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How the cloud can reduce your carbon footprint

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Why green data centers are imperative

Sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship have become necessary elements of modern business strategy. As the major power consumer within enterprises, data centers are been thrust into the forefront of sustainability discussions.

Inside this thorough white paper, find out what steps your organization can take to move towards more sustainable data center practices, including reducing its carbon footprint, sourcing renewable energy, and more.

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  • How to read between the lines of data center power consumption

    Under the pressures of shrinking IT budgets, increasing regulatory concerns, and thinner business margins, power consumption can appear to be a fairly inconsequential component of data center performance.

    That sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Inside this white paper, learn how to read in-between the lines of power consumption data to tailor your data center’s current power strategy to fit evolving business, regulatory, and financial demands – and find out which pieces of the data center you should be keeping a particular eye on.

  • Computer Weekly datacentre case studies


    Winning datacentre use cases in the Computer Weekly European Awards


    Jim Mortleman takes a look at what made the winning entries stand out from the crowd in the Computer Weekly European User Awards.



    • Sudlows pushes tight-squeeze datacentre to the limits
    • Totaljobs keeps lid on public cloud costs
    • Caterham F1 speeds ahead with Dell
    • Leeds University warms to liquid cooling
    • University of Aberdeen develops shared services datacentre



    The Computer Weekly European User Awards honours IT professionals across Europe that have excelled in their approach to using technology in Networking, Security, Software, Storage and Datacentres.     

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  • Managed Print Services Landscape, 2013

    A vendor analysis of the global enterprise MPS market


  • ERP cloud benchmark report

    Cloud technologies help companies redefine modernization, innovation, and competition - this holds true in ERP as well. Read this Oracle Value Realization to see ERP Cloud benchmarks from real customers and gauge if this might be the solution for you.


  • Get your security ready for multi-cloud

    It's impossible to deny the cloud's influence on all aspects of business, and yet, 49% of organizations are delaying cloud deployment due to a cybersecurity skills gap. Find out how to take a holistic approach to cloud security so you can effectively protect your whole environment and reduce risks.


  • Bandwidth-heavy cloud apps: Get reliable, consistent performance

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  • Guidebook:  Oracle Cloud Services

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  • How to reduce the risk of phishing attacks on your company

    Every employee with an email address within your organization is a risk to your business. How those employees react to a phishing attempt can be critical to the success or destruction of your business. In this blog, learn how INKY Phish Fence can help reduce the risk of phishing attacks on your company.


  • Managing Cloud Computing Risk

    Have you done your best to reduce the risk of harm to your company in the event of a service interruption? In this e-guide by, gain expert insight on how to manage the risk of cloud outages as well as uncover a framework you can implement for evaluating cloud computing risk.


  • What is SD-Branch?

    Software-defined networking (SDN) technology is ready to revolutionize the way branch networks are built and operated. Enter: SD-Branch. In this Doyle Research paper, find out how SD-Branch can reduce management complexity, expenditures and much more.


  • How multi-cloud discovery reduces cloud cost and risk

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  • Avoid vendor lock-in with a multi-cloud data controller

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  • How to choose the right technology to support your finance team

    How do you select the right technology for your finance team? In this video, learn how to select the perfect financial software for your organization with insight from successful CFOs, and discover how the right technology can help your organization drive growth, improve productivity, and increase business value.


  • How e-discovery platforms can cut costs and optimize value

    Enterprises are caught in the trap of constantly reacting to governance events, resulting in costly outsourcing and frantic in-house burdens. Read on to view the possible benefits of employing an e-discovery readiness plan, and explore how cloud archives can reduce the burden of responding to compliance investigations and governance events.


  • Best practices for testing and securing your cloud-based web applications

    Security is a top priority for e-commerce giant Shopify. Join Shopify's Vice President of Security Engineering and IT, Andrew Dunbar in this webcast as he discusses best practices for testing and securing your cloud-based web applications. The session will also cover how you can scale application security for high-growth DevOps organizations.


  • Do you know the 3 ways to reduce multi-cloud costs?

    Despite its benefits, multi-cloud still provides financial obstacles for your business, leaving you looking for a way to reduce costs. In this whitepaper, CloudCheckr provides your business with 3 ways to optimize multi-cloud costs, giving your business better financial flexibility.


  • TCO analysis: Cloud-based service desks

    Dive into this white paper to explore the financial perks a cloud-based service desk system can bring to the table – including streamlined contract management, reduced significantly reduce maintenance costs, and low to zero up-front investment.


  • Cloud security software: Deciding whether to build or buy

    Cloud solutions can reduce costs, but storing information in the cloud can present security risks. This doesn't mean organizations shouldn't use the cloud; however they should amp up their security to protect their data. This white paper will help you decide whether to build or buy cloud security software by determining your top priorities.


  • Inside: The foundation for efficient multi-cloud environments

    Join the following webcast led by Eric Herzog and Sam Werner at IBM Storage to discover how the Storwize All-Flash and the Spectrum Storage families can simplify, and reduce the CapEx and OpEx of, your data-driven multi-cloud environment.


  • Automated security and compliance of your multi-cloud resources and containers

    Download this resource to learn how TrueSight Cloud Security can automate security and compliance checks and remediation across your multi-cloud platforms.


  • How to cut costs and increase agility with content services in the AWS cloud

    View this white paper to learn about the benefits of cloud-based content management. Inside, you'll explore how the cloud can help reduce the stress of an enterprise content management system, and review your software options with Alfresco Content Services on AWS.


  • VDI and thin clients for the education industry

    Check out this infographic to learn how a new generation of thin clients can empower your school, college or university – through reduced costs, improved security, simpler administration and better performance for IT professionals, educators and students.


  • 9 principles for delivering accurate and consistent insights

    If you find that your big data project is not delivering its expected ROI, or you're considering diving into a new analytics initiative - read this white paper to learn what intelligent data lake management can do for you.


  • IT Project in the Middle East

    The Middle East is becoming a trailblazer in the use of modern technology to improve business and society.


  • Why to reduce the number of security tools your team uses

    In the security world, you don't normally hear people talking about moving fast. However, a modern and resilient security strategy is just as fast as the rest of your business. In this webcast, listen as Mark Nunnikhoven, VP of Cloud Research at Trend Micro discusses the benefits of reducing the number of security tools your team uses.


  • When do you need multi-cloud management?

    Read Multi-cloud management: Necessity or vendor hype? to see how your competitors are getting the easiest monitoring and management out of their multi-cloud strategies, and see if a multi-cloud management tool makes sense for you.


  • Reduce log volume by 50% with these techniques

    In this white paper, learn how filtering can help reduce log volume and make it more manageable and useful—rather than letting it unintentionally fill up disks or drive up SIEM costs.


  • How Cloud-Based Mobile Device Security Streamlines Data Protection

    Read this whitepaper to discover why cloud-based security offers superior data protection in today's mobile workplace.


  • Virtualize the network to keep up with cloud adoption

    In the midst of the move to the cloud, one thing becomes apparent: the network needs to transform to keep up with increasing infrastructural complexities. Find out how to virtualize your network to meet the demands of a multi-cloud business world.


  • Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology

    This will help local authorities make use of new technologies, such as big data analytics and cloud computing, to revolutionise their local transport systems and reduce costs.


  • How to achieve digital transformation with Yotta

    In this e-book, learn how Alloy by Yotta can help your organization achieve digital business transformation. Explore Alloy product features and benefits, and decide if Yotta is right for your organization.


  • How MSPs are tapping into DRaaS market opportunities

    The following white paper explains how MSPs can take advantage of the market demand for cloud-based DR and DRaaS. Access now to view the cost advantages of pooling cloud services and cloud-based DR security considerations so you can address these concerns upfront with your customers.


  • How a unified procurement platform works in the real world

    A unified, cloud-based platform can eliminate support costs and spiraling infrastructure in procurement. Explore how several companies in various industries turned to a procure-to-pay platform to become more efficient.


  • Reach new levels of infrastructure simplicity, efficiency with HCI

    Discover how you can meet the demands of a software-defined world with a hyperconverged infrastructure that integrates server and storage resources onto a single platform. Read on to discover the benefits your enterprise can achieve with hyperconvergence, such as increased operational efficiency, faster go-to-market, and more.


  • 8 best practices for migrating a data warehouse to the cloud

    For data warehousing professionals, the cloud provides huge opportunities. Read this white paper for 8 best practices for migrating your data warehouse to the cloud.


  • How healthcare organizations benefit from the cloud

    In this white paper, find out how healthcare organizations depend on UCaaS to provide up-to-date technology and deliver productivity benefits to improve customer satisfaction.


  • Simplify Complex Network Tasks With Custom Capabilities

    The time to automate is the network – you ready? Discover how creating custom automation is crucial to not only facilitate the cloud but also increase visibility, lower costs, and reduce risks.


  • The financial implications of moving UC to the cloud

    In this white paper, learn about the financial implications of moving UC to the cloud, and how it can help you save money.


  • Top 6 cloud backup benefits

    Read this custom white paper for six benefits cloud backup can bring to your organization, including the ability to maximize your IT resources and reduce overall TCO.


  • How SD-WAN services with integrated security can eliminate vulnerabilities

    The use of SD-WAN is dramatically increasing, and in many cases, it is a means of reducing network complexity that can create vulnerabilities. However, SD-WAN is just the starting point for reducing risk. Download this white paper to learn more about the benefits of secure SD-WAN today.


  • SSO for remote access: Connect securely from anywhere

    Enterprise remote access can enable your team to work from anywhere on any device, but can also make you more vulnerable to attackers. Learn about a cloud-based remote access management platform that has built-in security features like SSO to help keep you safe from attackers while maximizing productivity in this infographic.


  • How to build a Cloud Center of Excellence on AWS

    A smart entry point for those looking to become more flexible and agile with their cloud utilization is through implementing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE). Watch this webinar to learn the 5 pillars essential to establishing a reliable AWS cloud framework with a Cloud CoE.


  • AWS vs. Azure vs. Google for cloud data center design

    Access this resource to explore how AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform stack up across 10 comparison points to help you choose the cloud data center provider right for you.


  • How cloud services could reduce OPEX by 60%

    If deployed correctly, cloud services could reduce your operating costs by up to 60%. Read the following blog post to view 5 essential tips for considering a cloud service for your company, as illustrated by cloud experts.


  • 5 ways a secure digital workspace can reduce risk and boost productivity

    While IT must enable both the flexibility employees need to be productive and the security the business requires, this balancing act often ends in compromise. In this white paper, explore 5 ways a secure digital workspace can reduce risk and boost productivity.


  • How AI fits in your HCI solution

    Read this quick whitepaper to learn some automation techniques for your HCI solution, including how to make the best use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce the workload of IT staff and boost service levels in terms of performance and availability.


  • Rapid and simple integration for your ITSM platform

    Open this short whitepaper to learn about an ITSM integration tool that can dramatically cut the time and cost of integration, easily connect cloud applications with on-premise systems, improve data quality, and much more.


  • 5 benefits of taking SIEM to the cloud

    Explore 5 benefits of taking your SIEM platform to the cloud. As a bonus, uncover two case studies to see how organizations have gained key advantages, like lowering operational costs, increasing focus on strategic initiatives, and more.


  • What can you really do with Kubernetes?

    What can you actually do with Kubernetes? How will your organization benefit from its use? Access this webinar to learn how Kubernetes can help to reduce complexity without reducing security and compliance, leading to faster iteration cycle and a quicker time to market.


  • ROI Case Study: Quest Foglight at Imperial College London

    Imperial College London deployed Quest Foglight to manage the performance of its applications, databases, and services and reduce system downtime. Nucleus Reseach evaluates the ROI of the project.


  • How to increase your candidate certification rates

    Why do candidates drop out of their certification exams? In this white paper, discover the most common reasons why candidates drop out of their certification exams. Explore effective strategies for reducing certification candidate dropout rates, and uncover the value of incorporating technology into your employee learning experiences.


  • Why Kingston Technology moved to broadband WAN

    Access this white paper and see how Kingston Technology implemented a software-defined WAN to reduce costs and complexity while streamlining data replication efforts.