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Boost the efficiency of your backup and DR with a tapeless strategy

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Distinguishing backup and archiving: 5 differences

“Backup” and “archive” are two terms often used interchangeably, but to think they are the same is a misconception.

Although they are both technologies that support the secondary storage infrastructure, there are key differences that set them apart.

Access this data sheet to explore the 5 biggest differences between backup vs. archive technologies.

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  • 4 critical steps for effectively introducing cloud backup

    Tape has likely been your backup solution for years now. However, in order to get explosive data growth under control, tape is going to needs some support.

    Cloud backup can be that support.

    See this data sheet to learn 4 critical steps to effectively introduce cloud backup into your backup and recovery strategy.

  • Reduce restore time by 92% with Cobalt Iron Private Cloud

    FIS is the world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies, with a long history in the financial service sector serving more than 14,000 institutions worldwide.

    However, in the topic of backup and recovery, FIS was relying on aging technology that was causing serious growing pains in the in the age where customers expect banks to be available 24/7, 365 days a year—for which their tape environment was not suitable.

    Check out this case study to read about Cobalt Iron Private Cloud, a solution that allowed FIS to streamline processes, meet regulatory compliance, and ensure data availability beyond what their past setup was capable of.

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  • Enabling rapid and effective IT recovery

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  • Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery

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  • Expert Checklist: 11 Steps for Aligning Your BC/DR Program with Business Needs

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  • Cloudian HyperStore: 6 backup & recovery benefits

    Cloudian HyperStore enterprise storage complements on-premise disk-based storage and built-in ransomware protection by providing a local, S3-compliant object storage target for Veeam backups over your local, high-speed network. Dig into this datasheet to discover the use cases of this solution and the 6 benefits it offers.


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  • Global Disaster Recovery (DR) Index 2012

    The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery (DR) index is an annual benchmark of businesses disaster recovery preparations worldwide.


  • 4 things to expect from a data restoration and migration service provider

    Access this white paper to learn 4 things to look for in a restoration and migration services provider and discover why Iron Mountain may have the solution you’ve been looking for.


  • Why cybersecurity belongs with business continuity and disaster recovery

    Check out this e-guide to examine the ways organizations can cost-effectively integrate cybersecurity and backup planning into their BC/DR initiatives.


  • How can your company benefit from cloud-based backup and recovery?

    Find out how your company can benefit from cloud-based backup and recovery. Read this white paper to learn the difference between “backup and recovery” and “disaster recovery”, why cloud-based backup and recovery costs much less than on-premises backup, and why cloud-based backup is ideal for remote-office/branch-office storage.


  • DR Planning: Top 10 tips

    This expert E-Guide explores the top ten DR tips from John Toigo to help navigate DR planning more efficiently and shows you how to justify your DR initiatives by analyzing critical DR data.


  • 7 key benefits of Commvault and Cloudian ransomware protection

    With Cloudian HyperStore enterprise storage combined with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery software, the duo provides organizations with seamless ransomware protection at 70% less cost. Check out this data sheet to learn 7 key benefits that distinguish Cloudian & Commvault from other backup and recovery options.


  • 8 key features and benefits of Veeam Hyper-Availability

    Read over this datasheet to explore the Hyper-Availability Platform from Veeam which boasts 8 distinguishing features and benefits—including its ability to integrate with the cloud to leverage additional capacity.


  • How to implement a successful DR plan for the cloud

    This e-guide recaps the keys to successful DR planning and explains why more and more companies are incorporating the cloud into this essential process. Discover six questions you should ask when evaluating providers and explore three types of cloud-based solutions to consider. Read on to learn more.


  • How to tame data growth with archiving

    Check out this white paper for a complete guide to building complementary backup and archive strategies, covering how archiving can help tame data chaos, the different purposes of backup and archive, and how to achieve the optimal backup/archive balance.


  • Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2011

    Being fit for business is imperative for all countries participating in a highly competitive global economy. For organisations around the world this means being able to continue to operate in the event of IT failure or major disaster, whether man-made or natural.


  • How to make your data security a priority (not just an add-on)

    Access this data sheet to learn about a backup solution that has the appropriate cyber incidence response features and functionality tightly woven into the core architecture, not just as another add-on feature.


  • Step-by-step guide to implementing cloud-based DR

    In this exclusive e-guide, expert Brien Posey explains 6 steps and factors to consider when implementing cloud DR. Learn how to adapt this technology to fit your specific needs and find out more about each of these key considerations.


  • Explore a multi-tiered replication strategy with Commvault Complete Data Protection

    Access this white paper to learn about the 6 characteristics to look for in a disaster recovery solution and discover how Commvault Complete Data Protection allows you to create a multi-tiered replication strategy that accommodates different priorities and workload types.


  • Disaster recovery has never been so easy or important

    Disaster recovery has never been more important because at the same time that digital transformation has made most modern enterprises entirely dependent on their IT systems to function, cyber attackers have stepped up their capabilities to go after sensitive data wherever it is found, with most IT leaders reporting major systems outages.


  • Data management across 4 tiers with Iron Mountain

    Access this data sheet to learn about Iron Mountain’s data management solutions across the archive, backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware data protection storage tiers.


  • Iron Mountain Data Management: Solutions for every data storage tier

    Access this data sheet to learn how Iron Mountain’s Data Management Service Portfolio lets you do things like easily move inactive cloud data to tape, decrease your storage costs and ensure long-term archival data compliance.


  • Druva and VMware: The perfect pair for cloud backup

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  • Disaster recovery checklist: 8 hidden risks to be aware of

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  • 6 benefits of Dell EMC and Microsoft Azure

    Access this data sheet to learn about the 6 benefits of leveraging Microsoft Azure and moving DR to the cloud with Dell EMC’s Integrated Data Protection Appliance.


  • Cobalt Iron Compass dramatically reduces costs and eliminates daily tasks

    By implementing Cobalt Iron Compass, people-related service provider Ingeus was able to simplify and improve global backup and recovery while reducing costs. Access this case study to learn more.


  • 7 benefits from a joint ransomware protection rom Veeam and Cloudian

    In this data sheet, discover a ransomware protection solution for healthcare organizations from Veeam and Cloudian and learn the 7 benefits it brings to the table.


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    This 81-page e-book is designed to provide you with valuable insights on overcoming common obstacles when choosing enterprise backup and recovery technology.


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    In this Information Security Essentials Guide, gain expert insight into the increasing focus on data protection and uncover proven strategies for keeping your sensitive data secure. Explore topics including tokenization technology, 4 keys to DLP success, disaster recovery planning, and more.


  • With hybrid cloud, eliminate 10-12 hours a week of backup admin

    Hutchinson Regional Medical needed a way to increase their efficiency and reduce the operational risk of their current backup solution. Access this case study to learn about Cobalt Iron Hybrid Cloud, the solution that HRMC deployed and discover the business impacts it had on the medical center.


  • Are you an accidental DBA? Here’s how to succeed

    Many organizations struggle to justify having a dedicated DBA, and thus have a senior developer so has been entrusted with the responsibilities of database administration despite having little real experience doing this job. Take control of your SQL Server database with these 12 essential DBA tips, taken from the front lines of database management.