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Blueprint for Future Digital Workplace Of "Intelligent Me"

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The most vulnerable devices on your network &how to protect them

Keeping on top of your device security is a constant, thankless job. And with shifting workplace locations, it is even more difficult for IT admins to secure their network across hundreds of endpoints. Printers pose a significant risk for many companies as an endpoint with many different users and often holding sensitive data.

Read this white paper to learn how to layer defenses and build strong network security for your organization.

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  • Top 12 Reasons to Buy HPE Nimble Storage

    HPE Nimble Storage delivers an industry-leading customer experience. It transforms operations with artificial intelligence (AI) that predicts and prevents disruptions and self-optimizes application performance and resources.

    Read on to view 12 reasons enterprises are investing in this technology.

    Brought to you by HPE and Intel®.

  • Guide your hybrid transformation with this print strategy

    Transitioning to a hybrid workplace adds more risks to security measures and raises an important question: how to handle paper-based processes. For example, 83% of companies see printers for remote workers as a priority, yet 21% of ITDMS say they are completely confident in the security of their print infrastructure.

    In this infographic from HP, quickly grasp the scope of the print service industry and how your organization could benefit from HP’s print strategy.

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  • Avoid losing $1.7 million an hour: HPE’s guide to disaster recovery

    What does it cost in lost revenue if a customer-facing system is unavailable? What is the lost productivity cost if your communication systems fail? What if power fails in the data center, taking the center offline? What happens next? To avoid these crises, check out HPE's white paper on modern best practices for surviving data center disasters.


  • Boost your IT agility with HPE Nimble Storage

    It’s time to elevate your storage experience with a platform that helps ensure apps are always-on and always fast. Explore this product overview from HPE to learn how you can boost IT agility with intelligence that helps optimize performance and data services that extend across hybrid cloud with Nimble Storage.


  • Solve the top challenges to AI adoption

    Did you know that spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $79.2 billion in 2022? This infographic provides a quick look at the AI statistics and figures you need to know, as well as potential AI roadblocks and steps to take to succeed with this strategy.


  • HCI for the edge from HPE

    Check out this infographic to learn about HPE SimpliVity, a simple, intelligent, all-in-one HCI solution for the Edge that streamlines IT operations, enables VM management and mobility in seconds across dispersed locations, and provides built-in data efficiency and protection.


  • How HPE can push your digital transformation journey

    Cloud, flash, insatiable data growth and massive infrastructure complexity can slow down data storage investments and hold back organizations in digital transformation journeys. Read on to learn how Timeless Storage for HPE Nimble Storage can help you future-proof your storage investment to deliver value and performance for today and tomorrow.


  • Top 10 Reasons to Buy HPE Primera

    One of the world's most intelligent storage options for mission-critical apps combines autonomous operations with extreme resiliency and performance. Click here to learn about HPE Primera.


  • 5 key considerations for your Managed Print Services RFP

    Organizations around the world have faced sudden, disruptive changes that have impacted the way their people work, and they need location-agnostic collaboration and workflow solutions – such as a managed print ecosystem. However, there are 5 considerations to have front-of-mind when choosing a MPS vendor. Download now to learn more.


  • Delivering transformed compute foundations with HPE

    In 2020, the economic value of DX represented almost $19 trillion—an amount equivalent to 20% of the global GDP. HPE is here to help your enterprise keep up with this market trend; check out this infographic to see how HPE can create a workload-optimized and as-a-service experience for your complete hybrid IT estate.


  • HPE Superdome Flex 280: ensuring scalable and secure compute

    Digital transformation has become a chief priority for modern enterprises, and with customer experience becoming the new battleground, your digital landscape needs to be a game changer. Check out this infographic to see how HPE Superdome Flex 280 can deliver flexible, scalable, and reliable compute for your enterprise.


  • Your quick start to HCI scalability for digital transformation

    IT leaders are facing challenges such as lack of skillsets and legacy IT systems, slowing down their ability to support digital transformation project deployments. Read this white paper to learn why IT organizations must take a fresh look at their infrastructure investments—both cloud and on-premises HCI.


  • Learn new IT priorities for a new normal

    As organizations transition to a hybrid workplace, it can be easy to overlook key security precautions. Read this white paper to secure your company’s transition to a hybrid workplace and identify your new IT priorities.


  • The age of AI: Data challenges vs. opportunities

    Innovations like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are putting some powerful tools in the hands of business users – but data management and storage haven't kept up. In this resource, learn how you can turn data challenges into business opportunities.


  • How HCI 2.0 eliminates the issues of its predecessor

    Traditional HCI has a poor track record when workloads, and their growth paths, are less predictable. Examine the details of HCI 2.0 in this e-book, including the features of this next-gen architecture and how it has evolved to suit more dynamic workloads and scaling.


  • Achieve the flexibility needed for true industry 4.0 operations with HPE

    Access this IDC Technology Spotlight to learn why existing factory automation is holding back Industry 4.0, how edge computing can free automation from silos, see what software-defined automation at the edge looks like, and discover how HPE can help.


  • Asset digitization at the edge with HPE

    Examine this IDC Technical Spotlight to learn how HPE helps organization digitize their assets at the edge, allowing them to connect and analyze data across the operational enterprise.


  • As-a-service playbook for CIOs

    In traditional environments, it’s difficult to predict how much infrastructure will be needed in the future. That is one of the main advantages of the as-a-service model, the ability to scale on demand, optimizing cost in the process. Download this white paper to save a copy of this as-a-service playbook for CIOs.


  • Explore the tangible benefits of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

    HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric allows a digital transformation from edge to cloud. Here are some global enterprises who utilised Ezmeral to provide better analytics, detect anomalies and attacks, and support analytics as a service. Read on to discover more benefits these organisations saw from Ezmeral, including over $6 million in savings.


  • How to build an intelligent data strategy

    Game-changing innovations, like AI and intelligence-driven ops, are providing huge opportunities for the strategic use of data. This guide shines a light on the value of intelligence-driven data management.


  • Accelerating analytics with a unified experience

    By creating a unified data experience, HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics accelerates analytics in disparate data architectures. Read this product overview to learn how you can increase data and scientific teams’ productivity with unified data, no matter where it resides or what state in is in.


  • Big data and analytics platform fuels success across industries

    HPE Ezmeral, an open data and analytics platform built to capitalize on your enterprise data, is allowing organisations to spend less time on IT operations and more time on innovation. Check out this collection of testimonials to learn how this platform changing the lives of data scientists, business analysts, and IT pros around the world.


  • Improve EHR ecosystem savings and performance with HPE Greenlake

    Download this TEI summary report to learn about HPE GreenLake and how they provide platform and infrastructure services that allow organizations to operate their IT on-premises — thus helping them to meet regulatory requirements — while enjoying the accessibility and cost savings of public cloud.


  • Cool your power-hungry equipment with HPE

    As components grow ever more power-hungry, IT leaders are struggling to adequately power and cool IT equipment in traditional and colocated air-cooled data centers. Check out HPE's white paper to find out how you can supplement your existing system to get the cooling capacity your data center requires.


  • CIO's guide to data & application modernization

    Today’s enterprise needs insights on demand, at any scale, and at any location, which means that data must be processed and analyzed from edge environments to multiple clouds. Read this white paper to learn how you can meet these ambitious data goals in a safe and secure way.


  • eBook: Intelligent data and the AI-driven enterprise

    Over the next few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning will infuse just about every aspect of the modern business, and succeeding in this brave new world of IT means becoming an intelligent enterprise. This resource examines what this transition looks like and how you can get started on your journey.


  • Unix-to-Linux Migration

    Get a step-by-step approach for data center managers that covers everything from making the business case to getting the best training. Sections in this IT Handbook include training staff to manage linux environments and much more.


  • Web-facing applications: Security assessment tools and strategies

    Read this expert E-guide to find out how you can properly asses web application threats and the tools your organization can use for protection. Learn how to mitigate likely web application threats and how you can ensure your business is protected.


  • 103-page report on API management and security solutions

    As the adoption of APIs continues to increase, the need for strategic API management and security solutions has grown exponentially. Access this 103-page KuppingerCole Leadership report which provides an overview of vendor solutions in the market and recommendations for finding the products that address your API requirements most efficiently.


  • Is Microsoft email security enough, or do you need another layer of security?

    According to Gartner, the continued increase in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email requires a re-evaluation of email security controls and processes. Access this white paper to learn how Trustifi aims to provide enhanced protection for your native email security providers.


  • Propel: A modular fiber platform for the future of data centers

    There’s been a rapid migration to higher speed data rates over the past several years, mainly due to the need to increase capacity and responsiveness in data centers. Read this interview to learn about CommScope’s offering Propel, an end-to-end, modular fiber platform capable of generating the high speeds modern data centers require.


  • SOAR: Are you ready?

    Enterprises of all sizes are facing the same challenges: too many security alerts, siloed tools and teams and manual incident response processes. But, there’s efficiency to be gained by adopting SOAR at the higher end of the small and medium-sized business scale. Read this e-book to explore the details of a webinar covering the benefits of SOAR.


  • 4 essential tips to add print to your cloud ecosystem

    Hybrid work, powered by the cloud, is quickly taking over every workflow and process. But print is still a necessary part of many of those processes. Get 4 essential tips for adding print to your cloud ecosystem in this white paper.


  • Seamless printing for hybrid work: A use case

    Read this white paper to learn how HP’s print solution for hybrid workforces can benefitboth IT teams and the end user.


  • Cloud-connected print solutions for your hybrid workflows

    Take a look at this white paper for advice on how to manage your print needs in a hybrid workforce, including key benefits and a use case that could fit your organization.


  • BluVector ATD Gen3 Systems

    Tap into this technical data sheet to learn about BluVector Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) and how it comes in several formats to meet the demands, needs or requirements of your organization.


  • BluVector Advanced Threat Detection: Gen3 high data rate systems

    BluVector Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) helps deliver fast and accurate malware detection that doesn’t rely upon rules or signatures. Open this data sheet to learn all the technical specifications of BluVector ATD.


  • A print solution that is cost-efficient and flexible: HP SBR

    Access this white paper to explore HP’s Strategic Business Reviews (SBR), a print solution that optimizes an organization’s fleet for hybrid work and tracks business impact so adjustments can be made when necessary.


  • Channel market update: the world of print

    The threat of the paperless office is as far away as ever and for now there are plenty of choices for those looking to sell printer technology. This guide will provide an update on some of the recent activities by vendors on the hardware front as well as looking into the managed print service world.


  • How to evolve your network infrastructure

    As demand for online services and platforms surges and data traffic volume explodes, data centers (DCs) can be built to satisfy a wide range of needs and requirements. Gartner predicts that, by 2025, 80 % of enterprises will migrate entirely away from on-premises DCs. Read this e-book to learn how an evolved infrastructure is essential today.


  • Why a passwordless future begins with credential management

    Access this white paper to learn how credential management can support your organization’s efforts to go passwordless, furthering zero trust initiatives and improving your overall security posture.


  • How MSPs can adapt to the growing share of Apple devices within your network

    As Apple macOS has increasingly gained market share and Mac adoption in the enterprise continues to grow, it’s increasingly necessary that you’ll need to provide device management for Apple products in your managed networks. Access this short e-book to learn everything you need to know about mastering Apple device management within your service.


  • Cloud productivity with Microsoft 365

    Download this paper to learn about implementation services for cloud productivity with Microsoft 365 – opening up a new way that your employees can securely and efficiently get work done in the hybrid workplace.


  • How to secure your employees’ home printing

    Explore a common scenario emerging from a hybrid work transition and the benefits of HP’s print services in this white paper.


  • Make the most of automation in a virtualized server environment

    In this guide, find out specific goals and key processes to address before implementing an automated server virtualization platform. Access now to learn about the benefits of automation in 3 main areas: compliance, provisioning and configuration.


  • Top 3 print challenges of hybrid work

    Find out how to successfully navigate the hybrid work transformation in this white paper from HP, which highlights the top 3 print challenges of hybrid work and how to solve them.


  • Re-tooling the data center to accelerate deployment

    The costs and complexities of designing and deploying modern data centers are growing. The technologies being developed to accomplish these tasks are creating daunting challenges for data center managers, especially at the hyperscale and cloud-based level. Download this white paper to find out how Commscope are tackling the issue.


  • Optimize your Postgres configuration and tuning

    In order to get the most from your PostgreSQL and EBD Postgres instances, you need to make sure they are properly configured and tuned. Access these expert recommendations to learn how EnterpriseDB recommends you set up authentication layers, govern resource usage, tune queries, and more.


  • 3 risks of leaving hybrid workers to their own devices

    Many organizations have instituted policies that allow work-from-home employees to use their own home printers for work purposes. However, many hidden risks and issues have emerged as a result of these policies. Read this white paper to learn more about these risks and the best solutions to successfully deploy a hybrid work print environment.