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CIO Review: Digital Transformation Catalysts

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ANZ Bank’s 4 steps to embracing iterative processes

For the better part of its history, ANZ Bank grew its reputation as a financial institution by staying the course. But the tides have shifted in the financial services industry. Today, it’s about speed and flexibility.

To stay competitive, ANZ needed to offer the same level of innovation as their nimbler competitors. That meant embracing iterative processes and constant feedback so they wouldn’t be left in the wakes of fleeter vessels.

Learn in this case study how ANZ is changing the way 50,000 employees work and think by embracing iterative processes and giving decision-making power to individuals at all levels of the org chart.

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    What’s driving the storage market?

    A number of factors are affecting the storage industry, and the channel can benefit from understanding the dynamics of the market

    IBM channel boss relishes opportunity to grow ecosystem across channel

    IBM’s UK and Ireland channel lead is excited by the prospect of making a difference in the role and helping the vendor increase its partner business

    How to make your business more sustainable

    Flex IT’s UK sales manager, Ashley Ross, sets out six simple steps to help make a difference in green efforts

  • Making the business case for quantum computing

    Tech startups, investors, major suppliers and even leading-edge companies are already placing a bet on the future of quantum computing. In this e-guide, we hear from experts in the tech sector, business consultancies and international corporations as they examine the potential of quantum computing.

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  • IT Priorities 2020: India

    As an IT powerhouse, India continues to be the pace setter for growth in Asia-Pacific's IT industry. In this guide to IT Priorities in 2020, find out what 243 Indian IT professionals revealed about their digital transformation efforts and key areas of spending for the coming year.


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    An issue looking at what products are in demand now in the storage world and what technologies are coming that need to be embraced by the channel.


  • MicroScope – June 2019: Sourcing IT among the clouds

    Outsourcing is changing as the anything-as-a-service model takes off.


  • Digital leaders in the UK 2019

    This report from management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint is intended to give an assessment and provide a constructive analysis of UK companies' digital maturity, hence the nature of the statistics provided.


  • CIO Trends India

    CIOs in India have been put to the test as their organisations implement remote work arrangements amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on India's IT industry, why a pandemic specific BCP matters and how CIOs can harden up their datacentre equipment supply chains post-Covid-19.


  • Security as a service for MSP peace of mind

    Download this portfolio to learn more about WatchGuard's managed security service solutions, which give MSPs peace of mind through better endpoint management and comprehensive protection across your entire service ecosystem.


  • Southampton Solent University Invoice Processing Case Study

    Many organizations are still using manual invoice systems like spreadsheets which require manual input. This way of doing business is slow and inefficient and can create more costs than intended. For one University, they suffered under this exact scenario, but found that automation was the key. Read on to see who they partnered with to do it.


  • Oracle PBCS vs. EPBCS: Which one better aligns with your requirements?

    Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS): is one a better fit for your organization? How are these two tools the same? How are they different? Before you go any further, review this guide to compare your options.


  • ALM: Taking a middleware-focused approach

    In this expert e-guide, Tom Nolle discusses how to take a middleware-focused approach to app lifecycle management practices. Uncover helpful advice for selecting middleware tools and managing OS and middleware platforms in the cloud. Plus, learn about the critical relationship between ALM, DevOps, and orchestration.


  • Data Quality: Getting Started with a Data Catalog

    Bad data in your data platform can result in poor business decisions - but bad data quality in your operational systems can be catastrophic. To make data work, a set of core needs must be met. This white paper outlines those needs as well as concepts that can help you meet the demand for accurate and reputable data. Read on to learn more.


  • The evolution of the agile organisation

    This research by PA Consulting finds that organisations can improve their financial performance as a result of adopting agile techniques.


  • What to know about dashboards and reporting

    For many organizations, much of their financial information is spread across disparate systems or can get tied up in manual processes. This makes it difficult to not only access this information, but to also get it efficiently to the people and teams that need it. So, how can this best be fixed? Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • How PathMotion is helping find perfect employees for your business

    PathMotion's cloud-based talent acquisition platform helps employers find the right candidates. After modernizing to microservices on Google Cloud, they used Instana's observability to optimize resource usage, accelerate development, and improve the candidate experience. Read the full product overview to learn more.


  • 19 machine learning interview questions and answers

    Aspiring machine learning job candidates should be fluent in varied aspects of machine learning, from statistical theory and programming concepts to general industry knowledge. Read our list of commonly asked machine learning questions and accompanying answers to help you prepare for your interview.


  • How behavioral science can support your security culture

    How can behavioral science strengthen your security culture? Find out in this 23-page e-book, which explores how to measure employee security behaviors and build effective training that fosters lasting secure habits.


  • DevOps Maturity: Crafting a baseline & continuous growth plan

    This white paper, "Driving DevOps Maturity in Large Enterprises" outlines a framework for DevOps growth, featuring maturity models, self-assessment, and strategies for stakeholder buy-in and continuous learning. Access now to get a free maturity assessment and learn to build a baseline, roadmap, and culture for DevOps excellence.


  • Drop the complexity: A refined approach to data governance

    Data governance stratagems have become so complex over the years, meaning it’s time for businesses to reimagine their governance approaches to cut down on bloat and inefficiency. Read on to learn how Alation’s data governance methodology goes a step beyond traditional approaches to ensure quality data remains compliant and generates business value.


  • Assessing your DevOps journey with maturity models and frameworks

    This white paper explores DevOps maturity in enterprises, offering models to assess culture, people, process, and technology. It defines 5 stages from Aspirational to NextGen, with each building on the last. Start reading here.


  • Best data practices to improve HEDIS scores

    The fragmentation of healthcare data across disparate IT platforms, standards, and privacy controls poses a challenge for organizations striving to obtain a comprehensive understanding of member health. Read this guide to learn how


  • Royal Holloway: A novel approach to clustering malware behaviour to improve malware detection

    Clustering malware behaviour can be very useful, but it is unknown how accurate clustering algorithms are when dealing with malware


  • Beware the AI proof of concept doom loop

    In this IDC white paper, discover the 5 essential steps for effectively embedding AI into your technology strategy.


  • MicroScope – May 2021: Exploring digital metamorphosis

    Digital transformation is the buzz phrase, but is it more a question of evolution? In this issue, experts weigh in on digitisation and its effect on the world of work. Also read about local broadband providers aiming to improve internet connection and productivity, and find out how to tackle sales in a post-pandemic landscape


  • Royal Holloway: Secure connected and autonomous vehicles - the long road ahead

    Advances in technology have led to  safety and comfort features being added to vehicles, with ambitious plans for driverless cars and other connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) systems being developed. This article looks at some of the requirements, constraints and challenges, including two areas of uncertainty: data and software updates.


  • Bridging the gap between strategy and execution

    Bridging the strategy-execution gap is critical for achieving meaningful business impact. Explore 7 proven frameworks to align your team, visualize progress, and transform plans into peak performance. Read this white paper to learn how.


  • CIO and leadership survey 2017

    This survey of 80 CIOs and IT leaders by Coeus Consulting shows the technology and financial trends facing IT leaders and businesses.


  • What makes a great managed security service provider?

    With an increasingly challenging threat landscape, being a successful MSSP can be a struggle. Making sure customers stay safe is critical to the success of your business, which is why understanding what makes a great MSSP is crucial for you to be able to make informed choices that will prove beneficial to the company.


  • New report: Identity best practices for enhancing customer experience

    Ping’s report outlines identity best practices to enhance customer experience and security. It highlights using authentication experts, self-service, progressive profiling, MFA, and passwordless options, plus unifying customer data. To future-proof your customer experience, security, and privacy, read the full report.


  • Your guide to modern hybrid cloud strategies and architectures

    The importance of IT systems is already clear. What isn’t as well known is the struggle IT teams face in trying to keep systems functional and secure while also finding ways to evolve current architecture to accommodate for innovation and improvements to business offerings. Read on to learn about an architecture that solves this challenge.


  • How to build a machine learning model in 7 steps

    Organizations are implementing AI projects for numerous applications in a wide range of industries. But building a viable, reliable and agile machine learning model takes patience, preparation and perseverance. In this e-guide, we take a look into the main steps for building an efficient machine learning model.


  • The digital enterprise: Moving from experimentation to transformation

    This in-depth report from the World Economic Forum explains how companies can make sure their digital transformation projects are a success.


  • 4 steps for ensuring that you meet your business goals

    Meeting strategic, high-level goals can be difficult for any organization, no matter what stage you’re in. From goal-setting, to planning, to execution, it can be difficult to see your strategies through and keep your teams aligned throughout the process. So, how can this be made easier for workforces? Dig into this white paper to learn more.


  • Report: A new horizon for financial services powered by generative AI

    As generative AI's potential for financial services crystallizes, this framework aims to distinguish hype from reality and help guide your successful implementation. Download this analyst report now to learn more.


  • MicroScope – October 2019: What's next for the channel?

    The fourth quarter is the busiest in the channel, and we get an idea of which technologies should be selling strongly


  • Retail personalization with AWS

    There’s no doubt that personalized recommendations in retail can accelerate growth and deliver meaningful customer experiences. In fact, retailers who leverage its power are seeing a 5–15 percent increase in revenue and a 10–30 percent increase in marketing spend efficiency. Read on to learn how you can boost personalization.


  • 2024 LevelBlue Futures™ Report: Cyber Resilience

    This 2024 research uncovered the relationships between the barriers to cyber and cybersecurity resilience and how the business prioritizes them. Get your copy of the report to learn what’s on the horizon that may impact cyber resilience, five steps for prioritizing cyber resilience, and more.


  • Best practices for maximizing your cloud potential

    Among challenging information technology (IT) projects, few are more intimidating than a full-fledged cloud transformation. Fortunately, with the help of some careful planning, proven best practices, and the latest tools, you can quickly realize the incredible benefits of the cloud. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your cloud journey.


  • How to enable responsible AI at scale

    Despite the importance of ethics, it is only one component of responsible AI. Responsible AI is a strategy for executing ethical AI while maintaining accountability, compliance, and governance to enable great customer experiences and drive growth for your business. Read on to learn how you can put it into practice.


  • Optimizing your data-classification strategy

    Classifying your data is key to ensuring that it’s properly governed and secured. And as your volume of data grows, optimizing your classification strategy becomes even more important. In this overview, unlock insights that can help you improve your approach to data classification.


  • Cloud migration vs. staying on-prem: How to make the choice

    Today, many organizations have one question on their minds: do they migrate their operations to the cloud or should they stay on-prem? The answer may be different for everyone, but understanding what’s best for your needs may be tricky. Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • Economic efficiency of observability: From 1.0 to 2.0

    Along with supplying illuminating insights into data and systems, observability tools can strain IT budgets. This white paper, “Tackling the Cost Complexity of Observability Tools,” explores the economic viability of transitioning from observability 1.0 to 2.0. Continue on to learn about 5 core components of observability 2.0.


  • Tackling Our World’s Hardest Problems with Machine Learning

    Machine learning (ML) has graduated from the realm of science fiction to become a core, transformative technology for organizations across industries and categories. Read this AWS e-book to learn how to make your ML ambitions a reality.


  • MicroScope: Steering IT in the right direction

    An issue looking at the timing of the ideal sales pitch and just what's happening with IoT and the channel.


  • 7 Strategies to Create Content That Delivers

    For tech organizations, it can be tricky to know what types of content are going to deliver results. So, how can you create the marketing and sales material that meets your objectives while still piquing the interests of your audiences? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly – 16 August 2022: Broadband reaches for the stars – the new space race

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the latest space race, as satellite firms compete to provide high-speed connectivity. Is the datacentre sector hindering house building in the UK? We find out what's really going on. And we talk to the IT director of the Mercedes Formula One team about how data helps to win races. Read the issue now.


  • Defending donor data against third-party risk

    With more than $150 million in revenue, a large philanthropic organization must effectively secure their donors’ data, which requires defending against third-party risk. Download this case study to learn about the partner that enabled the business to boost security and donor confidence.


  • How TDCX is building a people-centric business

    Every digital tool deployed by TDCX is aimed at augmenting the performance and experience of its employees. In an interview with CW, Byron Fernandez, group CIO of TDCX, talks up the company's approach in ensuring its technology investments enhance employee experience, as well as the cyber security challenges in its human capital intensive business.