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The Essential Elements of a Modern B2B Architecture

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The B2B Buyer Persona Framework

With B2B insight, marketing can focus on clear business needs and value propositions and ensure that messaging is targeted and compelling.

In this B2B Buyer Persona Framework, explore:

  • How B2B buyers differ from B2C personas
  • B2B functional attributes
  • B2B emotive attributes
  • And much more

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  • Scale & secure your B2B transactions

    Trying to reduce fixed costs when managing B2B transactions while struggling to keep up with new security and compliance requirements is a problem IT leaders face far too often.

    Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B Integration is a pay-as-you-go subscription service that lets you outsource all or a portion of your B2B/EDI operations to cloud experts. This brings benefits like:

    • A cost optimized B2B infrastructure
    • A streamlined migration
    • Flexible business capabilities

    Access this flyer to learn more.

  • Why are companies depending on intent data?

    What is B2B intent data and how can it help your organization?

    Inside, get a crash course on B2B intent data. Learn how B2B intent data can help your organization glean actionable insights, and uncover:

    • What is real purchase intent data
    • Top intent data use cases today
    • The ROI of purchase intent data
    • And more

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  • What to know about buying groups

    B2B technologies and processes should reflect how B2B buyers buy — as buying groups. In this brief, discover how organizations can operationalize buying groups using currently available sales force automation (SFA) system functionality.


  • How B2B sales have changed post-COVID-19

    In a recent DocuSign survey, B2B sales teams said they expect about half of deals to be purely remote after the pandemic, up from just one-third before COVID-19. Download this research report for more insight into how the pandemic has changed B2B sales, and how teams are adapting with new technologies.


  • Research Brief: Exploring the buyer signals framework

    In this Forrester brief, learn about the SiriusDecisions B2B Buyer Signals Framework and how it helps organizations identify the required signals and signal sensors for executing successful marketing programs and tactics.


  • Don’t leave MFT & B2B EDI behind in your move to the cloud

    As organizations rush to complete their digital transformations, mostly centered around migrating to the cloud, many forget to check that their MFT and B2B/EDI operations won’t be negatively affected. This article explores how you can make a smoother transition to the cloud while preserving your MFT and B2B connections as you do so. Read it here.


  • Scale your EDI in cloud with a B2B integration platform

    The complexity of your legacy B2B transaction systems are not worth holding onto any longer. A managed cloud solution is the answer to this growing problem. This article explains why it’s time to outsource your EDI flows to a fully managed B2B integration platform in the cloud and how you can get started with this process. Access the article here.


  • Axway’s B2B integration platform: All you need to know

    Axway B2B integration platform provides a secure, API-enabled approach to EDI that lets you respond faster to evolving business demands. The platform provides benefits like reduced manual involvement and improved response times thanks to DevOps-friendly configuration and low-code/no-code integrations. Access this brief to learn more.


  • 4 planning assumptions for B2B content marketing

    To be effective in 2021 and prepare for the future, Forrester says that B2B marketing organizations must increase the efficiency and adaptability of their content engines. Explore the four planning assumptions that B2B marketing organizations should integrate into their content strategy in this research brief.


  • 3 Steps to authentic connections in B2B

    In today’s B2B marketplace, buyers no longer fall prey to one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns and pushy sales calls. Authenticity is key—and webinars and videos are key to achieving the human touch. They're also consistently ranked as the top performing content marketing tactics. Explore the 3 steps to authentic connections in B2B here.


  • Delivering on the promise of intent

    The B2B tech market is going through a transformation as marketers and sellers adapt to new types of data, new technologies and new processes. Now, companies are trying purchase intent data but are unsure of how to adjust or optimize effectively to deliver better results faster. Watch this webinar to learn how to address these challenges head-on.


  • Account-based selling: What you need to know

    In this brief, explore the concept of account-based selling in the B2B market, and learn how to define the conditions that must be in place to realize the desired return on effort and investment. Download the brief here to start learning.


  • 6 steps to building, executing, and scaling smarter ABM

    TechTarget has already helped hundreds of tech vendors leverage intent data to power the most important elements of their ABM programs and achieve real success - read this e-book for 6 practical steps to help you build, execute, and scale smarter ABM.


  • Why falling lead conversion rates matter less than you think they do

    In this brief, explore how individual lead counts and conversion metrics can distract organizations from producing pipeline and revenue, and how buying-group-aware measures enabled by the Demand Unit Waterfall™ can provide a more meaningful evaluation of the health of the B2B revenue engine.


  • A new approach to persona thinking: Capture real demand and buyers

    In this e-book, “Evolving Persona Thinking to Win More Business,” we discuss how to use prospect-level intent data to engage buying groups in target accounts so you can identify and capture real demand, real opportunities, and real buyers by eliminating gaps in your tactical execution.


  • Driving sales growth with B2B digital commerce

    SOLARWATT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power storage devices, wanted to be able to sell products directly from its website from any device and reduce the amount of manual employee work related to customer orders. Explore this case study to learn how OSF Digital helped them implement Salesforce B2B Commerce to achieve their goals.


  • 5 challenges in B2B search and the solutions to combat them

    Due to the standard set for customer experiences, over 70% of B2B buyers expect a personalized experience from all websites that they use for online shopping. With consumers wanting more from businesses, it’s important to be able to assess challenges and understand how exactly to meet those standards. Access the guide to learn how.


  • Practical ways to turbocharge marketing and sales with intent data

    Many companies are trying out purchase intent data, but are unsure of how to adjust or optimize what they’re doing to deliver better results faster. View this webinar for an insightful discussion reflecting first-hand input from dozens of B2B providers on how they are tackling these challenges head-on.


  • Unlock the power of intent data

    Intent data can help you prioritize accounts by capturing prospect activities and gauging the level of purchase interest. In this e-book, “Understanding Intent Data,” we detail the basics of intent data and show how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.


  • How practical applications of intent drive better sales and marketing performance

    With this 3-part ebook, discover how purchase intent data can help your organization gain a competitive advantage in your specific markets. Learn how to evaluate practical applications of B2B purchase intent data for marketing, sales, and ABM. And explore how intent data can help your organization capture more demand, accelerate sales, and more.


  • 5 key criteria to identify real intent data and make it actionable

    Simply adopting a CRM system doesn’t guarantee better customer relationships. The data you put into the system matters. In this e-book, Patricia Anton, founder of Anton Consulting, Inc. discusses how you can bring together data, human processes and technology to create a competitive advantage.


  • 2022 European IT Priorities Infographic: Pandemic Impact & Major Trends

    In this infographic, based on research from Computer Weekly of over 850 European B2B IT buyers, learn the impact of the pandemic on the future of IT projects.  In addition, get an overview on the major trends facing the European market in 2022 such as the cloud first trend and the move to automation.


  • 4 key stages of successful demand generation

    Download this demand generation guide to understand the 4 stages of demand generation and the KPIs that go with them.


  • 2022 European IT Priorities Infographic: Budgets and Buying Patterns

    In this infographic, based on research from Computer Weekly of over 850 European B2B IT buyers, learn what projects are falling to the top of the buying order for 2022.   In addition, get stats on budgets changes for 2022 [compared to 2021], as well as an update on buying trends for the next 12 months.


  • ABM 2.0: 3 paths to more productive revenue capture

    In this white paper, explore how changes in B2B interaction are impacting relationship-creation and how you can use intent data to connect buyers to the solutions they need. Download today to see how you can transition to ABM 2.0 and become a key player in the enablement of both high-velocity and field sales teams.


  • Get access to the active, opted-in prospects you need

    More than half of B2B brands say they rely on purchase intent data, yet research suggests most marketers lack access to the people actually exhibiting intent. Watch this video to see how TechTarget’s publisher-based model provides access to the active, opted-in prospects you need to hit your KPIs and grow your business.


  • Buying committees: Understanding key roles

    In B2B, when you market and sell to organizations, you will likely be working with members of a buying committee both directly and “behind the scenes.” Download this expert guide to explore the 3 categories of people that commonly make up buying teams, and learn how to design a strategy that can address their differing expectations.


  • New research for benchmarking and roadmapping your ABM journey

    As account-based marketing (ABM) evolves, so too do the ways leading organizations implement it. In this research report, learn about successful B2B ABM practitioner experiences, successes, and struggles. Glean insight into ABM strategies, and explore the profile of a successful ABM program.


  • 6 trends that affect the priorities of demand and ABM leaders for 2021

    Disruptions to the B2B buying process—as a result of COVID-19—offer a unique opportunity for demand and account-based marketing (ABM) leaders improve their strategies. Learn how to bring this potential to life and drive growth for your organization in this Forrester brief.


  • Achieve better ABM engagement using programmatic webinars

    Explore in this e-book why teams struggle with the shifts ABM requires of them, and discover a methodology by which they can drive substantive success with thoughtful, programmatic implementation of webinar series.


  • 5 steps for a more structured approach to cross-selling & upselling

    Download this research brief to explore a new 5-step approach for implementing a more structured and consistent approach to cross-selling and upselling.


  • Empower sellers with the resources they need to improve customer engagement

    To address customer needs effectively, sellers need data-driven insights that can help them configure their solutions and deliver the most relevant marketing content in real time. Download this solution brief to learn about StorySlab, and how it can help you deliver the right content and insights at the point of interaction.


  • From leads to buying groups: How to shift your focus

    In B2B organizations, shifting the focus from individual leads in the demand process to buying groups and demand units represents a major change. Download this white paper to learn how to leverage the teleservices team as the first step in an incremental evolution from individual leads to buying groups.


  • Computer Weekly – 29 May 2018: Tech's role in tackling humanitarian crises

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we learn about how mobile connectivity is a lifeline for Syrian refugees in Turkey, thanks to the mobile network operators in that country. And our latest buyer's guide examines how modern network security enables digital transformation at a range of companies. Read the issue now.


  • How to generate high-quality leads for your sales team

    In this e-book, “Digital Demand Generation,” part of a new series, Digital Skills Acceleration, we discuss how more intelligent content syndication can drive results in the short term and set you up for long-term success. Check it out now.


  • Mapping B2B content at every stage of the funnel

    In this eBook, explore the new B2B sales funnel and learn how you can build a content library to meet your buyer’s needs. Download now to learn more.


  • Getting to know the ISO 27001 standard

    ISO 27001 is an information security standard designed and regulated by the International Organization for Standardization, and while it isn’t legally mandated, it is the price of admission for B2B business across security-conscious industries. Download this e-book to get started on your ISO 27001 certification journey.


  • Nurturing 3rd-party leads with email marketing

    More than half of B2B buyers will end sales calls if reps don’t know enough about their companies. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid plan for nurturing third-party leads. Download this eBook for tips on how you can use email marketing to nurture third-party leads.


  • Guide to designing a webinar program that drives ABM engagement

    Explore this e-book, to access expert insights into why teams often struggle to make the shifts ABM requires of them and a methodology to help you drive substantive success with thoughtful, programmatic implementation of webinar series.


  • Today's Empowered B2b Buyer - The Evolving Buyer Journey

    With fewer opportunities to meet with prospective customers and customers spending less time per meeting with vendors or suppliers, it's critical for sales organizations to optimize the engagement experience between the seller and buyer. Download this white paper for a closer look at B2B buyer preferences and behaviors.


  • 6 blind spots to fix for improved market targeting

    Whether you're a CMO or a demand gen specialist, all B2B marketers share the same problem: inbound funnels don't collect enough real demand. Download this e-guide to learn how better insights on available demand in a market allows you to convert more active accounts and prospects, improving ROI.


  • Lead scoring and action triggers: How to increase effectiveness

    Download this exclusive guide to learn about a new method of lead scoring that uses automation to more accurately gauge where a customer is in the buyer lifecycle.


  • How to move towards a customer-driven lifecycle

    How does your organization plan on keeping up with changing buyer behaviors? In this e-book, learn how a customer-driven lifecycle can help bridge the gap between past and present buyer behaviors, and explore how TechTarget can help you keep up with these revolutionary changes.


  • The 3 Ps for ABM revenue at scale

    In this e-book, “Focusing on the 3 Ps for ABM Revenue at Scale,” we discuss how you can implement ABM 2.0 to better inform your marketing efforts and meet your sales team’s needs.


  • Exploring B2B tech buyer content preferences and behavior in 2021

    Join VP of Market Insights Jon Brown as he dives deep into TechTarget’s 2021 North American Media Consumption research to deliver essential insight for refining content and engagement strategies for maximum impact. Get the buyer intelligence you need to make more shortlists and accelerate key deals in your market.


  • Expanding your security footprint to third parties

    We’re constantly reminded that attack surfaces are bigger than just a company’s own data and apps. Hackers have taught everyone that your partners and vendors with access to your data can be breached just as easy. To learn how to have a secure relationship with your business partners, read on.


  • Why you’re missing revenue opportunity in marketing & sales

    Access this webcast to learn how using the latest intent data and AI-driven technologies can transform their productivity and yields from a market, an ICP, or a set of named ABM accounts.


  • Why end-to-end communication matters in transportation and logistics

    In this white paper, learn how unified communication systems can help to give transportation and logistics organizations an edge in today’s accelerated shipping environment.


  • How ISRs can improve sales appointments with purchase intent intelligence

    Download this white paper to learn how ISRs can use purchase intent intelligence to improve appointment rates, and uncover a few critical ingredients for your organization to see similar results.