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The Power of Deduplication-Enabled Per-VM Data Protection

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PK Protect Data Governance

High data quality across the entire lifecycle of any data is a key factor in a company’s success.

Data governance manages specific data aspects such as availability, usability, integrity and security in enterprise systems, basing these actions on internal data standards that also control data usage.

Organizations rely on data governance to ensure their data is consistent, trustworthy and not misused.

Read this data sheet to discover PK Protect, which aims to help you establish confidence within governance processes that all valuable data has been identified and is continuously protected according to organizational policy.

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  • Data Fabric as Modern Data Architecture

    While most organizations acknowledge the importance of data in driving positive outcomes and have embraced digital transformation efforts, far fewer have actually succeeded in building data-driven organizations—only 24%, according to NewVantage Partners’ latest data survey.

    Data architectures play a huge role in thriving with—or drowning in—data, and data fabrics are quickly making waves as the new data architecture with benefits including:

    • Unified data management on one platform
    • Analytics connectivity and integration
    • Collaboration on disparate data resources

    Access this O’Reily e-book, courtesy of TIBCO, to learn more about building and using a data fabric.

  • Rethink data integration for the age of big data

    Far from a passing trend, big data is here to stay – but growing data volumes are throwing a major monkey wrench into the data integration equation. To stay ahead of the competition, you need tools and technologies capable of withstanding the weight of big data.

    This expert e-guide explores the need for new thinking around data integration in a big data world, and highlights key tools that can deliver the value you’re looking for. Read on to learn about:

    • Why big data is spurring data integration change
    • A federated format for big data applications
    • Uncovering hidden big data skills
    • And more

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  • Maximize your data agility with a semantic knowledge graph

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  • Enriching Events with Data from a Threat List

    Studies have shown that in just a few years, enterprises will be managing 250% more data than they do today. If your database team is understaffed, then the time to act is now. If your logging systems are at capacity, then data retention is a risk as well as ballooning costs. Watch more to learn about a solution that can get this under control.


  • Exploring different Salesforce connectivity use cases and solutions

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    As organizations rely more and more on data analytics to help optimize operations, outdated data governance strategies become greater and greater risks to their enterprises. Check out this webinar and learn how data governance specialists from Alation can help your enterprise shore up the weaknesses in its governance strategies.


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    Leading organizations are using data virtualization to simplify data access wherever it is, including SAP data, while reducing costs and minimizing workload requirements. Access this white paper to discover how data virtualization can unify distributed data and empower analysts, developers, administrators and more.


  • File Access Manager: Extending identity security and governance

    Whether on-premises or in the cloud, governance gaps around enterprise data expose organizations to security and compliance risks. Access the data sheet to learn about File Access Manager, SailPoint’s solution to governance gaps, and to gain an understanding of the benefits of an identity-centric approach to access governance.


  • Graph data science: Find connections between data points

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  • Data protection for the modern enterprise

    Data usage and dependence has evolved rapidly in recent years – which has led to a rise in the necessity for effective data loss prevention (DLP), especially as organization migrate their data to the cloud. Access this exclusive e-book for a closer look at modern data protection challenges and requirements and an intro to cloud-based DLP.


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    Data governance has become a widely accepted priority. But how do you know if it’s working? Read on to learn how to determine the effectiveness of your data governance, and how it fits within a wider data management strategy.


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    Check out this data sheet for a close look at Cribl Stream Replay, and discover how your organization can easily replay multiple data formats without breaking your budget.


  • Data Virtualization Discovery Workshop Video

    Tune into this workshop video to learn how TIBCO data virtualization can improve and accelerate data discovery while unifying your data within an easily governed, agile, single source of truth.


  • Your Guide to Salesforce Backup: Veeam Special Edition

    In this Salesforce Backup For Dummies e-book, dive into the background and know-how you need to make smart decisions about safeguarding and maintaining control of your mission-critical Salesforce data.


  • ESG report: The importance of DataOps for governance efficiency

    Data is paramount to success for modern organizations. However, perhaps even more important is the technology and processes that facilitate access, automate workflows and improve analytical output based on the data. Read this ESG report to learn the key findings gathered from a research study on how to overcome data governance roadblocks.


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    To deliver ROI on data science investments, companies must be able to scale data initiatives across the enterprise. Read this e-book to learn how you can turn data into insights at scale across your organization.


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    While many organizations are keenly aware of data governance rules that enforce compliance, what about governance programs with an eye towards data quality? This blog post will walk you through a 9-step governance framework that seeks to ensure data quality. Read on to see how it works you can use a data catalog to meet your data quality goals.


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    Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse – but how should organizations go about embracing this new approach? Read this white paper to discover the key principles of data-centric security, along with best practices for designing and building an effective program.


  • The 4 key steps for protecting against ransomware

    By the end of 2021, some estimate there will be a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. And your organization won't be spared. Don’t let your data be your weakest link—protect it! Look through this infographic for the essentials of effective data protection, and see OpenText’s Carbonite suite of data protection products can help.


  • Standards-Based Connectivity Simplifies Enterprise Data Management and Unlocks Value

    It’s no longer enough to use data in an ad hoc, as-needed manner, since this casual approach to data projects creates dangerous silos and strains IT teams. Explore this short 451 Research Business Impact Brief to learn how you can move beyond simple data usage and unlock instant value from data across your business


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    If the data used in test environments is not production-quality, data-related defects will most likely be found later in the software development lifecycle, which results in delayed software releases and higher costs. Read the e-book to learn how data-focused brief checklists can provide, manage and secure data while keeping test data quality high.


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    Data fabrics are increasingly being touted as the answer to rising data management challenges such as more data complexity, silos spread across cloud architectures, and data integration challenges. But what is a data fabric, exactly? Keep reading to learn 10 things you need to know about data fabrics, from the basics to use cases and applications.


  • Roadmap to protecting personal & cardholder data

    The latest iteration of EU legislation regarding personal data is the GDPR, applies to many more organizations than the DPD and the repercussions for non-compliance are significantly more severe. Download this white paper to access a roadmap on how organizations can effectively protect personal and cardholder data.


  • Tape: The unsung hero of modern data management

    Explore in this e-book the challenges and benefits of tape storage for the modern business, and discover how to enhance your data storage ecosystem with high-capacity tape solutions.


  • Enterprise Data Fabric Enables DataOps

    This Forrester report will demonstrate why enterprise architecture pros should use data fabrics to democratize data across the enterprise for various use cases. Access the report today to learn how data fabric architectures are simplifying data management and supporting data-driven businesses, from real-time analytics to compliance and reporting.


  • Why You Need Master Data Management —Now

    Inside, learn how master data management (MDM) can help you refine your data for optimal data usage. Discover the essential features of a successful MDM software, and explore how MDM can help improve your organization's data quality, business insight, and more.


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    To see this solution in action and to learn how to simplify storage and data management across your company’s storage systems, , access this solution overview.


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    This whitepaper provides an in depth look at key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a data center provider in a major city. It looks at how a data center provider with a global footprint can offer you access to comprehensive data solutions, and help you meet your data needs today and in the future. Access it here.


  • Protecting Unstructured Data

    Without reliable and up-to-date data visibility into all your critical files, your organization can become overwhelmed by the size of your data environment. Read this e-book to understand why effective data management requires acomprehensive suite of solutions that can discover, recognize and track files and datasets throughout your environment.


  • Even the cloud can experience storms

    Every organization needs to ensure an ability to recover in the event of a disaster. You need proper backups, retention policies, and a long-term data protection strategy. Many think that moving to the cloud will mitigate risks, but even when your data is in the cloud, having a data protection plan is a necessity. Read on to learn more.