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The Cloud – Is it More Secure than My Organization?

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A step by step guide to cloud security

Cloud computing has become a staple of modern business – but the implementing good cloud security practices and policies is key to unlocking the full benefits of the cloud.

Access this e-guide, How to Create a Cloud Security Policy, Step by Step, to learn:

  • The importance of cloud security policies
  • The core components of a cloud security policy
  • A step-by-step guide for creating a cloud security policy

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  • CASB, CSPM, CWPP Emerge as Future of Cloud Security

    Unfortunately there is still no one strategic silver bullet to achieve cloud security. But Gartner researchers emphasized three tools were essential to the future of securing cloud environments. 

    Take the survey, download this eguide, and read about why cloud access security brokers, cloud security posture management, and cloud workload protection platforms are paving the way to secure cloud services. 

  • 8 cloud certifications that can boost your career

    As organizations big and small ramp up their use of cloud services and resources, cyberattackers are taking notice. With your business in the crosshairs, the need for effective, reliable cloud security has never been greater.

    Take a minute to answer a few questions on your cloud security pain points and receive immediate access to our new eBook, Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment. Highlights inside include:

    • Single cloud vs. multi-cloud security challenges, compared
    • 5 tools that enhance your cloud threat protection
    • Cloud security quizzes: Put your knowledge to the test

    Unlock all this and more by taking our quick Cloud Security survey now!

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  • Cloud security 101

    More than 99% of cloud breaches will have a root cause of preventable misconfiguration or mistakes by end users through 2025 – according to Gartner. This eBook provides an introduction to cloud security and is designed to prepare you for today’s realities. Read it here.


  • 6 reasons to move your security onto a cloud environment

    Embracing cloud computing forces organizations to decide between the cost effectiveness, scalability, and convenience of using the cloud or the comfort of your own servers. But is on-premises more secure than cloud computing? Many experts say no. Read this checklist for 6 reasons why cloud-based security is superior to traditional security.


  • 5 steps to improve your security in a multi-cloud environment

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  • February Technical Guide on Cloud Compliance

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  • Secure multi-cloud networking checklist

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    This expert guide from takes an in-depth look at API security, answering critical questions and providing helpful tips for securing your cloud APIs.


  • The top security practices for backing up data in the cloud

    Cloud security is too important to leave to chance, especially when data environments are getting ever more complex to deal with the threats coming from every direction. For a look at the most common pitfalls of securing cloud data, and how organizations can get the right protection plans in place, check out this blog post.


  • Top 4 cloud-native security threats of 2021

    This report outlines the most common, notable and sophisticated cloud attacks in 2021, and how organizations can get ahead of them in 2022. Access now to uncover an analysis of the top 4 cloud-native security threats and more.


  • State of the cloud report: Key takeaways & expert clarity

    In this State of the Cloud in 2021 report, explore key findings around multi-cloud, cloud security, private cloud, and data sensitivity in the cloud. Save your copy of the report here.


  • Check the security status of your cloud estate

    Take this free cloud security risk assessment from Orca Security to receive a customized and detailed report identifying security issues and compliance misconfigurations within your cloud footprint.


  • 18-page guide to hybrid cloud backup

    According to a recent report, ransomware attacks were up 93% in 2021, so it’s no longer a question of if, but when you’ll be affected by ransomware. Secure backup is your last line of defense. Access this guide to learn how you can protect, manage and control your data across any hybrid cloud infrastructure.


  • How to get public cloud simplicity with private cloud security

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  • e-book: Hybrid cloud security

    As security evolves, so too do threats. In a world that is quickly moving to cloud architectures (94% of organizations are using some type of cloud), security has never been prioritized more. The cost-saving benefits of cloud are all proven, but without the right security, the risk is not worth the gain. Dive into this e-book to learn more.


  • ESG shares 6 current cloud-native security trends

    Assess your cloud-native security maturity using this ESG report, which shares cloud-native security maturity trends, 3 key characteristics of a higher maturity, DevSecOps implementation drivers, and much more.


  • Cloud Security 101: Best Practices & Self-Assessment

    In this eguide, review best security practices in the age of cloud, and read through two cloud security quizzes from industry experts.


  • Maintaining optimal cloud security for better business operations

    Securing the cloud is difficult due to how expansive and adaptable it is. Risks can come from any number of places, and for cybersecurity professionals it can often feel like navigating a mine field. Watch this webcast to learn how Wiz secures the cloud by using their experience and expertise to identify potential weaknesses before it’s too late.


  • Cloud computing storage key management

    Jagat Paudel addresses key management in cloud computing storage in this thesis from our Royal Holloway security series.


  • Expert analyst insights into securing IaaS and PaaS

    Cloud infrastructure and platform services require security strategies distinct from traditional, on-premises approaches. To protect cloud workloads, security and risk management leaders must ensure they get these fundamentals right. Read this full Gartner report to learn the 5 keys to securing cloud IaaS and PaaS.


  • Put your cloud security posture to the test

    Looking to detect and prioritize the most critical security risks across AWS, Azure and GCP in minutes? Put your cloud security posture to the test with Orca Security’s free 30-day trial and Cloud Security Risk Assessment. Access this product overview to explore Orca’s Cloud Security Platform and what their risk assessment entails.


  • Cloud Security as a Service For Secure Cloud-Based Server Hosting

    Access this expert e-guide where industry specialist Joseph Granneman highlights the need for cloud-specific security tools, such as encryption and identity management, and how they can be offered as a service to better mitigate cloud computing risks.


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    A new report from 451 Research shows how Amazon, Azure, Google and others have deployed technology that enables a confidential cloud—a customer-controlled public cloud infrastructure that’s even more secure than private data centers. Download the report to learn more.


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    The following E-Guide addresses important information on hosting apps in the cloud as well as security and requirement management.


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