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How To: monitor and detect disaster grant fraud

It is an unfortunate fact, when disaster relief programs are established, fraud and abuse follow. Agencies that administer the release of emergency funds need security. This eBook is a step-by-step guide designed to help bolster fraud detection capabilities by using machine learning-based fraud detection.

Read more from one of the global leaders in AI that enables organizations to make better day-to-day decisions when it comes to risk and fraud detection and prevention.

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  • National grocery retailer in need of proper security patch management

    This Canadian grocery retailer operates throughout all 10 Canadian provinces with 1,500 corporate and franchise stores that employ more than 125,000 people.

    The sheer volume of data generated from business, as well as the many entry points found across their retail landscape has made them highly vulnerable to targeted cyberattacks.

    By bolstering their vulnerability management with patch management, the national grocery retailer reported significant improvements; the solution provided by CBTS resulted in more than a 98 % first-pass patch success rate.

    Read on to learn more.

  • How governments are using analytics to solve public safety issues

    Protecting the public doesn't end with law enforcement.

    To support the well-being of local communities, governments are tackling ways to reduce pressing public safety issues. But to succeed, they need access to the right data at the right time.

    This is where advanced analytics comes in.

    Dive into this collection of case studies to learn how government agencies are utilising advanced analytics to reduce crime, tackle the scourge of human trafficking, ensure transparency and one-stop access to crime data, and more.

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  • Secrets management: Protect your container environments

    As more enterprises rely on applications to run their businesses, many are considering new strategies to speed up the application lifecycle while strengthening security. This white paper examines a solution designed to boost the security of your containerized environments by centralizing secrets management for your business. Read on to learn more.


  • Why frequent M&A activity needs a strong tech stack

    Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has risen in popularity due to its ability to eliminate competition, increase revenue, and maintain growth. However, there are several common challenges organizations must combat to ensure long-term success. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • CIO Perspectives: Data and Making it Useful

    Learn how leading CIOs are catalyzing data culture and leading their businesses to success. Get your complimentary copy of this white paper today.


  • What we found: 2022's Most potent attack paths

    Recent research shows that 75% of an organization’s critical assets can be compromised in their current security state. This e-book presents a compilation of major attacks from the year past, each exemplifying a noteworthy attack path, in order that you can stay educated and adapt to the shifting threat landscape. Read now to discover more.


  • Cloud Management: Overcoming today’s Top Risks

    Under a cloud paradigm, as services become more concentrated, risks follow suit, so it is important to understand and account for these changes and adjust security programs accordingly. View this e-guide to explore the top security risks in cloud computing today and how to overcome them.


  • How server virtualisation is evolving to cloud native environments

    In this e-guide we discover how, in recent years, server virtualisation has given businesses the ability to abstract applications and the operating system from the underlying hardware. We explore how server virtualisation is gradually evolving towards cloud native environments.


  • Citizen Development with ServiceNow App Engine

    Enabling end users—citizen developers—puts your organization on a path to reach full-scale digital transformation. Check out this e-book to see how you can foster citizen development to benefit your organization.


  • 2020 State of SOAR Report

    Get your copy of the State of SOAR Report 2020 and see how your security team can leverage SOAR to improve, automate and securely enable your SOC.


  • Top 12 most commonly used IoT protocols and standards

    Researchers estimate the number of IoT connections will reach 30.9 billion by 2025. Nowadays, IoT protocols are as critical to the existence of IoT as the things themselves. Technologists can select from multiple communication protocols when building a network to serve their IoT ecosystem. In this infographic, we list the most common ones.


  • CW Benelux - February-April 2022: Unesco members adopt AI ethics recommendation

    Unesco member state have adopted an AI ethics recommendation that seeks to define a common set of values and principles to guide the development of ethical AI globally. Also read about a large-scale national cyber exercise in the Netherlands.


  • Buyers guide for attack path management

    Attack path management (APM) uses automation to create an ongoing process for identifying and remediating exploitable attack paths before hackers have a chance to. This buyer’s guide to APM aims to provide you with the information you need to select the correct APM solution for your business. Read on to learn more.


  • Why cybersecurity is a top priority for C-Suite in 2022

    With the current state of the world, it’s no wonder that so many C-level executives and financial teams have made cybersecurity a top priority. But what countermeasures can you take? How can companies best manage risk while also driving digital transformation? Browse this white paper to discover more.


  • SUSE Linux vs. Red Hat Linux vs. Oracle Linux

    Selecting the right Linux platform is a crucial decision for your organization. To help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the top 4 Linux platforms, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Canonical Ubuntu, and Oracle Linux, this e-book compares all their capabilities. Access it here.


  • Technical Debt and the Patient

    Technical debt hinders the progress of healthcare IT transformation, but such issues shouldn't become a patient's problem. Download this e-book and find a self-assessment tool and mitigation strategies to help detect areas of technical debt in your organization. See how you can fight back with specific mitigation plans for the short- and long-term.


  • ESG study on cloud-native applications

    73% of organizations are currently developing cloud-native applications based on microservices architectures, according to this ESG study. The report goes on to explore how businesses are approaching cloud-native application orchestration and the pros and cons of microservices-based, containerized application environments. Read the ESG study here.


  • New UC Threats Leaving Your UC Platform Vulnerable

    This expert E-Guide from explores three emerging security threats that can leave your UC platform extremely vulnerability to security issues.


  • IT Handbook: Offsite Messaging Decisions for the Exchange Admin

    Hosting Exchange Server off-site may appeal to businesses getting comfortable with the idea of cloud computing and its various advantages, but is it really a good idea?


  • Computer Weekly - 30 November 2021: Digital beats - how Warner Music turned to the cloud

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to the CIO of Warner Music about how cloud computing helps it meet the needs of music lovers. AstraZeneca discusses how its enterprise social media system helped through the pandemic. And we assess the tech sector's response to the government's plans to tackle digital skills shortages. Read the issue now.


  • Distributed Cloud Services: Cloud-native Applications

    With the shift to digital transformation and the cloud, many organizations are still struggling to keep up with the day-to-day operations of meeting customer demands while they are migrating to new, modern technologies and architectures. However, those organizations that utilize microservices architectures are seeing success. Read on to see why.


  • How HIT can benefit from cloud-based data integration

    Today’s healthcare IT environments are notoriously fragmented, and many organizations are plagued by staffing shortages. Download this e-book to discuss how a cloud-based healthcare data integration engine can help overcome these challenges.


  • Top 10 datacentre stories of 2018

    There is nothing like a datacentre outage to highlight just how reliant the digital economy is on these facilities, with the 2018 news cycle dominated by tales of server rooms going awry and causing mass disruption to end users across the globe. Here's a look back over Computer Weekly's top 10 datacentre stories of 2018.


  • Top 10 broadband stories of 2019

    The European broadband industry in 2019 was a place of huge activity and investment, with one overarching theme – full-fibre roll-out. The fundamental benefit of such networks seemed as crystal clear as the fibres themselves – support for business transformation. Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 networking stories of 2019.


  • 3 steps for accelerating GBS for organizational success

    In order to enhance the impact of technology and teams, many organizations have started to invest in global business services (GBS), which can enhance and align HR, IT, finance, and other critical functions. But why exactly is GBS so appealing? Dig into this white paper to learn more.


  • 2021 ESG Report

    Laws and regulations regarding climate impact can lead to increased costs of electricity, water use restrictions and a limited ability to develop new facilities. With robust enterprise risk management and strategic planning, learn how this tech company turned a potential risk into an opportunity for long-term value creation in this e-book.


  • Explore the successes & satisfaction of Elastic customers

    Developing products for observability, security and cloud, Elastic wanted to explore how their tools deliver success for customers. To figure this out, Elastic partnered with Socratic Technologies and conducted a study that drew responses from nearly 1,500 customers. Download the report to review the results.


  • Launch into the cloud quickly with containerized deployments on AWS

    Preparing your organization for the cloud requires a level of security and agility that some enterprises find difficult to maintain. Check out this data sheet to examine how your enterprise can safely and swiftly launch into the cloud leveraging containerized deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


  • Axway’s B2B integration platform: What you need to know

    Axway B2B integration platform provides a secure, API-enabled approach to EDI that lets you respond faster to evolving business demands. The platform provides benefits like reduced manual involvement and improved response times thanks to DevOps-friendly configuration and low-code/no-code integrations. Access this brief to learn more.


  • Secure cloud adoption

    The size and scope unlocked by the cloud is without precedent. But as the migration to cloud has opened the door to this scale, it has also expanded the attack surface to the same degree. This Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) e-book explores the state of


  • Tailor a cloud architecture to your business’s unique needs

    The unique needs of your organization demand a unique cloud architecture. Check out this e-book to learn how Mirantis can help you build a cloud that supports, and is tailored to, your business.


  • How open source is spurring digital transformation

    From Linux to Kubernetes, open source has been key to efforts by organisations across APAC to transform digitally. In this e-guide, read how Malaysia's AmBank is using open source to engineer its software from the ground-up, ANZ Bank's move to Red Hat OpenShift, and what suppliers are doing to support deployments of containerised applications.


  • CW Europe - September-November 2020: IT expertise in banks' boardrooms reduces risk, says European regulator

    The European Central Bank has found that banks with the most IT expertise in the boardroom have better control in several IT risk categories, including fewer successful cyber attacks and less downtime of critical IT systems.


  • Powering down: Keeping datacentre energy costs in check

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the outside influences that could potentially impact on datacentre power and management costs in the years to come, while also taking a closer look at some of the latest thinking and best practices around datacentre energy efficiency and cooling today.


  • How to adopt cloud ERP quickly and confidently

    As midsized businesses continue to face changes in inflation, rising energy costs, and increasing labor rates, it can be difficult for them to mitigate the challenges associated. So, how can you best do so? Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • Preparing for PCI 4.0 – big changes you need to know now

    One of the most impactful assurance programs – affecting most businesses, consumers, and supply chains – is the Payments Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 4.0. Luckily, this white paper will outline the most important changes to keep in mind for compliance planning and budgeting. Keep reading to learn more.


  • The Evolution of Threat Detection and Management

    This e-guide from explores the [evolution of threat detection and management] and offers advice on how to tackle potentially disastrous APTs, detailing multiple mitigation methods, from SIEMs and big data to sandboxing and whitelisting.


  • The Ultimate Guide to the CCSP Certification

    To boost their cloud security knowledge, many IT personnel seek out resources like specialized certifications. ISC2 offers Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification. Inside this white paper, you will find the pathway to CCSP certification and unlock 8 benefits of being CCSP-certified.


  • Digital Experience Trends 2023: A Data-Driven Trend Report

    With so much focus on the customer experience, in a digital-first world, it is going to be your organization’s digital experience that makes the difference in your success. Your customers demand an engaging and frictionless experience with no hurdles to clear. To deliver that, you need to know the current trends. Read on to see them here.


  • Taking Kubernetes from Test to Production

    Since its inception, Kubernetes has become one of the most widely used infrastructure management solutions. This growth also brought new concepts around networking and traffic management. Now, IT teams have quicker app development and delivery cycles. Read on to learn more about the importance of traffic during the test to production lifecycle.


  • Top 10 cloud stories of 2021

    There have been plenty of ups and downs in the world of cloud over the course of 2021. The public sector has emerged as a core battleground for both public cloud giants and their smaller rivals, sustainability became more important in the cloud sourcing decisions than ever before and much more. Look at top 10 cloud stories of 2021.


  • Is the CISSP Right for You? Inside the Benefits of CISSP Certification

    Access this white paper to learn how becoming a CISSP helps you take the first step towards advancing your cybersecurity career.


  • What to look for in a communications compliance platform

    Cloud based unified communications (UC has allowed organizations to take collaboration to the next level. However, they have also introduced many complications into traditional compliance. In this analyst report, ZK Research highlights the 4 key criteria companies should use to alleviate these compliance challenges. Read on to learn more.


  • Keys for navigating hybrid work

    As hybrid work continues to be the new standard for organizations, it’s critical to have a plan intact in order to overcome a handful of challenges. So, what are the best ways to do so? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • The digital enterprise: Moving from experimentation to transformation

    This in-depth report from the World Economic Forum explains how companies can make sure their digital transformation projects are a success.


  • E-Guide: Cloud computing security - Infrastructure issues

    While cloud computing provides a number of compelling benefits, it's highly distributed. Understanding how cloud computing providers build services and manage data is critical as it can mean the difference between real cost savings and false economy.


  • Get to Know TIS Company & Solution Highlights

    Global organizations have a tough task of managing global payments and liquidity. With different currencies and privacy laws, there is a lot of risk. However, now there is a SaaS platform capable of providing you total control and visibility to all bank information, transactions, and payment processes. Read on to learn more about it.


  • MDR and SOC and SIEM and EDR and XDR and SOAR, Oh My!

    In the world of cybersecurity, there is no shortage of terminology to describe the technologies that keep an organization safe. This guide will examine these terms, their meaning, and how they relate to each other. You’ll also gain best practices to help you fully leverage these technologies. Read on to learn more.


  • API Management: The role of APis in digital business transformation

    Application programming interfaces (APIs) are moving beyond the domain of software development. They offer a way for organisations to work closely with an extended ecosystem of business partners, who are able to build value-added software-powered products and services.