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How you can improve sales effectiveness with interaction analytics

Digitalization has created more competition, but has also created tremendous opportunities to improve sales effectiveness.

With more customer data points and engagement channels available than ever before, businesses can harness that data to give customers what they want are increasing sales and building a sustainable competitive advantage.

In this white paper, discover how interaction analytics can make contact center operations more intelligent, and uncover the best practices needed to gain insight into your customers and drive sales.

Learn how interaction analytics:

  • Can monitor, record and transcribe 100% of customer contact across different channels
  • Automatically generate scorecards for each customer interaction
  • Show baselines and demonstrate performance trends
  • And more

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  • How interaction analytics improve performance feedback

    You may have heard the term ‘interaction analytics’ floating around lately, but what exactly is it?

    In this white paper, learn about interaction analytics and explore how interaction analytics can help give contact center agents and managers the tools they need to perform at their best.

    Learn how interaction analytics can help:

    • Automate the QA process
    • Improve performance feedback
    • Identify and encourage best practices
    • And more

  • Enterprise Gamification: Playing to win

    True return on investment of digital investments relies on collaboration among actively engaged employees, smarter decision-making, increased sharing of established practice and, over time, sustained behavioural change.

    When introducing new technologies and platforms, organisations often focus on deployment rather than adoption. Across industries, employers are shortening the time-to-business benefits and cutting the cost to change, to drive employee loyalty and advocacy in digital transformation.

    Such employers are realising that innovative solutions such as enterprise gamification are becoming increasingly important to delivering true business transformation.

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    What do sales teams and legal teams have in common? Contracts. In this white paper, explore how an effective contract management system can help sales and legal teams alike, and explore how a contract management system can help lower costs, improve CX, reduce manual errors within your business process.


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