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Oil & Gas - Connected Workplace Helps Oil and Gas Sectors Retain Talent

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Big Data and Analytics Applied to Oil and Gas

Informational value is the most important commodity throughout the oil and gas industry – from upstream operators to pipelines that deliver products to world markets.

Newly embedded devices and sensors make it easier to collect data at an ever-increasing rate; while cloud storage technologies make it simpler to store the data. However, real value is created from data when informational context and associations are made inside and outside of an organisation.

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  • Five steps to a well-oiled CMDB, explained

    A healthy Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an important precursor to a successful digital transformation strategy. But without the right framework, a CMDB can quickly grow untamed – and in turn, negate any of its value.

    Tune into the first part of this three-part series to learn how to start mastering the CI identification process, integrating multiple data sources into the CMDB, and creating identification rules including priority and related CIs.

    Topics covered include:

    • How a well-oiled CMDB can lead to digital transformation success
    • The use cases of AIOps within CMDBs
    • Five steps for deploying a CMDB successfully

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