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Choose the Right Digital Strategy for Your Organization

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How to take an Agile approach to mobile app development

Devices, OS, platforms – they’re all constantly changing, evolving, and proliferating, so there’s no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to building and deploying mobile apps.

Especially with advent of smart, connected IoT and augmented reality devices, mobile apps need to be increasingly flexible and adaptable in order to survive in the current environment.

This Computer Weekly buyer’s guide looks at how to take an Agile approach to mobile app development. Discover how to:

  • Accelerate mobile innovation to gain a competitive edge
  • Turn mobile users’ expectations to your advantage
  • Build mobile experiences that will win and retain customers
  • And more

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  • The 2022 Attack Resistance Report

    In the face of the rapidly changing cyber landscape, HackerOne surveyed more than 800 IT executives in January 2022 to gauge readiness to defend against cyberattacks.

    This report highlights 4 key findings, including that many organizations assess services infrequently.

    Read on to explore an overview of Attack Resistance Management and to unlock the answers to 4 frequently asked questions about the security model.

  • CW Europe – June 2017

    France’s has many hopes and fears for artificial intelligence as well as the opportunity it has to become a world leader in the field. But there is work to be done first, because according to a 2016 survey, half of the French population is downright scared of artificial intelligence.

    If AI is frightening the general public, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be a concern for businesses across Europe - if they are not prepared for it, that is. Read in this issue why organisations are falling into this category.


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  • The Evolving B2b Buyer Journey

    With fewer opportunities to meet with prospective customers and customers spending less time per meeting with vendors or suppliers, it's critical for sales organizations to optimize the engagement experience between the seller and buyer. Download this white paper for a closer look at B2B buyer preferences and behaviors.


  • 6 trends that affect the priorities of demand and ABM leaders for 2021

    Disruptions to the B2B buying process—as a result of COVID-19—offer a unique opportunity for demand and account-based marketing (ABM) leaders improve their strategies. Learn how to bring this potential to life and drive growth for your organization in this Forrester brief.


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  • Productivity gain and cost avoidance enabled by DocuSign

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  • IT Operations Overload Hinders Digital Transformation

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  • Manufacturing: API integration solutions for you

    We live in an API economy. Access this white paper to explore how Jitterbit Harmony, an API integration solution, enables manufacturers to connect SaaS, cloud applications and Machine Learning tools into demand planning and production processes.


  • IT leaders’ guide to leveling-up your infrastructure

    If you manage the infrastructure in your organization, then you’ve probably gotten good at juggling a whole heap of competing priorities. And, like any good juggler, you can’t afford to drop any balls. Use this e-book as a guide to develop your IT infrastructure and build workloads that more efficiently take advantage of your employee’s skills.


  • The Business Impact of Investing in Experience

    In order to survive, businesses must consider improving their CX. 38% of organizations qualify as experience-driven organizations, and in turn, grew revenue 1.7 times faster and increased customer lifetime value 2.3 times more. Read this report to see more metrics and learn how investing in CX can help your organization.


  • The Definitive Guide To Enterprise Digital Adoption Platforms

    Despite organizations deploying about 364 applications on average, only 45% of these are used on a regular basis, according to The State of SaaS Sprawl report. This guide explains why traditional software adoption approaches are and will always be ineffective and 5 common enterprise use cases where a digital adoption platform matters. Read it here.


  • How to move towards a customer-driven lifecycle

    How does your organization plan on keeping up with changing buyer behaviors? In this e-book, learn how a customer-driven lifecycle can help bridge the gap between past and present buyer behaviors, and explore how TechTarget can help you keep up with these revolutionary changes.


  • 3 standout trends affecting public cloud migration

    According to the following Forrester report, 41% of organizations said their biggest challenge was optimizing apps in cloud post-migration. Access it here to learn about the current state of public cloud migration.


  • How Pitcher Reduced Printing Costs for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

    A pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Middle East had 3 challenges, 1 of which being content production and deployment. To overcome these problems, the manufacturer employed Pitcher Super App. Browse this case study to learn about the 2 initiatives Pitcher Super App enabled the manufacturer to launch.


  • Why modern digital business demands mainframe DevOps

    80% of mainframe organizations earn back the value of their DevOps adoption within a year. Explore this e-book to learn how companies are embracing a new generation of mainframe-inclusive DevOps tools that enable agile development across every platform.


  • Building and IAM system for hybrid environments

    According to a recent study, 98% of firms have experienced difficulties with IAM in cloud environments. ForgeRock and Google have designed a solution that could overcome these challenges, aiming to help you manage identity in hybrid IT environments. Download the infographic to discover more about the potential security benefits IAM for hybrid IT.


  • From Disney to dishwashers: Digital CRM to change customer experience

    Access this expert e-guide to uncover how CRM has changed the entire customer experience and how this kind of technology can truly benefit your organization.


  • How to select the right content management system

    Growing businesses need a content management system (CMS) that helps them manage both new and existing channels. But in a marketplace full of choices, it’s hard to find the right solution. Read this buyer’s guide to learn more.


  • Top 5 security approaches for financial services in 2022

    Since sensitive financial data is so highly valued by bad actors, financial services institutions need to take every precaution to ensure secure application development and deployment. Access this e-book to learn how to shrink the widening gap of potential security vulnerabilities.


  • How to use containers in an HCI environment

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine how the fashion world and clothing retailers are using technology to better understand customers. Brexit continues to dominate conversation in the UK tech sector – we find out the hopes and fears of the industry. And we look at how to use OpenStack in a hyper-converged infrastructure. Read the issue now.


  • The modern mainframe in the age of cloud, AI, blockchain

    Though some view them as a relic of IT days gone by, mainframes are increasingly used to run emerging workloads like blockchain and containerized applications. Download this Forrester report to learn how modernized mainframes are finding their place amid digital transformation.


  • Enable End-to-end Zero Trust To Achieve Effective Outcomes

    Illumio was highlighted as a leader in The Forrester Wave: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers report based on their current offering and strategy regarding end-to-end Zero Trust in the post-perimeter era. Read this report to learn more about Illumio’s offering and discover why Forrester gave it such high regards.


  • The Zero Trust Edge Model for Security & Network Services

    This Forrester Report, Introducing the Zero Trust Edge Model for Security & Network Services, addresses these trends, and outlines an emerging Zero Trust solution that will help unify both the networking and security infrastructure. Read on to learn more.


  • Low-code customer engagement platforms: A buyer’s guide

    Learn how organizations are using low-code platforms to improve customer engagement, and how you can get started, in this buyer’s guide.


  • How to orchestrate personalized, omnichannel engagement

    In today's highly commoditized marketplace, where differentiation among vendors is murkier, the expectations and buying practices of empowered B2B buyers are becoming synonymous with the B2C process. To learn how to orchestrate personalized, omnichannel customer engagement for a B2B customer journey, download this e-book.


  • How Brexit will affect your security online

    In this week's Computer Weekly, DevOps is cited as a key element of digital transformation – we examine the challenges to delivering on its promise. Many retailers are investing in emerging technologies to gain an edge – but are they too far ahead of the curve? And could a new spirit of collaboration help UK broadband roll-out? Read the issue now.


  • eGuide Digital Marketing: Tips For Connecting With Your Customer

    There are many new tools that claim to enhance customer experience management (CEM) strategies, including social and mobile channels. However, such initiatives can backfire if companies employ the wrong strategies. In this e-guide, learn how to best leverage digital marketing and CEM technologies to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.


  • Why choose DocuSign eSignature

    E-signature solutions have grown rapidly over the last few years. Most of the top 500 U.S. companies now use DocuSign as their solution of choice. If your organization is evaluating e-signature providers, this eBook explores several reasons why you should consider DocuSign as your provider. Access it here.


  • How to increase API consumption

    86% of API decision-makers agree or strongly agree that the value of their APIs is not in their existence alone but in their consumption, according to Forrester. This Forrester report looks at the top challenges facing APIs today, why management platforms help close the gap between API development and consumption, and more. Access it here.


  • Invest In Customer Insights to Drive Business Growth

    Data and analytics solutions can help you drive strong customer experiences—but shockingly few businesses have managed to actually capture and use the required data in a cost-effective manner. Download this Forrester white paper to learn how you can use proven solutions and strategies to build a customer experience optimized for each consumer.


  • Digital Disruption in the Insurance Sector

    Many insurance companies have a lot of on-prem assets that represent years of investment. Even in the age of cloud computing, they aren’t abandoning these resources—they are shifting them to augment their cloud. Read this white paper to learn about the state of cloud computing in the insurance sector, and how it might evolve in the coming year.


  • Adobe Experience Manager for fueling experiences everywhere

    The customer journey continues to become more complex, and consumers expect a seamless experience no matter what channel or device they’re on. Read this report to learn more.


  • Tightly Control and Manage Access to Applications and Services with Zero Trust

    In this research report, AT&T’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) provides a unique perspective on implementing Zero Trust to control and manage access to applications and services. Read the full report to unlock this exclusive insight.


  • Eliminating digital friction for remote work success

    Remote work may have been a last-ditch solution in the middle of the pandemic, but now it’s become clear that remote work is here to stay – and it’s time for organizations to adapt. So how to get started eliminating digital friction for remote work success? Open up this eBook to find out.


  • What does the future of work look like?

    Download this report to explore 3 areas of focus for organizations wanting to catch up with competitors that are already empowering the future of work, and learn how you can improve productivity and encourage innovation while meeting the needs of both customers and employees.


  • Edging Towards SASE: Next-generation Networking, Cloud and Security

    With hybrid work reigning as the standard, it is imperative for businesses to understand an architecture that can deliver the flexibility needed to support the hybrid model: SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). What is SASE, why is it important and how can you integrate it into your networking? Find these answers in this white paper.


  • Pros and cons of major CRM providers

    In this issue of Computer Weekly, as the UK votes for a new government, examine the digital policies in the manifestos of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, and hear what IT trade body TechUK would like to see for the tech sector from the next administration. Read the issue now.


  • The Economic Effects of Agility

    Tap into Forrester's key findings regarding Agility's risks, costs, and benefits in this analyst report.


  • Engaging Customers: New Lessons around Customer Behavior

    This expert e-guide counts down five customer experience management (CEM) practices that drive success. Also inside, learn how one organization executed an effective mobile CEM strategy. Read on to learn more.