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3 Keys to Igniting Growth With Commerce in the Cloud

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Latest IT bonus figures - what are IT professionals earning ?

Bonus payments have long been a feature of the reward package for most IT professionals, but when the UKeconomy went into freefall during late 2008, many employers either reduced such payments or did away withthem altogether.Now, with at least tentative signs of economic recovery in place, bonuses appear to have staged a comeback of their own. Interestingly, though, this resurgence in bonus payments has so far been confined tomanagers, with non-managerial staff yet to see any benefit.Back in June 2008, the Computer Staff Salary Survey found that just over half (51.7%) of all IT professionalsand their managers had received a bonus payment in the previous 12 months. A year later, the figure hadfallen to 46.5% - a significant reduction since it amounted to more than 3,500 individuals who had lost theirbonus entitlement.Fast forward to the latest data published in June 2010, and the incidence of bonus payments has now risento 55.2%. In other words, more IT professionals now receive bonuses than did so before the recession beganto hit pay packets

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  • Malware attacks: Key trends from 2019 & what to look out for in 2020

    2019 was a year marked by a wide array of cybercrime methods, ranging from enterprise-focused threats to targeted malware attacks and everything in between.

    In this 2020 State of Malware Report, explore some of the key cyberattack trends from 2019 and the evolution of malware over the last decade. Key findings from the study include:

    • The shift from malware targeting consumers to targeting organizations
    • Today’s threats are more sophisticated, using credential-stealing tools and multi-stage attacks
    • Ransomware detections have declined
    • & more

  • Ransomware: A retrospective into common tactics and techniques

    Over the past few years, ransomware has quickly become one of the most prominent threats to business-critical data. Cybercriminals have found that highly-targeted, personal attacks on business is the best way to exploit a weak infrastructure.

    In this edition of the Malwarebytes’ Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques report, go in-depth into ransomware to uncover how it has evolved over the past couple years – from attack methods to common targets.

    Additionally, this detailed report will focus in on some key areas when it comes to ransomware, including:

    • Consumer ransomware vs business ransomware
    • Ransomware subcategories doing the most damage
    • Geographic breakdown

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    As cyberattacks continue to increase in volume and complexity, organizations are turning to security service providers for managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities. This white paper highlights the key features of Critical Insight Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and provides a breakdown of use cases across several industries.


  • Top mono-socket server use cases by industry

    It’s growing increasingly crucial for enterprises to pick the right technologies to power digital innovation efforts. Learn about the many industry use cases for mono-socket servers inside.


  • COVID-19 in the UK: The Present & The Future

    The world may be at a standstill, but in the UK technology has seldom moved faster. Demand for cloud systems is rising during the pandemic, and as the country gradually emerges from its isolation, organizations will need guidance.Read this report from RingCentral for a glimpse at the effects of COVID-19 in the UK and an outlook on the future.


  • 50-pg guide: Vulnerabilities in open source security

    The open source software landscape is rooted in rich soil – but someone forgot to lock the garden gate. In this 50-page report, Snyk examines the state of security in open source software through survey results, external research, and internal data. Read the report now to get out of the weeds.


  • Notes and summaries of Facebook discovered documents (with multiple colour highlights) - undated

    This undated document summarises the information contained in some of the exhibits produced by Godkin's 16 May declaration. The author is unknown.


  • DDoS attacks, credential stuffing, and more: What happened in 2019?

    As the end of 2019 draws near, you can look back and examine the research Akamai has done over the last 12 months. Download the State of the Internet Security report to see the impact various attacks had on organizations in 2019 and how you can prep for 2020.


  • 2020 SonicWall cyber threat report

    So far this year, intrusion attempts are up 19% to 2.3 trillion. IoT malware attacks are up 50%. And according to the FBI, daily cybercrimes have increased 75% since COVID-19 began. In reading this white paper, you will learn powerful statistics and trends, such as these, to make strong decisions in protecting your network and users.


  • The state of open source software and security

    Check out Sonatype’s State of the Software Supply Chain Report to learn about open source security and governance trends for development teams, and what your team may need to change in order to remain as secure as possible.


  • Top security threats in 2020: Malware, phishing & more

    The X-Force team at IBM releases an annual report, known as the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, which summarizes the key cybersecurity threats and trends observed over the past year. Read on to unlock the key findings and takeaways from this year’s comprehensive report.


  • How to fill manufacturing’s skills gap amidst the pandemic

    With the onset of the pandemic, manufacturers did a 180, instead placing even more value into larger workforces. Now, manufacturers must face the challenges of a larger workforce: filling in the skills gap. Learn how people (and skillsets) will power manufacturing’s future in this guide.


  • Snapshot: Online presence of UK retailers

    This concise report assesses the online presence of 36 of the UK's leading high street retailers.


  • Big Data and Content Analytics: measuring the ROI

    Early adopters of big data analytics are achieving good results that are helping to drive decision making in the business, this independent research by AIIM reveals.


  • The last mile to the individual customer: Sales and marketing software trends

    From this e-guide you will learn about such developments in sales and marketing enterprise software in 2018, with a view to 2019 – from Computer Weekly and from our specialist US TechTarget site SearchCRM.


  • 2020 cybersecurity report

    Every year, Check Point Research (CPR) reviews previous year cyber incidents to gather key insights about the global cyber threat landscape ahead. View their 2020 report to get information on 2019’s major cyber incidents, predictions for 2020, and best practices to help keep your organization safe from cyberattacks this year.


  • The untold evolution of an Android espionage tool

    A malware threat group targeting Pakistani nationals, known as Bitter, became infamous in 2016. In 2019, their campaigns had expanded to other countries in South Asia, East Asia and the Middle East. So, how have their espionage and malware tactics changed over the years? Download this in-depth report to find out.


  • 5 ways to tell if a commerce platform will support rapid growth and business change

    Access this ebook to look at 5 ways to tell if your commerce platform will support rapid growth and business change.


  • Case Study: How John Lewis Conquered the Web

    Bill Goodwin tells the inside story of John Lewis £40m website redevelopment project, assesses the technical and business challenges faced and its impact on the business.


  • Your ultimate guide to bots: Evolving threats & management tactics

    Bots have completely revolutionized the way we interact digitally. In fact, bots account for more than half of all internet traffic. Unfortunately, some bots play a more sinister role – committing acts of fraud. In this e-book, explore the threats posed by malicious bots and discover tactics for detecting & mitigating these risks.


  • Top 3 continuity areas IT leaders should focus on post-COVID

    As COVID-19 continues to expose cracks in many organizations’ IT environments, leaders must continue working to improve. Inside this report, uncover the three focal areas IT leaders need to reimagine for success in the new workforce environment.


  • Phone verification with two-factor authentication

    In this guide, learn how to prevent fraud before it happens and protect buyers and sellers with phone verification with two-factor authentication.


  • Navigating the increasing financial complexity of business

    To conquer financial complexities and “lead at speed,” executives and teams must master the basic processes, then layer on more advanced capabilities that can drive strategic advantage. Download this white paper to explore a financial framework that can help you get started.


  • 35-page guide to Conversational Commerce

    [24] defines Conversational Commerce as a tool that aims to replicate and automate a deep level of communication between company and customer found in traditional, face-to-face interactions. Get the basics about the “customer experience of the future” in this 35-page introductory guide.


  • Delivering unified commerce: 3 key benefits

    Access this white paper to discover the 3 major benefits of delivering unified commerce.


  • Should you deliver experiences or products?

    More and more, customers are buying based on the experience instead of product selection. This external shift demands an internal change as well, as companies rethink what parts of their products and services they’re prioritizing. Find out how HCL Commerce makes agile commerce at scale a reality, with a special emphasis on experience.


  • A blueprint for modern layered cybersecurity

    The concept of a layered security strategy is nothing new. However, as threats evolve, each layer needs to be revised to ensure it addresses modern security demands. This white paper provides an overview of a comprehensive 11-layer security approach, designed to strengthen your security posture without sacrificing business objectives.


  • European cross-border e-commerce

    European consumers' growing use digital channels as part of their shopping experience is driving retailers’ focus on delivering efficient online, cross-border operations in Europe, this research report from Accenture reveals.


  • CW ASEAN – September 2018: Time to clear DevOps hurdles

    ASEAN organizations are generally aware of the benefits of DevOps, but lesser known are the pathways to success. What would an organization that has successfully implemented DevOps look like?


  • How to negotiate with your SaaS vendor to get the best deal

    Negotiating with your SaaS vendors involves more than a test of wills. This resource outlines 4 crucial components to building a case to achieve a great deal. Discover a 9-point checklist to assess and address your degree of negotiating leverage, the biggest obstacle to success on your next deal (avoid this simple but common mistake), and more.


  • Salesforce negotiations: 4 ways to maximize your leverage

    Don't negotiate your next Salesforce deal without the correct plan. This download, exclusive to TechTarget members, will provide an overview of the ClearEdge Leverage Management Maturity Model, and drill down into the 4 areas specific to deal execution and how to apply them within your Salesforce negotiation.


  • 9 initiatives to help drive warehouse performance

    Infor recently identified 9 initiatives that can help drive warehouse performance to new levels and fundamentally improve operations while addressing complicated market factors. Download this best practice guide to learn how you can get started.


  • CW ASEAN – January 2019: Dive into microservices

    In this edition of CW ASEAN, we uncover the state of adoption of microservices in ASEAN and what needs to be in place for enterprises to get the most out of the technology.


  • 5 key strategies for data-driven commerce success

    This white paper introduces a framework for digital commerce data initiatives and reveals the capabilities required to achieve success. Read on to learn how to navigate this volatile market and position your company for data-driven success with 5 key strategies.


  • The Rise of the Open Source Program Office

    Open source software is fundamentally different from proprietary software. Often, different teams use and/or build open source differently. Because of this variability, it needs to be approached differently. Managing this strategy is the job of the OSPO (Open Source Program Office). But what is an OSPO and how do you build one? Read on to find out.


  • Computer Weekly – 28 February 2017: Navigating software licences

    In this week's Computer Weekly, after SAP won a court case against a major customer, Diageo, over software charges, we look at what this means for users. We talk to the IT consultancy that recruits only autistic IT professionals. And we look at the CIO's big challenges for the year. Read the issue now..


  • Research report: Top Iranian threat groups & notable campaigns

    In a recent study, cybersecurity experts studied leading cyberthreat groups across Iran in order to provide a comprehensive report summarizing documented campaigns, common target & actor types, and geographic trends in attack patterns – all in order to help organizations be better prepared in the event of an attack.


  • Digital leaders in the UK 2019

    This report from management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint is intended to give an assessment and provide a constructive analysis of UK companies' digital maturity, hence the nature of the statistics provided.


  • Customer engagement in retail: How to deliver an effortless experience

    Download this eBook to explore research on the state of retail, and tips for delivering the connected experience that customers expect.


  • IT hiring activity and salary changes for 2010

    Our IT division recruits permanent and contract professionals into financial servicesfirms, including investment banks, hedgefunds and asset managers, and companies inthe commerce and industry and professional services sectors. We recruit business technologists from support to CTO level.


  • CW+: Quocirca report: Telecoms re-invention - optimising the online customer experience

    As networks, devices and media converge, telecoms companies have increasingly complex catalogues of products and services on offer to customers who are, in turn, becoming more aware that they can easily switch to other providers.


  • 10 keys to successful Product Experience Management (PXM)

    Preparing your product catalog to flow into every channel in the required format is no easy feat. This e-book was created to address this problem. Download now to dive into the PXM essentials like 5 must-haves for starting the PXM journey, 10 best practices, and more.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 September 2019: Climate change – the challenge for datacentres

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the impact of climate change on datacentres as potential victims and contributors to the problem. We look at the rise of voice channels and how IT leaders can use the technology for better customer experience. And we ask what lessons must be learned from Ecuador's citizens' data breach. Read the issue now.


  • Herding Geese: The Retail Supply Chain

    Steven Keifer draws on the pioneering work of US retailer, Walmart, to explain the essentials of EDI in the retail supply chain.


  • Using digital communications tools to improve CX in global logistics

    Download this guide to see how using digital communications tools like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other solutions can help you optimize delivery services and improve customer experiences.


  • Retail IT - A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide

    Competition has never been so strong and retail organisations are finding they cannot afford to stand still.


  • Scan and Go - Transport Ticketing on the Mobile

    This Whitepaper focuses on transport mobile ticketing. The full end-to-end mobile commerce transaction involves the purchase, storage and redemption of tickets on the mobile device.


  • 4 data-centric retail trends companies can capitalize on

    Read this report to learn how to capitalize on 4 emerging trends in retail, overcome industry challenges, and drive data-centric success to attain and maintain leadership.


  • Evaluating Netsuite Suitecommerce

    NetSuite recently announced SuiteCommerce, a unified platform that enables businesses to centrally manage all aspects of their e-commerce and optimize interactions regardless of device or location, Nucleus Research reports.