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Explore the 4 dimensions of network monitoring

With enterprise networks migrating to the cloud, arming IT with a complete picture they can take action on is essential.

While teams used to own and control most areas of their network, the move into network environments supported by the cloud and the decentralization of the enterprise, in general, makes visibility a tall order – this is, without a comprehensive monitoring platform.

In this white paper, learn how AppNeta delivers a comprehensive network performance monitoring platform that combines the 4 dimensions of monitoring data including:

  • Network packet
  • Web applications
  • And 2 more

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  • MicroScope January 2014: A special issue looking at software defined networking

    A fresh year brings new opportunities and this could be the time many in the channel consider setting out on the journey to become an MSP or investigate the opportunities around software defined networking more closely. There are also pointers in the issue on just what is happening in the security world as well as an analysis of the rising dominance of the Nordics in data centre provision.


    Setting out on the MSP journey

    This year could be the point at which many resellers decide they will develop their business to become a managed services specialist and as Amro Gebreel discovers there is plenty of advice available about just what steps should be taken to start to transition to becoming a managed service provider.


    A software defined world

    Software defined networking is the latest development but as Billy MacInnes finds out there are other software defined options and far from being a threat for resellers this technology could prove to be a source of opportunity and growth in the year ahead.


    Data centre growth

    The UK has its fair share of data centres but as Jim Mortleman discovers there is a serious challenge coming from the Nordics where they can exploit natural geography and climate to give British and European customers an alternative home for their data.


    This issue is sponsored by: Ingram Micro and Micro-P

  • 4 Imperatives for Monitoring Modern Networks

    Gartner reported that by 2025, 60% of organizations will have seen a reduction in traditional network monitoring tool needs due to increases in remote work, as compared to 2021.

    In today’s dispersed workforce, any potential degradation in network performance, reduction in availability, or even an outage must be proactively prevented to ensure engaging and productive digital experiences.

    Tap into this e-book to explore the following 4 requirements for a forward-thinking network monitoring platform that go beyond the data center infrastructure:

    • Security
    • Visibility
    • And 2 more

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    Many contact centers have leveraged conversational AI technology to provide high-quality customer experiences. This report explores the Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) market, evaluating 14 major providers of conversational AI, such as Avaya and Cisco. Continue on to compare providers and to learn about the evolution of conversational AI.


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    Discover in this white paper the 5 factors you need to consider when preparing your organization's cloud for mission-critical workloads.


  • LiveNX Enables SD-WAN Visibility

    The ability to manage today’s complex networks effectively and efficiently is important for enterprises that are routing more of their traffic through the Internet to other data centers and the public cloud. Access this white paper to learn how SD-WAN is designed to verify policies, validate path designs and more


  • Controlling access to hosts under management for MSPs

    While outsourcing to managed service providers (MSPs) has allowed organizations to optimize their IT, the quantity of privileged access they possess has turned MSPs into a serious security risk. Access this white paper to learn about the challenges that MSPs face when managing access as well as strategies and best practices for overcoming them.


  • Why You Need Master Data Management —Now

    Inside, learn how master data management (MDM) can help you refine your data for optimal data usage. Discover the essential features of a successful MDM software, and explore how MDM can help improve your organization's data quality, business insight, and more.


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    Master Data Management (MDM) allows organizations to realize accurate reporting, fewer errors, and better insights. Read how the rapidly growing MDM market is changing how high performing organizations are consolidating and managing their data to set new best practices.


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  • Cloud Monitoring Solution Overview

    NetOps teams have been under increasing pressure to support remote workers, while organizations are driven to change their business models to keep up with the accelerated pace of change of hybrid work. Read this white paper to learn how LiveNX and LiveWire’s cloud monitoring offering aims to provide you end-to-end visibility.


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  • Generating business value from Big Data

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  • 19 machine learning interview questions and answers

    Aspiring machine learning job candidates should be fluent in varied aspects of machine learning, from statistical theory and programming concepts to general industry knowledge. Read our list of commonly asked machine learning questions and accompanying answers to help you prepare for your interview.


  • E-Guide: Backup solutions for today's data center

    This expert E-Guide explores the different data backup and storage systems available, and which ones will really eat up your storage budget. Read now to learn more.


  • Solving today's biggest AppDev challenges with TDM

    Valuable development time is wasted orchestrating test data when it could be devoted to creating and releasing quality code. To overcome this inefficiency, organisations must expand the charter of test data management (TDM). Read this white paper to learn the 4 key criteria to consider when building a comprehensive TDM toolset.


  • Re-platform your data in the cloud without stress

    It is no longer viable for forward-thinking companies to use legacy on-premise data warehouse systems. Check out this case study to learn why companies are making the switch to cloud data warehouses and how Hexaware’s Amaze for Data and AI can help you eliminate the headaches of re-platforming your data in the cloud.


  • Analyzing the market leaders in cloud computing

    I&O leaders must weave through a perilous environment consisting of increasingly aggressive cloud providers further complicated by rising inflation, competition for cloud talent, regulatory mandates, and security and downtime incidents. Use this research from Gartner to make strategic cloud provider selections.


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    An issue looking at the issues around social media, the growth in unclouding and some security industry predictions for the year ahead.


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  • Ensure hybrid collaboration and meeting spaces for all

    It’s become increasingly clear that hybrid and remote work will not be going anywhere. To accommodate this, 48% of organizations report that they’ll be implementing or updating meeting spaces in order to accommodate more dispersed workforces. But, what are the best ways to do so? Access this guide to learn more.


  • Sharing Palo Alto’s Success

    Palo Alto Networks is the recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2022 Best Practices Company of the Year Award in the secure SD-WAN industry. This award recognizes companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries.


  • Recognition for Palo Alto’s SD-WAN

    Frost and Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees to determine the year’s outstanding company in the software-defined wide area network SD-WAN market. They determined that Palo Alto Networks excels in the SD-WAN space and were deserving of their Company of The Year accolade. Access the report to learn more.


  • Drop the complexity: A refined approach to data governance

    Data governance stratagems have become so complex over the years, meaning it’s time for businesses to reimagine their governance approaches to cut down on bloat and inefficiency. Read on to learn how Alation’s data governance methodology goes a step beyond traditional approaches to ensure quality data remains compliant and generates business value.