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Banking - Analytics Drive Banking Innovations, Better Customer Service

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Nordic banking in the digital age

Read in this e-guide how Nordic banks are working together to make cross border payments in the region seamless. Also find out how Nordic banks are offering customers the opportunity to make payments via wearable devices and how the region’s successful mobile payments platform, MobilePay, is futureproofing its business.

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  • How banks can engage customers at scale

    Although banks possess data on each customer’s transaction history and spending habits, many still struggle to deliver timely and relevant advertising.

    And while advertising delivery engines seem reliable at first glance, the reality is that AdTech partners are likely using your data to refine their personalisation models while leaving you mostly in the dark about why each customer is seeing a specific ad.

    As a result, many banks take advertising into their own hands but fail to achieve effective personalisation.

    In this white paper, you’ll discover a solution designed to empower banks with full control and transparency over ad personalisation. Read on to learn how you can harness the power of your data.

  • The Journey from Open Banking to BaaS

    Banking has shifted focus to optimize the Customer360 view, the omnichannel experience, AML/Fraud predictions, AI digital assistants to drive operational efficiency and core banking modernizations to name but a few. Yet most of them have stayed true to their core business alignment of banks controlling how their customers engage and leverage their product offerings.

    Explore this white paper to learn about:

    • The adoption of open standards
    • The maintenance of regulatory compliance in banking
    • The provision of an excellent user experience
    • How banking will become much more entwined in the lives of its end users

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  • Extracting actionable data from banking malware

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series demonstrates how actionable data can be extracted from banking malware and how it can be used to defend against highly damaging cyber attacks from organised criminal gangs.


  • CW Nordics - November 2020-January 2021: Bank branch closures continue as digital banking grows

    Sweden's Handelsbanken is cutting its branch network by nearly half, which means more money will be invested in IT. But it's not just Sweden and the Nordics – banks across the world are watching the fintech industry demonstrate to consumers what banking can be like if the right technology is in place.


  • Building a scalable security platform for modern banking

    PlainsCapital Bank needed a new security platform and a single consistent user credential to meet their expansion needs. By relying on Brivo experts to handle the back-end infrastructure, PlainsCapital Bank found the solution they wanted, improving their security program, and allowing them to place their focus on banking. Read on to learn more.


  • Continuous testing: How a bank boosted software quality

    A leading bank was primarily practicing manual testing for its software delivery efforts, which lacked standardization and led to inconsistencies across locations. To alleviate these problems and enhance software quality, the bank decided to integrate continuous testing into its DevOps practices. Read on to learn why.


  • Compendium of AI use cases for banking, healthcare, & more

    Share with us your current AI goals in our brief survey, and our e-guide A Compendium of AI Use Cases will be yours. From digital twins and SCM to manufacturing, financial services, & healthcare—we've compiled all the most relevant use cases for your convenience, so claim your copy before they are gone!


  • Inside Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's cloud journey

    With a strong DevOps culture, Australian bank has been moving its most important applications to the cloud in a journey that has already reaped returns. Download the full article to learn more about Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's cloud journey.


  • Nordic banks increase collaboration with fintech startups

    The Nordic region, known for its startup companies, is a good platform for fintech companies to set up as consumers are conducive to digital banking services. In this issue, discover how major companies in the financial industry are partnering with startups and launching fintech initiatives and much more.


  • 4 tactics to achieve technology excellence in banking

    A recent study by ServiceNow revealed that only 20% of digital leaders in banks consider themselves at an advanced level of digital transformation. It’s time to empower your bank with cutting-edge strategies for technological excellence and future-ready operations. Read this eBook to learn how.


  • How a leading global bank accelerated cloud adoption

    For a leading global bank, adopting cloud infrastructure was more than just a technology decision – rather, it was the beginning of a new chapter for an innovative organization operating in a legacy industry. Read on to discover how your business can enable rapid cloud workload migration and power new service delivery to customers.


  • A guide to unified model management for banking leaders

    In this white paper, you’ll learn how your bank can ensure the proper and consistent execution and monitoring of all the models in your business environment. Read on to understand how you can leverage a robust governance strategy to enhance security throughout the model life cycle.


  • 5 key principles for a brighter future in banking

    By embracing 5 key principles - simplicity, fairness, responsibility, safety, and reward - banks can foster a sustainable financial ecosystem that benefits both themselves and their societies. This manifesto shows how these principles can strengthen compliance, risk prevention, and customer relations in banks. Read on to learn more.


  • Accelerate your journey to cloud-native digital banking

    This infographic details how you can accelerate your journey to cloud-native digital banking by utilizing Red Hat’s Center of Excellence for Financial Services. Learn more!


  • GenAI: What banking and finance organisations can do to adopt today

    In this white paper, dive into the concept of generative AI, and explore its significance as a game changer and the transformational potential in the ever-evolving banking and finance landscape.


  • 2024 research findings: Banks and CX technology

    56% of financial organizations expect to increase their investment in CX technology by 10% or more over the next 3 years, according to research by Talkdesk. So, what technology landscape will these businesses encounter? Unlock insights in this webcast featuring subject-matter experts from Talkdesk, Cambridge Savings Bank and more.


  • How personalized services can boost trust in banking and insurance

    Discover how leading banks and insurance companies use cloud-based communication solutions to personalize customer experiences, prevent fraud, enhance service, and build trust. Read the full case study to learn more.


  • How Commercial Banks Are Increasing Agility by Migrating to Hybrid Cloud

    Discover in this case study how Service Express helped its banking client increase productivity by eliminating the need to manage old hardware and latency due to limited capacity.


  • 3 key steps to transform IT in banking at scale and speed

    Unlock digital-first success in banking with this concise guide. Address IT gaps—only 13% of financial firms have half their IT in the cloud. Discover why 1,500+ institutions trust ServiceNow for rapid digitalization, cloud migration, and audit readiness.


  • Credit risk transformation: What’s next for banks?

    Competition from emerging financial technology firms poses a significant threat in an increasingly digital world. So how can banks avoid getting left behind? There is certainly a way, but it won’t be easy. Read on to discover insights gathered from roughly 300 credit risk executives about their digitization efforts.


  • Retail bank makes FIX connectivity a competitive differentiator

    To remain competitive and uphold a business’ reputation, Applications and Trading Support teams require robust FIX monitoring to measure FIX connections, proactively manage potential risks, and minimize time to remediation. Learn how one bank achieved a competitive FIX connection turnaround time of <280ms and decreased MTTR by 93% in this study.


  • How ServiceNow helps leading banks streamline service operations

    Discover in this case study why Raiffeisen Bank Romania trusts ServiceNow IT Service Management and IT Operations Management as it overhauls the way IT was managed, maintained, and ultimately, the way it delivers an exceptional experience to its users.


  • Discover the power of generative AI for banking and financial institutions

    IBM Institute for Business Value research has found that only 40% of surveyed financial institution CEOs expect generative AI to deliver value over the next 3 years, yet generative AI presents a huge opportunity to deliver innovation and productivity benefits. Read this white paper to learn about how to put AI to work in banking.


  • Improve digital banking journeys with better CX and security

    With it being predicted that the number of digital banking users is expected to exceed $3.6 billion by the end of 2024, it has become critical for companies to leverage all possible tools to enhance customer experience and security. But how can this best be done? Access this guide to learn more.


  • Vbrick helps North American Bank with video collaboration

    With tens of thousands of employees around the globe requiring simultaneous video communication, this leading North American-based bank needed a collaboration platform that could handle their scale. Download this case study to see what strategies and solutions Vbrick employed to help this bank implement effective video collaboration.


  • Computer Weekly – 5 March 2019: Modernising IT at the Bank of England

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the Bank of England as it starts the modernisation programme for its core system. We look at the rise of DevSecOps and how it can help deal with increasingly complex security threats. And we examine the different approaches to storage for structured and unstructured data. Read the issue now.


  • The currency of trust: why banks and insurers must make customer data safer and more secure

    Banks and insurers enjoy a significantly higher level of trust from consumers in the cyber security of their systems than any other sector, but the financial services industry is less confident in its ability to detect security breaches, this report from Capgemini reveals.


  • Innovation Awards APAC 2023 - Financial Services: DBS Bank

    In this e-guide, read more about DBS Technology Marketplace and how it delivers anything-as-a-service (XaaS) capabilities that enable the bank's applications teams to adapt cloud-native applications quickly and efficiently.


  • ANZ Bank’s 4 steps to embracing iterative processes

    Learn in this case study how ANZ is changing the way 50,000 employees work and think by embracing iterative processes and giving decision-making power to individuals at all levels of the org chart.


  • Commercial banking 101: 7 trends to know for 2024 & beyond

    To keep up with new commercial banking challenges, it has become critical for organizations to adapt to the new landscape and have the ability to predict future trends. So, what should organizations be looking out for in the coming years? Dig into this guide to learn more.


  • How NDR Protects An Entire Banking Network and its Data in Full Confidentiality

    Like all financial institutions, PostFinance – a leading retail financial institution in Switzerland – must secure highly sensitive information. Because proliferating cyberthreats make accomplishing that mission difficult, PostFinance adopted a Network Detection and Response (NDR) tool. Chart the organization’s security journey in this case study.


  • Computer Weekly – 19 July 2016: Building big ideas in banking

    In this issue we visit JP Morgan's European software development centre in Glasgow to see how the investment bank is working with local universities and collaborating in the open source community. Software chief, Stephen Flaherty, talks about how JP Morgan uses open source software and has now begun contributing to open source projects.


  • CW Innovation Awards: DBS Bank Project of the Year Interview [Video]

    In this interview, Soumya Ghoshal, managing director, middle office technology, technology and operations, explains DBS Bank's credit architecture program, how it has freed up more time for relationship managers through automation, and the bank's general approach to innovation.


  • CW Europe December 2019: Deutsche Bank creates innovation division

    German investment banking giant Deutsche Bank is opening a division focused on innovation as part of its plan to digitise all business operations. Read more details in this edition of CW Europe.


  • How to find third-party software support that won’t break the bank

    For many organizations, it can be difficult to optimize their IT operations on their own. However, when these companies attempt to strategize new ways to make these processes more efficient, it ends up costing them. So, how can you get around this? Access this infographic to learn more.


  • CW Middle East - Oct-Dec 2019: Saudi banks trial biometrics in ATMs

    Biometric and blockchain technologies are being used in tandem to provide ID verification at Saudi Arabian cash machines.


  • CW Benelux November 2019-January 2020: Dutch banks fight money laundering

    Dutch banks have decided to work together in the fight against money laundering. Globally, only about 3% of money laundering activity is detected and stopped.


  • CW Europe - September-November 2020: IT expertise in banks' boardrooms reduces risk, says European regulator

    The European Central Bank has found that banks with the most IT expertise in the boardroom have better control in several IT risk categories, including fewer successful cyber attacks and less downtime of critical IT systems.