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3 Reasons Why Traditional Hyperconvergence Is a Risky Choice

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Your checklist for evaluating EDR solutions

Endpoint security solutions range from signature-based endpoint protection platform (EPP) or antivirus (AV) solutions to extended detection and response (XDR) platforms that tie multiple security solutions together.

Organizations that are evaluating endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions need to ensure that the products they are considering will meet their needs. Luckily, this checklist is here to make sure you find the right solution. Read on to get started.

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  • Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

    In this guide, you will learn how to evaluate a solution based on:

    • Security Impact - Does the solution reduce risks, and can it provide visibility into your environment?
    • Strategic Business Initiatives - Does the solution support cloud, mobile and BYOD initiatives? Can it fulfill compliance?
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Does the solution provide more upfront value, or more hidden costs?
    • Resources Required - Can your staff deploy and maintain the solution, or will you need to hire more personnel or contractors?

  • Better ROI: Point or integrated solutions?

    Affordability, niche needs and market readiness propelled a desire for digital transformation solutions, often encompassing cloud computing. While point solutions meet these corporate interests, integrated solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

    To determine which solution is best at any given time, refer to this e-book which explores key considerations when deciding on a point or integrated solution based on 4 metrics:

    • ROI
    • Security
    • Productivity
    • And collaboration

    Download now to find the right for your organization’s needs.

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  • Why low-code tools are at the heart of digital thread and digital twin solutions

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  • Attack Surface Management: A guide to total visibility

    There are many solutions in the marketplace today that help IT security teams with scoring, planning, and executing threat detection and response actions. However, even if security teams do everything right, there is no guarantee that they don’t have blind spots. With Attack Surface Management (ASM) you can fill those gaps. Read on to see how.


  • SASE: Combatting infected files

    Superloop recently consulted with a customer that had an employee who downloaded an infected file from Dropbox and uploaded it to their local file server. Access this resource to uncover why ZTNA is a key capability of SASE and how it can combat infected files.


  • NWN Carousel contact center

    An intelligent contact center solution allows you to provide a seamless experience to your customers through a flexible, scalable, reliable platform while simultaneously providing you with the analytics to manage your day-to-day operations. Download this solution brief to learn about NWN Carousel’s Contact Center Solutions.


  • Comparing VDI and DaaS: Deployment and Management

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  • Guardicore: Microsegmentation that offers full visibility

    When security teams adopt microsegmentation as a strategy, visibility of workloads is paramount. That is why Guardicore has made full visibility into network flows a key element of its microsegmentation solution. Access this white paper for a side-by-side comparison of Guardicore and traditional microsegmentation solutions.


  • Cloud & edge: The next imperative for CSPs

    Access this custom site to understand the growing importance of cloud and edge solutions for communication service providers across critical market segments and leverage expert insights to determine what you should look for in a solution.


  • Leveraging Risk for Endpoint Management

    Current endpoint security solutions lack visibility into all attack surfaces. The endpoints, security tools, and data are tied in silos, preventing collaboration and timely responses. This data sheet introduces Tanium. Learn how this converged endpoint management solution can singularly unify and protect your entire endpoint ecosystem.


  • What are digital experience monitoring solutions?

    Digital experience monitoring (DEM) is a customer-centric approach to observability that helps businesses identify and respond to any issues that might impact their user’s engagement with their website or app. In this white paper, learn more about DEM and uncover key factors you should consider when choosing a solution.


  • Top 5 considerations for an ASM solution

    Without a modern attack surface management (ASM) solution, your existing tools to manage risk and security of your assets offer limited visibility. A newer solution can provide internet-wide scanning, cost-effective automation capabilities and much more. Watch this webinar to explore the top 5 considerations as you choose your next ASM solution.


  • Closing the cloud visibility gap

    The visibility gap in cloud infrastructure remains the most critical challenge in cloud optimization. This eBook goes over cloud visibility solutions that can help reduce cost and complexity for your enterprise, while ensuring network security. Access it here.


  • Focusing on SIEM Integration: A 6 Point SIEM Solution Evaluation Checklist

    Organizations should take careful consideration before implementing a SIEM solution. This expert e-guide will cover six points to consider before selecting a solution and explore the benefits it can bring to your business.


  • Transform Your Data-Centric Workloads & Workflows

    Download this solution overview to learn about HPE Ezmeral, a unified, modern analytics, and data lakehouse solution that is cloud-native and hybrid by design, providing unparalleled flexibility and choice to accelerate data-intensive workloads.


  • How the Nozomi Networks solution maps to CMMC requirements

    Navigating the journey through CMMC compliance can seem daunting, but using the right tools reduces the challenge. Read this white paper to learn how Nozomi Networks solution can help your organization efficiently achieve and maintain CMMC compliance.


  • The next phase of iPaaS

    iPaaS is a technology for integrating a company’s software solutions. In theory, iPaaS makes everything manageable, but the reality isn’t so clear cut. Workato’s iPaaS solution takes a more balanced approach so that both business users and IT users have their needs accounted for. Access this eBook to learn more about Workato’s iPaaS solution.


  • NWN Carousel & Microsoft: UC designed for government

    NWN Carousel, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, has distinct abilities in both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft implementations, upgrades, and migrations.Tap into this solution brief to learn about the state and local UC solutions for your government organization.


  • Remote IoT device management: Strategies & advantages

    Most organizations have thousands of devices running on unique configurations which may feel overwhelming to manage all at once. Thankfully, there are real-time infrastructure monitoring solutions built to handle such a workload. Download this paper to discover strategies and advantages of remote IoT device management for your business.


  • Your guide to citizen development with the ServiceNow App Engine

    Enabling end users—citizen developers—puts your organization on a path to reach full-scale digital transformation. Check out this e-book to see how you can foster citizen development to benefit your organization.


  • Adaptive multi-factor authentication

    The nonstop increase in identity-based attacks has proved that all points of entry on your corporate network should be secured: On-prem apps, cloud apps, and even infrastructure. If you have a scenario in which your customers also login, then that adds a layer of complexity as well. Read on to learn more about adaptive MFA and its benefits.


  • The benefits of Alchemer Activated VoC Solutions

    Integrating VoC is critical for most businesses. Alchemer’s Activated VoC Solution features all the tools your organization needs to integrate feedback into the systems and processes your people use every day. Read on to see how you can elevate your NPS with the activated VoC solution.


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    Tap into this whitepaper to understand what you should consider when gauging managed extended detection and response (XDR) solutions and how an XDR platform can defend your organization against the perpetually evolving threat landscape.


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    Get help determining your organization's unified communications needs in order to make a more informed solution purchasing decision.


  • Conversational AI: Why getting the data right is crucial

    How can you overcome the barriers to entry and implement an effective CAI solution? Read on to learn the core elements that must be included in every CAI strategy and understand why your CAI solution is only as good as its data.


  • FortiGate Secure SD-WAN: Key benefits

    SD-WAN has quickly become the de facto solution for legacy WAN infrastructure replacement in distributed organizations. But not all SD-WAN approaches are the same. In this solution brief, learn about FortiGate Secure SD-WAN which consolidates networking, routing, and security infrastructure in a single, organically developed solution.


  • Facebook drives success with a scalable, repeatable building management solution

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how Schneider Electric helped Facebook implement an unconventional BMS solution across their new data centers, as both a product manufacturer and design system integrator. Tune in to discover how you can architect and deploy scalable, repeatable projects that drive efficiency within your organization.


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    Many organizations find themselves unsatisfied with their overall ERP vendor experience, as most implementations tend to under deliver business value. Access this white paper to learn how business management solutions can help level up your organization’s ERP expectations.


  • Use SDS to cater to diverse use cases & meet fluctuating demands

    With SoftIron’s HyperDrive software-defined storage portfolio alongside Indigenous ICT security partner Baidam Solutions, you can meet fluctuating workload demands. Read this datasheet to clue into the key features and use cases for these complementary solutions.


  • Protecting the explosion of Office 365 data

    Finding that Microsoft’s built-in tools are basic, and restoration with native tools can be difficult and time consuming? Luckily, this report takes a look at the concerns and preferences IT professionals have about Office 365, data security, backup and recovery, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, and related topics.


  • Purpose-built AI platforms designed to optimize edge workloads

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise, C3 AI, and Intel® have partnered to provide a fully integrated, turnkey AI platform purpose-built for the edge. Access this solution brief to learn about HPE’s comprehensive AI platform and solutions, developed for rapid deployment of production AI applications at the edge.


  • Does your CRM work with your apps? If not, answers are here

    CRM and business suites cannot function well without the thread that ties them together: data integration. However, finding a solution that satisfies end-users, managers, corporate privacy and security officers, and regulators is difficult. Access this white paper to find a checklist that can help you go beyond the surface level questions.


  • Simplify wired and wireless network security

    The local-area network edge (LAN edge) is one of the most challenging vectors to secure. There are a multitude of different users and devices that connect, plus copious amounts of data, that all need to be protected. Read this solution brief to discover how Fortinet’s LAN Edge solution can help.


  • Swiss IT service provider’s switch to new print output solution

    One Swiss IT service provider was previously using the CA spool solution as the central control point for managing output. However, it was very costly and lacked German-language support. Open up this case study to see how they decided on a different, high-performance print output solution, and learn what steps you can take in your organization.