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Hardware-virtualized GPU: the solution to your VDI deployment

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AI creates better healthcare tests, drugs, and therapies

Simple, scalable, and optimized HPE and NVIDIA solutions for better tests, drugs, therapies, and personalized healthcare.

Read this technical white paper to learn more about AI-enabled breakthrough genomics.

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  • HPE’s look into the transformative impact of genomics

    Next-generation sequencing technologies have revolutionised the field of genomics, fueling growth in biotechnology organisations worldwide. But rapid growth in production simultaneously requires significant compute capabilities.

    To meet these needs, NVIDIA and HPE have developed a 76x improvement in the throughput performance of whole genome sequencing workflows compared to traditional platforms. On top of this flagship HPC offering, HPE provides unique compute capabilities for an end-to-end solution on-premises, hybrid, or as a service.

    Check out this white paper to learn how HPE solutions help simplify system management, reduce costs and complexity, and scale to deliver excellent performance.

  • Accelerating AI Adoption: Mapping your journey to success

    AI is more popular than ever, as evidenced by the fact that the number of businesses with AI investments has grown by 270% in the last 4 years according to Gartner.

    But many companies are finding it easy to spend money, and hard to find success, when it comes to AI.

    That’s because AI requires a significant level of planning, dedicated infrastructure, and wholehearted employee buy-in to produce the ROI many hope for.

    Read on to learn how to plan and accelerate the adoption of AI technologies within your company; and learn how NVIDIA and HPE can help you get there.

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  • Power your enterprise’s HPC needs with HPE

    Data centers are changing dramatically as demand for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI skyrockets. As HPC and AI needs are fueling major improvements in data processing and computation, modern enterprises find themselves needing powerful support. Read HPE's white paper and find out how HPE solutions meet your enterprise's demands for HPC.


  • Cool your power-hungry equipment with HPE

    As components grow ever more power-hungry, IT leaders are struggling to adequately power and cool IT equipment in traditional and colocated air-cooled data centers. Check out HPE's white paper to find out how you can supplement your existing system to get the cooling capacity your data center requires.


  • How to make Kubernetes easy

    Although a powerful and well-accepted standard method for orchestrating containerized workloads, most users of Kubernetes will describe it as a steep learning curve and not exactly user friendly. Read this white paper to learn how HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise aims to solve this problem.


  • GPU acceleration for data intensive processing

    In this e-guide, we consider using parallel computing software libraries and frameworks like cuDNN for developing deep learning neural networks for machine learning applications.


  • HPE Superdome Flex 280: ensuring scalable and secure compute

    Digital transformation has become a chief priority for modern enterprises, and with customer experience becoming the new battleground, your digital landscape needs to be a game changer. Check out this infographic to see how HPE Superdome Flex 280 can deliver flexible, scalable, and reliable compute for your enterprise.


  • How Weka’s AI reference architecture improves NVIDIA DGX systems

    To architect a high-performance, accessible, scalable AI solution, WekaIO and NVIDIA designed a reference architecture with excellent linear scaling for training workloads. Read on to discover how organizations can scale compute and storage resources to multi-rack configurations with predictable performance and meet any AI/ML workload requirements.


  • Intelligent analytics improves product quality at the edge

    Access this solution overview to learn more about intelligent video analytics from HPE and NVIDIA, a full-stack solution that applies GPU-accelerated video analytics and machine learning to inspect the configurations and properties of product components, improving the accuracy of detecting defects and boosting your QA processes.


  • Unlock the benefits of high-performance computing

    Health and life sciences organizations need to be able to process, analyze and store vast amounts of data from edge to cloud, without needing to manage their own infrastructure. Read this product overview to learn how you can leverage the HPE GreenLake platform to take advantage of flexible, high-performance computing.


  • One startup uses AI to improve breast cancer detection

    Download this case study to learn how AI is improving the level of patient care delivered for breast cancer patients while improving the day-to-day lives of doctors and healthcare professionals.


  • How to build an intelligent data strategy

    Game-changing innovations, like AI and intelligence-driven ops, are providing huge opportunities for the strategic use of data. This guide shines a light on the value of intelligence-driven data management.


  • Smarter server and compute management in remote locations

    HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management can help organizations avoid downtime and protect data integrity when it comes to managing remote locations. Read on to learn how you can improve the lives of IT professionals within your organization and better manage servers for over 100 office locations.


  • A graph-native database that accelerates analytics

    Turning data into deep, real-time insight is critical in today’s business world—so how can you build an analytics infrastructure designed to deliver data-driven results? TigerGraph is a native parallel graph database engineered for real-time analysis of data at enterprise scale. Access this short solution overview to learn more about its potential.


  • How FIS rolled out their powerful Ethos data ecosystem

    During a year of disruption like no other, FIS launched Ethos, its new fintech data ecosystem used by over 20,000 clients. HPE infrastructure allowed this organization to improve their real-time data access. Read on to learn how about HPE’s scalable, edge-enabled infrastructure helps FIS power their success.


  • ESG technical validation: HPE accelerates big data analytics apps

    This ESG report validates testing completed by HPE to accelerate Apache Spark AI/ML workloads running on NVIDIA GPU-enabled containers within HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics and HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. Read on to learn more about HPE’s ability to simplify the use of analytics, unify data, and accelerate AI and ML outcomes.


  • Inside: Scalable clusters for enterprise HPC and AI

    This white paper covers the benefits of an HPE end-to-end cluster solution including HPE Apollo 2000 and HPE HPC storage products using AMD EPYC processors. Download now to dig into the promise of enterprise HPC and how to take advantage of these scalable clusters.


  • Datacentre design and facilities: What you need to know

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest thinking and trends around datacentre design, while shining a light on the differing approaches organisations take to ensure their server farms remain up and running, and can withstand all the compute demands expected of them.


  • How HPE GreenLake delivers a unified HPC experience

    With the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, the cloud comes to you—delivering one operating model across your edges, data centers, and clouds. Take a look at HPE's white paper on how HPE GreenLake for HPC allows your enterprise to leverage advanced AI, ML, and HPC techniques with simplicity, speed, and scalability.


  • Take a peek at Dell EMC PowerEdge 57525 processing time

    In this report, take a look at the Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 and the steps and time it takes to complete a machine learning preparation task on Kubernetes containers. Open now to see the results, all by the numbers.


  • K-means analytics workload performance: Dell Technologies PowerEdge vs. other servers.

    One leading vendor wanted to take a look at Dell’s EMC PowerEdge R7525’s k-means analytics workload performance in comparison to other servers and see how it stacked up. To do this, they considered both k-means clustering and processing rate time. Open up this white paper to see the results and uncover which server came out on top.


  • CIO Trends #10: Middle East

    If CIOs ever needed a reminder of the predatory cyber criminals that circle their organisations, Travelex's woes are a big one. Also find out how Saudi Arabia could become the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Read more about it in this issue of our CIO Trends Middle East series.


  • CIO Trends #10: Benelux

    If CIOs ever needed a reminder of the predatory cyber criminals that circle their organisations, Travelex's woes is a big one. Also find out how close autonomous ships are to regularly docking in Dutch ports. Read more about it in this issue of our CIO Trends Benelux series.


  • Deep learning for countering energy theft – a hybrid long-short term memory approach

    Energy theft is a critical issue for power system operators and billions of pounds are lost to it every year. This article in our Royal Holloway security series describes a convolutional long short-term memory-based energy theft detection model to identify electricity thieves.


  • Infrastructure optimisation for business application management

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest trends in server hardware design and specifications to help IT buyers make an informed choice about the best infrastructure to run their portfolios of business applications on.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 April 2018: London plans to be a smarter city

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we meet the first ever chief digital officer for London and find out his plans to make the capital a smarter city. SAP has overhauled its controversial indirect licensing policy – we look at the implications. And what are the jobs of the future in retail as the sector is transformed by technology? Read the issue now.


  • Trackside data and analytics: HPE fuels racing success

    HPE’s edge to cloud platform helped one Formula One team accelerate data analytics that factors into key decision-making and trackside action. Read on to learn how data and machine learning is being deployed in even the most challenging environments, including allowing racing teams to optimize their performance and get the best result in each race.


  • Computer Weekly - 7-13 January 2020: Digital fashion reality - how technology can help people enjoy fashion in a more sustainable way

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we report on a programme to get more young women into cyber security. We look at fashion for online personas. And we examine edge computing as the new data frontier, and how cloud-native platforms and AI might transform the datacentre. Read the issue now.


  • Ribbon intelligent session and routing control solutions

    Today’s enterprises strive to maintain and improve customer service while enabling more efficient employee collaboration. Access this white paper to learn how you can achieve this through Ribbon PSX.


  • 4 essential principles of Data Mesh architectures

    According to IDC, the amount of data created in the next three years is expected to exceed that generated in the past 30 years. How can organizations capitalize on this massive data surge? Use this IDC report to find out the answer and enable real data-driven transformation in your organization.


  • How to create an intelligent digital EX for the new era

    A recent research report says that less than 25% of the workforce will work permanently from the office by 2025. This IDC white paper takes a closer look at the challenges businesses face with hybrid workforces, how technology impacts employee experience, and AIOps can help drive the future of work. Download now to learn more.


  • IT modernization: New trends & best practices

    Federal agencies may struggle to attract or retain top talent with clunky, outdated hardware and software. Pairing cloud solutions with modernized on-premises hardware can attract strong employees, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase speed and efficiency. Read this e-book to modernize IT in your agency today.


  • 5 key elements you need to survive and thrive as a digital business

    This IDC white paper examines five key elements that businesses must consider if they want to become a successful digital organization. Access it here.


  • Identifying the right cloud architecture approach for your business

    Take a look at this white paper to learn how to handle the pressures in making hybrid cloud work, and discover why it is important to get your organization's cloud-centric digital infrastructure right.


  • MicroScope January 2014: A special issue looking at software defined networking

    The first issue of 2014 provides some insight in managed services, software defined networking, security and data centres


  • Converged computing at the distributed edge with HPE

    By 2022, 50% of data will be created and processed at the edge, which is why HPE is calling edge computing the next major wave in IT infrastructure. Explore this e-book to learn about converged computing at the distributed edge with HPE including common uses cases, solution portfolios, and more.


  • Pipeline-native scanning for modern application development

    Tap into this white paper to learn about an approach to application security that uses demand-driven static analysis to automatically triage vulnerabilities according to next-step actions within a modern development environment.


  • How AI adoption at a large scale will work

    AI’s ability to affect success has been proven during one of the most disruptive years ever for business. So how can organisations move from simply experimenting with AI to large-scale implementation? Access this 30-page e-book to discover how to best implement AI at scale across a variety of industries, from retail to financial services.


  • Improved VDI support and DB performance with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers enabled by AMD EPYC™ processors

    Access this short infographic to learn how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, equipped with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processers, can support up to 20% more VDI users, power better MongoDB performance, support VMs with minimal performance impact, and more.


  • Total Economic Impact of IBM Watson Assistant

    IBM recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that evaluated the financial impact of IBM Watson Assistant on organizations. Learn how IBM Watson Assistant can cut costs, drive revenue, and free precious resources for higher value work – all while improving customer NPS.


  • CW Nordics February 2019

    In this ezine, we look at how digital transformation is shaking up the Nordic region and placing CIOs at the forefront of the social and economic changes that come with it. Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are all heading in the same direction at pace and it appears this move is being fuelled by more traditional businesses.


  • Computer Weekly – 1 August 2017: The fields of Athenry – how Apple's datacentre plans are causing turmoil in a small Irish town

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look into Apple's controversial plans to build a huge datacentre in a small town in the west of Ireland, and the local arguments it has caused. We find out how the Met Office is managing its vast quantities of weather data. And we examine Google plans to bring AI to the recruitment market. Read the issue now.


  • Web application firewall: Key considerations

    Cybercriminals use methods that deliberately exploit potential weaknesses in web application software – and therefore is not recognized by traditional IT security systems like network firewalls or intrusion prevention systems. Tap into this comprehensive white paper to key considerations when choosing a WAF.


  • 7 advantages of a SaaS-based application security program

    In this infographic, discover 7 advantages of a SaaS-based application security program vs. on-premises.


  • Accelerating analytics with a unified experience

    By creating a unified data experience, HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics accelerates analytics in disparate data architectures. Read this product overview to learn how you can increase data and scientific teams’ productivity with unified data, no matter where it resides or what state in is in.


  • 5 use cases for packet capture

    Just like today’s networks, packet captures have evolved to keep up with today’s processing speeds. Download this white paper to learn how packet capture is designed to be an advantageous tool for your organization.


  • Real-world use cases for Jenkins Pipeline

    This technical guide shows a number of common use cases for plugins with Jenkins Pipeline, including publishing HTML reports, sending notifications, continuous delivery using Docker, and more.


  • Developing AI use cases across edge to cloud with HPE GreenLake

    Moving workloads to the cloud is not a trivial task, but the benefits of cloud-first AI/ML model is tempting to innovation-driven enterprises. Look inside this e-book to find out how HPE can be your guide to building an operating model aligned to your business goals.


  • Report: Why 43% of data breaches were the result of an app vulnerability

    The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report revealed that 43% of data breaches were the result of an application vulnerability over the prior 12 months. This lack of effective protection isn’t an anomaly—in fact, it’s the norm. Use this guide to explore what state-of-the-art application security looks like in this new norm.