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Replace costly workstations with VDI and GPU virtualization

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Geospatial intelligence on the move

By having access to a centralised geographic information system (GIS), valuable context can be added to an organisation’s existing data assets which can be accessed by any mobile worker, including the field force. On top of all the basic things, such as providing visual mapping of where something is and instructions on the most time effective means to get there, more important information can also be made clearer and less open to being misused, says analyst group, Quocirca.

  • Case Study – Thames Water
  • Case Study – Westminster City Council
  • Case Study – Willis Group

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  • No more manual handoffs and approvals with DevOps automation

    Like most industries today, in bio-pharmaceuticals, speed is the currency of competitive differentiation. For AstraZeneca, manual handoffs and approvals across numerous systems and teams made developer request approval take an average of 80 hours.

    In this case study, learn how adopting the Morpheus multi-cloud management platform helped AstraZeneca with their deployment times and operational costs. Download the study here.

  • How to achieve end-to-end visibility for mining operational excellence

    Operational excellence is about execution of a strategy, and specifically executing better than your competitors operating the same strategy.

    In mining, this is of critical importance because everyone is following similar processes.

    Download this white paper for tips on achieving end-to-end visibility for mining operational excellence.

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