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5 Traits of an Intelligence-Driven Security Operation Center

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Security leader’s guide to the state of SOC

As organizations expand digitally and accrue astronomical quantities of data, the role of security operations centers (SOCs) becomes increasingly difficult.

The modern SOC needs to evolve to meet shifting demands.

In this 22-page guide to the state of SOC, a team of 5 experts from Google and Deloitte & Touche LLP come together to explore strategies for how organizations can take their SOC to the next level.

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  • Top SOC trends to keep in mind for 2024

    The SANS Institute recently surveyed over 600 security operations center (SOC) professionals to understand the challenges they have faced in the last year, from a lack of context of the systems that are being protected to hiring and retaining staff, and how the current landscape is shaping their strategies for 2024.

    In this research report, you’ll discover expert insights into trends including:

    • SOC architecture
    • SOC staffing
    • Metrics and KPIs for tracking performance
    • And more

    Read on to learn how modern SOCs are adapting to overcome the latest security challenges.

  • Infographic: 6 components of a reimagined SOC

    To keep up with expanding attack surfaces, many organizations have decided to reimagine their security operations centers (SOCs).

    But what does reimagining the SOC look like? This infographic breaks down 6 components of a modern SOC, including machine-driven security.

    To discover the rest – and to unlock insights from Founder and CTO at Palo Alto Networks, Nir Zuk – tap into the infographic.

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    Teams inside security operation centers (SOCs) are facing a larger and more complex threat landscape than ever before, and in order to combat these challenges, may have implemented an attack surface management (ASM) solution. This white paper gives a brief overview of what ASM is, how it works, and why SOCs are choosing it. Read now to learn more.


  • 5 steps + 4 keys to transform security operations

    Discover in this e-book the 5 Steps and 4 Keys to transforming security operations to combat advanced attacks and improve SOC efficiencies, so you can plan for tomorrow’s SOC, today.


  • 6 case studies: AI-driven SOC transformation

    As cyberattacks occur more quickly and more often, how can security operations centers (SOCs) keep up? Tap into this 21-page white paper to discover how 6 organizations transformed their SOC to boost their defenses in the evolving threat landscape.


  • Improve security operations with AI-driven automation

    In response to recent threat actors, security teams are turning to point products to “patch” security gaps, but they’re inadvertently creating vulnerabilities that are easily exploited. Security teams must therefore improve their SOCs. Discover how Fortinet's SOC automation aids teams in enhancing security operations in this product overview.


  • SOC platform optimized for cloud: 101 lesson

    Along with unpacking the challenges of a human-centered SOC architecture, in this video Chief Product Officer at Palo Alto Networks, Lee Klarich, explores how the SOC is evolving. Tune in now to unlock the security insights.


  • Supercharging Your SOC Team’s Cloud Capabilities

    Enterprise tech stacks have shifted. Securing and responding to incidents that take place in these new environments is fundamentally different. So how do SOC teams make the shift? Read the latest guidance for answers.


  • XDR in SecOps: Insights from 376 IT pros

    What role is XDR playing in SOC modernization? To find out, TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 376 IT and cybersecurity professionals. Explore the findings in this 26-page report.


  • Brief Guide to MSSP Offerings

    Which offering from a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) does your business need? First, you have to understand your options. Dig into this brief guide to learn about and compare SIEM, Managed SIEM, SOC-as-a-Service and Co-managed SOC.


  • How to Plan for Tomorrow’s SOC, Today

    This playbook outlines 7 best practices that will advance your SOC transformation efforts and allow your organization to start its SOC modernization journey. Read on to get started.


  • AI & Other Key Elements to Include in Modern SecOps

    The SOC is an enterprise’s first line of defense against an active attack. Read this report to see what it will take to unlock effective threat detection and response for modern defense and learn how AI can have a practical application for security teams.


  • A Leader’s Guide to Security Operations

    As cyber threats become more sophisticated and frequent, security operations centers (SOCs) are under increasing pressure to detect, respond to, and mitigate security incidents. Introducing threat intelligence and automation can help improve productivity and get SOCs on the right track. Watch this webinar to learn more from experts in the field.


  • 3 modern SOC challenges & how to address them

    Along with digging into 3 issues challenging today’s SOC teams, this overview explores how your organization can overcome the obstacles by leveraging an AI-driven SOC platform. Read on to unlock the complete insights.


  • Market analysis: Autonomous security operations center (SOC)

    Autonomous SOC: What is it, and how should you approach the vendor landscape? To answer the first question, this GigaOm Radar report recommends thinking of autonomous SOC as “‘SIEM plus SOAR.’” To answer the second question, the report compares the capabilities of 16 top vendors. Read on to unlock the complete insights.


  • Modernizing SOC: Catalysts and Strategies

    In this webcast, Vectra AI’s Technical Director joins Endace’s Michael Morris in a conversation about SOC modernization. They discuss the trend’s causes, the core principles of a successful modernization strategy, and more.


  • SOAR: Best practices for elevating protection

    For SecOps teams, the move to implement security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tools is a methodology for keeping up with the pace of today’s evolving threats. Download this IDC report to learn how SOC teams have optimized their SOAR strategy.


  • SecOps: Automate the repetitive things you do every day to ease

    Within your SOC, how much time a day is spent dealing with repetitive tasks? Automating these repetitive, low-skill activities can free up valuable time so you can focus on the critical threats, and proactively refine your defenses against the next attack. This white paper explores 10 ways you can automate your SOC. Read on to learn more.


  • How to improve your SOC efficiency

    A recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey of the Trend Vision One platform found that when organizations included XDR as part of their SOC, they: Suffered 50% less attacksWere 2.2x were more likely to detect an attackImproved response time by 70%.Learn more about improving your SOC here.


  • SOC 101: Key metrics & tips for security success

    In today’s modern security landscape, most organizations are focused on one major thing: keeping adversaries out of your information. So, what other security measures and strategies should you be considering? Tune into this video to gain more insight.


  • Software supply chain security & the SOC: End-to-end security is key

    Check out this report to learn how a modern software security assurance strategy can bring the SOC into the loop of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) software development and release cycles. In addition, the report outlines comprehensive software supply chain security best practices.


  • Your guide to 24x7 Security Operations Centers

    Access this product overview to learn about a 24x7 security operations center (SOC) solution designed to enable non-stop monitoring and protection from cybercrime for a fraction of the cost of building an internal team.


  • The Essential Guide to Security

    Download The Essential Guide to Security to discover new security use cases as well as how to implement Splunk’s security product suite for advanced security analytics, security automation and orchestration (SOAR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), MITRE ATT&CK, machine learning and more, all in one place to power your SOC.


  • AI in your SOC? What you need to know

    Take a look through this white paper to review seven questions to consider before adopting an AI security tool.


  • AI & the future of cybersecurity

    The current threat landscape is more untenable than ever before. Enter artificial intelligence (AI). By integrating AI into security technologies, organizations can enhance threat prevention. Download this white paper to learn more.


  • 4 benefits of SIEM with Trustwave

    Your business must not only identify cyberattacks but also understand them. To supply organizations with the information that they need to do so, security information and event management (SIEM) systems have populated the cybersecurity scene. Learn about one such solution in this overview.


  • Challenges Facing Network Security Teams: Webcast

    “What’s life really like for a security analyst?” In this episode of Endace’s “Secure Networks: The Packet Forensics Files,” host Michael Morris poses this question to a SOC expert from IBM. View now to discover the answer.


  • 3 unique resources for SMB protection

    Check out this overview to discover security resources that are tailored to the unique needs of SMBs.


  • Benefits of a machine-led, human-powered security platform

    In the last few years, the needs of the security operations center (SOC) have changed, but the tools that they use have not. Extended security intelligence and automation management (XSIAM) uses a combination of automated and human-based controls to more rapidly and accurately remediate threats. Read on to learn more.


  • Scale Your SOC with Cortex Xpanse and Cortex XSOAR Government

    3 attack vectors pose risks to federal agencies due to a lack of visibility, risk assessments, and lateral movement detection: the cloud, connected supply chain vendors, and connected contractors. Discover how automating attack surface management can address these unique security challenges for government agencies in this e-book.


  • Enterprise Strategy Group report on Fortinet solutions

    TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research found that 52% of organizations felt that security operations are more difficult today than they were two years ago.


  • Creating Intelligent SOCs: Cortex XSOAR Top Machine Learning Use Cases

    Read this white paper to explore 6 use cases that describe the challenge SOCs face, how Cortex XSOAR helps and the benefits these capabilities provide.


  • How financial services can automate attack surface management

    As financial institutions adopt direct internet access to optimize the end-user experience, it becomes difficult to inventory and manage all of these connections centrally, and each untracked internet connection is a potential point of exposure. Download this e-book to learn how to scale your SOC and automate your attack surface management.


  • Comic book: The journey to open XDR

    As advanced cyberthreats proliferate, they strain the professional and personal lives of security pros. So, how can you relieve your security team of such immense pressure? This comic book explores how leveraging open XDR can help. Read on to discover the benefits that an open XDR platform delivered for a CISO and his SOC team.


  • Secure your Salesforce with a SaaS security program

    Understanding the shared responsibility with Salesforce is crucial. This eBook stresses the need for a SaaS security program to safeguard your Salesforce ecosystem amid rising SaaS adoption and security risks. It delves into Salesforce-specific issues like siloed security data, misconfigurations, and overtaxed SOC teams. Read on to learn more.


  • Security Orchestration: Basics, Best Practices, and Myths to Bust

    Security refers to the integration of security tools, unifying intelligence and automating tasks, resulting is a more effective security operations center that better detects and responds to threats. Dive into this e-book to start your security orchestration journey today.


  • Trustwave’s MDR, SOC, & security services onboarding

    When undergoing a digital transformation, a prolonged onboarding process can present security and efficiency challenges to organizations. That’s why Trustwave delivers security services onboarding in as little as 10 days. Read this white paper to understand Trustwave’s 5-phase strategy.


  • Enabling digital transformation safely & confidently

    Your business is forced to defend against actual cyberthreats and potential ones. So, how can you bolster your security stance in the face of all these risks? Check out this e-book to discover 10 ways that a cloud-based platform with an integrative approach can help you do so.


  • How to remediate SOC, workforce, & network blind spots

    Companies that use more than 50 tools are 8% less effective in detecting attacks and put a significant strain on security operations centers (SOCs) with endless alerts. Access this infographic to learn how to steer clear of security blind spots plaguing your company, with guidance for SOCs on how to catch and remediate said blind spots.


  • How SOAR is Transforming Threat Intelligence

    Today’s security teams still rely on siloed threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) to provide visibility into external threats, but teams still struggle to take automated actions on relevant indicators across disjointed threat feeds. Access this white paper to learn how the Cortex XSOAR platform is designed to provide 3 key benefits.


  • Why and how did Home Depot transform its SOC?

    To find out why and how Home Depot and Concentrix transformed their SOC, watch this video featuring subject-matter experts from Home Depot, Concentrix and Palo Alto Networks.


  • SASE-based XDR: A quick guide

    SASE-based XDR: How does it work, and how can you leverage it? Find answers in this 9-page white paper.


  • Why Global Fintech Leaders Are Taking Advantage of Secure Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    Discover in this case study how Service Express’s Secure Hybrid Cloud allows Fintech customers to expand financial and payment solutions to their end users, and take financial IT to the next level.


  • 2022 Unit 42 Incident Response Report Webinar

    The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with more sophisticated cyberattacks occurring by the day. Tune in to this webcast to gain a better understanding of the current cybersecurity landscape and learn what you can do to improve your organization’s security operations.


  • Modernizing security ops: skill gaps & new threats

    Comprehensive report on automating security to tackle complex threats. Highlights Fortinet's automated solutions and urges leaders to use AI, centralized platforms, and services to ease SOC team burdens. Advocates for adaptable automation to bridge capability gaps, enhance detection, quicken response, and prevent alert fatigue.


  • How MDR, MSSP and SIEM-as-a-service stack up

    MDR, MSSP, SIEM-as-a-service: Which one is the right fit for your security operations? To help you make an informed decision, this 16-page e-book compares the approaches. Dive in to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each security strategy.


  • Insel Gruppe AG completes technology change with Nutanix

    Insel Gruppe AG, a major Swiss healthcare provider, completes a full technology change to Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, enabling its new Epic hospital information system. This modernization increases efficiency, automation, and security monitoring. Read the full case study to learn how Insel Gruppe is setting new standards for digital medicine.


  • Making Threat Intelligence Actionable with SOAR

    SOAR is gaining traction as a way to improve security operations. Security and risk management leaders should evaluate how these tools can support and optimize their broader security operations capabilities. Read this Gartner Marketing Guide to learn more about sifting through the noise and choosing the best-fit SOAR tool for your needs.


  • Trend Vision One counters zero-day exploits: Success story with Fischer Homes

    How can you similarly prevent your company’s exposure to cyber risks while reducing your SOC’s alert fatigue? Read Fischer Homes’ case study to find out and to examine the benefits of their solution of choice—Trend Vision One—could have on your company.