinical, financial and operational departments that lead to reduced costs, optimized processes and high-quality care. Read this white paper for more information on Qlik embedded analytics to discover if it could be the analytics solution for you.


  • Secure, compliant cloud designed for clinical trial execution

    Clinical trials are under constant pressure to become more efficient and cost effective. Take a closer look at the Phillips Clinical Trial Accelerator (CTA), a healthcare privacy and security compliant cloud solution designed to minimize the complexity and costs often associated with clinical trial data collection and analysis processes.


  • Case study: Liverpool Heart and Chest builds their way to HIMSS Stage 7

    Inside this case study, find out how LHCH built a highly secure and universal patient information repository using OnBase enterprise content management, enabling multi-source documents and data to be accessed from outside the electronic patient record.